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                                                                          UIC Fire Battalion
                                                                 UIC Roosevelt Road Building
Time Zone used throughout the order: Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Task Organization
             14 x Lane Walkers
       MS IVs
              14 x Lane TEs
               6 x class instructors/PCI evaluators
               3 x supply issuers
       MS IIIs
             56 x MS IIIs, split into 3 platoons, 4-5 squads per platoon, 4 cadets per squad

 1.   Situation
          a. Enemy
                  i. N/A
          b. Friendly
                  i. Fire Battalion MSIIIs and MSIVs
                 ii. Cadre

 2.   Mission
            Fire Battalion conducts a Tactical Exercise Without Troops (TEWT) at the RRB
            on 4-5 Feb 2011 in order to prepare cadets for Warrior Forge 2011.

 3.   Execution
            Commanders Intent

             Fire Battalion MSIIIs increase their level of readiness to attend Warrior
             Forge 2011 by conducting a PCI and briefing squad level operations orders.

                    Key Tasks
                    Identify cadets missing items from the Warrior Forge 2011 packing list
                    Correct packing list deficiencies
                    Teach Classes on Road to War/Battle Drill Review, OPORD Review, and
                    LDAC Timeline/questions about camp.
                    Evaluate each MSIII two times while they convert and brief a squad level
                    operations order

                    End State
                    Fire Battalion MSIIIs will have no deficiencies on the Warrior Forge 2011
                    packing list and will be subject matter experts at briefing squad level
                    operation orders.

a. Concept of the Operation
       i. This operation will be conducted in 3 phases
             1. Planning/Rehearsals
             2. Execution of Training
             3. Recovery/Movement home
      ii. Scheme of Maneuver
             1. Phase 1: Planning/Rehearsals
                    a. Begins with distribution of WARNO on 4JAN11 and ends
                       when the TEWT begins on 4FEB11. OPORD is distributed
                       to BN on 11JAN11. During this phase TACs will determine
                       which MSIIIs at their respective schools cannot attend the
                       TEWT. Once attendance has been determined, the S1 will
                       create a roster intermixing the MSIIIs into 3 platoons made
                       of squads consisting of 4 cadets. The 6 MSIVs designated
                       as instructors will create and submit training plans for their
                       respective classes. The battalion staff will vote on using the
                       cadet fund to purchase pizza for dinner on 4FEB11. The
                       A/S6 publication officer will create and distribute flyers
                       advertising the TEWT. School TAC’s will coordinate with
                       cadre for van transportation to and from the TEWT. Also
                       during this time STX OPORDs will be updated to match the
                       standard published in FM 5-0.
             2. Phase 2: Execution of Training
                    a. Begins with arrival of MSIVs at 1630 on 4FEB11 and ends
                       with dismissal on 5FEB11. All cadets will arrive at the RRB
                       NLT 1645 on 4FEB11. First formation will be held at 1700.
                       Accountability will be taken and any discrepancies in the
                       squads will be adjusted. From 1715-1800 all MSIV’s
                       present will conduct a PCI on 2 squads. They will distribute
                       a checklist to each cadet they are inspecting, and mark any
                       items missing. At 1800 the company orders process, chow,
                       and equipment issue begins. The company commander
                       and first sergeant will receive/convert their order from 1800-
                       1830. From 1830-1900 platoon leaders will receive/convert
                       their order. From 1900-1930 squad leaders will
                       receive/convert their order. During this time cadets not part
                       of the orders process will eat chow and cycle through the
                       supply room to correct packing list deficiencies and draw
                       MREs. Cadets missing equipment will be given a negative
                       spot report. 1930-2100 will consist of 30 minute blocks of
                       round-robin classroom instruction on 3 topics: Road to
                       War/Battle Drill Review, OPORD/skeleton, and the LDAC
                       training schedule/questions about camp. At 2100 Squad
                       leaders will brief their squads, thus completing the orders
                       process. Barracks maintenance and hygiene will then be
                       conducted until 2200. Lights out is at 2200.
                    b. First call on 5FEB11 is at 0600. At 0600 all MSIV lane

                          walkers arrive at the RRB. At 0630 classroom instructors
                          from the 4FEB11 will be dismissed. 0600-0630 will consist
                          of barracks maintenance, hygiene and breakfast. First
                          formation will be held at 0630. Squads will move to their
                          starting locations from 0635-0640. There will be 15 lanes
                          running simultaneously. Training will commence at 0640
                          and follow the timeline attached below. 8 70 minute
                          rotations will be conducted. 45 minutes will be allocated for
                          troop leading procedures. 20 minutes will be allocated for
                          an AAR and counseling, and 5 minutes will be allocated to
                          rotate to the next station. 1 cadet will act as a squad leader,
                          1 as a recorder, and the remaining two will act as team
                          leaders. This leadership will rotate at each station. If there
                          are an odd number of cadets present, squads will be re-
                          adjusted to make several squads of three cadets. In this
                          case 1 cadet will act as both recorder and team leader.
                          Squads with three cadets will do all 8 rotations, thus some
                          cadets will be evaluated 3 times.
               3. Phase 3: Recovery/Movement home
                       a. Begins with exiting procedures and ends with all cadets
                          arriving home safely. Following the 8th rotation MSIV’s will
                          ensure MSIII’s clean up the station they are at and then
                          head over to final formation. A short AAR will be conducted
                          then all cadets will be dismissed. All personnel will travel
                          home in the same manner that they arrived.
b. Tasks to Staff
        i. School TACs
               1. Collect a list of all MSIII’s not able to attend the TEWT NLT
               2. Coordinate with campus cadre for van transportation to and from
                  the TEWT NLT 1FEB11
       ii. S-1
               1. Create a training roster intermixing the MSIII cadets into 3 platoons
                   with 4 cadets per squad NLT 28JAN11
               2. Coordinate with TAC OIC to pick company/platoon leadership NLT
      iii. S-4
               1. Coordinate with Mr. Day and Ms. Harris to have supply room open
                   for equipment distribution
               2. Establish a plan for hand receipts for gear/MRE issuing
               3. Provide any materials requested for classroom training
               4. Compare LDAC Packing List to contents of supply room, determine
                   what needs to be ordered
      iv. S-6
               1. Create and distribute flyers describing who, what, when, where
                   about the TEWT to school TACs. Post flyers in the RRB 18JAN11
               2. Vote on spending money from the cadet fund to purchase pizza for
                   dinner on 4FEB11. Vote will take place during staff meeting on

                 v. TEWT OIC
                      1. Issue TEWT FRAGO on 28JAN11. The FRAGO will revise the
                          number of lanes needed to run simultaneously and will include a
                          map detailing where each lane is to be located.
                      2. Modify old STX OPORDs to meet standards published in FM 5-0
                          and submit to cadre for approval NLT 24JAN11

                vii. S-3/OPFOR
                      1. Modify the relevant portions of the old STX OPORDs in order to make
                      them line up with the road to war briefing NLT 18JAN11
                viii. Classroom Instructors
                      1. Develop and submit training plans for your assigned block of
                         instruction. Topics are OPORD/skeleton review, Road to War
                         Briefing/battle drill review, and LDAC Training schedule/questions
                         about camp NLT 25JAN11

         c. Coordinating Instructions
                                              Phase 1
              Date                         Action                  Responsible Party
11 Jan 2011                    OPORD Distributed to BN         BN Leadership
18 Jan 2011 Staff Meeting      TEWT Flyers due                 S6
18 Jan 2011 Staff Meeting      STX OPORDS modified to          S3/OPFOR
                               match Road to War due
24 Jan 2011                    STX OPORDS modified to          CDT Brady
                               meet new standards in FM
                               5-0 submitted to Cadre for
25 Jan 2011 Staff Meeting      List of MSIIIs not attending    School TACs
                               TEWT due
25 Jan 2011 Staff Meeting      Classroom Instruction           See Annex B
                               Training plans and supply
                               requests due
28 Jan 2011                    FRAGO submitted to BN           CDT Brady
28 Jan 2011                    TEWT Chain of                   S1
                               command/squad roster due
1 Feb 2011 Staff Meeting       Transportation Plans due        School TACs
1 Feb 2011 Staff Meeting       Vote on Spending Money          Staff/S6
                               from cadet fund for pizza
1 Feb 2011                     MSIII TEWT Leadership           Staff
                               given company rosters

                                         Phase 2: 4FEB11

                            Time                         Action
                1630                           Designated MSIV’s arrive at

        1645                          MSIII’s arrive
        1700                           First Formation
        1700-1715                     Accountability, Squad
        1715-1800                     PCI
        1800-1930                     Chow/orders
                                      process/equipment issue
        1800-1830                     Company Commander
                                      receives/converts order
        1830-1900                     Platoon Leaders
                                      receive/convert order
        1900-1930                     Squad leaders
                                      receive/convert order
        1930-2000                     Instruction Block 1
        2000-2030                     Instruction Block 2
        2030-2100                     Instruction Block 3
        2100-2200                     Squad leaders brief squads,
                                      Hygiene, barracks
        2200                          Lights out

                                 Phase 2: 5FEB11
                    Time                           Action
        0600                          First Call, Lane Walkers
        0600-0630                     Hygiene, barracks
                                      maintenance, chow
        0630                          Classroom instructors from
                                      4FEB11 dismissed
        0630-0640                     First Formation, move to
                                      starting locations
        0640                          1st Iteration begins
        0750                          2nd Iteration begins
        0900                          3rd Iteration begins
        1010                          4th Iteration begins
        1120                          5th iteration begins
        1230                          6th iteration begins
        1340                          7th iteration begins
        1450                          8th iteration begins
        1600                          8th iteration complete
        1600-Until Complete           Blue card turn in, clean up,
                                      AAR, dismissal

Coordinating Instructions
                 i. Uniform

                            1. MS IIIs and IVs
                                 a. ACUs, complete
                                 b. LCE
                                 c. Pen/pencil
                                 d. Notebook
                                 e. TACSOP
                                 f. Protractor

                        ii. Packing List: See Annex A

4.   Sustainment
        a. Logistics
                i. Vans will provide transportation to and from the TEWT.
               ii. Class 1: Pizza/MRE, MRE, MRE
              iii. Class 2: See Annex A
        b. Personnel
                 i. MSIV Taskings: See Annex B
        c. Health System Support
                i. Cadets who are injured will be treated by on hand by cadre. If serious
                    injury occurs, call 911 and notify cadre in the vicinity.
5.   Command and Control
        a. Command
                i. Location of Commanding Officers: c/BC, c/XO, c/S3, c/CSM and c/OIC
                    will at the RRB for the duration of the TEWT
               ii. Succession of Command: c/BC Small, c/XO Edwards, c/S-3 Reid, c/OIC
        b. Control
                 i. The FRAGO published on 28JAN11 will contain a map detailing all
                     training locations and the location where MSIVs are to be stationed.
        c. Signal
                i. Call Signs
                                a. c/BC Small: 812-686-7602
                                b. c/XO Edwards: 913-271-4018
                                c. c/S-3 Reid: 260-438-7127
                                d. c/CSM Hartnett 773-401-8471
                                e. c/OIC Brady: 406-249-7351




ITEM                                            CADET REQ’D TO FURNISH

1. Padlock, Key/Combination                     3 ea
2. Cap, ACU                                     2 ea
3. Jacket (shirt), ACU                          3 ea
4. Trousers, ACU                                3 ea
5. ACU Tan Riggers Belt (Black is               1ea
6. Nametape, ACU                                3 ea
7. US Army tape, ACU                            2 ea
8. US Flag, ACU                                 2 ea
9. Cadet Cmd Patch, ACU                         2 ea
10. Undershirt, Sand                            6 ea
11. Underwear                                   14 pr
12. T-Shirt IPFU s/s (PT)                       3 ea
13. Trunks, IPFU (PT)                           3 ea
14. IPFU Jacket                                 1 ea
15. IPFU Pants, Blk                             1 ea
16. Boots, Combat Brown                         2 pr (broken in)
17. Socks, wool, Blk/Grn                        6 pr
18. Watch                                       1 ea
19. Washcloth                                   3 ea
20. Bath Towels                                 3 ea
21. Glove, Leather Blk                          1 pr
22. Glove, Insert wool                          1 pr
23. Insignia, ROTC as required plus as needed   2 ea
for CTLT, NSTP & CPFT subdued; as req’d
for follow-on tng.

24. Bra (Female)-Regular or Sports              14 ea
25. Shoes, Shower                               1
26. Shoes, Running                              1 pr
27. Cold Weather Underwear (top & bottom,       1 pr
BROWN) (e.g. PolyPro)
28. Socks, white PT (calf or ankle high)        6 pr

29. Appropriate Travel Attire (see note 7)      2 sets

30. Notebook, Pocket/pen/pencil (mechanical     Min. 2/5/2 of ea
0.5mm) (note g)
31. Identification Tag w/medical tags if        1 set
32. Eyeglasses (if worn). Contacts are          2 ea
UNAUTHORIZED, glasses must be IAW AR

33. Flashlight Elbow type or Mini-Mag w/red     1 ea
lens (4 extra batteries and bulb)

35. TACSOP                                      1 ea
36. Terrain Model Kit (For use at Sqd STX,      1 set
Patrolling, etc.)

37. Foot Powder                                   2 ea (initial)
38. Insect Repellent                              1 ea (initial)
39. Sunscreen                                     1 ea (initial)
40. Chapstick                                     2 ea (initial)
41. Handkerchiefs                                 2
42. Hangers, Clothes                              Min 10 ea
43. Eyeglass, Safety (with prescription inserts   1 ea
if needed)
44. Belt, reflective                              1 ea
45. Camouflage Stick                              1 ea (initial)
46. Gallon Size Zip-Lock Bags                     10 ea
47. 550 Cord (5mm)                                5 meters minimum
48. Tactical Bungee cords, med size (black/       4 ea
49. Protractor, Map                               1 ea (for practice)
(GTA 5-2-12)(2005)
50. Bag, Duffel                                   2 ea
51. Bag, Waterproof                               1 ea
52. Poncho                                        1 ea
53. Canteen, Water (1 qt)                         2 ea
54. Knee & Elbow Pads (fitted)                    1 pr of each
55. Cup, Canteen                                  1 ea
56. Case, First Aid w/dressing                    1 ea
57. Compass, Lensatic                             1 ea
58. Parka w/w ACU or Woodland Camo                1 ea

59. Trousers, w/w ACU or Woodland Camo            1 ea

60. Helmet, Kevlar or ACH – complete              1 ea

61. 30 RD Magazine Pouch                          1 ea



Supply Room: Fagan, Mendez, Brady

LDAC Experience Class: Hartnett, Kim

Road to War/Battle drill review class: Krauszowski, Albert

OPORD review/Skeleton Class: Frjelich, Wilas

5 FEB11

Lane Walkers:


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