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					                                       Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council

                                   “Come Together”
                                            Reservation Packet

                          Friday, April 20 – Sunday, April 22, 2007
                          Wonderland Camp & Conference Center
                                   Camp Lake, Wisconsin

                                             Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council
                                                     650 N. Lakeview Parkway
                                                          P. O. Box 8116
                                                    Vernon Hills, IL 60061-8116

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council              2007 LEO Reservation Packet       November 2006
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”
                                All registered adult Girl Scout volunteers are invited
                     for a weekend getaway filled with enrichment activities and program ideas.
When:                Friday, April 20, 2007 - Sunday, April 22, 2007
                     Beginning at 6:00 p.m., Friday and ending at 11:00 a.m., Sunday
Where:               Wonderland Camp, Camp Lake, Wisconsin
                     Accommodations: heated cabins with restrooms and showers.
                     Meals provided in the dining hall.
                     Smoking permitted outside the buildings only.
                     No alcohol permitted on the campgrounds.
Cost:                Full weekend - $92 Saturday only - $50
                     T-shirt - $15
                     Program activity book (print) - $18
                     Program activity book (CD) - $5
                     Individual course fees, as noted in descriptions
Includes:            Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday
                     (Lunch and dinner included for Saturday-only participants)
                     LEO patch or segment
                     LEO program materials
                     Accommodations and meeting rooms
                     Special activities Friday and Saturday evenings, and throughout the weekend

Capacity:            200

            Reservations open immediately and close Saturday, March 31, 2007.
To reserve a space, submit the attached LEO Reservation Form. Courses fill-up quickly, so submit your
reservation as soon as possible. When scheduling, allow free time to enjoy the grounds and participate in
other LEO activities described on the next page.
Confirmation: A confirmation packet (with additional details) will be mailed prior to April 8, 2007. The packet
will include the following:
          Copy of course schedule
          Summary of course fees (due by April 15, 2007)
          Map to Wonderland Camp
          Equipment list
Cancellations/refunds must be given two weeks prior to the event, to receive a refund. A $10 processing fee
will be withheld. Course fees will not be refunded on site.

Questions? Contact the LEO Committee at

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet                  November 2006
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”

                                            LEO Special Events
                Friday night
                     Small Crafts and Small Talk – Free!
                     Special “Fun in the Dark” Night class – Free!
                     Campfire and singing
                     Flag retirement ceremony
                Saturday night
                    LEO Talent Show – “No talent too big, no talent too small”
                    Name Tag Judging
                    Game Show
                Sunday morning
                    Girl Scout’s Own
                    Earth Day Wide Game

Sunday is EARTH DAY! In honor of this day and to celebrate the commitment that Girl
Scouts make to caring for the earth – a wide game for all participants will be held on
Sunday morning. Find out what a wide game is all about! Have lots of fun while
learning more about taking care of spaceship Earth! Best of all – take what you need to
do this wide game with your group of girls.

In addition to these special events and the courses listed on the following pages,
enjoy these activities:

    Treasure hunts! Choose from Classic for the physically daring or a new version of the Armchair Treasure
     Hunt for the more cerebral.
    Shop the LEO Trading Post for travel mugs, previous years’ T-shirts, and more!
    Back by popular demand…on-site massage therapists! Sign-up when you arrive for a 30-minute table
     massage ($25).

LEO Service Project - Pack It Up for Kids – This year’s LEO service project addresses the needs of school-
age children and women in shelters. Troops/groups, LEO participants, and all others are asked to donate
backpacks full of needed items. Participants may drop off/bring components and stuff backpacks at LEO.
Please donate items in new or excellent shape.

Children’s backpacks: school supplies, small games/toys, activity/reading books
Women’s backpacks: toiletries, activity/reading books, current magazine
Don’t let the above list of items limit your imagination!

Each backpack should have an attached card specifying gender and appropriate age for the donation. The
card should state donor’s first names and a personal message (e.g., You have friends who are thinking of you
and wishing you well!).

Donations may be brought to LEO, dropped at The Hub from April 9 through 19th, or contact Pam Grabarczyk
at 847-427-1987.

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet               November 2006
                                               Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                       “Come Together”

LEO Swaps
Many LEO participants enjoy bringing swaps to trade. If you are new to LEO (or to swapping) here is some
information and ideas for you about swaps.

What is a SWAP?                             Share With A Pal
                                            Something With A Pin
                                            Special Watchamacallit Affectionately Pinned Somewhere

Swaps are little things girls and leaders make to trade with each other. The idea of swaps was started at the
original National Roundup Conferences. At that time, a swap was a little remembrance that one Girl Scout
gave to another. Swaps are hand made, thus the Girl Scout is giving a part of herself to show friendship.
Swapping is a good way of starting correspondence and for this reason you can have your name, address, or
email attached. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on swaps. Most swaps are made with pins
attached so they can be pinned onto a camp shirt or hat. Most people make them out of scraps or natural
materials. They may be simple, complex, expensive, or inexpensive, whatever the creator desires. Each
person should decide how many swaps to make, that will also determine how many are received. Swaps can
be made all the same, or each one can be different. If you are making swaps for an event, each troop should
make different swaps so the girls are not limited in trading. If you are making swaps in your troop, give the
girls an assortment of beads, small wooden shapes, paints, markers, ribbons, felt, chenille stems, etc. and let
their imaginations go wild. Swaps are usually only one to two inches. The girls should remember to create
their swaps with a pin attached. Swaps are traditionally pinned on a swap hat. This hat could be part of
your troop identification. Although bucket hats are most often seen, painter’s caps are an inexpensive
alternative. Remember that swaps are made with love, given with love, as tokens of friendship. It’s important
to stress that they are tokens, and never say "oh that's ugly I don't want to swap". It’s always nice to put your
name, troop number, and the name/date of the event on the back of the swap to recall wonderful memories.
The above information was sent to Scouting Links by Eileen S. which she obtained from an online post in
January 1996 by Amanda Sass of the Nation's Capitol Council.

Swap Etiquette: Put all the swaps that you want to trade on a piece of cloth, felt, or a bandana that you can
pin to your left side. That way people will know what you have, and that those are the ones you want to trade.
You can also put the swaps in a Ziploc bag, and pin that on or carry it. Your keepers should go on your hat,
your right side, or in your pocket or bag. It is not polite to refuse to swap. Also, it is rude to trade away a swap
you received from someone else, as if it wasn’t “good enough” to keep. You should only trade away swaps
you have made yourself.

Great Web sites to get you started with swap information and ideas:

                                                GOOD LUCK and HAPPY SWAPPING !

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council                2007 LEO Reservation Packet                  November 2006
                                                      Leader Enrichment Overnight Schedule
                                                          LEO 2007 - "Come Together"
                  Activity     Out of Doors     Beech Lounge       *Redwood 2        *Redwood 3             Maple S          Maple N         *Sequoia 3          *Aspen
   Time                                    * Redwood and Sequoia located on lower level of chapel. Aspen located under dining hall.
               Registration                            General gathering area, coffee, trading post, and service project in Sharpe Activity Center.
                                                                                                                                                             7 p.m. 1st-Timer
  Friday        6:00 p.m. -                     "Small Crafts and Small Talk" in Sharpe, campfire, singing, flag retirement, and swap time locations to be
                7:30 p.m.                                                                      announced.

                                                                                                                                                              Dreading the
 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                              Dark? Don't!

                LEO Book
 9:30 p.m.
                                                                       Saturday breakfast served at 7:45 a.m.                                                8 a.m. 1st-Timer
 Saturday       7:00 a.m. -
                                                            Massages throughout Saturday in Beech (enter from north door)                                       Orientation
                8:30 a.m.

8:30 a.m. -                    Ropes/Teams       Crochet with a                       Scrapbook           Crystal Slide                    Hand Stamped      Old Fashioned
               Quilting 101                                     Blocks for Charity                                        Glass Etching
 9:30 a.m.                       Course         Really Big Hook                    Recipe Collection        Bracelet                          Cards             Sit-Upon

9:45 a.m. -                     No Muss,         Letterboxing -                         Temari         Wooden Twirling    Abalone Knot                        Stained Glass
               Nature A to Z                                       Ceremonies                                                                  Songs
11:30 a.m.                      No Fuss           Get A Clue                          Ornaments         Tree Mobile            Pin                               LEO Jar

                                                                    Saturday lunch served at 11:30 a.m.

12:30 p.m. -                                       Knitting                           Keeping It                                          America: How to       Fun with
                                 Archery                          Scrapbooking
 2:00 p.m.                                       Together 101                         Together                                            Show your Spirit      Lanyards

                                                                                                                                          WAGGGS: GS &
2:20 p.m. -                      Outdoor                                             Spectacular                          Basketweaving                      Duct Tape Tote
                                                Jewelry Making    Mark Your Book                                                           GG Coming
 3:50 p.m.                       Gourmet                                           Summer Wreaths          Decorative                                        Bag - Class 1
               Wall Climbing                                                                           Birdhouse Garden
4:10 p.m. -                                     Fun with Finger   No-Sew Fleece     Junior Jewelry           Bench                        Beading/Jewelry    Duct Tape Tote
 5:35 p.m.                                         Puppets            Purse        Badge Workshop                                             Making         Bag - Class 2

                                                                    Saturday supper served at 5:45 p.m.

                                              Entertainment (LEO Talent Show, Game Show, and Name Tag Judging) in Sharpe Activity Center

                                                                   Sunday breakfast served at 8:00 a.m.

8:45 a.m. -
                                                                                   Earth Day Wide Game
10:20 a.m.

10:30 a.m.                                                         Girl Scout's Own and Closing Ceremony in Sharpe Activity Center
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”
                                                   Course Descriptions
    Select courses from the following list.
    Enter the course title on the back of the reservation form.
    Each description includes any extra fees and special equipment needed.
    Keep your course descriptions for reference.
    Register for a first, second, and third choice in each time slot.

Abalone Knot Pin                                                       Basket Weaving
Facilitator: Lu Howard                                                 Facilitator: Lu Howard
Weave an abalone knot using Mylar Mizuhiki cords.                      Weave a bread basket for holding bread, rolls, or
This is a Japanese knot believed to bring good luck                    whatever you desire from reed. Finished size will
and happiness. You will add a pin back to make it                      be about 12” long x 5” wide x 4” high.
wearable art.                                                          Bring ruler, pencil, old towel, old scissors or
Bring craft scissors.                                                  clipper to cut reed, spray bottle, twelve spring-
Fee: $3                                                                type clothespins, and an awl or narrow flat
                                                                       blade screwdriver.
America: How to Show your Spirit                                       Fee: $5
Facilitator: Heather Hummert
                                                                       Beading/Jewelry Making
Learn how to be a patriot from the home front, how
                                                                       Facilitator: Martha Ruetsche
to find organizations that help soldiers, and ways
for you and your girls to support our troops and                       Create beautiful jewelry creations by using beads in
help families with a deployed loved one. We will                       macramé and classic necklace-stringing
cover patriotic and flag etiquette as well as service                  techniques.
projects. You will make a simple patriotic swap and                    Bring scissors and purchase from Wal-Mart 1)
get ideas for other crafts from a former Army wife.                    one 10 yd bunch of Macramé Jewelry Cord
Fee: $1                                                                #1812 Bar Code 415581684, Natural Color by
                                                                       Beadery Craft @ 96 cents; 2) one pack of mini
Archery                                                                pony plastic beads #139 Pearl Multi Pack, Bar
                                                                       Code 4515584778 by Beadery Craft @ $1.26. If
Facilitator: Wonderland Camp Staff
                                                                       you cannot find the macramé, bring twine that
Hit or miss…the target, that is! Learn the basics of                   will fit through the beads.
archery. You’ll then have a chance to practice your                    Fee: $2 to purchase the beading
skills. All equipment provided.
Fee: $5                                                                Blocks for Charity
                                                                       Facilitator: Linda Rosin
                                                                       Make baby blocks out of plastic canvas.
                                                                       Bring scissors.
                                                                       Fee: $4

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet                            November 2006
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”
Ceremonies                                                             Decorative Birdhouse Garden Bench
Facilitator: Sally Fortier                                             Facilitator: Laurie Strycula
Learn different flag ceremonies and ceremonies for                     This is a repeat of the original 2003 class.
other occasions.                                                       Beginning or experienced wood-workers will enjoy
Fee: None                                                              making this decorative birdhouse motif garden
                                                                       bench made of cedar fence pickets. This bench will
Crochet with a Really Big Hook                                         be ideal for holding a potted plant or a bird bath.
                                                                       Each person must have their own drill and
Facilitator: Donna Nash
                                                                       understand how to use the drill and swap out drill
Learn to crochet with a Q size hook and make a                         bits.
boa scarf. Knowing how to make a chain and                             Bring Safety glasses or goggles, retractable
single crochet will help.                                              metal tape measure, dust mask, electric drill,
Bring 2 colors of bulky yard, Q size hook, and                         either plug in or battery powered (bring an extra
scissors.                                                              fully charged battery), 3/32 drill bit, Philips head
Fee: None                                                              screw bit, small carpenter’s level, speed
                                                                       square/carpenter’s square or rafter’s square,
Crystal Slide Bracelet                                                 and ear plugs.
                                                                       Fee: $16
Facilitator: Diane Campbell
Learn to make a beautiful crystal slide bracelet in a                  Dreading the Dark? Don’t!
matter of minutes.
Bring minimum of 7 Crystal Slides (average size                        Facilitators: Georgia Nelson & Trish Swanson
wrist), 6mm bi-cone crystal beads (minimum                             This class is for leaders of all age levels. Learn
42), square of felt or jewelry mat, small dish to                      many fun activities to do with your girls outside after
hold beads. Recommended: choose a color of                             the sun does down. We will end up at the campfire.
slide and bring either 14 crystal beads in same                        Dress for the weather.
color as slide and 28 crystal beads in                                 Fee: None
complementary color or clear, or 28 crystal
beads in same color as slide and 14 in                                 Duct Tape Tote Bag
complementary color.
                                                                       Facilitator: Starr Hochbaum
Fee: $1
                                                                       Make a tote bag with the most versatile of do-it-
                                                                       yourself material – Duct Tape! Simple enough you
                                                                       can teach it to your girls. Learn the basics of
                                                                       creating duct tape fabric and tips and tricks when
                                                                       working with the best sticky stuff on earth. Duct
                                                                       tape will be provided in tons of bright colors.
                                                                       Bring a rotary cutter, cutting mat (larger works
                                                                       best), yard stick, scissors, stapler, and pen.
                                                                       This class will be given twice on Saturday, once
                                                                       at 2:20 and again at 4:10. They are identical.
                                                                       Fee: $7

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet                              November 2006
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”
Fun with Finger Puppets                                                Junior Jewelry Badge Workshop
Facilitator: Peggy Grost                                               Facilitator: Diane Campbell
Make a variety of animal finger puppets for children                   Learn all you need to know to facilitate completion
to use in skits, or just for fun!                                      of the Junior Jewelry Badge with your troop. Or,
Bring a sharp, medium or small size scissors                           come and learn basic jewelry making techniques.
and craft glue.                                                        Leave with a bracelet and a pair of earrings.
Fee: $1                                                                Fee: $6

Fun with Lanyards                                                      Keeping It Together When YOU’RE the
                                                                       SandwichED Generation
Facilitator: Lynne Auchterlonie-Tidei
                                                                       Facilitator: Cyndy Romano
Learn how to make some simple patterns for
bracelets, chokers, earrings, and key chains.                          Dealing with arithmetic AND arrhythmias, SAT’s
Fee: $1                                                                and TIA’s? Torn between granting the car keys to
                                                                       your “new driver” and taking them from your “old
Glass Etching                                                          driver” – your parent? If it seems that “just
                                                                       yesterday” you were unloading a stroller from your
Facilitator: Mary Anne Bolle
                                                                       van and today you are loading a wheel chair in your
Chemicals etch a permanent design on glass                             SUV, this workshop may be helpful for you. We’ll
pieces of your choice using supplied precut                            talk about the WHEN and HOW to navigate this
stencils.                                                              journey in a respectful, yet cost-effective manner.
Bring a couple of pieces of glass to etch,                             Some of the topics include: nursing home vs.
smooth with no ridges, it may be colored.                              home care, private vs. county nursing homes,
Suggestions: drinking glass, wine glass, vase,                         Medicare vs. Medicaid, Power of Attorney vs.
pitcher, or mirror. Use your imagination, but it                       Medical Power of Attorney, insurance ins and outs.
must be glass.                                                         We’ll be addressing strokes, aphasia, dementia,
Fee: $4                                                                Alzheimer’s and the life-changing decisions therein,
                                                                       declaring incompetence, transferring funds to
Hand Stamped Cards                                                     trusts, Living Wills and beyond, pre-DNR’s and post
Facilitator: Barbara Ott                                               DNR’s, to call 9-1-1 or not, etc. We’ll be posing the
                                                                       DIFFICULT questions that most people wish they
Hand stamp six cards, three different designs,                         had asked and offering a “heads up” guide to the
envelopes included.                                                    questions you ought to be asking your parent’s
Bring monoadhesive tape (any kind of double                            accountant, lawyer, and doctors. It’s ALWAYS
sided scrapbooking or card making tape).                               more fruitful to deal with these issues BEFORE the
Fee: $6                                                                crisis rather than AFTER.
                                                                       Bring pen/pencil, Q&A’s, willingness to share
Jewelry Making                                                         personally acquired resources and/or survival
Facilitators: Kathie Rutkowski & Sharon Mikolitis                      lessons with group at end of workshop.
                                                                       Fee: None
Make a beautiful bracelet and necklace using
memory wire, various beads, and your creativity.
See this wonderful piece of art come together
before your very eyes.
Bring needle nose pliers.
Fee: $2

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet                             November 2006
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”
Knitting Together 101                                                  Nature A to Z
Facilitator: Kathie Rutkowski                                          Facilitator: Cliff Grost
An introduction to knitting. Learn the basics                          Experience nature in a unique way, through the
including casting on and off. How to do the knit and                   alphabet. From ants, butterflies, dirt, insects,
purl stitches. With these basic skills, your beautiful                 minerals, pond life, rocks, stars to wildflowers.
piece will come together before your very eyes.                        Fee: None
Bring aluminum knitting needles size 9 (14”
length), one skein (7 oz.) Red Heart Super Saver                       Nature Crafts
or Caron Perfect Match, Medium Worsted Yarn,
                                                                       Facilitator: Debbie Kidd
color of choice (light), one pair of small
scissors.                                                              Turn a plain basic wooden frame into a
Fee: None                                                              personalized lasting memory and work of art. Time
                                                                       permitting, we will go on a nature walk and make a
LEO Book Club – “The Quilter’s Apprentice”                             nature frame to hold a special camping/nature
Facilitator: Nancy Hetzel
                                                                       Bring a 4x6 or 5x7 basic wooden frame, Elmer’s
Discussion of this book by Jennifer Chiaverini and                     glue, glue gun and items to personalize your
the series of “quilters” books during the work on the                  frame such as ribbon, buttons, letter beads,
quilt project on Friday evening (late – after opening                  magazines to cut pictures from. Frame should
events).                                                               have flat edges, not bevelled.
Fee: None                                                              Fee: None

Letterboxing – Get A Clue                                              No Muss, No Fuss
Facilitator: Carol Osada                                               Facilitator: Georgia Nelson & Trish Swanson
This intriguing pastime combines the Internet, map                     Come and play! Learn some active and fun games
reading, puzzle solving, orienteering, artistic ability,               to play with your girls that will build teamwork.
and rubber stamping with “treasure hunting” for                        Fee: None
hidden boxes. Great campout activity! Troops can
create and permanently place letterboxes in their                      No-Sew Fleece Purse
communities. Learn the rules, terminology, and
                                                                       Facilitator: Margaret Haug
how-to’s. Make a personal stamper and a log
book.                                                                  Make a ribbon tied envelope style fleece pouch to
Bring a sharp, pointed scissors, pen, and a                            use as a purse or pouch for jewelry or gifts.
Silva compass with a baseplate.                                        Bring sharp scissors, tape measure, 1/3 yard of
Fee: $3                                                                plain or patterned fleece (wash and dry
                                                                       material), 3/4 yard each of 4 or 5 assorted print
Mark Your Book                                                         and solid ribbons to coordinate with fleece,
                                                                       ribbons should be varied in width from 1/4” to
Facilitator: Linda Rosin
                                                                       5/8”. If you want a handle for the purse, 1 yard
Create a book marker out of counted cross-stitch.                      for handle, 5/8” wide.
Bring scissors.                                                        Fee: $2
Fee: $2

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet                             November 2006
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”
Old Fashioned Sit-Upon                                                 Scrapbook Recipe Collection from Scratch
Facilitator: Linda Schmidt                                             Facilitators: Suki O’Brien & Veronica Priest
Great project for Brownies and Juniors. It’s a                         Bring your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert,
perfect seat for around a campfire or any place                        and appetizer recipes to share, get more recipes
where sitting on the ground is a must. Made from                       from the group, and create a unique recipe
woven newspapers with a vinyl cover to make it                         collection incorporating scrap booking techniques.
waterproof.                                                            Bring glue sticks, scissors, 1” 3 ring binder, 15+
Fee: $2                                                                sheet protectors, one recipe each for breakfast,
                                                                       lunch, dinner, dessert, and/or appetizer recipe.
Outdoor Gourmet                                                        Each recipe should be printed out no smaller
                                                                       than a postcard (5x7) and make 25 copies of
Facilitator: Cliff Grost & Debbie Buchholz
Everyone can learn or refresh their skills using a                     Fee: None
propane stove, camp fire, and a buddy burner.
Dress for outside cooking.                                             Scrapbooking
Bring a bandana, mess kit with silverware, a
                                                                       Facilitator: Linda Rosin
heat resistant cup, dunk bag, and a pocket
knife.                                                                 Bring some family pictures that can be made into
Fee: $5                                                                memories.
                                                                       Bring Fiskars paper trimmer, scotch tape
Quilt 101 – Hand Piecing                                               runner, paper for size of scrapbook page,
                                                                       stickers, and scissors.
Facilitators: Nancy Hetzel & Suzanne Priore
                                                                       Fee: None
Retooled for 2007! Learn terminology of quilting,
basic information on how to start the hobby of                         Songs
quilting, and how to make 4 different quilt block
                                                                       Facilitator: Heather Hummert
patterns. (Open end class, stay for as long as you
like to finish a project or come back later in the day                 Come and learn Girl Scout songs from our council
or evening on Saturday.)                                               and around the world and take home a CD with
Bring scissors.                                                        lyric sheets.
Fee: $5                                                                Bring tape recorder (optional) and a pen to take
                                                                       notes. Smiles are a plus!
Ropes/Teams Challenge Course                                           Fee: $5
Facilitator: Wonderland Camp Staff
                                                                       Spectacular Summer Wreaths
Swing high, swing low…while learning the basics of
a challenge course. Experience first hand how this                     Facilitator: Stephanie Ford
type of course could benefit your Girl Scouts. Wear                    Realize and expand your creative talents as you
long pants, long sleeved shirt, and tennis shoes.                      design and create a beautiful summer wreath. Plan
All equipment provided except climbing gloves.                         to have a great time as you interact with other class
Bring climbing gloves if you have them.                                participants.
Fee: $19                                                               Bring wire cutter, hot glue gun, and glue.
                                                                       Fee: $2

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet                             November 2006
                                            Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                    “Come Together”
Stained Glass LEO Jar                                                  Wall Climbing
Facilitators: Lisa Halatek & Pauline Noe                               Facilitator: Wonderland Camp Staff
Create a beautifully decorated jar using Gallery                       Learn the basics of wall climbing on the camp’s
Glass and your imagination.                                            indoor wall. Wear tennis shoes. All equipment
Bring an Exacto knife.                                                 provided except climbing gloves. Rock on!
Fee: $5                                                                Bring climbing gloves if you have them.
                                                                       Fee: $7
Temari Ornaments
                                                                       Wooden Twirling Tree Mobile
Facilitators: Wanda Besenhoffer & Stephanie Ford
                                                                       Facilitator: Faith Schubert
Come learn the fun art of making Temari
ornaments. This simple and unique craft is great                       Learn to make a whimsical twirling mobile.
for gift giving and easy for kids to make.                             Bring a glue gun and glue.
Bring a glue gun and glue.                                             Fee: $6
Fee: $6

WAGGGS: Girl Scouts and Girl Guides Coming
Facilitator: Margaret Haug & Susan Yates
Explore fun ways to teach girls about WAGGGS
and ways to celebrate Thinking Day.
Fee: $1

                     Can't wait to see you at LEO to make new friends and reconnect with old friends.

                                            Bring all your friends and we'll see you soon!

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council             2007 LEO Reservation Packet                            November 2006
                                               Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                       “Come Together”

                                                        Reservation Form
                                             Payment must accompany reservation form.

Name                                                                      Phone (day/eve)


City, State, Zip


VISTA                                       Community Name

Attending LEO - all weekend                                               $92                $
Attending LEO - Saturday only (no overnight)                              $50                $
T-shirts are $15 each. Specify size (men’s sizing)
 Sm.  Med.  Lg.  XL  XXL  XXXL                                      $15                $
Program Activity Book - Print copy                                        $18                $
Program Activity Book - CD                                                  $5               $

Amount Enclosed*                                                                             $
                        *Individual course fee total will be included in your confirmation packet.
Make check payable to Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council or
                    Charge:  Visa  MasterCard  Discover  American Express

Card number                                                                            Exp. date

Name on card

                           (Credit card information must be completed for faxed reservations.)

Additional information:
1. I am a LEO facilitator.                                                                   Yes      No   
2. I need a LEO patch (first time attendee).                                                 Yes      No   
3. I need a LEO segment (returning attendee).                                                Yes      No   
4. I have special dietary/health needs/lodging considerations.                               Yes      No   

(If yes to #4, please explain)

Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council                2007 LEO Reservation Packet                            November 2006
                                               Girl Scouts – Illinois Crossroads Council

                         Leader Enrichment Overnight – “LEO”
                                                       “Come Together”
    Use the printed schedule and class grid to select the courses you would like to take.
    Include a second and third choice for each course time.
    Be sure not to overlap course times.
    You may want to leave an “open slot” for massage, treasure hunt or other fabulous, fun activities.
    All course assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enter course title:                               Choice #1 Title           Choice #2 Title              Choice #3 Title
7:30 p.m.

9:30 p.m.

8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

9:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

2:20 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.

4:10 p.m. - 5:35 p.m.

Please assign me to a room with: (Choose up to three other people. Please coordinate with each other.)


Please assign me to a cabin with others from my VISTA or Community
If you do not choose either of the above options, you will be placed in a room with others of the same cabin
Please specify your cabin preference:                     Quiet-Nighters               Late-Nighters         Up-All-Nighters
                                            Submit entire form with payment via mail or fax:
                                                Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council
                                                        650 N. Lakeview Parkway
                                                             P. O. Box 8116
                                                      Vernon Hills, IL 60061-8116
                                                           Fax: 847-573-0400
Girl Scouts - Illinois Crossroads Council                2007 LEO Reservation Packet                                  November 2006

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