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									Local - Dominican Today                                                                 

         Updated 6:31 AM | Tuesday, May 22, 2007 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic News

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         Economy                      AIDS would replace car accidents as                                             Article Options
         World                        Dominican youth’s top cause of death                                                 Save Article
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         Health                        SANTO DOMINGO.- If it isn’t detained the country’s HIV and AIDS
                                       epidemic could replace traffic accidents as the main cause of death in              Write Commentary
                                       young people in 10 years.
         Tourism                                                                                                           Send by Email
                                       Dr. Humberto Salazar, director of the Presidential Council on AIDS
         Offbeat                       (COPRESIDA) attributed HIV’s incidence on the poverty affecting 42% of         Images
         Entertainment                 the population, especially in the bateyes and to the increase in Haitian
                                       Salazar, who spoke to more than 200 Cibao region and Santo Domingo
                                       province journalists who participated in a gathering organized by
         Opinion                       COPRESIDA in Puerto Plat, said among the factors that increase the
                                       disease’s presence is the start of sexual relations at an early age, the
         Cars                          expansion of sex labor, the increase in heroin use and the transmission
         Poverty                       of the virus among inmates.

                                       The event’s objective was to promote the participation of journalists to        These children are faced with
                                       bolster the National Response to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD),           threats from an increase in AIDS.
                                       the HIV virus and AIDS. The official said the individual’s responsibility in    File photo.
                                       the sexual aspect is key to stop the epidemic, which affects 1.1 percent
                                       of the sexually active population, according to Public Health Ministry
                                       projections corresponding to 2005.

                                       According to the source, 64,440 people live with HIV in the country;
                                       10,960 are under antiretroviral therapy; 2,500 pregnancies with HIV are
                                       detected annually and 4,410 deaths are from AIDS.

         Services                                                                                                      Humberto Salazar during the
                                                Welcome to Punta Perla                                                 gathering with journalists.
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Local - Dominican Today                                          

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                                                                            Dominican authorities widen Boca Chica child porn
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                                                                            Salary scandal "worsens Accounts Chamber image"

                                                                            Illegal immigrants stranded

                                                                            Bus shortage in capital and Santiago

                                                                            Minors arrested in drug raids

                                                                            Metro route traders demand compensation

                                                                            Government convicted in drugs case

                                                                            Government prepares for health plan talks

                                                                            New registration center at Los Mina Maternity
                                                                            Dominican cardinal says political campaign shouldn’t
                                                                            last more than 2 weeks
                                                                            The U.N. calls the Dominican Accounts Chamber
                                                                            "dinosaur with 9 heads"
                                                                            Over 4,000 Dominicans have been charged with
                                                                            electricity theft
                                                                            Pilots, airlines are concerned with Higuero airport’s
                                                                            lack of security
                                                                            Fernandez inaugurates works of RD$150M in largest
                                                                            Dominican university
                                                                            Vandalism sparked almost total blackout, energy
                                                                            authorities say
                                                                            France is not behind campaign against the
                                                                            Dominican sugar industry
                                                                            If crime continues, “no one knows where we’ll end
                                                                            up,” Supreme Court Justice warns
                                                                            Dominican Accounts Chamber’s chief might resign
                                                                            over perks flap
                                                                            Terrorist Posada Carriles threatened a Dominican
                                                                            designer, Cuba report says
                                                                            Dominican Accounts Chamber judges revoke their
                                                                            wage hike
                                                                            Dominican president risks reprimand for use of
                                                                            taxpayers money to campaign
                                                                            Dominican Senate is asked to question the Accounts
                                                                            Chamber judges
                                                                            Dominican Government reiterates subway project’s
                                                                            Dominican voters have no clear choice one year
                                                                            away from elections
                                                                            The Government wants to involve Dominicans
                                                                            The Government forges ahead towards doubtful
                                                                            Health Insurance

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Local - Dominican Today

                           Leaders want crime stopped in Dominican tourism
                           Dominican big business rejects the international
                           campaign against the country
                           Probe widens on 300 kilos of cocaine dropped on
                           Dominican south coast
                           Criminal trial starts in Dominican Progreso bank
                           RD$14B fraud case
                           Bowing to pressure, Dominican Accounts Chamber to
                           nix juicy wage increases
                           Funglode hosts international seminar on climatic
                           U.S. judges of Dominican origin have a busy official
                           Oldest Dominican daily marks 4th anniversary of its
                           France seizes 3 million euros of fake Viagra headed
                           to Dominican Republic
                           Accounts Chamber judges under the gun, promise to
                           review perks increase

                           Dominican authorities seize over 360 kilos of drugs
                           Business leaders will protect Dominican east region’s
                           Antinarcotics agents arrest a woman wanted in New
                           Haiti’s President, Dominican Foreign Minister meet in
                           Belize City
                           Santiago’s residents join authorities in North Yaque
                           river’s cleanup
                           Dominican Telecom shutters stores for de-blocking
                           stolen cell phones

                           Dominican city ravaged by tornado returns to normal

                           Dominican capital’s Metro works began without
                           studies, official admits

                           Public Works to restore Dajabón “in days”

                           Cardinal calls on judges to turn down wage increase

                           HIV-AIDS coalition opposes health insurance double

                           Reactions to German Ambassador’s statements

                           Court turns down U.S. extradition order

                           Plastic surgeon sentenced for malpractice

                           Dominicans detained at Madrid airport

                           Immigration officials extort Haitian migrants, says
                           Electoral authorities can annul events that use state

                           Doctors and clinics in health insurance stalemate

                           Police chief links 77% of crimes to drugs

                           Alvarez Renta to file charges against Dominican
                           Government in U.S.
                           Ex-vice president says DEA agents, Dominican
                           military get rich from drugs

                           Tornado pummels Dominican northwest city

                           Famous Dominican impresario is in criminal court
                           hearing today

                           Puerto Rico police pursue 40 Dominican boatpeople

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Local - Dominican Today

                           Agency keeps mum on tax-dodging businesses shut

                           Dominican President signs various bills into law

                           President visits Dajabón, damage estimated at
                           RD$150 million

                           Engineers come out in support of Metro

                           Lawsuit suspends Dominican horse racing track

                           Norway funds Dominican-Haitian dialogue on the

                           Notorious ex- colonel is now a Dominican lawyer

                           Report cites woes affecting investments in Dominican
                           U.S. ambassador departs, thanks Dominicans for
                           their support
                           Health Insurance’s glitches not its fault, Dominican
                           Government says
                           Dominican Republic doesn’t do enough against
                           copyright theft, the U.S. says
                           Unannounced walkout again disrupts Dominican
                           capital’s commute
                           More Dominican judges faced disciplinary actions last
                           Al Gore says Dominican environmental policies
                           are adequate
                           Dominican justice is ‘’benevolent’’ with criminals,
                           Catholic Church says
                           Dominican President receives a delegation from
                           Dominican Government hedges on releasing subway
                           works documents
                           Dominican transport unions march today, troops

                           Thousands turn out for president's march

                           Opposition PRD blamed for health insurance

                           Ruling PLD choosing candidate tomorrow
                           Hundreds of Dominicans to get IDs via US$19.4M
                           World Bank pact

                           Middle class will bear health plan burden
                           Monday is a holiday in Dominican Republic; alcohol
                           restrictions lifted
                           Dominican Government seeks failed bank’s assets in
                           Grand Cayman
                           New audit ordered into Electoral Board-SOMO

                           Dominican Navy says it rescued 55 boatpeople

                           Dominican opposition party wages difficult battles

                           Once chastised, Dominican ports now praised,
                           officials say
                           Court orders release of information on the capital’s
                           US$1.0B subway
                           Dominican narcotics agency repatriates U.S. citizen
                           to New Jersey

                           Dominican military chief cites threats to society
                           Dominican students are the top negotiators in U.N.

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Local - Dominican Today

                           Dominicans mark the Revolution of 1965 today

                           Merchants will help the authorities thwart cellphone
                           The U.S. deports a Dominican retired general linked
                           to Quirino Paulino case
                           World Bank says crime and violence threaten
                           Dominicans’ wellbeing
                           Senior officers to be questioned into university
                           professor’s disappearance
                           Four Dominican generals are probed on RD$159M
                           used in 3 years
                           Dominican aircraft can again fly to the U.S., reports
                           Documentary urges Europeans to boycott Dominican
                           tourism, sugar

                           Another ambassador spouts Dominican shortcomings

                           Fernandez to inspect tornado damage,
                           Haiti-Dominican border crossing closed
                           Dominican Electoral court “admonishes” candidate
                           for use of taxpayers’ money
                           Dominican authorities arrest 81 year-old man while
                           selling drugs
                           Dominican sugar giant joins fray on Haitian workers’
                           Sammy Sosa’s medical records sought in steroid
                           Tornado injures 38, RD$150M in damages,
                           Dominican-Haiti border crossing closed
                           Dominican Government insists on refusal to release
                           subway documents
                           Court suspends hearing against Dominican
                           Dominican Catholic Church blasts money splurge in
                           Dominican Government in contempt of court, famed
                           journalist says
                           Pepe Goico, co-defendants to face criminal trial on
                           July 11
                           Environmental group to plant 100,000 trees in
                           Dominican north region
                           Dominican ruling party: No to 'Now it is!' yes
                           Crew searching for Dominican fishermen also gets
                           Bus owners say Dominican Government “mocks”
                           Dominican southwest court will hear Bahia de las
                           Aguilas case
                           Deed forgeries continue in Dominican Altagracia

                           Fernandez wins Dominican ruling party primary easily

                           Ruling PLD primary today

                           Pollution in Santiago

                           JCE judges to supervise PLD primary

                           Crime worries most citizens

                           Santo Domingo Book Fair closes tonight

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Local - Dominican Today                                       

                                                                         Government and health insurance companies must
                                                                         cover doctors’ fees

                                                                         Recipe for efficient justice

                                                                         Policeman causes bus accident

                                                                         World Bank: If Dominican murder rate drops 1/3,
                                                                         growth would more than double
                                                                         Dominican President has 83% of the votes, latest
                                                                         survey says
                                                                         Dominican Government to conduct census of
                                                                         foreigners, repatriations to continue
                                                                         Subpoenas issued in greenhouse nurseries scandal,
                                                                         case concerns a prosecutor
                                                                         Construction of penitentiary begins in Dominican east
                                                                         Prosecution witness again says loan figures were
                                                                         erased in Baninter
                                                                         Dominican Government wants more time to release
                                                                         subway project papers
                                                                         Free Trade doesn’t protect Dominican journalists,
                                                                         expert says
                                                                         Famous Spanish singer is arrested in a case with
                                                                         Dominican links
                                                                         Hacienda Ministry RD$30M fraud fugitive is being
                                                                         protected, anti-corruption chief says
                                                                         Dominican Electoral judge opens can of worms of
                                                                         political parties’ funding
                                                                         Dominican Government officials at odds on release of
                                                                         subway’s blueprints
                                                                         Prodded from abroad, Dominican authorities reopen
                                                                         case of missing professor

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