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From                                        To
Sri K.P.Sastry                              The District Collector
Deputy Director,                            NIZAMABAD.
Dist. Treasury Office

                         Lr.No.A3/3784/2007, dt.23-11-2007.


       Sub:- Right to Information Act-2005 – Submission of 17 items Mannual –
             Request – Regarding.

       Ref:- District Collector, Nzb Lr.No.A4/133/2007, dt.16-11-2007.


       In compliance to the instructions issued in the reference cited, I submit herewith
the required information in prescribed (17) items in respect of Treasuries and Accounts
Department of Nizamabad District.

                                                            Yours faithfully,

                                                           Deputy Director
                                                       District Treasury Office
                                      Chapter – 2
                           Organisation, Functions and Duties
                                  [ Section 4(1)(b)(i)]

2.1 Particulars of the organization, functions and duties:-

Sl. Name of the           Address                   Functions            Duties
No. Organization
1   District Treasury     District Treasury         The bills, cheques   1. Audit of all
    Office,               Office, Collector         and LOCs of the      Bills, Cheques
    Nizamabad             complex, Nizamabad        Government           and LOCs of the
                                                    Departments,         Government
                                                    Pension              Departments in
                                                    forwarding to the    the District and
                                                    Pension disbursing   control over the
                                                    Authorities and      budget items and
                                                    preparation of       Pension / GPF
                                                    Monthly Accounts     Authorisation
                                                    and issue of         which received
                                                    Stamps and           from the A.G.,
                                                    keeping of the       A.P., Hyderabad,
                                                    Safe Custody         duly recorded in
                                                    Articles             this District
                                                                         Records and
                                                                         forwarding as
                                                                         mentioned in the
                                                                         Authorisation by
                                                                         the A.G., A.P.,
                                           Chapter – 3
                           Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees
                                       [ Section 4(1)(b)(ii) ]
     3.1 The details of the powers and duties of officers and employees of the authority by
     designation as follows:-

Sl.No.   Name of the      Designation            Duties allotted            Powers
1        Sri K.P.Sastry   Deputy Director,       1. Passing the bills       1. Service maters:-
                          D.T.O.,                   above Rs.50,000/-       To regularization of
                          Nizamabad              2. Control on all over     services and declaration
                                                     staff of this office   of probation upto the
                                                     and Sub Treasuries     cadre of Senior
                                                     in the District.       Accountant
                                                 3. To inspect of all the   2.Releasing the Annual
                                                     Sub Treasuries in      Grade Increments-
                                                     the District.          3. Sanction of all types of
                                                 4. Administration          Leave and approval of
                                                     reforms of Treasury    pay fixation of his
                                                     unit, Nizamabad.       subordinate staff.
                                                                            4. Appointments on
                                                                            Compassionate Grounds
                                                                            upto the cadre of Junior
                                                                            5. Promotions i.e., by
                                                                            transfer promotions.
                                                                            6. Imposing the
                                                                            punishment on
                                                                            disciplianary as per Civil
                                                                            Service and Conduct

2.       T.Eshwariah         Assistant           1. Passing of all the      Passing of all Bills upto
                             Treasury Officer,      Bills upto              Rs.50,000=00 including
                             O/o DD, DTO,           Rs.50,000=00 and        the routine passing the
                             Collector              functions of Strong     Paybills and issuing the
                             Complex,               Room and issuing        Stamps and safe custody
                             Nizamabad.             the Cheque Books        Articles, and pass of all
                                                    and stamps to the       the deposits cheques
                                                    concerned Sub           under Personal Deposit
                                                    Treasuries and the      Accounts and Local
                                                    functions of            Funds Accounts like
                                                    Drawing and             Market Committee, MEO
                                                    Disbursing Officer.     Funds , MPDO Funds,
                                                 2. Persuation and          Muncipal Funds and
                                                    maintainence of all     under Civil Deposits.
                                                    over the Deposit

                  Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri D.Rajanna

A1 – Section Sri D.Ganesh Varma, S.A. Panel of S.T.O’s, S.A.’s appointment all
                                      categories appointments to SG, SPPI & II of all
                                      categories transfers and posting of all categories
                                      regularizations of services of all categories and
                                      another duty pay fixation, S.T.O’s Training,
                                      Sanction of all kinds of leave except Casual
                                      Leave and audit and Compilation of M.H.- 2039
                                      State Excise.

A2 – Section Sri K.Srinivas, S.A.        Preparation of Pay bills, T.A. Bills and Counter
                                         Signature of T.A. Bills, preparation of Contingent
                                         Bills and writing of deduction watch Registers.
                                         Maintenance of G.P.F. Pass Book. Expenditure
                                         statements sanction of Loans and Advances i.e.,
                                         HBA, MCA, FA, GPF etc.. Number statements,
                                         maintenance of office expenditure, maintenance
                                         of stock files. Sanction of Casual Leaves of all
                                         staff including S.T.O’s and maintenance of
                                         Attendance Register.

A3 – Section Sri Pranay Bobbili, S.A.    Budget Distribution, Budget Estimates, Opening
                                         of new Sub Treasuries, Consolidated Periodicals
                                         Register.     Processing on Pension Cases,
                                         Reimbursement of medical expenses, GIS, and
                                         FBF. Sanction and Passing of LTC Bills,
                                         Temporary Esstablishment. Construction of
                                         building, Induction Training to J.A.’s and other
                                         Miscellaneous work which do not covered by A1,
                                         A2 and A4 and Audit and Compilation work of
                                         M.H.-2406 Forestry and wildlife.

A4 – Section Sri Md.Tajuddin, S.A.       Inspection reports of all Sub Treasuries R.J.D,
                                         D.T.A. and A.G. Audit reports of DTO and
                                         STO’s Purchase and maintenance of office
                                         furniture and library stroke. Disciplinary cases
                                         and Court cases (Departmental Issues) and
                                         purchase of computer stationery, maintenance of
                                         related records and Audit and Compilation of
                                         MH-2425 – Co-operation, 2250- Endoments
                                         Dept. and 2220 – Information in Public Relation.
A5 – Section Smt T.Puspa Latha, J.A.     Letters outward.
A6 – Section Sri K.Ashok Kumar,J.A.      Letters Inward, Maintenance of Record room.

               Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri Y.Surya Prakash

B1 – Section Sri D.Gangadhar, S.A.       Strong Room matters including, Corresponding
                                         with (16) Registration and Stamps D.C.S Nasik
                                         Prining press, DTA and AG Another issue
                                         relating to Staff (25) Strong Room, Safe Custody
                                         articles, padlock, F.C. Funds, Receipts and
                                         delivery of safe custody articles and maintaining
                                         of stamps and issuing Check books to Sub
                                         Treasuries. Work related Audit and Compilation
                                         of MH 2053 – District Administration, 2054 –
                                         Treasuries and Accounts dept., 8672 Permanent
                                         Cash impressed and 8793 – Inter state Suspense

B2 – Section Sri S.Suresh, S.A.          All kinds of Pension i.e, Service Family,
                                         Compassionate. G.P.O’s, C.V.P. of S.T.O. Hqrs.,
                                         Nizamabad and S.T.O., Madnoor, prepartion of
                                         List of Gratuity and bills and sending bills to

B3 – Section Sri B.Srinivas, S.A.        Attending of all kinds of Pension works except
                                         Hqrs, S.T., Nizamabad and Madnoor and
                                         preparation of Undrawn Pension List Periodical.


               Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri Y.Surya Prakash

C1 – Section Sri B.V.Ramana Reddy, S.A. Audit and Compilation of MH 2014 –
                                       Administration of Justice, 2015 – Elections and
                                       2070 – Other Administrative Services.

C2 – Section Sri S.Ramaswamy, S.A.       Audit and Compilation of MH 2030 – Stamps
                                         and Registration, 3054 – National Highway, 2059
                                         - Roads and Buildings.

                Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri G.Shankariah

D1 – Section Sri K.Muneeruddin, S.A.    Audit and Compilation of MH 2055 – Police and
                                        2056 – Jails.

D2 – Section Sri Amjad Khan, S.A.       Audit and Compilation of MH 2040 – Sales
                                        Taxes and 2054 – Electricals. Maintenance of
                                        Class-IV G.P.F. and preparation of S.A.-115
                                        (8009 – GPF).

D3 – Section Sri Sai Kumar, J.A.        Maintenance of 8443 – Civil Deposits, 8448 –PD
                                        Accounts of DRDA, ACDP, Janma Bhoomi
                                        Funds, DM&HO, Women and Child Welfare and
                                        Telagana university and maintenance of Sub
                                        Account – (112).

D4– Section Sri V.Srinivas Rao, S.A.    Audit and Compilation of MH 2401 – Crop
                                        husbandry, 2402 – Soil water Conservation,
                                        Maintenance and Preparation of Sub Account –
                                        107 – (MH -7610,8011, 8121 and 8342 ). .

D5– Section Sri D.Raja, J.A.            Should Assist D.P.O. in Data Entry and
                                        Miscellaneous work in the computer section


                  Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri S.Ramulu

E1 – Section Sri S.Swamy, S.A.          Audit and Compilation of MH 2202 – General

E2 – Section Sri M.Gangaram, S.A.       Audit and Compilation of MH 2506 – Land
                                        Reforms, 2515 - Other Rural Development
                                        Programs Sales Taxes and 2054 – Electricals,
                                        2215 – Water Supply & Sanitation and 2217 –
                                        Urban Development.

               Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri M.Neelakantam

F1 – Section Sri K.Jagadish, S.A.       Audit and Compilation of MH 2210 – Medical
                                        and Health and 2029 – Survey and land Records,
                                        2851 – Village & Small Industries, 2852 –
                                        Industries, 2853 – Non-ferrous Mining.


               Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri P.Narsimha Rao

G1 – Section Sri R.Shankar, S.A.        Audit and Compilation of MH 2211 – Family
                                        Welfare, 2049 – Interest and S.A.-113 (8782 –
                                        Cash Remittances).

G2 – Section Sri Satyanarayana, S.A.    Audit and Compilation of MH 2403 – Animal


                Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri Md.Azizuddin

H1 – Section Sri S.Narayana, S.A.       Audit and Compilation of MH 2225 – Welfare of
                                        Schedule Castes and 2235 – Social Security &

H2 – Section Sri Iqbal Pasha S.A.       Audit and Compilation of MH 2030 – Stamps &
                                        Registration, 2203 – Polytechnical Colleges,
                                        2204 – Sports and Youth Services and 2205 –
                                        Arts & Culture and 2245 – Relief on natural
H3 – Section Smt I.Radha, J.A.          Computerised Bills outward to Bank.


             Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri Md.Farhatullah Khan

J1 – Section Sri S.Ramaswamy, S.A.      Pre-Audit and Post Audit of S.T.O., kamareddy,
                                        Banswada and STO Yellareddy, Hqrs. STO Nzb.

J2 – Section Sri N.Devender, S.A.       Maintenance of PD Accounts of 8448 –
                                        (Mucipalities, MPDO’s, VPC of STO
                                        Kamareddy, Banswada, Yellareddy and Armoor)

                 Name of Sub Treasury Officer :- Sri Md.Farhatullah Khan

K1 – Section K.Muneeruddin, S.A.             Pre-Audit & Post Audit of Huzur Treasury,
                                             Internal Audit, STO Armoor, Bheemgal,
                                             Madnoor, and Bodhan and HT Nzb.
K2 – Section Sri Ch.Nagya, J.A.              Maintenance of PD Accounts of 8448 –
                                             (Z.G.Samasthas, MEO’s, VPC of STO Hqrs
                                             Nzb. Bodhan, Madnoor, Bheemgal).

                                     Chapter – 4
                   Procedure followed in Decision-making Process
                                [ Section 4(1)(b)(iii)]
4.1 The procedure followed in decision-making by the public authority.

Activity          Description              Decision-making   Designation of final decision
                                           process           making authority.
To inspect all    Conducting the           In accordance     Deputy Director of District
Sub               inspection annual at     with the          Treasury Office, Nizamabad.
Treasuries in     once and Surprise        Government
the District      visit as and when        rules
                  required and
                  implementing the
                  Government Orders
                  from time to time.
                                               Chapter – 5
                                 Norms set for the Discharge of Functions
                                          [ Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]

       5.1 The details of the norms/standard set by the public authority for the discharge of its
       functions/delivery of services

Sl.   Function/Service             Norms/standards of            Time frame         Reference document
No.                                performance set                                  prescribing the norms
                                                                                    (Citizen’s Charter,
                                                                                    Service Charter etc)
1.    Office Timings               Except the Government         10:30 AM to        As per Government
                                   Holidays                      5:00 PM            rules in force.
2.    Assigning of Challan
3.    Enfacement of Cheques
                                                                 Same day
      of Deposits
      Passing of Salary Bills                                    Scheduled time
5.    Reconciliation of
                                                                 2 days
      Departmental Figures
      Supplementary Bills                                        3 days
      Loan bills                                                 3 days
8.    T.A., T.T.A., F.T.A.,
                                                                 3 days
      L.T.C. bills
      Contingent Bills                                           3 days
      GPF Advances                                               3 days
11.   Issue of Certificates of
                                                                 2 days
      Other Bills                                                3 days
13.   Forwarding of GPF
      Authorisations to                                          3 days
14.   Communication of
      Budget Authorisations to                                   3 days
15.   Forwarding Transfer of
                                                                 3 days
      Refund Bills                                               4 days
17.   Verification of Missing
                                                                 5 days
                                         Chapter – 6
      Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manual and Records, for Discharging Functions
                                     [ Section 4(1)(b)(vi)]

6.1 The list and gist rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by public
authority or under its control or used by its employees for discharging functions are as
shown below:-

Sl.No.          Description           Gist of Contents        Price of the publication if
1.              Andhra Pradesh        Treasury Procedure
                Treasury Code
                Vol.-I and Vol.-II
2.              Andhra Pradesh      Monetary limits
                Financial Code      and delegation of
                Vol.-I and Vol-II   powers
3.              Andhra Pradesh      Rules relates to pay
                Fundamental Rules   fixations and
4.              Andhra Pradesh      Procedure of
                Pension Rules Vol.- Pension rules and
                I, II and III       process.
5.              Manual of Special   Sanction of Special
                Pay and Allowances pay and
6.              Andhra Pradesh      Accounts procedure
                Accounts Code
                Vol.-I and II.
7.              Andhra Pradesh      Kinds of Pension
                Revised Pension     and Preparation of
                Rules-1980          Pension Papers
8.              Andhra Pradesh      Sanction of leaves –
                Leave Rules-1933    Regarding
9.              Andhra Pradesh      Rules related to the
                State and           Service maters
                Subordinate Service
10.             Andhra Pradesh      Preparation of
                Budget Manuals      Budget Estimates
11.             Andhra Pradesh      Traveling
                Travelling          allowances on tour
                Allowances Rules    and Transfers
                                           Chapter – 7
               Categories of Documents held by the Public Authority under its Control
                                     [ Section 4 (1) (b) v (i)]

      7.1 The procedure followed to provide information about the official documents held by
      the public authority or under its control:-

      Sl.No.         Category of          Title of the             Designation and address of the
                     document             document                 custodian (held by / under the
                                                                   control of whom )
      1.             Rules                Printed Books of         Senior Accountant
                                          Andhra Pradesh
                                          Service Rules
      2.             Service Rules        Service rules            Senior Accountant
                                          issued from time
                                          to time by the
                                          Government in the
                                          Stock file.
      3.             Government           Government               Senior Accountant
                     Orders and           Orders Memo’s
                     Memo’s               received from time
                                          to time will be kept
                                          in this Office in the
                                          concerned Stock

                                          Chapter – 8
      Arrangement for consultation with, or Representation by, the members of the Public in
                relation to the Fomulation of Policy or Implementation thereof

                                       [ Section 4 (1) (b) viii]

      8.1 The arrangements by the public authority to seek consultation/participation of public
      or its representatives for formulation and implementation of policies are as follows:-

Sl.        Function/service          Arrangements for                  Arrangements for
No.                                  consultation with or              consultation with or
                                     representation of public in       representation of public in
                                     relations with policy             relations with policy
                                     formulation                       implementation
1.         Relates to information        1. M.Neelakantam, STO         Sri K.P.Sastry, Deputy
           and Act-2005                                  and APIO      Director and 1st Appellate
                                         2. Sri T.Eshwariah,           Authority.
                                             ATO-I and PIO
                                         Chapter – 9
      Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of Public Authority

                                       [ Section 4 (1) (b) viii]

      9.1 Please provide information on boards, councils, committees and other bodies related
      to the public authority in the following format.

Sl.      Function/service            Arrangements for                  Arrangements for
No.                                  consultation with or              consultation with or
                                     representation of public in       representation of public in
                                     relations with policy             relations with policy
                                     formulation                       implementation

                                            Not Applicable

      9.2 If minutes of meetings are accessible to the public, describe the procedure as to how
      to access the minutes: contact point, hours of access, fee structure/cost of access and
      officer to be contacted.

                              --------------Not Applicable--------------
                                     Chapter – 10
                          Directory of Officers and Employees
                                 [ Section 4 (1) (b) ix ]

10.1 Please provide information on officers and employees working in different units or
offices at different levels and their contact addresses in the following format (including
officers in charge of grievances redressal, vigilance, audit, etc)
Sl. Name of Office /      Name, Designation & Address of   Telephone & Fax     Email
No. administrative        Officer/ Employee                Office Tel:

1.    District Treasury   K.P.Sastry Deputy Director,      Cell: 9848778496
      Office , Nzb                                         Off: 08462 220902
2.             --do--     T.Eshwariah, ATO-I,              Cell: 9951602567
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
3.           --do--       M.Neelakantam, STO               Cell: 9951602573
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
4.           --do--       Y.Prakash STO                    Cell: 9951602586
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
5.           --do--       S.Ramulu, STO                    Cell: 9951602572
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
6.           --do--       Md.Azizuddin, STO                Cell: 9951602575
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
7.           --do--       D.Rajanna, STO                   Cell: 9951602568
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
8.           --do--       P.Narsimha Rao, STO              Cell: 9951602574
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
9.           --do--       P.Venugopala Chary, STO          Cell: 9951602576
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
10.          --do--       Y.Surya Prakash, STO             Cell:
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
11.          --do--       Ayub Ahmed, STO                  Cell: 9951602569
                                                           Off: 08462 220902
12.          --do--       M.Gangaram, SA,                  Off: 08462 220902
13.          --do--       Iqbal Pasha, SA,                        --do--
14.          --do--       R.Shankar, SA,                          --do--
15.          --do--       Khaja.Muneeruddin, SA,                  --do--
16.          --do--       B.V.Ramana Reddy, SA,                   --do--
17.          --do--       B.Narsing Rao, SA,                      --do--
18.          --do--       J.Narayana Goud, SA,                    --do--
19.          --do--       Amjad Khan, SA,                         --do--
20.          --do--       Bobbili Pranay, SA,                     --do--
21.          --do--       D.Ganesh Varma, SA,                     --do--
22.          --do--       Satyanarayana, SA,                      --do--
23.          --do--       S.Narayana, SA,                         --do--
24.          --do--       S.Swamy, SA,                            --do--
25.          --do--       G.Narender, SA,                         --do--
26.          --do--       Md.Tajuddin, SA,                        --do--
27.          --do--       S.Ramaswamy, SA,                        --do--
28.          --do--       Naveen Kumar, SA,                       --do--
29.          --do--       N.Devender, SA,                         --do--
30.          --do--       K.Srinivas, SA,                         --do--
31.          --do--       D.Gangadhar, SA,                        --do--
32.          --do--       K.Jagadishwar, SA,                      --do--
33.          --do--       V.Srinivas Rao, SA,                     --do--
34.          --do--       B.Srinivas Rao, SA,                     --do--
35.          --do--       Ch.Nagya, JA,                           --do--
36.          --do--       K.Ashok Kumar, JA,                      --do--
37.          --do--       G.Shashi Kiran, JA,                     --do--
39.          --do--       Vijaya laxmi, JA,                       --do--
40.          --do--       T.Pushpalatha, JA,                      --do--
41.          --do--       Susheela, JA,                           --do--
42.          --do--       D.Raja, JA,                             --do--
43.          --do--       G.Sai Kumar, JA,                        --do--
                                  Chapter – 11
 Monthly Remuneration received by Officers and Employees, including the System of
                    Compensation as provided in Regulations
                              [ Section 4 (1) (b) x ]

11.1 Provide information on remuneration and compensation structure for officers and
employees in the following format:
Sl.   Designation                  Monthly         System of compensation to
No.                                Remuneration    determine Remuneration as given
                                   including its   in regulation
1.    K.P.Sastry Deputy Director   Rs.28,639=00    --Nil--
2.    T.Eshwariah, ATO-I           Rs.23,203=00    --Nil--
3.    M.Neelakantam, STO           Rs.23,203=00    --Nil--
4.    Y.Prakash STO                Rs.24,645=00    --Nil--
5.    S.Ramulu, STO                Rs.21,790=00    --Nil--
6.    Md.Azizuddin, STO            Rs.21,790=00    --Nil--
7.    D.Rajanna, STO               Rs.21,790=00    --Nil--
8.    P.Narsimha Rao, STO          Rs.24,555=00    --Nil--
9.    P.Venugopala Chary, STO      Rs.17,520=00    --Nil--
10.   Y.Surya Prakash, STO         Rs.18,825=00    --Nil--
11.   Ayub Ahmed, STO              Rs.22,015=00    --Nil--
12.   G.Shankariah, STO            Rs.23,373=00
13.   M.Gangaram, SA               Rs.16,625=00    --Nil--
14.   Iqbal Pasha, SA              Rs.16,640=00    --Nil--
15.   R.Shankar, SA                Rs.14,224=00    --Nil--
16.   Khaja.Muneeruddin, SA        Rs.21,212=00    --Nil--
17.   B.V.Ramana Reddy, SA         Rs.14,136=00    --Nil--
18.   B.Narsing Rao, SA            On leave        --Nil--
19.   J.Narayana Goud, SA          Rs.16,185=00    --Nil--
20.   Amjad Khan, SA               Rs.10,158=00    --Nil--
21.   Bobbili Pranay, SA           Rs.9,459=00     --Nil--
22.   D.Ganesh Varma, SA           Rs.15,825=00    --Nil--
23.   Satyanarayana, SA            Rs.13,172=00    --Nil--
24.   S.Narayana, SA               Rs.11,875=00    --Nil--
25.   S.Swamy, SA                  Rs.11,875=00    --Nil--
26.   G.Narender, SA               Rs.21,800=00    --Nil--
27.   Md.Tajuddin, SA              Rs.9,950=00     --Nil--
28.   S.Ramaswamy, SA              Rs.16,170=00    --Nil--
29.   Naveen Kumar, SA             Rs.9,011=00     --Nil--
30.   N.Devender, SA               Rs.9,011=00     --Nil--
31.   K.Srinivas, SA               Rs.9,011=00     --Nil--
32.   D.Gangadhar, SA              Rs.14,194=00    --Nil--
33.   K.Jagadishwar, SA            Rs.12,807=00    --Nil--
34.   V.Srinivas Rao, SA           Rs.13,172=00    --Nil--
35.   B.Srinivas Rao, SA           Rs.13,831=00    --Nil--
36.   Ch.Nagya, JA                 Rs.8,159=00     --Nil--
                                         Chapter – 12
                      Budget Allocated to each Agency including Plans etc.
                                     [ Section 4 (1) (b) xi ]

     12.1 Provide information about the details of the plans, programmes and schemes
     undertaken by the public authority for each agency.

Agency     Plan/Programme/             Proposed expenditure     Expected      Report on
           Scheme/Project/                                      Outcomes      disbursements made or
           Activity/Purpose for                                               where such details are
           which budget is                                                    available (Website,
           allocated                                                          reports, notice board

                                          Not Applicable

     12.2 Provide information on the budget allocated for different activities under different
     programmes/Schemes/ Projects etc. in the given format

Agency     Programme/                    Amount released      Amount spent    Budget       Budget
           Scheme/Project/               last year            last year       allocated    released
           Activity/Purpose for                                               current      current
           which budget is allocated                                          year         year

                                           Not Applicable
                                        Chapter – 13
                         Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes
                                    [ Section 4 (1) (b) xii ]

     13.1 Describe the activities/programmes/schemes being implemented by public
     authority for which susidy is provided.

                                 --------Not Applicable-----
     13.2 Provide information on the nature of subsidy, eligibility criteria for accessing
     subsidy and designation of officer competent to grant subsidy under various
Name of            Nature/ Scale of subsidy   Eligibility criteria   Designation of Officer to
programme/                                    for grant of           grant subsidy
activity                                      subsidy

                                                Not Applicable

     13.3 Describe the manner of execution of the subsidy programmes

  Name of               Application           Sanction Procedure       Disbursement procedure
  programme/ activity   Procedure

                                              Not Applicable
                                                 Chapter – 14
             Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, permits or Authorisation Granted by Public
                                            [ Section 4 (1) (b) xiii ]

         14.1 Provide the names and addresses of recipients of benefits under each
         programme/scheme separately in the following format.

         Institutional Beneficiaries
 Name of programme/scheme:
 Sl.     Name & address       Nature quantum of        Date of Grant         Name & Designation of
 No.     of receipient        benefit granted                                granting authority

                                                       Not Applicable

         Individual Beneficiaries
   Name of programme/scheme:
   Sl.       Name & address     Nature quantum of         Date of Grant      Name & Designation of
   No.       of receipient      benefit granted                              granting authority

                                                          Not Applicable

                                               Chapter – 15
                                  Information Available in Electronic Form

                                          [ Section 4 (1) (b) x (iv) ]

         15.1 Please Provide the details of information related to the various schemes of the
         department which are available in electronic formats. (Floppy, CD, VCD, Website,
         Internet etc.)
Electronic      Description (Site          Contents or title               Designation and address of the
Format          address/ location where                                    custodian of Information (held by
                available etc.)                                            whom)

                                           Not Applicable
 15.2 Describe particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information
 including the working hours of a library or information center or reading room
 maintained for public use where information relating to the department or records /
 documents are made available to the public.

 Ans:-      No facility of library or reading room in this office. During the Office hours
 any kind of information can be obtained from the Public Information Officer / Assistant
 Public Information Officer.

                                          Chapter – 16
           Particulars of Facilities available to Citizens for Obtaining Information

                                   [ Section 4 (1) (b) x (v) ]

 16.1 Describe the particulars of information dissemination mechanisms in
 place/facilities to the public for accessing of information.

Facility        Description (Location of Facility /          Details of Information made
                Name etc.)                                   available

Notice          District Treasury Office, Nizamabad          As mentioned in the Chapter
Board                                                        No.5
                                           Chapter – 17
              Names, Designations and other Particulars of Public Information Officers
                                     [ Section 4 (1) (b) x (vi) ]
      17.1 Please provide contact information about the Public Information Officers and
      Assistant Public Information Officers designated for various offices / Administrative
      units and Appellate Authority/Officers for the public authority in the following format.
      Public Information Officer (s)

Sl. Name of Office/ administrative        Name and                 Office Tel: Resi Tel:   E-mail
No. unit                                  Designation of PIO       Fax:

1.     District Treasury Office.          T.Eshwaraiah, ATO        Off: 08462 220902
                                                                   Cell: 9951602567
2.     Sub Treasury Office, Armoor        A.Shankar, STO           Off: 08463 222774
                                                                   Cell: 9951602578
3.     Sub Treasury Office, Banswada      N.Ramulu, SA             Off: 08466 227169
                                                                   Cell: 9951602580
4.     Sub Treasury Office, Bheemgal      B.Gangakishan,SA         Off: 08463 238389
                                                                   Cell: 9951602579
5.     Divl. Sub Treasury Office,         Zakir Hussain, STO       Off: 08467 222777
       Bodhan                                                      Cell: 9951602582
6.     Divl. Sub Treasury Office,         K.P.Ramesh, STO          Off: 08468 222351
       Kamareddy                                                   Cell: 9951602584
7.     Sub Treasury Office, Madnoor       M.Narayana, STO          Off: 08464 225283
                                                                   Cell: 9951602585
8.     Sub Treasury Office, Hqrs, Nzb     Y.Prakash, STO           Off: 08462 224495
                                                                   Cell: 9951602586
9.     Sub Treasury Office, Yellareddy    M.Devidas Rao, STO       Off: 08465 227032
                                                                   Cell: 9951602567
      Assistant Public Information Officer (s):
Sl.   Name of Office/ administrative     Name and Design.of          Office Tel: Resi       E-mail
No    unit                               APIO                        Tel:
1.    District Treasury Officer.         M.Neelakantam, STO          Off: 08462 220902
2.    Sub Treasury Office, Armoor        S.Venkateshwarlu, SA        Off: 08463 222774
3.    Sub Treasury Office, Banswada      B.Jagadishwar,SA            Off: 08466 227169
4.    Sub Treasury Office, Bheemgal      J.Narayan Goud, SA          Off: 08463 238389
5.    Divl.Sub Treasury Office,          B.Gangadhar, SA             Off: 08467 222777
6.    Divl. Sub Treasury, Kamareddy      V.Laxman, SA                Off: 08468 222351
7.    Sub Treasury Office, Madnoor`      Moja, SA                    Off: 08464 225283
8.    Sub Treasury Office, Hqrs, Nzb     U.Bhoomaiah, SA             Off: 08462 224495

9.    Sub Treasury Office, Yellareddy    V.Narender, SA              Off: 08465 227032

                                                                        Deputy Director
                                                                    District Treasury Office

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