Classroomswithoutwalls by qingyunliuliu


									Classrooms without walls
Learning points:
    •   Typical features available in online classroom tools
    •   The skills required to use online classrooms
    •   An overview of some of the online classrooms available
    •   Best practice

Web sites and resources
A list of sites used to research this presentation
can be found here:                                     Elluminate           Commercial product, a lot of functionality,
                                                       includes tools for physically challenged.
Provides ability to voice and text chat, video
between 2 people, some premium services                SecondLife                                       One of a number of virtual worlds, free to use
                                                       but costs to upload slides and images, takes
Flashmeeting                                           practice for both presenters and learners, has a
Free, available to members of UK’s Open learn,         Teen version for learners under age 18.
video, text, audio, whiteboard, filesharing  
                                                       Live Classroom via Edna Groups
Web-based – or can host locally, no download,
up to 20 participants, video from host, up to 3
microphones, presentations, applications sharing.
                                                          Presenter best practice:
Participant best practice                                    Use buddy system
                                                             Time zone information
   If testing or practice offered, do it at least a         Regular communication
    week in advance                                          Practice session for participants
   If anything to download, check with your IT              Have a backup/lower tech option ready
    department                                               Start on time, record for latecomers
   Check your headset and microphone prior                  Frequent stops for questions/feedback
    to logging in                                            Practice, practice, practice
   Always best to come in 15 minutes early
   If you cannot log into a session, check
    emails for a backup plan (phone bridge,

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