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					 ACS DOL
 Mandatory EFT Provider Payments

 Provider Training

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        Purpose

        Acronyms/Definitions

        Current Enrollment Standards

        What’s New

        How To Enroll

        FAQ

        Contact/Submissions

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  The purpose of this training is to provide OWCP
  providers an overview and understanding of the
  Electronic Fund Transfer Act for the ACS DOL Provider
  Enrollment Process. The Electronic Fund Transfer Act
  require all payments made by the Federal Government be
  sent by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

  All new providers enrolling under any of the OWCP
  programs on or after May 1, 2011 must comply with this

  Currently enrolled providers not receiving payments
  via EFT will are encouraged to update their payment
  method for future payments.

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 Acronyms and Definitions

        ACH – Automated Clearing House

        EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer

        Electronic Funds Transfer - the automated transfer of
         funds to a financial institution.

        OWCP – Office of Workers Compensation Programs.

        Provider – Individuals providing medical services to OWCP

        RTP – Return to Provider

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 Current Enrollment Standards

  Currently ACS DOL requires that any provider
   enrolling under the OWCP, Black Lung or Energy
   Program receive payment via electronic funds
   transfer (EFT).
  Providers enrolling under the FECA program are
   allowed to receive payment via EFT or paper check.
  Provider verification is required for all providers
   enrolling in any of the OWCP programs.
  Financial institution verification is required for
   all providers enrolling with EFT.
  Enrollment applications are processed within 5 – 7
   business days upon receipt via mail, fax.

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         What’s NEW?

Page 7
 Payment Process Changes

 All new providers enrolling in any of the DOL OWCP
 programs will be required to receive payment via EFT.
 No paper check distribution will be allowed for the
 new providers enrolling on or after May 1, 2011.

 A new provider is any individual or facility that:
            Has not been assigned a provider number by ACS DOL.
            Previously assigned a provider number by ACS DOL, but
             is currently inactive

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 Application Submission Changes

        FECA Providers submitting an application for
         enrollment or re-enrollment on or after May 1,
         2011 must submit a completed ACH form with a
         valid signature.

        All new OWCP providers’ completed enrollment
         applications received without the required
         financial information will be RTP’d.

        All faxed or mailed enrollment applications
         must have the completed ACH form submitted
         with the application package.

        Effective, May 1, 2011 all providers
         participating in any OWCP programs must
         receive all their payments via the electronic
         funds transfer method (EFT).
Page 9
 Web Portal Changes

  The  Web On-line Provider Enrollment– has been
    updated to notify providers that “All Programs
    require you to complete the Financial Institution
    Information section at the end of the application

  You  will be required to enter your banking
    information to complete the enrollment process.

  Mandatory  EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) notices
    are populated on the Enrollment screens.

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     How To Enroll?

Page 11
 Completing On-Line Enrollment
  You may complete the online enrollment application
   located @ under the Available
   Features section.
     Click the Provider Enrollment link.
     Choose the OWCP program(s) you wish to enroll.
     Complete the enrollment application in it’s
      entirety, instructions for each section will be
      provided. Financial Information is required.
     After submitting your application, the system
      will create a PDF document of the completed
     Print the document and submit the application,
      with all required supporting documents.
     Supporting documents includes:
                  (1) a completed ACH form (included in PDF document)
              (2) a copy of your current licensure
              (3) a copy of associated providers licensure (group
              (4) Proof of Medicare # for provider type 01
Page 12
             Mail the documents to the address provided on the
 Down Loading Enrollment Application
  You may access the enrollment application @ under the Forms&Link section
     Choose the program(s) you wish to enroll.
     Click on the Provider Enrollment Downloadable
       Form link.
     Print the forms and complete the enrollment
       application in it’s entirety. (Instructions for
              completing the application is included in the print
              out. )
             Complete the payment information form and include
              all required supporting documents
             Supporting documents includes:
                   (1) a completed and required ACH form (included with
              application download)
                  (2) a copy of your current licensure
                  (3) a copy of associated providers licensure (group
                  (4) Proof of Medicare # for provider type 01
             Mail the documents to the address provided for
Page 13       the program of choice or fax the documents to
              (850) 201-1718.
Frequently Asked Questions
       Question                                   Answer
    Will currently enrolled         No. Currently enrolled
    FECA providers be required        providers will be able to
    to enroll for EFT by May 1,       continue receiving paper
    2011?                             checks.

   Will applications received       Yes. The application will
    on or after May 1, 2011 be        be RTP’d, requesting the
    RTP’ d if ACH forms are not       provider to submit a
    submitted?                        completed ACH form.

    Will current enrolled FECA        No. Providers submitting
    providers requesting              an application for update
    updates after May 1, 2011         (Ex. COA, groups) will not
    be required to receive            be required to use EFT.
    payments via EFT?
                                      No. All providers must
   Will any provider type be         comply with this mandate.
    exempted from EFT payments?

   How does this change affect      Currently enrolled
    currently enrolled                providers not receiving
Page 14                               payments via EFT will be
                                      notified of the change and

  Enrollment      Inquiries
     FECA Customer Service - 850-558-1818
     FECA IVR - 866-335-8319

  EnrollmentSubmissions:
     Fax: 850-201-1718
     Mailing Address
               OWCP/FECA: P.O. Box 8300 London, KY 40742-8300
               DEEOIC: P.O. Box 8304 London, KY 40742-8304
               DCMWC/Black Lung: P.O. Box 8302 London, KY

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