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					Presentation Plan

    European Union


    Collaboration Opportunities
Presentation Plan

    European Union
                                   ■ Renewable Power
                                   ■ Waste to Energy
                                   ■ Bio-fuels
                                     Bio fuels
                                   ■ Agriculture

     Collaboration Opportunities   ■ Investments
                                   ■ Activity Mapping
                                      ct ty app g
   European renewable energy markets, especially, solar and wind, are
   expected to show a strong growth in the coming decades

                  Europe Power Generation Mix – 2010
           Oil            Hydro                            Biomass and
                                    Not specified
           6%              17%                                w aste
  Gas                                                          2%      Solar
  25%                                                                   1%
                                  Renew able                             Geothermal
                                     11%                                   0.1%

Lignite                                                                  Biogas         CAGR = 7.9%
  7%                                                                      0.2%
          Coal               Nuclear      Wind      Other (Wave/ Tidal
          15%                 16%         8%               0.2%                                           Total Capacity – 199,000 MW

                                                                                                     Electricity Consumption Levels
                                                                                        14000                                                   4400
   Growth Drivers:                                                                      12000                                                   4200
   ■ Climate change concerns leading to                                                 10000                                                   4000
          legislative changes                                                     KWh
                                                                                         8000                                                   3800

                                                                                         6000                                                   3600
           EU target to increase the share of renewable
                                                                                         4000                                                   3400
            sources in overall power generation capacity
                                                                                         2000                                                   3200
            to 20% by 2020 (2010 share: 11.2%)
                                                                                            0                                                   3000
    Intent to reduce EU’s dependence on                                                        2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
          imported oil, gas and coal.
                                                                                         EU Consumption    EU Per Capita
                                                                                                           EU‐Per Capita   India Per Capita
                                                                                                                           India‐Per Capita   US Per Capita
                                                                                                                                              US‐Per Capita

     Sources: 1.EIU 2 Eurelectric.3 wind-energy-the facts 4renewenergy.wordpress 5. Europa
Growth in the waste to energy sector in Europe is to be driven by the binding
targets set for various countries.

                                                  Waste to Electricity and Heat – Europe
                   70   CAGR (2010-2020R) – Heat: 2.4%
                        CAGR (2010-2020R) – Electricity: 2.3%

                                 2006                      2010                        2020R                    2020P

                                                                  Electricity   Heat           *R – Realistic    P – Potential

 Growth Drivers:
 ■Legislations – to find alternate uses of waste products is driving the growth of this industry in the
      • In the EU, most of the plants are operated by the state-owned companies, however, private sector
        involvement is on the rise.
      • The UK, France, Spain and Portugal are some of the markets that offer high opportunity for private
        sector in this segment.

Sources: 1. Columbia Edu 2. Frost 3. Alt Energy Mag
Biomass to power segment in Europe offers huge growth opportunity

                                                      Biomass to Power  ‐ Europe*
                   (2006 20): 5.9%
              CAGR (2006-20): 5 9%




                                           2006                                                       2020

                                                                         * Biomass to power also overlaps with waste to energy.

 Growth Drivers:
 ■Legislations – to increase share of renewable sources in overall power generation capacity to 20%
  by 2020 to drive the growth of the industry.
          • The estimate by Ecoprog and Fraunhofer UMSICHT suggests that the generation capacity is expected to grow by
            50% during 2008 and 2013 to reach 10,000 MW.
          • The report also estimates the number of plants to grow by 50% during 2008–13 to reach 1,050.
          • The growth is expected to be driven by addition of new wood-fired power plants in the UK and France.

Sources: 1. Europa 2. Asean 3. Biomass intel 4. IEA
Growth in the bio-fuels industry is to be driven by binding targets and
second-generation bio-fuels.
                                                            Bio‐fuels Demand – Europe*


         Million Litres





                                    2009                        2010                        2011                         2012

                                                                Bio ethanol      Bio‐diesel
                                                                                 Bio diesel
                                                                         *Graph has been prepared assuming 5% blending percentage of bio-fuels.

 Growth Drivers:
 ■Legislations – EU target to increase the blending percentage of bio-fuels in transportation fuels to 5%
  and 10% by 2015 and 2020 respectively
 ■New Targets for Second-generation Bio-fuels – As per the new target adopted by the EU, second-
  generation bio-fuels should account for 20% of the 5% target for bio-fuels blending by 2015.
         • The new target also stipulates that 40% of the 10% target for bio-fuels blending by 2020 should be met by either
           second generation bio fuels                                             cars.
           second-generation bio-fuels or hydrogen or electric (green electricity) cars

Sources: 1. Europa 2. Eurostat 3. USDA 4. EIU 5. Euractiv
Binding targets under various legislations to drive the investment in
Cleantech in the EU

       *For the purpose of this graph, cleantech also includes segment such as energy efficiency.

 European share in global cleantech venture capital pie
 ■The venture capital investment witnessed drop in 2009 due to global economic crisis.

 Growth Drivers
 ■The thrust from the European governments to increase the renewable power generation capacity
  (solar, wind, waste to energy, biomass, etc.) and increasing bio-fuels blending in transportation fuels
  to drive the investment in cleantech in the EU in the future.

Sources: 1.Cleantech 2.Cleantech
Cleantech Activity Mapping – European Union

                                                                                                   1    Enercon
                                                                                                                           20   CIEMAT
                                                                                                   2    Vestas
                                                                                                                           21   Energy Research Centre
                                                                                                   3    EDF
                                                                                                                           22   ENEA
                                                                                                   4    Enel Green Power
                                                                                                                           23   VTT Technical Research Centre
                                                                                                   5    Sekab
                                                                                         23                                24   CENER
                                                                                5                  6    Choren
                                                                                                                           25   EPFL
                                                              12                                   7    Sita
                                                                                                                           26               g    g
                                                                                                                                CREST, Loughborough
                        London                                                                27
                                                                                                   8    Remondis                University)

                                                                       15                          9    Acciona Energy     27   Helsinki University of
Pockets of
                                                        2                                                                       Technology
                                         17                                18                      10   Eco2
                                      16 7
high activity                      10 26    14                                                                             28   Unit for Renewable Energy
                                 35     34
                                      29 3       13      33 1              Berlin                  11   Concentrix Solar        Sources, National Technical
                                                      21 31            6                                                        University of Athens
                                                                                                   12   N S
                                                                                                                           29   New and Renewable Energy
                                      Paris              11       32                               13   Emergya Wind
                                                       30                                               Techonologies
                                                                                                                           30   ABB
                                                                                                   14   Quiet Revolution
                                 24                                                                                        31   E.ON
                             9                                                                     15   Biogasol
                                 20                           4
                                                                                                                           32   Siemens
                                                                                                   16   Regenatec
   Major Companies          Madrid
                                                      Rome                          28                                     33   RWE
                                                                                                   17   Modec
   Startups                                                                                                                34   BP
                                                                                                   18   Stirling Danmark
   Major Universities                                                                                                      35   Green Biologics
                                                                                                   19   Origo Industries
   Major Cities
   M j Citi
Cleantech Activity Mapping – European Union

                                                                           S. No.   Name of the   Type of Project
                                                                           1        Whitelee      Wind Farm

                                                                           2        Horns Rev     Wind Farm

                        London                                             3        Lieberose
                                                                                    Li b          S l P
                                                                                                  Solar Power
                                     1                                                            Plant
                                                          2                4        Waldpolenz    Solar Park
 Pockets of
 high activity                       8                                     5        Wittenberg    Bio-diesel Plant
                                              6               4            6          oo
                                                                                    Bioro           o d ese a t
                                                                                                  Bio-diesel Plant
                                          9       3

                                                                           7        Sanguesa      Straw-fired
                                                                                                  Power Plant

                                                                           8        Stevens       Wood-fired
                                                                                    Croft         Power Plant
Details in Appendix A            7                                         9        Ivry Sur
                                                                                    Ivry-Sur-     Waste to
                                                                                    Seine         Energy Plant
                            Madrid                Rome
  Major Projects                                                           10       Allington     Waste to
                                                                                    Quarry        Energy Plant
  Major Cities
Presentation Plan

    European Union

                                   ■ Renewable Power
                                   ■ Waste to Energy
     Collaboration Opportunities   ■ Bio-fuels
                                   ■ A i lt
                                   ■ Investments
                                   ■ Activity Mapping
Ambitious targets set by the Indian government offers huge opportunity in
technology transfer and product development

                                                                                                                            Total Capacity –
                                                                                                                              76 000 MW

                                                                         CAGR = 15.1%

                             Total Capacity – 156,092 MW
                        Electricity Consumption Levels
                                                                                   ■ Growth Driver – Low relative per capita consumption,
        14000                                                     900,000            coupled with high economic growth in India presents huge
        12000                                                     800,000            growth potential for electricity consumption and hence in
                                                                  700,000            the market.
                                                                  600,000          ■ Areas of Opportunity – Targets set by the Indian
         8000                                                     500,000            government offer growth opportunities in wind and solar

         6000                                                     400,000            power generation segment.
                                                                  300,000          ■ The specific areas could be
                                                                  200,000               Technologies d         d t that help in d i
                                                                                      • T h l i and products th t h l i reducing costs        t
         2000                                                     100,000               and improve reliability of the plants and equipment.
                                                                                      • Developing effective storage capacity, especially for
           0                                                      0
                                                                                        solar energy during monsoon season.
                2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014                               • Apart from domestic market, India could become an
                                                                                        export hub for such equipment
         India Consumption
         India‐Consumption     EU Per Capita
                               EU‐Per Capita   India‐Per Capita
                                               India Per Capita    US Per Capita
                                                                   US‐Per Capita

Sources: 1. CEA, 2. MNRE 3. CEA 4. Power Ministry 5. MNES 6. MNRE 7. Green Peace 8. MNES 9. MNRE 10. MNRE 11. EIU
High unmet demand offers a good opportunity in bio-fuels industry in India.
Indian companies can partner European companies for research in
           second generation bio fuels
developing second-generation bio-fuels

                           Bio-ethanol Demand-Supply Gap – India*                           *Figure for 2008-09 is at 5% blending level.

    2,000                                                                                       ■ National Bio-fuel Policy – Increase the blending
                               Huge increase in demand in 2009-10                   1,590
                                                                                    1 590           p       g                              p
                                                                                                    percentage of bio-fuels to 20% of transportation fuels.
    1,600                      due to increase in the mandatory
Million Litres

                               blending percentage to 10% from                                  Bio-ethanol:
    1,200                      October 2008.                                                    ■ Poor Supply of Feedstock – due to cyclical nature of the
                                                                                                    Indian sugar industry results not only in inconsistent
                 800                                                  600                           availability but also high prices for bio-ethanol in some years.
                                   400            370
                 400                        280                                                 ■ Developing Alternate Feedstock – Efforts are on to
                                                               100             50                   produce bio-ethanol from sweet sorghum, sugar beet, sweet
                                                                                                    potatoes, etc. However, these efforts are at experimental
                             2006-07       2007-08            2008-09        2009-10 (E)            stage at present.
                                                  Supply   Deficit
                                    Bio-Diesel Demand – India**                                 ■ Low Production – Lack of availability of feedstock
                               No mandatory blending for bio-diesel due to       3,829              (Jatropha and non-edible oilseeds) is the main cause for low
                               low domestic production.                                             domestic production.
                                               3,146                 3,303
                                   2,912                                                        ■ Opportunity for Research in Improving Seed Quality
                                                                                                  and Agronomic Practices – Bio-fuel yield is between 0.5–
 Million Litres

                  2 000
                  2,000                                                                             1 kg per plant per annum. Unavailability of good quality
                                                                                                    planting material and lack of proper management practices
                                                                                                    are the primary causes for it.
                                                                                                ■   More research to develop good quality seeds and better
                                                                                                    agronomic practices is needed.
                               2007-08        2008-09            2009-10       2011-12
                                                                                                                                          bio-diesel      diesel.
                                                                                            **Figures in the graph are for 5% blending of bio diesel with diesel

Sources: 1. USDA 2. PPAC 3. Planning Commission
Huge potential offers substantial growth opportunity in waste to energy
segment in India. European companies can collaborate with Indian
companies for developing technologies suitable for India.

           Waste to Energy Potential – India*          *MLW – Municipal Liquid Waste
                                                       *MSW – Municipal Solid Waste
          Current Installed Capacity – 65 MW (grid
          power), 38 Mweq (off-grid power) (as on 31   *(P) – Potential
          December 2009)

                                                                              Areas of Opportunities
                                                         ■ Technology Development/Transfer Opportunities –
                                                             Waste to energy is a new concept in India and therefore
                                                             various technologies, which are commercially proven, are
                                                             needed to be imported.
                                                         ■   There are also concerns about the performance of imported
                                                             technologies in Indian conditions and there is a need to
                                                             develop technologies suited for Indian conditions.
            Waste to Energy Target – India**
                                                         ■ O    t iti i D           l i        L     lM
                                                           Opportunities in Developing Local Manufacturing   f t i
                                                           Capability – As this area is still evolving, various critical
                                                             components for these projects, especially projects based on
                                                             biomethanation technology, are required to be imported.
                                                         ■ Funding Opportunities – Lack of funds with municipal
                                                             bodies also acts as a deterrent for growth in this segment

                                                       **Only includes details for MSW and Industrial sectors.
                                                       **(T) – Target

Source: 1. MNES 2. MNRE 3. MNRE 4. MNES
Huge untapped potential in biomass to power segment offers huge
opportunity in India

      Biomass to Power Installed Capacity – India                  Biomass Opportunity – India

           Biomass to Power Potential – India
                                                                     Areas of Opportunities
                                                    ■ Equipment Development/Supply Opportunities –
                                                      Equipment suitable for biomass power generation offers
                                                      a lot of opportunity. Currently, equipment used for
                                                      biomass power generation are modified versions of
                                                      equipment suitable for coal-based plants.
                                                    ■ Plant Development – Developing plants that are
                                                      compatible with all kinds of biomass raw materials.

Source: 1. MNES 2. MNRE 3. MNRE
Investments in Cleantech in India

 Indian share in global cleantech venture capital pie
 ■ Indian share in global cleantech venture capital investment is around 3%. The share was maximum during 2007 (5.7%)
 Future Scenario
 ■ Investment of USD 21 billion is projected over next 10 years in clean energy in India.
 ■ Government of India has approved the launch of the Nehru National Solar Mission to be deployed at an estimated cost of
   USD 932 million
 ■ The National Bio-fuel Policy to increase the blending percentage of bio-fuels to 20% of transportation fuels, will attract
   investments in bio-fuel sector.

Sources: 1.Cleantech 2.Cleantech 3.US Commercial Service Report
Cleantech Activity Mapping – India

1      Suzlon                                                                                                         18   Natural Bioenergy Limited
2      Kotak Urja                                                                                                     19   TERI
3      REVA Global                                                                                                    20   Combustion Gasification and Propulsion
4      Nandan Biofuels
                                                                       32                                             21   Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
5      Praj Industries
                                                                                                                      22   Alternate Hydro Energy Centre
6      Enercon India
                                                                  19 36 9                     New Delhi               23   Centre of Wind Energy Technology
7      Tata BP Solar India                                       25       11
                                                                 26 27 12            15                               24   NARI
8      Clenergen India
                                                                                                                      25   IIT Delhi
9      TOWMCL
                                                                                                                      26   Delhi College of Engineering
10     Selco International Limited
                                                                                                                      27   Solar Energy Centre
11     D. Light                               14
                                        31                                                                            28   CREED
12     Scatec Solar India
                                                                                                                      29   Muppandal Wind Farm
13     Auromira Energy                                                                                      Kolkata
                                                                                                                      30   Vankusavade Wind Park
14     Pegasus Semiconductor                                 6
                                                   1                                                                  31   Samana Wind Farm
15     Bharat Renewable Energy                         5    30
                                     Mumbai       24                    4    10                                       32   Vamshi Hydro SHP Project
16     Mission Biofuels                           40                                                 Pockets of
                                                                       34 17 18
                                                                                35                                    33   Thoothukkudi Biomass to Power Project
17     SBT                                                                37                         high activity
                                                                                                                      34   Hyderabad Waste to Energy Project
       j      p
     Major Companies                                                                                                  35   Vijayawada Waste to Energy Project
                                                                     3 7
     Startups                                                    2
                                                                                                                      36   Timarpur Okhla Waste to Energy Project
                                                                                     23    Chennai
                                                                                29                                    37   Clarion Power Biomass to Power Project
     Major Universities
                                                                                                                      38   Sattur Biomass Power Plant
     Major Projects                                                        38
                                                                                                                      39   Husk Power Systems
     Major C                                                                                                          40   STEPS
Presentation Plan

    European Union


     Collaboration Opportunities
Collaboration Opportunities

    Renewable              •   Technologies and products that help in reducing costs and improve reliability of the plants and equipment.

      Power                •   Developing effective storage capacity, especially for solar energy during monsoon season.

                           •   Opportunities for technology transfer and development that are suitable for Indian conditions.
      Waste to 
                           •   Opportunities in developing local manufacturing capability
      Energy               •   Funding Opportunities – Lack of funds with municipal bodies also acts as a deterrent for growth in this segment.

                           •   Developing alternate feedstock to produce bio-ethanol from sweet sorghum, sugar beet, sweet potatoes, etc.
                           •   Opportunity for research in improving seed quality and agronomic practices to improve quality of planting
      Bio‐fuels                material and management practices.
                           •   Research to develop good quality seeds and better agronomic practices is needed.

                           •   Opportunities to develop and supply equipment suitable for biomass power generation.
      Biomass              •   Opportunities for plant development hat are compatible with all kinds of biomass raw materials.

Sources: 1. EVS Analysis
Hurdles for Doing Business in India

                           •   Regulatory hurdles for setting up a business in India also results in delays in implementation of plans. The Indian
    Setting up a               economy is still in the transformation phase from a controlled economy to a market-based economy, which
    Business in                results in delays.
                           •                                                          co-ordination
                               Lack of clarity between roles and responsibilities and co ordination issues between various regulatory bodies
       I di                    also leads to delays in regulatory approvals.

       Land                •   Land acquisition is one of the major hurdles faced by power project developers in India. Many projects at present
                               and in the past have been delayed due to land acquisition issues.

  Environmental            •   Receiving environmental clearance, especially in environmentally sensitive areas (for example coastal
                               regions), is another major hurdle faced by project developers in India. The process is slow and takes
    Clearance                  considerable time in India, which results in delays to start a project.

Sources: 1. EVS Analysis
Thank You
Evalueserve Disclaimer

The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Evalueserve disclaims all
warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information. Evalueserve shall have no liability for
errors, omissions or inadequacies in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof.
Appendix A – EU: Details of Companies/Universities/Startups/Projects
Major Companies – Renewable Power

                             •Headquartered in Germany
                             •Has 60% market share in the global wind energy market
                             •Sold more than 19GW wind energy capacity globally and more than 9 GW in Germany

                             •Headquartered in Denmark
                             •Began producing wind turbines in 1979
                             •Has 20% market share in the global wind energy market
                             •Employs more than 20,000 people
                             •Revenue of 6 billion Euros in 2008
                             •Sold 5500 MW wind energy capacity by 2008
                             •Supplied 30% (average) of annual wind MW added in Europe between 2001 and 2007

                             •Started in 2002 with merger of SEEBoard, London Energy and SWEB
                             •Headquartered in UK
                             •Built France’s largest solar power plant, having capacity of 7 MWp
                             •Targets producing 4000 MW power through wind and solar power by the end of 2012
                                 g              g                        g                       y

                             Enel Green Power
                             •Headquartered in Italy
                             •Has 4700 MW of installed capacity
                             •Generated 17.2 billion kWh in 2009 from hydro, solar, wind and geothermal energy sources

Sources: 1.Enercon 2.Enercon 3.Vestas 4.Renewableenergyfocus 5.Edfenergy 6.Enelgreenpower
Major Companies – Transport and Municipality

                               •Founded in 1985
                               •Headquartered in Sweden
                               •Produce and distribute bioethanol fuel
                                                         cellulose based
                               •Currently developing the cellulose-based ethanol technology

                               •Headquartered in Germany
                               •Leads in gasification technology for solid biomass and oil based residue feedstock
                                         g                    gy
                               •Choren’s designer fuel Sundiesel can reduce harmful emissions and pollutants by 30-40%, compared to traditional

                               •Generates electricity from landfill gas and combustion of waste
                               •Produced more than a million megawatt-hours of electricity in 2008 through landfill gas and combustion of waste
                               •Operates 36 landfill gas generation schemes and a biomethane fuel plant
                               •Sales of 5.5 billion Euros in 2006
                               •Employs 45,800 people

                               •Generates electricity, steam and heat in waste-to-energy plants and biomass-fired power plants
                               •Produces biogas and biodiesel
                               •processes high-heating-value waste fractions into high-energy substitute fuels
                               •Turnover of 5.6 billion Euros/ year
                               •Employs 18, 800 people
                                   p y     ,     p p

Sources: 1.Gain report 2.Sekab 3.Gain report 4.Choren 5.Frost and Sullivan 6.Sita 7.Remondis
Major Companies – Agriculture

                              Acciona Energy
                              •Located in Spain
                              •Owns and operates three biomass plants, having installed capacity of 33 MW. Theses plants use straw, talose and
                              pineapples respectively as their feed material
                              •Has two biomass plants under construction (32 MW)
                              •Has five biomass projects in pipeline (82 MW)

                              •Specialises in initiating, developing, financing and operating renewable energy projects throughout the UK and
                              •Set up in November 2002
                              •Coming up with new biomass plants for transformation of straw into energy

Sources: 1.Energymap 2.Acciona-energia 3.Powerplants-around-the-world 4.Eco2
Startups – Renewable Power

                                Concentrix Solar
                                •Founded in 2005
                                •Based in Freiburg, Germany
                                •Involved in concentrator photovoltaic technology (CPV). This involves using mirrors or lenses to focus solar energy
                                on to smaller solar cells
                                •Offers complete, turnkey concentrator photovoltaic power plants on the commercial level

                                •Founded in 2005
                                •Based in Oslo Norway
                                 Based Oslo,
                                •Involved in production of monocrystalline wafers used in solar cells. Theses wafers increase the conversion
                                efficiency, and hence minimize the cell cost.
                                •Supplies wafers meeting the stringent specifications of the high efficiency cell producers.

                                Emergya Wind Technologies  g
                                •Founded in 2004
                                 Based in Schoondijke, The Netherlands
                                •Involved in low operating cost wind turbines
                                •Delivers wind farms on a full turn-key basis, as well as individual turbines and wind turbine components

                                Quiet Revolution
                                •Founded in 2005
                                 Based in London, UK
                                •Involved in ultra-quiet wind turbines. These wind turbines can be installed on rooftops of offices, schools and
                                •Develops and supplies small wind products

Sources: 1. Guardian 2. Concentrix-solar 3.Norsuncorp 4.Ewtinternational 5. quietrevolution
Startups – Transport and Municipality (1/2)

                              •Founded in 2006
                              •Based in Kgs Lyngby, Denmark
                              •Involved in production of bio-ethanol from lignocellulosic biomasses
                              •Established demonstration plants for production of bioe thanol from lignocellulosic biomass

                              •Founded in 2008
                              •Based in Oxford, UK
                              •Involved in plant oil biofuel conversion systems for commercial diesel engines These systems allows the user to
                               Involved plant-oil                                                     engines.
                              operate large commercial vehicles on pure plant oil bio-fuel
                              •Provide pure plant oil (PPO) bio-fuel conversion systems for commercial diesel engines as retro-fit or factory fit

                              •Founded in 2004
                              •Based in Coventry, UK
                              •Involved in developing zero emission vehicles
                              •Commercially launched zero emission vehicles in March 2007

                              Stirling Danmark
                              •Founded in 2004
                              •Based in Kgs Lyngby, Denmark
                              •Involved in biomass fuelled engines. These engines are capable of converting biomass into clean electricity and heat
                              •Provide combined heat and power installations with an electric output of 10-500 kWe

Sources: 1. Guardian 2.Biogasol 3.Regenatec 4. Modeczev 5. Guardian 6.Stirling
Startups – Transport and Municipality (2/2)

                              Origo Industries
                              •Founded in 2007
                              •Based in the UK
                              •Involved in developing a technology to capture CO2 from cars, homes, industries, etc., which then can be converted
                              to bi di    l
                              t bio-diesel.
                              •Developed EcoBox, a device that is fitted to the vehicles to capture CO2 and then it can be converted to bio-diesel.
                              The company is also working on a project to capture CO2 from power plants.

                              Green Biologics
                               F    d d in
                              •Founded i 2002
                              •Based in Abingdon, UK
                              •Involved in developing advanced microbial technology to convert sugar and starch biomass to bio-fuels and
                              renewable chemicals.

Sources: 1. Green Bang 2. Green Bang 3. Guardian
   Major Universities

                           Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT)
                           •Established in 1951
                           •Located in Spain
                           •Conducts research to develop solar, wind, photovoltaic and biomass (including production of bio-fuels) sources of
                           energy and to reduce emissions from usage of fossil fuels
                           •The institute is generally considered as European centre of reference for research in solar energy. The institute
                           conducts research in the field of concentrating solar energy.

                           Energy Research Centre of The Netherlands
                           •Established in 1955
                           •Located in Petten, The Netherlands
                           •Conducts research to deploy renewable energy sources and reducing emissions from fossil fuels usage. Some of the
                           research projects of the institute are:
                           •Solar Energy – Developing technologies for producing more efficient solar cells and modules
                           •Wind Energy – Conducting research to develop large-size and reliable offshore wind farms.

                           Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA)
                            E t bli h d in September
                           •Established i S t b 2009
                           •Located in Rome, Italy
                           •Conducts research to develop processes and technologies for producing bio-fuels and also set up concentrated solar
                           power systems.
                           •The institute is also involved in developing new photovoltaic technologies for producing new devices, new solar
                           thermal technologies and technologies for producing heat and electricity from biomass and producing second-
                           generation bio fuels.

                           VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
                           •Established in 1942
                           •Located in Finland
                           •Conducts research to develop bio energy, wind energy, waste to energy and fuel cells. The institute conducts
                           research to develop wind turbines and to integrate wind energy into country’s energy systems.
                                             p                          g              gy            y       gy y

Sources: 1.CIEMAT 2.ECN 3.ECN 4.ECN 5.ECN 6.ENEA 7. VTT 8. VTT
   Major Universities

                           National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER)
                           •Established in 2002
                           •Located in Sarriguren, Spain
        CENER              •Conducts research to develop solar, wind, photovoltaic and biomass (including production of bio-fuels) sources of
                           energy.                                                                                 systems.
                           energy The institute also conducts research to integrate renewable energy in the energy systems

                           •Located in Switzerland
                           •Conducts research to apply nanotechnology in the field of solar energy and integrate renewable energy into the
                           energy systems of the country.

                           Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) Loughborough University)
                           •Established in 1993
                           •Located in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK
        CREST              •Conducts research on generating electricity from solar and wind energy. The institute is also involved in integrating
                           the electricity generation from these sources into the electricity networks.

                           Helsinki University of Technology
 Helsinki University       •Located in Finland
   of Technology           •Conducts research in the field of Dye-sensitized solar cells, thin film photovoltaic, solar cell encapsulation materials ,
                           distributed energy g
                                           gy generation and few other areas.

Sources: 1.CENER 2.EPFL 3.CREST 4.TKK
   Major Universities

                          Unit for Renewable Energy Sources, National Technical University of Athens
                          •Located in Greece
                          •Conducts research in Biomass and Bioenergy, Wind energy, Hydro-Wave energy, Renewable Energy Technologies and
                          Bioclimatic Buildings, Integration of Renewable Energy Systems into Electrical Grids , Energy Planning and Renewable
                          Energy Sources, Energy, Economy and Environmental Issues, Environmental Impacts, Energy Saving, and Desalination
                          using Renewable Energy Sources

                          New and Renewable Energy Centre
                          •Located in UK
                          •Carries out research in Wind Energy, Marine Renewables, Distributed Energy and Electrical Networks

Sources: 1.Ntua 2.Narec
Major Projects – Renewable Power

                              Whitelee Wnd Farm
                              •Europe’s largest wind farm
                              •located on Eaglesham Moor, UK
                              •Completed in May 2009
                              •Capacity of 322 MW
                              •Has 140 turbines

                              Horns rev Wind Farm
                              •Located in North Sea, 14 km west of Denmark
                              •Capacity of 160 MW
                                 p    y
                              •Has 80 wind turbines
                              •60% owned by the Vattenfall Group and 40% owned by DONG Energy.

                              Lieberose Solar Power Plant
                              •Europe’s largest solar p
                                    p      g                plant
                                                      power p
                              •Located in Germany
                              •Project developed by Juwi Group and First Solar
                              •Commissioned in December 2009
                              •Capacity of 52.8 MW
                              •Module surface area of 500,000 m2

                              Waldpolenz Solar Park
                              •Located in Germany
   Waldpolenz                 •Project developed by Juwi Group and First Solar
                              •Operational since end of 2008
   Solar Park                 •Capacity of 40 MW
                              •consists of 550 000 thin film solar panels

Sources: 1.Whiteleewindfarm 2.Hornsrev 3.Solarserver 4.Green-planet-solar-energy
Major Projects – Transport and Agriculture

                              Wittenberg Biodiesel Plant
                              •Located in Germany
   Wittenberg                 •Project developed by Lurgi AG and owned by GATE GmbH
                              •Produce 200,000 tons of biodiesel from rapeseed, 20,000 tons of pharmaceutical grade glycerin, and 300,000 tons
 Biodiesel Plant              of cloza meal per year

                              Bioro biodiesel plant
                              •Located in Belgium
                              •Capacity of 250,000 metric tons of biodiesel per year
                              •Plant operating since 2008
                              •Plant owned by Bioro, which is a joint venture between Biodiesel Holding NV, Vanden Avenne Izegem NV and Cargill

                              Sanguesa Energy from Straw Plant
                              •Straw fired power plant
     Sanguesa                 •Located in Spain
                              •In operation since 2001
                              •Consumes 160,000 tons per year of straw
                              •Power generation capacity of 25 MW

                              Stevens Croft Wood-fired Power Plant
                              •UK's largest stand-alone dedicated wood-fired power plant
                              •In operation since 2007
                              •Located in Scotland
  Stevens Croft               •Uses 475,000tons/year of sustainable wood and 95,000tons/year of short rotation coppice
                              •Power generation capacity of 52 MW
                                      g             p   y

Sources: 1.Fortune Management 2.Bioro 3. Energymap 4. Industcards 5.Industcards 6.Mottmac
Major Projects – Waste to Energy

                               Ivry-Sur-Seine Energy from Waste Plant
                               •Largest Energy from Waste plant in France
                               •In operation since 1969
  Ivry‐Sur‐Seine               •Annual capacity of 730,000 tons per year of household waste
                               •Power generation capacity of 63 MW

                               Allington Quarry Waste to Energy Plant
                               •Largest single-unit Waste to Energy plant in the UK.
      Allington                •In operation since 2007
                               •Throughput is 500,000 tons per year of municipal refuse
       Quarry                  •Power generation capacity of 51 MW

Sources: 1.AEE group 2.Tiru 3.Industcards 4.Industcards
Appendix B – India: Details of Companies/Universities/Startups/Projects
Major Companies – Renewable Power and Transport (1/2)

                               •Established in 1995
                               •Headquartered in Pune, India
                               •Third largest wind turbine manufacturing company in the world with market share of 12.3%
                                          14 000
                               •Employs 14,000 people in 21 countries

                               Kotak Urja
                               •Headquartered in Bangalore, India
                               •Operating since 1997
                                            design engineering manufacture, integration,
                               •Involved in design, engineering, manufacture integration installation and turnkey execution in both Photovoltaic and
                               Thermal heating systems

                               Reva Global
                               •An electric vehicle developer and manufacturer
                               •Headquartered in Bangalore, India
                               •Reva has over 3000 EVs on the road with more than 70 million km of user experience
                               •Reva electric cars are available in 24 countries worldwide

                               Nandan Biofuels
                               •Headquartered in Hyderabad, India
                               •Involved in plantation, research and development, and commercialization of Biofuels
                               •Uses jatropha as raw material

Sources: 1.Revaglobal 2.Suzlon 3.Nandan Biofuels 4.Kotakurja
Major Companies – Renewable Power and Transport (2/2)

                               Praj Industries
                               •Established in 1984
                               •Headquartered in Pune, India
                               •Involved in entire value chain for processing of ethanol including feedstock handling fermentation distillation and
                                Involved                                                                     handling, fermentation,
                               waste water treatment
                               •Listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges of India.

                               Enercon India
                               •Started in 1995
                               •Involved in Wind power
                               •Provides end to end solution to the customer – from identification of good potential site, developing project, installing
                               Wind Turbine Generator and maintaining the Wind Turbine Generator over 20 years lifespan
                               •Employs more than 3500 people
                               •Turnover of INR 1721.23 crores in the year 2005-06
                                Flagship                           Farm
                               •Flagship project is Khandke Wind Farm, Maharashtra

                               Tata BP Solar India
                               •Established in 1989
                               •Involved in Solar Power
                               •Headquartered in Bangalore, India
                               •Joint venture between Tata Power Company and BP Solar
                               •Has a fully integrated Solar Manufacturing Plant, including Cell Manufacture, Module Assembly and Balance of
                               •Employs over 1000 people

Sources: 1.Enerconindia 2.Tatabpsolar 3. Praj
Major Companies – Agriculture and Waste to Energy

                               Clenergen India
                               •Headquartered in Chennai, India
                               •Acquired 1.5 MW biomass power plant in Tamil Nadu
                               •Planning to install two new biomass power projects - a 16 MW plant in Tamil Nadu, and a 64 MW plant in Karnataka

                               Timarpur-Okhla Waste Management Company
                               •Headquartered in New Delhi India
      TOWMCL                   •Operates 16 MW waste to energy project in New Delhi
                               •Project processes 2050 tons of municipal waste per day

                               Selco International Limited
                               •Headquartered at Hyderabad, India
                               •Set up the first commercial Municipal Solid Waste processing unit of capacity 700 tons per day in India at Hyderabad
                               in 1999
                               •Generated 145 million units of Electricity from waste till November 2008
                               •Commissioned 6.6 MW power plant based on municipal solid waste in 2003

Sources: 1.Cleantech 2.Clenergen 3. Selco 4. Praj
Startups – Renewable Power

                              •Works for providing light in households without access to reliable electricity
                              •Replaces kerosene lanterns by its solar lanterns
                              •Targets to serve 10 million people by 2010, 50 million by 2015, and 100 million by 2020

                              Scatec Solar India
                              •Headquartered in New Delhi, India
                              •Established in 2007
                              •Involved in development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of p
                                                 p          g                  p                                        (PV) power p
                                                                                                           photovoltaic ( ) p      plants

                              Auromira Energy
                              •Founded in 2005
                              •Headquartered in Chennai, India
                              •Involved in Biomass, Small hydro and Wind sectors
                               Developing                                 Madurai,
                              •Developing 10 MW biomass project near Madurai obtained two 15 MW licenses for developing biomass projects in
                              Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari Districts
                              •Plans to invest $ 900 Million to develop, own and operate over 1000 MW in clean energy

                              Pegasus Semiconductor
                               H d        t d in Ahemdabad, India
                              •Headquartered i Ah d b d I di
                              •Involved in LED and Thin film technology
                              •Provides Solar-LED home-lighting system, Solar LED streetlights and Solar Power Packs
                              •Installed solar powered home-lighting systems in Barmer district, Rajasthan, which did not have access to grid

Sources: 1.Dlightdesign 2.Dlightdesign 3.Scatecsolar 4.Auromiraenergy 5.Pegasus-semiconductor
Startups – Renewable Power and Transport

       Bharat                 Bharat Renewable Energy
                              •A Joint venture promoted by Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), Nandan Biomatrix and Shapoorji Pallonji Co
     Renewable                •Plans to invest INR 2,200 crore to produce bio-diesel from jatropha plants.
       Energy                                                      districts,
                              •Plans to plant jatropha across five districts set up 200 oil extraction units , and 10 biodiesel refineries

                              Mission Biofuels India
                              •Established in 2007
                              •Headquartered in Bhubaneswar, India
 Mission Biofuels             •Involved in upstream Jatropha Curcas Feedstock Business and wind energy projects
                              •Has access to over 350,000 acres of Jatropha cultivation
                              •Has developed its own Jatropha nurseries and seed procurement business

                              Southern Online Bio Technologies Limited
                              •Started in 2003
                              •Headquartered in Hyderabad, India
                              •Involved in Bio-diesel production from Pongamia/ Jatropha
                              •Commissioned its first bio-diesel plant in 2007
                              •Currently, in the process of constructing its second bio-diesel unit in Vizag, India

                              Naturol Bioenergy Limited
                              •Started in 2005
                              •Headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, India
                              •Has set up biodiesel production complex with production capacity of 30 million gallons of biodiesel per year
                              •Started producing and exporting biodiesel in 2008
                                       p       g        p    g

Sources 1.Treehugger 2.Missionnewenergy 3.SBT 4.Naturol-bio
Startups – Renewable Power and Transport

                            Husk Power Systems
    Husk Power              •The company owns and operates mini power plants in the range of 35–100 KW and provide electricity to villages in
     Systems                India that are yet to be connected to the grid.
                            •The company uses rice husk as a raw material to run these power plants

                            Sustainable Technologies & Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (STEPS)
                            •Headquartered in Mumbai, India
       STEPS                •Has developed a technology to convert plastic, organic and electronic waste to fuels. The company also claims that
                            the fuel produced from their technology meets ASTM standards. It has also developed a technology to convert algae
                            to diesel.

Sources 1.Husk power Systems 2.IBEF 3. STEPS
   Major Universities

                               The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI)
                               •Established in 1974
                               •Located in New Delhi, India
                                                                          energy,        change       cell
                               •Executed projects in the field of biomass energy climate change, fuel cell, renewable energy including solar and
                               wind, and transport

                               Combustion Gasification and Propulsion Laboratory, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
                               •Started in 1970
                               •Located in Bangalore, India
                               •Developed techniques of gasifying a wide range of biomass including agro-residues
                               •Developed patented technologies for removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas
                               •Working to develop capabilities to provide turnkey solutions to biomass based industries

                               Bhabha Atomic Research centre
                               •Located in Mumbai, India
                               •Transferred technical know-how for setting up waste to biogas plants in Mumbai and New Delhi

                               Alternate Hydro Energy centre, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
                                E t bli h d in
                               •Established i 1982
                               •Located in Roorkee, India
                               •Provided technical support to over 25 different state and central government organizations for Small Hydro Power
                               •Offers Ph.D programme in the field of renewable energy

Sources: 1.Teri 2.Allgreenenergy 3.IISc 4.Indianexpress 5.Barc 6.Ahec
   Major Universities

                               Centre for Wind Energy Technology
                               •An autonomous R&D institution of Government of India
                               •Established in 1998
                               •Located in Chennai
                                                           Development,              assessment,      services,
                               •Carries our Research and Development Wind resource assessment Testing services Certification services and
                               Training in the area of Wind energy
                               •Has a wind turbine test station at Kayathar, India

                               Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute
                               •Established in 1968
                               •Located in Maharashtra, India
                               •Activities include the development of Biomass gasifier, Ethanol from sweet sorghum, Solar detoxification of distillery
                               waste, Electric rickshaw, Ethanol stoves and lanterns

                               Centre for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
                               •Located in Delhi, India
                               •Imparts teaching, conducts research and provides consultancy in various facets of energy system
                               •Carried out research projects in the areas including Solar photovoltaic design, Solar cooking system, Utilisation of
                               bio-diesel as an alternative fuel in diesel engines, Design, development and demonstration of a multi-effect solar
                               distillation system.

                               Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi
                               •Located in Delhi, India
                               •Involved in Bio-diesel research
                               •Started its biodiesel research programme in year 2000
                               •Carries out advanced level research in propagation of petro-plants, their improved agro-practices, development of
                               indigenous biodiesel production technology, design and development of small to medium capacity biodiesel
                               processing unit, quality assurance of biodiesel and trial of biodiesel in diesel engines and vehicles.
                               •Prepared biodiesel from a variety of sources including Mahua, Linseed, Rice Bran, waste , Crude Palm, Castor,
                               Jatropha d Karanja
                               J t h and K          j

Sources: 1.Cwet 2.Nariphaltan 3.Iitd 4.Dce
    Major Universities

                                Solar Energy Centre
                                •Established in 1982
                                •A dedicated unit of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India
   S l E
   Solar Energy                            development,
                                •Works for development promotion and widespread utilization of solar energy in the country
                                •Carries out following functions
      Centre                            oResearch and development
                                        oTechnology evaluation, testing and standardization
                                        oHuman resource development
                                        oAdvisory and consultancy services
                                        oInternational cooperation

                                Centre for Renewable Energy and Environment Development (CREED), BITS Pilani
                                •Located in Rajasthan, India
                                •Objectives of the centre
                                                    ,       p,      p                        gy pp
                                        oConceive, develop, and implement renewable energy application and environment p                  projects
                                                                                                                               protection p j
                                        oDevelop courses and organize awareness creation programs
        CREED                           oCollaborate with national and international organizations and institutions in the areas of renewable energy
                                        education, training and technology development
                                •Presently collaborating with MNES, IREDA, REDA, ARTES Institute, of Flensburg University, Germany, and CEER of
                                SPIC Science Foundation, Chennai
                                •Involved in setting up performance evaluation of parabolic solar cookers, solar hot water system, solar still and fuel
                                   ll   d tti         f    E      P k
                                cells and setting up of an Energy Park

Sources: 1.mnes 2.Bits-pilani
  Major Projects – Renewable Power

                             Muppandal Wind Farm
  Muppandal Wind             •Largest wind farm in Asia
                             •Located in Tamil Nadu, India
      Farm                   •Installed power of 1500 MW
                             •Estimated yearly electricity production of 3450 GWh
                             •Has 3000 turbines

                             Vankusawade Wind Park
                             •Located in Maharashtra, India
    Vankusawade              •Installed power of 259 MW
     Wind Park               •Estimated yearly electricity production of 595 GWh
                             •Has 490 turbines
                             •Turbines supplied by Suzlon

                             Samana Wind Farm
    Samana Wind              •Located in Gujarat, India
                             •Installed power of 100.8 MW
       Farm                  •Estimated yearly electricity production of 231 GWh

                             Vamshi Hydro Energy Small Hydro Power Project
                             •Started in 2009
    Vamshi Hydro             •Located in Himachal Pradesh, India
     SHP Project             •Power generation capacity of 5 MW
                             •Generated power to be sold to Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Utility

Sources: 1.The Wind Power 2.The Wind Power 3.The Wind Power 4.Lancogroup
  Major Projects – Waste to Energy and Transport

                             Hyderabad waste to Energy Project
  Hyderabad                  •Started in 2003
   Waste to                  •Located in Hyderabad, India
                             •Power generation capacity of 6.6 MW
 Energy Project
 Energy Project              •Processes 700 tons per day of urban garbage

                             Vijayawada waste to energy Project
  Vijayawada                 •Started in 2003
   Waste to
   Waste to                               Vijayawada
                             •Located in Vijayawada, India
                             •Power generation capacity of 6 MW
 Energy Project              •Processes 600 tons per day of municipal solid waste

                             Timarpur Okhla Municipal Solid Waste Management Project
                             •Started in 2003
  Timarpur                   •Located in Delhi, India
 Okhla Project               •Power generation capacity of 16 MW
                             •Processes 2050 tons per day of municipal waste

                             Thoothukkudi Biomass to Power Project
  Thoothukkudi               •Project started in 2006
   Biomass to                •Located in Thoothukkudi, Tamil Nadu
                             •Power generation capacity of 20 MW
  Power Project              •Processes 150,000 tonnes of biomass every year.

Sources: 1.Mnes 2.Mnes 3.Swasteexchange 4. Industcards
  Major Projects – Biomass to Power

                             Clarion Power Biomass Project
                             •Located in Andhra Pradesh, India
   Clarion Power             •Converts Biomass to power
  Biomass Project            •Power generation capacity of 12 MW
                                                 juliflora       husk            shell                           husk.
                             •Uses fuels such as juliflora, rice husk, groundnut shell, saw dust and bengal gram husk

                             Sattur Biomass Power Plant, Tamil Nadu
                             •Located in Tamil Nadu, India
   Sattur Biomass            •Commissioned in 2009
    Power Plant              •Power generation capacity of 10 MW
                                     g              p   y
                             •Uses ‘Julia Flora’ as biomass feedstock
                             •Involved investment of INR 46 crores

Sources: 1.Lancogroup 2.Thehindu