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					                              Academic Advising Syllabus

Advisor Contact Information:
Name:                                              Office Number:
E-Mail:                                            Office Hours:
Phone Number:

Advising Mission Statement: Advising at Bowling Green Community College involves trained
academic advisors collaborating with advisees to determine and implement their academic plans and
future career goals, one student at a time.

Student Responsibilities/Expectations:
   - Schedule and attend advising appointment at least once a semester
   - Prepare for advising appointment:
         o Complete and bring advising checklist
                http://www.wku.edu/uccs/PDFiles/ACADEMIC-ADVISING-CHECKLIST.doc
         o Print general ed report (see TopNet how to section)
   - Regularly check campus e-mail for correspondence from advisor and reply as needed
   - Students should be proactive and take ownership of their academic endeavors
   - Students will keep an accurate account of their grades in current courses

Advisor Responsibilities/Expectations:
  - Effectively communicate accurate information or provide referrals to appropriate services
  - Encourage students to participate in campus activities/organizations related to their interests
     and career goals
  - Will correspond prior to registration timeframe
  - Will reserve adequate time for consultation during advising appointment
  - Will be available as needed for advisee

Expected Outcomes of Advising:
  - Collaboration of student and advisor in selection of courses prior to registration
  - Advisees will gain a thorough understanding of the importance of advising in regard to:
         o Course selection and requirements
         o Development of a degree program
         o Career options
  - Discuss and establish of a path toward the student‟s academic goals, based on the career
     interests and academic strength of each advisee
  - Establish a relationship wherein the advisee feels comfortable approaching advisor for
     academic advice

Important Dates/Advising Timeline:
For Example:
   - Last Day to Register and Rearrange a full time course load
   - Last Day to Drop/Withdraw with a W and a $20 Dollar fee
   -     Priority Registration
   -     And other important dates

When do I register?
  - Go to the Office of the Registrar Registration Guide:
  - Click on the semester for which you want to find your registration date.
  - Under Table of Contents find the page number for Advising And Registration Information
  - Scroll down to the appropriate page. Under Priority Registration, find your registration date.


Many advising and registration questions can be answered at these two sites…
Advising Frequently Asked Questions           http://www.bgcc.wku.edu/Advising.html
Registration Frequently Asked Questions       http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/AcadAffairs/Registrar/faq.htm

Here are some other helpful links…
Advisortrac                                   https://tracweb.wku.edu/advisortrac/Default.html
Blackboard                                    https://ecourses.wku.edu/
Bowling Green Community College               http://www.bgcc.wku.edu/
Campus Directory                              https://acsapps.wku.edu/pls/prod/dirpkg.prompt
Career Services                               http://www.wku.edu/career/
Catalog (Undergraduate Catalog)               http://www.wku.edu/coursecatalog/
Counseling and Testing Center                 http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/StuAffairs/COUNS/index.htm
Degrees Available at BGCC                     http://www.bgcc.wku.edu/PDFiles/South-Campus-Majors.doc
Financial Aid (Student Financial Aid)         http://www.wku.edu/Info/FinAid/
General Ed Courses Available at BGCC          http://www.bgcc.wku.edu/PDFiles/GenEdRequirements-offeredSC.doc
Health Services                               http://www.wku.edu/healthservices/
LAC (Alice Rowe Learning Assistance Center)   http://www.bgcc.wku.edu/LearningAssistanceCenter.htm
Map of Bowing Green Community College         http://www.bgcc.wku.edu/PDFiles/BGCC.pdf
Office of the Registrar                       http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/AcadAffairs/Registrar/
Preston Student Success Center                http://www.bgcc.wku.edu/PSSC.html
Site Index                                    http://www.wku.edu/Index/
Student Activities & Organizations            http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/StuAffairs/SAUC/index.htm
Student Disability Services                   http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/AcadAffairs/SDS/sds.htm
Student Services                              http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/StuAffairs/
TopNet                                        http://topnet.wku.edu/
Webmail                                       https://mail.wku.edu/
Western Kentucky University                   http://www.wku.edu/
WKU Events Calendar                           http://www.wku.edu/Info/Events/
WKU Academic Calendar                         http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/AcadAffairs/Registrar/acad_calendar.htm

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?
Call the IT Help Desk at 745-7000

TopNet - How To’s:
How to check holds on your record:
  - Pull up Topnet – Student Services Main Menu
  - Click on “Student Services”
  - Click on “Student Records”
  - Click on “View Holds”
  - There could be three different issues:
          o No holds exist on your record.
          o An advising hold – contact advisor for appointment.
   -   Holds will be listed with a phone number to contact regarding the hold.

How to run a general ed report:
  - Pull up TopNet – Student Services Main Menu
  - Click on “Student Services”
  - Scroll down and click on “General Ed Progress”
  - Click on “Show Me My General Ed Progress”

How to access course listings on TopNet:
  - Pull up Topnet – Student Services Main Menu
  - Click on “Student Services”
  - Click on “Registration”
  - Click on “Schedule of Classes and „Look Up Classes to Add‟”
  - Use the dropdown menu under Search by Term to select the term in which you would like to
     search, Click “Submit”
  - On this page you can select by subject, instructor, day or evening classes, and campus. To do
     this, just highlight the important items, for example:
         o For BGCC classes it is important to highlight Community College (otherwise, you will
             get a list of everything offered at all campuses).
         o If you have specific scheduling needs, then you can search by session, such as day,
             evening, or web courses.
         o If you are looking for a specific instructor, then you can search by instructor.
  - Once you have highlighted everything you need, then click “Class Search”
  - When you find the class you would like to take, jot down the CRN, the course name, and the
     days and times it meets.

How to register for classes after an advising appointment:
  - Pull up Topnet – Student Services Main Menu
  - Click on “Student Services”
  - Click on “Registration”
  - Click on “Register/Add/Drop Classes”
  - Scroll down to Add Classes Worksheet
         o Put in the CRN of the class for which you would like to register
  - Click “Submit Changes”
  - Go back to Student Services
  - Click on “Registration”
  - Click on “Student Summary Schedule”

How to run an iCAP report:
  - Pull up TopNet – Student Services Main Menu
  - Click on “Student Services”
  - Click on “iCAP (Interactive Degree Audit)”
  - Click on “Submit an Audit”

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