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									environmental health
association (australia) inc.

   Report to Great Southern Regional
  Environmental Health Group Meeting,
         Albany 22 August 2008.
environmental health association

   Annual Conference at The Hotel Esplanade
    Fremantle on Friday 26 September 2008.
   2 workshops Wed & Thurs 24 & 25
    September – Applying risk managements
    principles to the New Public Health Act.
    Information to be circulated by email & post.
   Thurs 25 September – Emergency
    Management First Responders Course for
    Environmental Health Officers.
environmental health association

   Outsourcing functions to the private
   User friendly technology wherever
   More information seminars at no cost.
   Greater national & international focus.
   Better communication with members.
   Increased membership.
environmental health association

   Incorporating LG Net employment
    server onto web site for “Latest
    Employment Vacancies” at
   Outsourced Web Site maintenance.
   In process of outsourcing secretariat for
    finance and administration.
   Will review Conference organisation.
environmental health association
Representation on Working Groups/ Ministerial
 Trevor Walker represents eha and country building surveyors on
  the Building Surveyors Qualifications Committee.
 Linton Thomas represents eha on the Building Act processes for
  Building Approvals.
 Trevor Walker & John Mitchell represent eha and country
  building surveyors on the Building Surveyors Regulations
  Committee (BRAC).
 Jared Koutsoukos represents eha on Aquatic Facilities Working
 Wayne Harris represents eha on the Caravan Park and Camping
  Grounds Ministerial Advisory Committee.
 Piotr Zenni represents WALGA on the New Public Health Act.
environmental health association
  Membership is on the increase with new members
Geoff Harcombe - DOH Pesticide Safety
Tanya Gillett – Shire of Busselton
Russell Weston – Shire of Bridgetown/GB
James Price – Shire of Busselton
Peter Ibbott – Shire of Esperance
Alton Sibanda – Queensland
Mandy Henderson – CU Student
Darryal Eastwell – Town of Port Hedland
Ken Macfarlane – Shire of Roebourne
environmental health association
eha will work with DOH, DOW & DEC to further the
  professional image of environmental health officers.

In Para-Professional interpretation, Workforce Issues &
Promotion of the EH Profession.

eha will be focusing on a wider range of initiatives &
  sponsorship to support environmental health officers.

eha respects the members of AIEH/EHA/EHA as
  industry partners.
environmental health association

   Will be asking member support at AGM to
    approve a range of initiatives to assist EHOs
    with intrastate, interstate and international
    conference attendance.
   Have introduced Corporate Membership to
    assist EHOs in larger organisations being able
    to join eha.
   Introducing on-line membership and on-line
    Conference Registration.
environmental health association

              The end –
        just the beginning….

    Are you ready to make the
     commitment to join eha?

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