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					                                                                   Paris 2010 U15 Foil Team

Paris 2010 Foil trip details

After our successful trips in recent years, we will be taking an England U15 foil squad to the
Paris CEP Marathon on Feb 6th and 7th 2010. The squad will consist of 12 boys and 12 girls
born in 1995 or later.

Details below in Frequently Asked Question format.

Q. What sort of competition is it?

A. An Under 15 international, individual foil competition for boys and girls. In 2009 there were
approx 365 boys and 190 girls from 22 countries. It runs over 2 days, with Pools on the
Saturday and DEs on the Sunday. You can see some pictures from previous events by
clicking here. There is a video of the 2008 trip available here.

Q. When is the competition?

A. Fencing is on Sat February 6th and Sun 7th 2010. Weapons control and registration are on
the evening of Friday 5 Feb.

Q. Who has been selected?
A. A list of selected fencers is attached.

Q. How were selections made?
A. Fencers who were born in 1995 or later, and who won medals in the 2009 EYC U13 or U15
foil competition were selected automatically. The remaining places are chosen from a ranking
list based on competition results this season. The lists are attached at to this article.

Q. What are the travel plans and how much will it cost?

A. In recent years more and more parents have wanted to travel with their children. Last year
only five fencers travelled with the officials. As a result, we have split the trip cost into two
elements. For all fencers, the estimated cost for hotel, meals, entry fee and refereeing
charges is £165. If the fencers make their own travel arrangements, that is the only cost.
However, it is important that independent travel plans allow for the fencers to be at the
hotel in Paris by 6.30pm on Friday night, and don’t involve leaving the venue until the
last English fencer is eliminated.

If parents are unable to attend, fencers can travel with the officials from Heathrow Airport. The
cost will be the £165 previously mentioned, plus the cost of the flight. This varies depending
on the exact time of booking. At the time of writing, it is approximately £150 including
transfers to and from the hotel.

Tracksuits, and the officials and coaches costs are met by the sponsors. We are still working
on some potential sponsors, and if we are successful, the base cost per fencer will be
reduced by 1/24 of any additional sponsorship income.

Q. Can I get any help with the costs?

A. If you are genuinely unable to accept selection without financial support, please contact the
Team manager (details below) in confidence to discuss possible sources of assistance. Such
assistance is limited, and we regret that we cannot guarantee to help.
Q. Who will be looking after the fencers?

A. The core management team are Ray Stafford (team manager), and Eileen Buist (assistant
team manager). Coaching support will be provided by qualified and registered England
Fencing coaches. There will be additional welfare staff, all of whom will be CRB checked
through British Fencing, and have attended relevant Child Protection courses. The officials
are all experienced in managing fencing trips abroad and will follow the guidelines laid down
by England Fencing for the safety and welfare of the fencers.

In addition, some attending parents may be accredited in official supporting roles, provided
that they have a CRB check through British Fencing and agree to comply with England
Fencing codes of conduct for officials.

Q. Can parents attend?

A. Parents are very welcome to attend, but will need to make their own travel and
accommodation arrangements. Hotel and other details are available by clicking here. From
Weapons control on Friday evening to the medal presentation on Sunday evening, the
schedule is fairly tight, so we do ask that parents leave the support staff to look after the
fencers during this time. Under no circumstances should parents remove their child from the
group without informing the team manager.

Q. Can my child stay with me at the hotel

No. The main point of this trip is to prepare our young athletes for the life of an international
fencer, and to give them experience of working as part of a squad. It is also very difficult for
the welfare team to keep track of children who disappear with their parents.

Although we appreciate that families attending may like to do a little sightseeing or shopping,
the fencers should stay with the squad at least until the last English fencer is
eliminated. The support of team-mates is an important part of the experience.

If you would prefer complete independence, it may be better to decline selection, and make a
private entry under your club name.

Q. Can parents help out?

A. There are a number of specific roles where parents can help, both at the event and before.
In particular, willing parents who can help with escort duties, managing press releases, event
photography, armoury as well as logistical support, (code for trips to supermarket for extra
water) or who have good French language skills should contact the Team Manager as soon
as possible.

Parents accredited as supporting officials will need a CRB check through British Fencing, and
if possible, we would prefer that they had attended a Child Protection course. We regret that
we are not able to pay expenses for these roles, but you will get a very natty tracksuit top!

Q. I have heard that this competition clashes with a nominated cadet competition in
Jena. Which one should I attend?

A. Paris 2010 does clash with Jena - a BF cadet nominated competition for girls only. If you
think that you might be in the running for a Great Britain selection for Jena, (ie you think you
will be in the top 12-16 of the cadet ranking list), then you should consider that before you
accept the Paris selection. Unfortunately, the decision about Paris may need to be made
before you will know whether you are selected for Jena, because we have to order tracksuits,
arrange travel etc.

We suggest that you discuss this with your coach, but remember that you can attend Paris as
a private entry if you decline selection now, but don't subsequently get selected for Jena.
Q. I have had a confirmed selection email - what do I do now?

A. Check that you are eligible. You must be born 1995, 1996, 1997 or 1998 and be a member
of England Fencing. If you have ever represented another country, or you have any doubts
about eligibility, please check the full criteria by clicking here

Read through the Qs and As on this page, and decide whether you would like to accept. If
you wish to decline, or are not eligible, it would be a great help if you could let us know early,
so that the reserve fencers get more time to prepare. If you wish to accept, then please email
back to say so, also including your tracksuit size, FULL NAME AND PASSPORT NUMBER
and whether you intend to travel independently or with the group. Please also send off the
deposit cheque ASAP, as the organisers will have to pay for several cost elements in

Q. I have had a reserve selection email - what do I do now?

A. Read through the Qs and As on this page, and decide whether you would like to accept a
reserve place if a selected fencer drops out. Email back to indicate whether you would accept
such a place if offered, but please don't send any money at this stage.

Q. I haven't been selected, but would like to go as a private entry. Is this possible?

A. Yes it is. We would like to take more than 24 fencers, but there are logistical limits to how
many we can properly manage. There is no problem with private entries, although you may
be asked by the organisers to contribute towards refereeing costs. If you would like to make
your own arrangements, the competition website can be found by clicking here or you might
like to see this page which provides information for independent club or individual trips.

Q. Where can I find tracksuit sizing?

A. The tracksuit is a "Team England" tracksuit by Team Colours Ltd. You can get a sizing
chart here but don't order direct - just send the relevant size of top and trousers back to the
organisers, and you will receive an official, embroidered tracksuit before the event. You can
mix and match sizes - for instance you can order Adult medium trousers with Junior large
Jacket if necessary. Don't forget you might grow in the next few months, and that the tracksuit
needs to fit over fencing kit.

Q. I was selected last year - do I get another tracksuit?

A. If your old tracksuit still fits and is in good condition, then it would help reduce costs if you
re-used it. However, if you have grown, or the old tracksuit is in poor condition, we will supply
a new one at no charge.

Q. What kit do I need to take?

A. Full electric fencing kit, including 800N plastron (not 350N). Weapons can be size 3 or size
5. At least 2, preferably 3 or 4 weapons, and 2 or more working bodywires. There will be
weapons control for lames and masks (at least). Please send your child with enough currency
(Euros) to replace any item that you feel may fail weapons control. Please also make sure
that your weapons and wires are well maintained before departure - we will carry an
emergency armoury kit, but we really don't want to be handling avoidable problems.

U15 (Minime) Fencers do not require a conductive mask for this event. However, if you
have older clubmates attending the U17 (Cadet) event, please let them know that they will
need conductive masks.
Q. What else do I need to take?

A. BFA CARD, PASSPORT and EUROPEAN HEALTH CARD! Enough packed food to keep
you fed until bedtime on Friday. The Friday evening is quite a busy time, as we will go to the
venue for weapons control, team photos etc, and there will not be time for a proper meal.
Slow burning carbohydrate foods like pasta, brown rice and brown bread are recommended.
Water, sports drinks and food will be provided for the fencing days, but if your child has a
particular favourite comp snack, then please pack it for them.

Clothes for the Saturday night meal (its cold in Paris in February!) and to change into if the
worst happens, and they are knocked out early.

If children bring items like iPods, cameras, or other high value items, they must be prepared
to look after them. The organisers will take charge of any medication, and will also look after
passports if required.

Q. Who do I contact for more information?

A. Ray Stafford, (team manager) can be contacted at ray dot stafford (@) englandfencing dot
org dot uk or by phone on 023 9236 2384 (evenings) or 07887 542670 (mobile).

Q. Will the fencers need named lames?

A. No, although they are quite welcome to have their name and either ENG or GBR stencilled
on the back. The main fencing equipment suppliers offer this service. In addition to the
tracksuit, we will also supply the England leg stripe to be sewn on to breeches. Fencers who
already have GB stripes need not change to England unless they wish to.

Q. Can we travel by Eurostar?

A. So long as you can escort your fencer to the Novotel Hotel, Rue Voltaire by 6.30pm, you
can use Eurostar. We will not be running an escorted service by train. Eurostar have a
reputation for being difficult about carrying fencing equipment, so please contact them in
advance to check their current policy.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Contact me VERY QUICKLY (at the latest by 20/12/2008) to let me know if you accept
selection. If I have not heard from you by then, your place will be offered to a reserve fencer.
At the same time check the tracksuit sizes and let me know what size you need! The
tracksuits need to be ordered as a batch and take 4 weeks to make, so a delay from just one
fencer means that the whole squad's trackies are delayed.

Send a deposit cheque payable to England Fencing Ltd for £50 to the address below by 20th

Download and complete the paperwork code of conduct AND consent/medical form attached
by 15th Jan, with a cheque for the balance.

Organisers contact details:

Ray Stafford, 23 Pelham Road, Southsea, Hants. PO5 3DT. Telephone 023 9236 2384,
mobile 07887 542670 email ray dot stafford@englandfencing dot org dot uk


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