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Advanced Maintenance Planning Scheduling by MohammedAtif


Best Practices, Tools and Strategies for Maintenance Professionals Date: 25 & 26 September 2011 Venue: Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel, Qatar

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 Master Class on

 Advanced Maintenance
 Planning + Scheduling
 Best Practices, Tools and Strategies for Maintenance Professionals

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                                                  ( Including Best Strategies In Maintenance )

                                                             Planning + Scheduling                                   Equipment Management

                                                             Costs Reduction                                         Checklists + Specifications

                                                             Work Strategies                                         Maximum Production Up-Time

                                               ( Presented by )
                                               Mike Sondalini
                                                Expert in Maintenance, Lean Six Sigma & Quality Systems
                                                Mechanical Tradesman & Internal Quality SystemsAuditor
                                               Trainer with 30 years of solid maintenance spans from mechanical engineering, strategic
                                               asset management to rotating equipment reliability. Mike is also a recognised expert in his
                                               field and a consultant for many multinational and national companies in manufacturing, oil
                                               & gas, production, heavy industries etc.

( Who Should Attend )
                                                  ( Strategies from Our Expert Trainer )
    Maintenance Engineers
    Plant Engineers                                  Ensure that quality    workmanship standards are met using
    Maintenance Planners
                                                      Set-up efficient and effective planning systems for maintenance of equipment and
    Maintenance Supervisors
                                                         machinery for minimum breakdown and longest up time
    Maintenance Technicians
    Maintenance Service Providers                    Reduce maintenance costs with better job preparation that reduces wasted time
    Plant In-charge                                   as well as manpower staffing
    Production Engineers                                                                             above reactive
                                                      Increase maintenance work performed by up to 100%
    Production heads
    Manufacturing heads                              Co-ordinate maintenance work to minimise production disruptions
                                                      Develop planning performance indicators to ensure world class procedures

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( Course Objectives )                                                           ( Day 1 )           25 Sep 2011
As an industry, we are facing vastly different circumstances than we            Effective Maintenance Work Planning
ever have before. New low-cost producers and an ever-shrinking world            Maintenance plans contain information such as craft requirements, parts lists, work
market have left the old, dominant mills fighting for survival. No stone        duration estimates, and specific job instructions. This session with 3 parts is
is being left unturned in the search for improvements that will allow a         designed to develop the primary skills required to effectively plan, document,
mill to stay economically viable in the difficult times.                        communicate, and critique maintenance job plans.

In the past, the maintenance department was viewed as a “necessary              Part 1: Necessary Planning Office Systems and Databases
evil.” They were the high priced wrench turners who sat in the shop                  Work Order Costing
and waited for equipment to fail and concept of planning changed the                 Plant and Equipment Information
picture. The concepts of an effective planning and scheduling system                 Planning Documents / Equipment Records and their Control
have been now around for years. The charge today is to successfully                  Job Procedures, Job Records and their Control
develop and roll out a system that will become a part of the way your                Equipment Performance Trending, Job Performance Trending
mill does business for years to come. In a world where only the strong               Track Planning Performance & Benefits
survive, it is imperative that we focus on the costs that are within our             Job, Work and Personnel Safety
control. By changing the perception that planning and scheduling is
just an exercise in futility to a profit center that can actually reduce mill   Part 2: Essentials of work planning process
cost per ton, you will help ensure that your mill will continue to survive.          Site Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, Failure History
                                                                                     The Required Documentation
If it doesn’t matter how much money, time and production you waste in                Specifying Job Information to Capture
maintenance, then don’t worry about doing maintenance planning well.                 Developing Job Procedure with Required Outcomes and Measures
Just go right ahead as you are! However, if being efficient and                      Specify Materials, Subcontract Resources, Tools, Ancillary Equipment and HR
effective with your people, time, equipment and money is important to                Build-in Time for Quality Work
you, then you really need to master maintenance planning and
maintenance scheduling.                                                         Part 3: Developing and implementing a work plan with continuous
Maintenance planning is mostly a science – you can get books and                     Developing the Job Plan and Times
attend courses about it and follow it step by step and do all the                    Job Performance Requirements, Job Quality Standards, Work Order Priority
necessary actions perfectly. The books and courses will tell you about               Safety Considerations
developing task lists, estimating times, setting up job procedures,                  Calculate Maintenance Cost vs Budget
gathering materials together, creating bar charts and ‘S’ charts, and so             Preparations Before the Job Starts - Complete the Checklists
on. All very scientific and seemingly so simple! And you will need all               Job and Workmanship Feedback
of that for your maintenance jobs to go well! But you need more than a               Post-Job Review, ‘Lessons Learnt’ Meeting
scientific approach to do planning superbly.                                         Using Project Management Methodology
                                                                                     How to Plan for Shutdown Jobs vs Weekly Jobs
Learn the best practices and methods, the specific requirements and                  Planning Activity – With effective planning exercise using real time exercise
the systems that need to be in place (and in use) to get the most from                learn to get production plant back into operation faster and running for longer.
planning and scheduling. Too much time, production and money can
be lost if the preparation is not done well. Maintenance planning done
correctly maximises ‘tool time’, by ensuring jobs are ready (with all           Job Planning and Costing
resources and information at-hand) so tradesmen walk from job to job            Planned maintenance is certainly more efficient and effective than reactive
                                                                                maintenance. Well-written job plans and maintenance procedures provide tool to
uninterrupted, doing their work with 100% right-first-time quality. High
                                                                                communicate and apply consistent standards within maintenance organization.
quality planning leads to top quality performance.

This comprehensive course is designed to educate the Maintenance                Develop the Job Plan and Costs:
Planner Scheduler on approaches to drive improvement in craft                        Specifying Workmanship Standards
resources and efficiency. Not by asking people to work harder, but                   Standardized Work - Setting the Standards for a Job
smarter; by eliminating the losses associated with chasing parts,                    Identifying Necessary Skills for a Job
looking for information to do the work, or waiting on the equipment to               Failure Preventing Job Procedure
become available as examples. You will learn the responsibilities of                 Planning Data Capture for Maintenance
the role, as well as those of the supporting roles for Maintenance                   Developing a Works Budgets & Accurately Identifying Job Costs
Planning and Scheduling effectiveness, job planning, scheduling, and                 Planning Activity – training exercise enabling you to list down all your own
                                                                                      problems and begin with planning process while overcoming barriers
coordination in hands-on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
course. This course will prepare you to be top-class planners by
learning the systems, the information, the knowledge and the skills you         Inventory Management
need to use to be successful in this incredibly important role in a             If inventory planning and scheduling are done correctly, the spare parts store will be
company.                                                                        in a position to effectively deliver spare parts and materials to the job site or to
                                                                                designated areas. Learn high performing techniques of inventory management.

( How This Program Helps You? )                                                 Inventory Purchasing and Management:
                                                                                     Refurbishment Decisions and Costs
                                                                                     Important Purchasing Information
        Increase maintenance work performed by up to 100%
                                                                                     Useful Store Control Practices - Good Storage Practices
        above reactive                                                               Working with and Developing Suppliers
        ‘Tool time’ can rise to 50% of maintainers’ day
                                                                                Project Management
        Planned work is 4 - 12 times more efficient than reactive               By applying best practice project management techniques to the maintenance
                                                                                environment, it is possible to achieve the key goals of "on time", "on budget" and "on
        Planned work is 3 - 9 times less expensive than reactive                quality". You will learn the basic building blocks that must be in place for any
                                                                                maintenance project to succeed and be able to set a solid foundation in place.
        On larger jobs each hour of planning saves 3 - 5 hours
        execution time                                                          Project Management Principles and Practices:
                                                                                     Identify Work Priorities - Set Project Goals and Objectives
        Up to 90% of your work can be planned                                        Specifications and Contracts
                                                                                     Bar (Gantt) Charts, PERT Charts (Critical Path)
        Up to 95% of planned work can be done when first                             Checkpoints and Checklists
        scheduled                                                                    Preparing for All Eventualities
( Day 2 )          26 Sep 2011                                                        ( The Trainer – Mike Sondalini )
Key Performance Indicators of Maintenance                                             With more than 30 years in maintenance spans from mechanical
                                                                                      engineering, strategic asset management to rotating equipment reliability.
This session highlights Controlling Work Process Variation with Accuracy Controlled
                                                                                      He was previously a mechanical engineer with the State Energy
Instructions. It will enable you to develop Standardizing Planning Procedures and
                                                                                      Commission of Western Australia, where he conducted equipment failure
Scheduling Procedures. The key to this is that a KPI should normally have a trigger
                                                                                      investigations and constructed improvement plans. He was then the
level set on it that is used to initiate some corrective maintenance action.
                                                                                      maintenance manager for the Swan Brewery, responsible for overall plant
                                                                                      reliability and project engineering. Mike then spent over 10 years as
Planning and Maintenance Key Performance Indicators:                                  maintenance manager and head of maintenance engineering services for
     Maintenance Effectiveness & Equipment Performance Indicators                    Coogee Chemicals.
     Production, Planning & Job Quality Indicators
     Supplier Performance                                                            In this role, he successfully introduced condition monitoring and
     Inventory / Store Management                                                    maintenance strategies that reduced production down time and
     Safety                                                                          maintenance costs. Two achievements were reducing bearing failures
     Top-performance Industry Benchmarks                                             from 3 a month to 3 a year and mechanical seal failures from over 20 a
     KPI Activity – Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are an important              year to 3 a year. As a maintenance manager, Mike also successfully
      management tool to measure business performance, and are often used to          initiated and trained others in reliability centered techniques focused
      measure maintenance. In this exercise of Maintenance KPI's learn to integrate   towards equipment reliability, including vibration analysis, particle analysis,
      with operating KPI's.                                                           thermography, equipment criticality analysis, root cause failure analysis.

                                                                                      In engineering and maintenance since 1974, his career extends across
Work Scheduling Strategies                                                            original equipment manufacturing, beverage production, steel fabrication,
Maintenance Work Management Processes focuses on developing a work                    industrial chemical manufacturing, quality management, project
management process that will support the maintenance strategy components. This 3      management, industrial asset management and industrial training. His
part module is devoted to process, managing resources and relationship                specialty is helping capital equipment intensive companies build sound
management. It gives you insight of comprehensive tools needed to help kick-start     business risk management practices, introduce world-class lean practices,
and implement effective work scheduling.                                              develop ultra-high reliable enterprise asset management systems and
                                                                                      instill the precision maintenance skills needed to continually improve plant
Part 1: Coordination and Organization of Work                                         uptime.
     Methods for Scheduling and Where would they best be Applied
     Working with Production to Minimize Stoppage Time                               As a current maintenance, reliability, Lean Six Sigma and quality system
     Working with Suppliers and Vendors, Tracking Supply and Delivery                consultant, Mike continues to assist organizations such as BHP Billiton,
     Incorporating Planning Outputs into the Schedule                                Smorgon Steel (now OneSteel), P&H MinePro and State Energy
     Backlog Management                                                              Commission in improving equipment reliability. He is also reputed
     Measuring Scheduling Performance                                                publisher of numerous online technical white papers and training materials
                                                                                      that are widely sought after by maintenance professionals. He is a
                                                                                      consultant and trainer in Industrial Asset Management, Maintenance
Part 2: Identifying, Allocating and Managing Resources
                                                                                      Management, Quality Management Systems and Lean Manufacturing. He
     Visual Work Management in All Occasions
                                                                                      held lecturing positions at Curtin University in Quality Management
     Planning for Manpower Capacity                                                  Systems and Manufacturing Management Systems. He held project
     Identifying Resources for Major Activity: equipment, spares, manpower           engineering and maintenance management positions during his 8 years at
     Scheduling Tools - MS Project / MS Excel / PRIMAVERA                            the Swan Brewery.
     Tracking Resource Utilization
     Tracking Manpower Utilization                                                   He is a qualified mechanical tradesman and an approved internal quality
                                                                                      system auditor. He has authored numerous maintenance and industrial
Part 3: Relationship Building                                                         asset        management         publications     and     developed      the
     Identify planning / scheduling value addition                          UPTIME training series for chemical and
     Methodology to Bring groups together to Cooperate                               process plants. His current programs for business – ‘The Accuracy
     Request others’ improvement idea                                                Controlled Enterprise’ and ‘Change to Win Program’ – inculcate ultra-high
                                                                                      reliability best practices into organizations within 100 days. He is a past
                                                                                      Chairman of the WA Chapter of the Maintenance Engineering Society of
Production Planning and Maintenance Planning                                          Australia and is a confident and exciting presenter at Australian and
The derivation of optimal production and optimal maintenance plans in multi-purpose   international conferences and workshops. His professional qualifications
process plants are dynamically interacting problems which cannot be treated           include B Eng (Hons), MBA, CP Eng.
independent of one another. In this work, a general optimization framework is
proposed incorporating both the maintenance as well as the production planning
model and providing the necessary links to quantify the strong interactions between
                                                                                      ( Excellent Testimonials )
                                                                                      “Very good – has changed the way I think about maintenance planning.” –
Production Requirements and Limits:                                                   “Helped to give me confidence that I’m heading in the right direction in
     The Production Plan is the Maintenance Plan                                     planning.” – “Usually I find if one thing of use is learnt per day then value is
     Liaison with Production                                                         achieved; value has been achieved! Also good notes, CD and risk
     Scheduling into the Production Plan                                             analysis template.” – “Some very good concepts to take back to work
     Manpower Scheduling and Resources Scheduling                                    which could help our business.” – “Very interesting, more than enough
     Risk-based Work Scheduling                                                      information for a course.” – “The course members from industry were very
                                                                                      impressed with the content.” – “Being a planner for only three months, I
Preparation Considerations                                                            found this course excellent and relevant to my position.” – “Heaps of
Although the main business of preparation phase is to plan the work which will be     information put out.” – “Very informative. Eye-opener in some areas.” –
performed during the event, part of the preparation effort must be dedicated to       “Excellent – will help with future job prospects.”
ensuring that all work which has to be completed beforehand is also planned and
executed. Gain the insights of preparation you need before you start the job.         BHP Billiton (Iron ore miner), Fortescue Metals Group (Iron ore miner),
                                                                                      Woodside Energy (Oil and Gas producer), BGC Construction (Building
                                                                                      products manufacturer), Wesfarmers Premier Coal (Open-cut coal
Preparations before the Job Starts:                                                   miner), Pearlsteet (Maintenance services), Albany Pine Plantations
     Coordination for Handover                                                       (Woodchip supplier), Esperance Port Authority (Bulk materials), Talison
     Preparing the Maintenance Technicians                                           Mining (Tantalum Miner), Anglogold Ashanti and KCGM (Gold Mining),
     Preparations at the Workface                                                    Onesteel (Steel Roll Mill), Hans Smallgoods, Hyne Timber (Saw Mill),
     Addressing On-site Issues and Changes in the Plan with Team-based Risk          Defence Materiel Organisation, Offshore Su Tu Den Group
      Analysis                                                                        (Vietnamese O&G), Japanese Vietnam Petroleum (Vietnamese O&G),
     Monitoring Work Performance and Schedule                                        Canberra Hospital (Facility Management), Nickel West (Nickel Refining),
     Expert Activity – Scheduling to Get the Job Done Right First Time               Sandvik (Machine Shop), Riyadh Cement Company (Saudi Arabia)
Advanced Maintenance Planning + Scheduling                                                                                                                                          GM162
25 & 26 September 2011                            ●      Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel, Qatar

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