INTRODUCTION                                           INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR)

For companies who offer or are planning to offer       All system users are authenticated via
long distance service in the form of prepaid calling   RADIUS/AAA procedure that collects and checks
cards, post paid accounts, ANI/PIN based prepaid       PIN information, account balance information, and
accounts, and ANI/PIN based post paid accounts,        dialed number information. Based on the outcome
the CardSaver™ software is the comprehensive           of the RADIUS/AAA procedure , users are
system that they need.                                 authenticated, authorized, and billed. The IVR and
                                                       Radius solution is a turnkey solution that does not
CardSaver™ is an industry-leading, cost-effective,     require modifications to function.
Windows-based software that connects to industry
standard IP Gateways, such as Cisco and Quintum.       SUPPORTS IP PHONES
The software runs on a standard Intel Pentium /
Xeon based system that supports the Windows            CardSaver™ supports H323 based IP Phones.
Server series operating systems and the industry       CardSaver™ can authorize calls from these phones
standard Remote Authentication Dial In User            using their unique ID allowing you to securely
Service (RADIUS) protocol. RADIUS protocol is the      provide both pre -paid and post-paid solutions for
de-facto standard for remote authentication,           IP Phone customers.
authorization and accounting (AAA).

The CardSaver™ software is currently used
throughout the world for both wholesale and retail
telecom businesses.


               The CardSaver™ Software runs
               under Microsoft Windows Server /        RADIUS SERVER
               Professional Series Operating
               Systems. This makes it simple for       CardSaver™ is compatible with the Remote
you to operate your system and use your                Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)
knowledge of the Windows software.                     enabled VoIP Gateways. This protocol is used by
                                                       most of the VoIP gateways manufactured by
PREPAID CALLING CARDS                                  companies including Cisco and Quintum.
              The CardSaver™ software can be
              used to process prepaid calling card     WEB AND CGI APPLICATION SERVER
              calls. The CardSaver™ software uses
                                                       The CardSaver™ software allows you to provide
              the card database to keep track of
                                                       seamless Web integration for the calling card , ANI,
              each calling card call. Also, the
                                                       and Wholesale applications. Full support for user
              Random Numbers Generator module
                                                       profiles, account management, and customer
of the software allows you to generate PIN
numbers for your calling cards.                        support is provided via Web. The security
                                                       mechanism allows the System Administrator, Card
ANI BASED CALLING                                      Distributor, Customer Service Rep, and the User or
                                                       Card Holder to use separate web interfaces. From
The CardSaver software can be used to process          a web browser, the System Administrator may set
calls based on the Caller ID of the caller. In this    agent accounts, change passwords, and set or
case, the caller does not have to enter any PIN.       change the Rate Tables. A distributor, from his
You may set up the account to work on prepaid or       browser, may view his call counts and see the
postpaid basis. In the case of Prepaid, the            account summaries. A Customer Service Rep may
subscriber must have funds deposited. In the case      view call logs, issue limited credits, and inform
of postpaid, you simply send a bill to the             customers of their remaining balance. A User or
subscriber based on the information you receive        Card Holder may view his account balance and
from CardSaver.                                        browse through the details of all calls that he has
BILLING SERVER                                          RECHARGE ACCOUNT OVER THE PHONE
The Billing Server module of the CardSaver™
                                                        As an optional feature, CardSaver™ offers an IVR
software allows you to generate bills for your          system that allows your customers the ability to
customers. All of your Resellers and Distributors
                                                        recharge their accounts via the telephone. Tied to
may use their Internet browsers and perform all
                                                        the or Pay Junction platforms, this
the functions required to maintain their card           will allow your customers to use their credit card to
                                                        instantly increase their balance on their accounts.
MySQL DATABASE                                          EXTENSIVE REPORTING
The CardSaver™ software uses the MySQL
                                                        CardSaver™ offers extensive reporting capabilities
database engine. MySQL is a high performance ,
                                                        for both the wholesale and card account modules
high capacity database that is one of the easiest
                                                        of the software. For the wholesale industry, you
databases to manage and use. CardSaver™                 can view graphs and breakdowns based on the
provides a convenient database backup and
                                                        destination or IP Address of calls. For the card
maintenance utility to ensure your system’s up-         account industry, you can view reports to see the
time and integrity.
                                                        performance of your distributors. You may also
                                                        view which cards were activated or expired during
ONLINE CALL HISTORY AND BALANCE                         a particular time period. In addition, you can
                                                        analyze your account holders’ calls to see where
Every call is logged and time tagged. For every call    and when they are calling to develop new business
the following information is stored: Origination IP     strategies to maximize your business profits.
Address, Remote IP Address, Called Number,              TURNKEY SOLUTION
Calling Number, Call Duration, Seizure Time, Start
Time, End Time, Disconnect Cause, Charges, and          PEC offers solutions for all levels of customers
Effective Rate Table .                                  whether you have an existing platform or new to
                                                        the business. PEC can provide both software and
ONE CLICK GRAPHICAL DISPLAYS                            hardware to its customers whether they require a
                                                        small or large platform.
From your Internet Browser, you can access the
CardSaver™ Administrative Panel. With a few             PEC is proud to be an authorized Quintum™ VoIP
quick clicks of the mouse, you will see the call        gateway dealer.
counts and detailed graphs for the time period you
select. This allows you to quickly see your busy
hours, revenue generated, ASR, and average call

                                                        Contact Information:

                                                        Parwan Electronics Corporation
As an optional feature, CardSaver™ offers a web         1230 Highway 34
                                                        Aberdeen, NJ 07747 USA
storefront that includes credit card integration with   Phone: 732.290.1900 and Pay Junction. The system allows       Fax: 732.566.8771
assigns each cardholder a login ID so that they         Email:
may login to view their call history and recharge       Website:
their accounts using their credit card.

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