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					T171-Part 4                       TMA 4   Mervat Khawaja

                        Concept Proposal for

                           An E-business

                  “MEMORABLE EVENT” Website

                                                 Revenue Model

     The Product and the Market                Richness and Reach

                              Concept Map
T171-Part 4                             TMA 4       Mervat Khawaja

Question 1)

Memorable Events is targeting those who are interested or planning to have Parties and
Receptions in Jordan whether they are living in or out of Jordan.

Memorable Events is an e-business provides all the services required for the different
types of parties and receptions such as: Birthdays, Engagements, Wedding, Baptism,
Brides’ Shower, Baby’s Shower, Receptions, Cocktail Reception, Graduations, and
Farewell Party…etc. Memorable Events will provide their clients with all the
requirements and facilities needed for their event depending on the type of the event,
starting from the Ball Rooms or the Venues in which the customers would like their
event to be held, the Musical Band or the Disc Jockey (also known as DJ or deejay), there
are several types of disc jockey like Radio DJs which introduce and play music that is
broadcast on AM, FM, shortwave or digital radio stations. Club DJs select and play music
in a bar, club, disco, a rave, or even a stadium. Hip hop disc jockeys select, play and
create music with multiple turntables. In addition to flowers arrangements, special
decorations, event related decorated chocolates, Video and Photos shooting, Fire Works,
Catering (Food and Beverage), Limousine Cars, Invitation Cards… and many other
luxurious services.

In summary, Memorable Event will be supported with a huge database that shows
pictures of almost everything related to a party. The clients will be able to look at big
numbers of photos which will be as a model, so he can see the different setups, the
different decorations, flowers arrangements, the different kinds of catering…etc. the
clients can choose from the different packages and determine what they really want and

The website will be very easy to browse, and once the targeted client did it he/she
cannot leave without being motivated and eager to try it and discover the unique
services that Memorable Events provides. Once the client visits the website he will be
asked to fill-out a form. The form is very easy and user-friendly, it is conducted by
answering questions, such as “What Type of Events you are planning for?”, the answers
that are available are “1. Engagement 2. Wedding 3. Graduation 4. Baptizing 5. Bachelor
6. Baby shower 7. Bridal shower 8. Birthday 9. Cocktail Reception…etc”. The client’s
answer will determine what the next question would be. Therefore, our site can be
tailored to the client’s/customer’s needs.

Memorable Event will operate in a simple way, the clients will answers all the form’s
questions, then a he will get the result page, which is basically a summary of everything
he/she chose, from the place where he/she wants his/her party to take place, to the
arrangements he/she selected, to serving dishes and the flower arrangements…etc. The
result page is arranged in a way that shows each chosen option separately with the cost
T171-Part 4                                TMA 4        Mervat Khawaja

of that item as a hyperlink to our database to make it easier for a person to remove any
service or item something that inconvenient to him or over the assigned budget, or
replace it with another service or item that fits him/her more.

Most of the shops and hotels in Jordan are more than happy to deal with us, such as
Patchi Chocolate, Marriott, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Crown Plaza Hotels, Music Box,
Robina, Imseeh Jewelry. We also can guarantee the customer that our prices are
competitive and our services are one of a kind.

Memorable Event is needed because there isn’t an online one-stop-shop place for
organizing and planning a party. A person has to spend plenty of time, going from the
flower shop, to the hotel food and beverage department, to the chocolate place, to the
video shop, to the music shop, to car rentals in order to be able to make all the
arrangements for his/her party. Our site saves people’s precious time by providing ideas
and guidance to great parties by experienced staff who are specialized in events and
parties planning that offer and guarantee the best service ever. Memorable Event is a
blessing for people who live abroad.

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Revenue Model:

Since this is a commercial company, we will make money and cover our costs by placing
advertisements for other companies such as “Darwazeh Furniture”, “Zananiri
Household”, “Midas Furniture”, “Arfan Households”...etc. We also, can make profit
from our affiliation with “FEDEX”.

Another way of generating funds would be by providing people with special services
that would cost them more, such as creating a web site for the newly weds, publish
their pictures at our site as the “wedding of the month”. And of course we will gain a
profit of -at least- 5% from any event we arrange and plan.

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The product and the market:

My e-business will provides any services or things related to events/parties. In other
words, it is a one-stop-shop for organizing a party; we take care of all details from A to Z.
We reserve ball rooms, we make contracts with the video and photo studio, music shop,
Chocolate shop, flower shop, card printing, card distributing, we select the food and
beverage that will be served…etc.

This service is suited for online delivery since it passed the ES test as follow:
T171-Part 4                             TMA 4       Mervat Khawaja

   1. Product characteristics: Our service relates to more than one of the five senses.
      It can be a set of sight, sound, taste, and smell. Although the taste and smell
      senses are not suitable for on-line purchasing, our site is exceptional, we provide
      thorough details about flowers and food we are providing, we make it easier for
      customers to imagine that they are smelling or tasting after reading the detailed

   2. Familiarity and confidence: Memorable Event makes sure to do business with
      well known shops in Jordan. For example, we use Music Box, we deal with the
      best music bands in Jordan, we buy chocolates from two of the best places in
      Jordan, and we deal with the best two photo/video studios in Jordan. People
      have confident in these places and will feel comfortable since we are dealing
      with them.

   3. Consumer Attributes: Our organization’s main customers would be the
      convenience shoppers, who will love making deals through us since we’re a one-
      stop-shop that can save their limited time, and the value shoppers, who will get
      the best deal and the best value through organizing parties though us.

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Richness and Reach:
Our organization makes sure to maintain richness as well as achieving reach which is an
improvement of any similar offline organization. The amount of information we offer is
very wide, we have plenty of options to fit each person’s taste. We can tailor and
customize our services to the buyers needs, we interact with the buyer through our
active customer service employees, whose job is to keep informing the customer on
daily basis, through e-mails, with a brief summary of arrangements that took place
concerning his/her party. Reliability is our other name, a person can depend on us
without being hesitant of receiving the best deal and service since we deal with reliable
sources that are well known to people and have the respect of all. We also provide
security to the customer by making sure that he/she is updated with any issues that
might arise. Finally, our information is up-to-date; the options that we give our
customers are nothing but late fashion.

Our reach is high; thanks to our affiliation with FedEx that includes our web address on
each shipment and advertisement. Having the best party is the concern of newlyweds,
and following the latest trends and trying some new ideas are something that people
race at, therefore, the fact that we are the only on-line party organizer in Jordan, the
reach will be high as the web is available to all and advertised at the MSN and Yahoo

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T171-Part 4       TMA 4    Mervat Khawaja

                  Birthday                  Cake
                  Party                     Photos
                  Wedding                   Video
                  Party                     Ball-Room
Memorable Event   Baby Shower               Chocolate
                  Party                     Flower
                  Bachelor                  Hairdresser
                  Party                     Jewelry
                  Engagement                Music
                                            Live Band
                                            Food Menu
                  Bridal Shower             Car Rental

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