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									                                                                                Energy Efficiency
                                                                                        for Homeowners
                                                                                        A Worthwhile Investment

                                            Energy efficiency upgrades decrease greenhouse gas and other air emissions,
                                            which helps create healthier communities. By accessing a number of support
                                            programs from government and the private sector, you can make your home
                                            more energy efficient for an affordable cost.

                                            Result: you can reduce your energy costs by an average of 17 per cent
                                            and improve the comfort and air quality of your home.

                                            The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources released Energy Efficient
                                            Buildings: A Plan for BC to promote cost-effective, energy efficient measures in
                                            new and existing buildings across the province by 2010.

                                            How can I make changes today?
                                            • Request a professional energy efficiency assessment (audit) to determine the
                                              best course of action.
                                            • Reduce drafts and heat loss from your doors, windows, and attic hatch
                                              with weather stripping. In older homes, drafts can account for 30-40 per cent
                                              of total heat loss.
                                            • Install a programmable thermostat to reduce home heating at night and
                                              when away.
                                            • When purchasing furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, windows, doors,
                                              and major appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR® symbol.

                                            Average Energy Use in B.C. Homes
                                            (Percentage of total demand)
                                                                                                         The average
                                                                                                  British Columbian home
                                                                                                   uses most of its energy
                                                                                                          for heating.
                                                                30%                                   Source: Natural Resources
                                                                                                         Canada, 2004 Data


                                             Space Heating Water Heating   Appliances      Lighting      Space Cooling
ENERGY STAR® is a government program
that identifies superior energy efficient
products for businesses and individuals.
Using less energy helps protect the         To learn more about Energy Efficiency Programs available,
                                            please check out the table on the next page. 
Where can I go to learn more about Energy Efficiency Programs?

Partnerships                            Programs
B.C. Government                         • PST exemption on equipment and materials used to conserve energy – see
1 250 952-0819                   for up-to-date information     • Community-based energy efficiency campaigns
                                        • Energy Efficiency Act – five new energy efficiency regulations relating to
                                          commercial boilers, thermostats, gas fireplaces, furnaces, windows and doors

BC Hydro PowerSmart                     • Incentives to recycle old fridges
1 800 224-9376                          • Incentives for lighting

CMHC                                    • Ten per cent refund on CMHC insurance premiums and extended mortgage
1 800 668-2642                            amortizations of up to 40 years without surcharge when buying a new energy                                   efficient home or making energy efficient renovations
                                        • Ten per cent refund on CMHC insurance premiums for owners of rental,
                                          retirement and licensed care facilities who are making energy efficient
                                          renovations (pilot program until December 31, 2007)
                                        • Information on energy efficiency, including a free series of pamphlets on
                                          Renovating for Energy Efficiency

Community Action on Energy Efficiency   • A program that provides financial and research support to local governments
– Fraser Basin Council                    to advance energy efficiency through local government policies
1 604 488-5350                          • Additional information available from the Community Energy Association

Energy Savings Plan                     •   Energy efficiency incentive, rebate and financing information for all building types
1 866 381-9995                          •   Energy efficiency promotional material for municipalities                    •   Contacts for energy assessment service providers
                                        •   Access to energy efficiency tips, case studies and training opportunities

FortisBC PowerSense                     • Heat pump financing and incentives
1 800 363-3330                          • Home improvements grant of five cents per kilowatt hour saved for electrically                          heated homes
                                        • 50 cents per sq foot rebate for ENERGY STAR® qualified windows installed into
                                          electrically heated homes
                                        • Incentives for compact fluorescent light bulbs

Greener Homes                           • Realtors helping homeowners improve the value of their homes
1 778 772-8979                          • $500 towards the cost of a professional energy efficiency assessment

Natural Resources Canada                • ecoEnergy Retrofit Program – a $220 million program to offer homeowners,
1 800 O-CANADA                            along with smaller businesses and organizations, support to retrofit their homes,                       buildings and industrial processes
                                        • ecoEnergy Renewable Initiative – incentives for low-impact renewable electricity
(All programs start April 1, 2007)        generation and heating technologies

Terasen Gas                             • Incentives for ENERGY STAR® qualified heating systems in new and existing
1 888 224-2710                            buildings                      • EnerChoice gas fireplaces (

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