Safelite Autoglass Floor Plan by zhangyun


									Safelite Autoglass floor plan for the San Antonio, TX location.

             Safelite Autoglass Floor Plan

Safelite Autoglass floor plan for the San Antonio, TX location.

                                                                                     M.O.    M.O.      M.O.   M.O.
                            S                  C.W.A.

                                                              P.R.                             D.O.

                                                                             S                                    S
                                                    W.R.                     .
                                                    M.R.                          E.L.




         C.R.- conference room C.W.A.- customer waiting area D.O.-dispatch office E.L.- employee lounge
         F.O.- front office M.O.- manager’s office M.R.- men’s restroom P.R.- printer room S.- supply room
         W.O.- warehouse office W.R.- women’s restroom; overhead bay doors=           doorway=
Safelite Autoglass floor plan for the San Antonio, TX location.

Create a 1,400 to 1,750-word comprehensive security plan for the target environment. In you plan include the following items:

      Floor plan of the target environment- ( the above floor plan was the best I could do I wasn’t sure how to create something like
               this in word). The surrounding environment includes: the location is at the end of business complex, a small parking
              lot in front and in back of the building, and large fields on three sides of the building. Emergency exits are located in
              the customer waiting area, dispatch office, next to the warehouse office, and on the front of the building on the
               warehouse side.

      A list of threats

      A risk assessment for each threat

      Current vulnerability gaps

      Countermeasures that take each of the following components of the overall security objective into account:
         Physical security
         Information security
         Personnel security
         Liability issues
         Departmental dependencies

      Emergency plan and disaster response for the following:
        Bomb threat

      A summery justifying each of your choices as well as the overall design

      Reference the text and at least two other sources
Safelite Autoglass floor plan for the San Antonio, TX location.

I really need help organizing all this and creating the bomb threat and disaster plans for bomb threat and fire. I did not realize how out
of it I was going to be today.

Function of the target environment.

        The South Texas main office for Safelite Autoglass is located in San Antonio, TX. The main function of the location is to
provide auto glass repairs and replacements for the general public, dealerships, body shops, and provides the glass for other glass
companies in south Texas. The main office handles both inbound and outbound calls, sets appointments, takes care of insurance
claims, and acts as a central training unit for five Safelite locations in the south Texas region.

Security features of the target environment already in place.

Pre-employment background checks.
Pre-employment drug screening.
Policy and procedures handbook passed out to all employees at date of hire that explains what needs to be done within certain
Combination safe that only 4 employees have the access to.
Every employee has their own personal password to access the computers so any changes can be tracked to the employee and when
the page is left un-active for 20 minutes the password has to be entered again.
Alarm system connected to all exterior doors and the overhead bay doors, every employee has their own personal codes to track who
activates and deactivates the alarm system.
Office and supply room doors stay locked at all times and only the managers have the key.
Posted signs stating that trespassers will be prosecuted.
Six foot fence around the rear of property where the company vehicles stay locked up.
Light posts in front and back of building that light up the parking lot.

   1. Burglary
Safelite Autoglass floor plan for the San Antonio, TX location.

   2.   Vandalism
   3.   Personal injury
   4.   Vehicle accidents
   5.   Internal theft
   6.   Information theft

Risk assessment for each threat:

threat                            Likely hood to take place          Threat level                       total
Burglary                          1                                  4                                  5
Vandalism                         8                                  4                                  12
Personal injury                   9                                  8                                  17
Vehicle accidents                 4                                  3                                  7
Internal theft                    4                                  5                                  8
Information theft                 2                                  3                                  5

Current vulnerability gaps:
Burglary- The money is kept in a small cash box at all times. At night the cash box and any deposits are locked in safe and around
12pm an Brinks (a company that drives an armored truck) picks up the deposit to take to the bank. During the day the money is left in
an open drawer that anyone can access making it a quick and easy process to rob. There is also a cleaning crew that comes by twice a
week after hours when there are not any company employees present they could easily steal products we have in the building and on
most occasions they do not set the alarm when they leave the building.

Vandalism- the company vehicles are locked behind a six foot chain length fence behind the building at night. On many occasions
vandals have crawled under the fence and have either vandalized or stolen parts off the vehicles.

Personal injury- technicians risk cutting their hands and forearms on the sharp tools they use to cut out windshields or by handling the
glass itself, they also risk eye injury from flying glass. Warehouse employees also risk cutting their hands while handling the glass,
Safelite Autoglass floor plan for the San Antonio, TX location.

falling off the picker (its like a fork lift but the whole thing raises up and they are in a standing position), hitting someone with the
forks of the picker, and dropping a pallet of glass on a person if they are standing underneath.

Vehicle accidents- technicians drive customers cars and even company vehicles into the bay area and occasionally they will ding a
fender or break off a side mirror by hitting the yellow cement poll by the bay doors when they are backing out. Accidents also happen
on the road when warehouse employees are delivering parts to their wholesale customers or when the technicians mobile to the
customers location.

Internal theft- technicians and officer personnel can steal cash from either the cash box or from the customer tickets that was paid
with cash. Technicians have also been caught stealing glass and materials to help install to use for side jobs.

Information theft- every computer has to be properly logged in to work and every employee that has access to the computers have
their own passwords that they create to log in. All employee files are on a mainframe but to access the files you must enter another
password which changes every 30 days. The problem is the password rotates between 3 passwords and they all have to do with the
company name so it is not hard to figure out (most employees know what it is). Also if someone leaves their desk anyone can get on it
making it possible to look up their personal information such as social security number, home address, phone numbers, and pay or
they could send out companywide emails (which was done once by a disgruntled employee).

   1. Security cameras and good lighting should be placed in the parking lot to deter vandals or help record them for prosecution if
      they continue. cameras in the building could also deter employee theft.
   2. Alarm system, every person with access to the alarm has their own code that can be tracked for arming and disarming.
   3. Password protection for computers but additional password protection should be used to access personal information and
      private passwords known only by management to access employee files.
   4. Employee files should also be removed from the mainframe.
   5. Eye wash stations a placed around the building and are maintained regularly maintained, 2 fully stocked first aid kits in the
      technician area and in the warehouse, personal safety equipment is provided by the company (safety glasses, razor cut resistant
      gloves, sleeve protectors),
   6. Posted signs for tresspassers
   7. Security manuals and emergency contact information listed and within easy access to all employees
Safelite Autoglass floor plan for the San Antonio, TX location.

   8. proper training on handling glass, tools, and safety equipment, material safety data sheet explaining all chemicals used.
   9. Manger offices could have 2way mirrors so they can keep an eye of the employees
   10. A cash register should be used to make cash transactions to make it more difficult to get to the money
   11. Employee hot-line to privately and if they choose anonymously report inappropriate actions

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