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Certified Marine Investigator I _CMI-I_ Membership


									Certified Marine Investigator I

• Additional member benefit
• Contemplating advanced certification
  Certified Marine Investigator II (CMI-II)
• Limited to members in good standing
Certified Marine Investigator I
• CMI-I’s have experience and training in areas
    other than their area of expertise
•   Will be able to:
        Assist in gathering of evidence
        Take statements
        Write reports
        Provide testimony
        Otherwise assist the marine industry
CMI Committee

• Program supervision and guidance
• Oversee application process
• Prepare, proctor and grade exams
• Revocation and suspension of certification
• Enforcing continuing professional
  education requirements
• Recertification
CMI-I Qualifications
• Be of high moral character
• Meet minimum education/experience
• Pass the uniform CMI-I examination
• Maintain required continuing professional
• Pay annual Association dues
• Abide by IAMI Bylaws and the Code of
  Professional Ethics of IAMI
Educational Requirements

• Applicant must have:

  – High School Degree
  – State Recognized GED
Experience Requirement
• A minimum of three years experience

• Experience must be related directly or
 indirectly to:

  – Marine Matters
  – Criminology/Law Enforcement
  – Insurance
Eligibility to sit for exam

• Minimum of 250 credits through any
 combination of the following:
Credits for other certification

• 80 max for proof of at least one
 recognized certification calculated at 40
 credits for the first certification and 10
 credits for each additional (e.g. SAMS,
 NAMS, CFE, CPCU, etc.)
Credits for advanced education
• 20 credits for a 2 year associates degree
 or technical/vocational certificate from a
 state/federally approved program

• 40 credits for a 4 year college degree

• 20 credits for a doctorate or equivalent
 postgraduate degree
Credits for experience

• 100 credits (max) for experience
 calculated at 10 credits per year for up to
 10 years in a field related directly or
 indirectly to:

  – Marine Matters
  – Criminology/Law Enforcement
  – Insurance
Credits for training
• 100 credits (max) for training, at least 75
 must be from IAMI sponsored training
  – 30 credits for annual training seminar
  – 10 credits per day for regional training
• Credit shall be given for attending two
 prior Annual Training Conferences and/or
 4 days of prior regional training within the
 last 5 years
Credit for instruction

• 20 credits (max) for courses or lectures
 taught within the last two years calculated
 at 5 credits for each with a maximum of 4
Credit for authoring

• 20 credits (max) for books, articles or
 papers authored within the last two years
 calculated at 5 credits for each with a
 maximum of 4
Example: John Doe
• SAMS & NAMS certification = 50 credits
• 4 year degree = 40 credits
• 15 years experience = 100 credits
• Training
  – 2 IAMI Annual Conferences = 60 credits
• Taught HIN 101 X 2 = 10 credits
• Total credits = 260 (eligible for exam)
Claiming credit

• Credits shall be claimed on the application
 to sit for the Examination and proper
 proof must be submitted where required
Application procedures
• Application obtained from:
  – IAMI Website
  – IAMI Training Conference
• Application forwarded to the CMI
• Review and determination of eligibility
  made within 60 calendar days of receipt
Application procedures (cont.)
• CMI Committee determines:
  – Application filled out correctly
  – Supporting documentation provided
  – Computation of credits is accurate
  – Forwards to IAMI Board of Directors within 14
• IAMI Board of Directors complete final
 review and approve within 14 days of
Application procedures (cont.)
• CMI Committee notifies applicant of
  acceptance within 14 days of receiving
  approval from Board
• Approved application valid for one year
  from the date of notice
• Exam must be taken within one year
  unless good cause can be shown to the
  Board why approval should be extended
  another year
Application rejection

• Applicant/application determined ineligible
  due to:
  – Incomplete application
  – Lack of supporting documentation
  – Lack of qualifying credits
  – Other reasonable disqualifying reasons
• Applicant will be sent a letter within 14
  days after the determination explaining
  the reasons for rejection
Re-filing rejected application

• Must re-file within one year of rejection
• No additional fees for re-filing
• If second filing is rejected, applicant must
  reapply by submitting new application and
• Rejected applicant shall have the right to
The examination

• True/false and multiple choice
• “Closed book” examination
• No more than 150 questions
The examination (cont.)
• Topics may include:
  –   HIN 101
  –   Accident reconstruction
  –   Basic admiralty law
  –   Basics of a marine survey
  –   Repair fraud
  –   Basic claims handling
  –   Fraud (title, insurance, etc.)
  –   Anatomy 101 (boat, motor and engine)
  –   Interview techniques
  –   Etc.
The examination (cont.)
• Cheating
  – Immediately asked to leave
  – Immediate review conducted by no less than
    three members of the CMI Committee
  – If determined there was no cheating,
    applicant can resume test and will be given
    additional time in proportion to time it took to
  – If determined applicant did cheat, forfeit
    application fees and precluded from re-
    applying for two years
The examination (cont.)

• Exam given at the Annual Training
  Conference and from time to time at other
  locations designated by the Board
• Test shall be proctored
• No more than three hours
• Must present proper identification
The examination (cont.)
• Shall be graded within 30 days
• Graded by CMI Committee member
• Reviewed for accuracy in scoring by another
    committee member
•   Board notified within 14 days of applicant names
    and scores
•   Board notifies applicant within 14 days whether
    the applicant passed
•   Information kept under exclusive control of IAMI
    and not disseminated for any purpose
The examination (cont.)
• If applicant did not pass:
  – Right to request a copy of their exam to
    determine accuracy of scoring and challenge
    the integrity of the questions
  – Must be requested within 30 days of receipt
    of notification
  – Challenge must be made in writing detailing
    the contested scoring and reason why the
    question(s) is being challenged
The examination (cont.)

• If applicant did not pass:
  – Mailed to IAMI HQ by first-class mail with
    return receipt requested no later than 30 days
    from receipt of examination
  – Failure to abide by this deadline or process
    will be deemed a waiver of the applicant’s
    right to continue the review
The examination (cont.)

• “Grandfather” exam
  – Excess of 300 credits
  – Must comply with all other qualifications
  – Provision expires one year from inception of
Continuing professional education
• Must maintain IAMI membership
• Provide proof on the anniversary of
 certification by first-class mail that they
 have taken 6 classes of which three must
 be in the fields of:
  – Marine/boating
  – Criminology/law enforcement
  – Insurance or ethics
• Three must be IAMI sponsored
Mandatory 5 year recertification

• Recertification application received from:
  – IAMI Website
  – IAMI Training Conference
• Submitted 30 days prior to date of
 expiration, no later than 60 days after
 certification has expired
Mandatory 5 year recertification

• Must meet minimum continuing
  professional education requirements
• Member in good standing
• Still employed in marine industry,
  criminology/law enforcement, or insurance
• Attended at least one annual training
  conference or 3 regional training days
Revocation/suspension of certification

 • Investigations conducted by the CMI Committee
 • Shall be private and confidential
 • Shall be conducted with the principles of due
     process in mind
 •   Witnesses may be interviewed, documents
     requested, and a hearing conducted
 •   The CMI is under a duty to cooperate, failure to
     do so shall be immediate grounds for revocation
Revocation/suspension of certification
 • Investigation process may be conducted:
   –   In person
   –   By telephone
   –   Email
   –   Letters
   –   Fax
   –   Any combination of above
 • CMI Committee findings/recommendations shall
   be submitted in a report within 30 days after the
   completion to the Board of Directors
Revocation/suspension of certification

 • Board of Directors may accept or reject, in
  part or in whole, the findings and
  recommendations of the CMI Committee
  or request further investigation or
Revocation/suspension of certification
 • Grounds for revocation or suspension
  include, but are not limited to :
   – Attempt to or commission of fraud or
   – Improper conduct or conduct injurious to
   – Lewd or lascivious conduct
   – Conviction of any crime involving moral
     turpitude, fraud, dishonesty, or
Revocation/suspension of certification
 • Grounds for revocation or suspension
  include, but are not limited to (cont.):
   – Material misrepresentation committed in the
     application process
   – Defaming or otherwise injuring the reputation
     of another IAMI member, except as may be
     permitted by law such as being an adversarial
     expert witness and being asked to comment
     on the work of another member
Revocation/suspension of certification

 • Revocation shall result in immediate
   expulsion as a member of IAMI
 • May re-apply for IAMI membership after a
   one year waiting period
 • Ineligible for certification again
Revocation/suspension of certification

 • CMI may take curative measures for the
  complained conduct, such as:
   – Taking classes in ethics
   – Making restitution
   – Issuing an apology
   – Seeking rehabilitative assistance
   – Etc.
The appeals process
• If member thinks certification was
  improperly revoked or suspended, they
  must specify in writing their reasons and
  supporting evidence within 60 days
• If a telephonic or in-person hearing is
  requested, it should be specified in writing
• The Board of Directors or it’s designee
  shall oversee the appeals process

• All matters shall be confidential
• IAMI shall use it’s best efforts to ensure
• Application/Re-application fee
  – $95.00
• Examination/Re-examination fee
  – $175.00
• Re-certification
  – $95.00
• All fees are non-refundable
• There is a $20.00 returned check fee

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