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					                                               Scrapbook explanation

You are making a scrapbook that chronicles the poet’s life of poetry.
             Images of the poet (at least 2)-DO NOT PRINT IN COLOR
             Quotes from the poet about poetry (at least 1)
             Quotes from some of the poet’s poems (at least 3)
             Images that symbolizes important things or places in their life (at
              least 4)-hand drawn, printed, or found from other medias
             Metaphors you wrote about your poet (8)
             3 poems by the poet with the “vision” of the poem illustrated with the
              theme of the poem on the page (a separate page for each)

Your scrapbook needs to be at least 5 pages. You can combine them anyway you wish. The poems
need to be illustrated on their own page.

You have full creative license on the scrapbook. It can be done on white printer paper that you fill
with color yourself, or you can use scrapbook supplies if you have them and would like.

The images of the poet should not be printed in color, but the scrapbook should be colorful. Use
colored pencils, markers, crayons, colorful paper, newspapers, drawings, magazine clippings, etc.
The quotes and poems can be typed or handwritten, in your best handwriting.

The scrapbook needs to be bound together in a folder or any other creative way.

A rough draft of your layout will be worked on in class May 6.

                             Hints for memorizing and performing a poem
  (You may already have your own memorization techniques, if not here are some to help.)

   Devote at least 20 minutes a day
   Relax
   Get rid of background noise
   Stand up to memorize
   Read the poem
   Underline the key words that need emphasizing.
   Create a body movement, facial expression, or voice inflection for specific parts
   Memorize the last part first
   Repeat the first line until you can say it fluently 10 times
   Then repeat the next line until you can say it fluently 10 times
   Then repeat these lines together 10 times
   Memorize the third line next. Then repeat the second and third lines together. Then the third and
    fourth lines. Then the fourth and fifth, and so on
   Once memorized, watch yourself say the poem in the mirror
   Record yourself saying it
   Present it to your family more than once