PIONEER LIFE by zhangyun



 By: Patricia Johnson
 Computers in the Classroom
Second Grade Social Studies
   Students will explore the lives of early
    pioneers by listening and reading about
    pioneers, constructing models of log cabins
    and covered wagons, playing games which
    were popular with pioneer children and
    creating crafts typically made by pioneers.
What was life like for the early pioneers?

   Unit Questions

       How did pioneer families meet
        basic needs?

       What were pioneer homes like?

       What was life like for children?

       Who were some famous
Objectives: The student will be able to

Recognize the struggles and hardships
 associated with pioneering

Recognize the lifestyle of pioneer children

Describe some of the major differences
 between the life of a pioneer and their own

Identify famous pioneers
State objectives:
Students will be able to:

 Social Studies Skills – obtain information about a topic using a variety of
  visual sources such as pictures, graphics, television, maps, computer
  software, literature, reference sources and artifacts.

 History - compare the similarities and differences between the lives of
  past and present Americans.

 History – identify historic figures who have influenced community, state,
  and nation.

 Language Arts - ask and answer relevant questions and make
  contributions in small or large group discussions.

 Language Arts - listen critically to interpret and evaluate.

   Evaluation will be in
    rubric form which
    consists of:
       Participation in group
       Completion of projects
       Displayed good listening
       Participation in group

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