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Sub : Auction Script License

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for showing interest in our product and for your inclination to start a Auction

2daybiz Auction Script provides everything you need, to establish a professionally looking
online Auction website like Ebay.com. You can create an efficient, trusted web platform
to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world. Our
Auction Script is packed with high end features to provide a very sound foundation for a
trading portal site. It is extremely flexible so that you can customize according to your
needs. The script is also easy to manage as it comes with a powerful back office
application providing full control over the website like structure management and
detailed statistics to the administrators. You can earn revenue from your site by
converting the traffic into ads and membership charges.

We are enclosing our Business Proposal with the following objectives in mind:
             A corporate, useful and profitable auction portal.
             A truly global reach to complement your auction business.
             An increase in efficient electronic communication.
             A navigation style that facilitates maximum information transfer to the Internet

Hope the enclosed proposal is in line with your requirement. We have kept in mind your
trust on 2daybiz.com by forwarding your requirement and we have provided our cost-
effective rates. For any further clarification please feel free to get in touch with us or visit
us at www.2daybiz.com .

Looking forward for your valuable order and assuring you of our best services.

Yours truly,
For 2daybiz.com

Jayan V.S

Email: info@2daybiz.com                    Auction Script                  Voice: 91 98416 33884

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Email: info@2daybiz.com                  Auction Script   Voice: 91 98416 33884

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Email: info@2daybiz.com                  Auction Script   Voice: 91 98416 33884

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Our SEO Version
      Creating SEO Friendly URLs

      Optimizing all coding

      Optimizing your web pages using better HTML and JavaScript

      ALL PAGES dynamic Unique Meta Keywords & Description

      H1 Breadcrumbs ' tag optimize according to keyword strength

      Keyword String Removal

      Building keyword-rich URLs using PHP, Apache, and mod_rewrite

      Using the HTTP headers to properly indicate the status of web documents

   Using search engine and traditional site maps effectively

Email: info@2daybiz.com                      Auction Script                      Voice: 91 98416 33884

    Auction Script License Option
              Product                            Description                            Total Price
                                      Single domain license with encrypt
         Basic Version with               ( you can’t edit or modify )
                                                                                        $ 140 USD
              Encrypt                one month support but no update

      Source Code Version                Single domain Source code
                                                                                        $ 200 USD
         Auction Script           10 yeas support and 5 years update include

                                  Single domain license with SEO Version +
     SEO Version + Source
                                 10 yeas support and 5 years update include             $ 330 USD

                               a. Free Installation
     Professional script for   b. 100% copy right
                                                                                        $ 600 USD
         Entrepreneur          c. SEO Friendly Version
                               e. 24 Hr Dedicated Support for next one year
                               f. Brand free

                                Installation, Setup, Configuration Auction script        US $ 33
     For Script Installation
                               (Front-end module and Backend ADMIN Module)

     If you need logo creation and simple site look customization, we can do it for you for $100

Addons :
Others                                                                    Chargeable extra depending
                                                                          upon the
Custom Requirements                                                       module/requirements

Email: info@2daybiz.com                     Auction Script                          Voice: 91 98416 33884


   100% advance on Domain & Hosting
   100% advance before files being uploaded in your domain/server.


If the payment is made during Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM IST, product will be delivered
within 24 hours. If payment is made during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) or during any Indian National
Holidays, the same will be delivered within 48 hours of payment.


Online Wire Transfer

Account name                   : I net solution, current account.
Account Number                 : 602705039028
Branch                         : Anna Nagar,
City                            : Chennai
Pin code                        : 600 030
State                           : Tamil Nadu
Country                         : India
Bank code                       : ICIC0006027

Swift address - ICICINBBCPS

Western union.com

(contact us for details)

First name                 :          Jayan
Last name                  :          Subba Reddiyar
Address                    :          No. 1, Iyyavoo Street,
Address                    :          Shenoy Nagar, Aminijikarai,
City                       :          Chennai
Pin code                   :          600030
State                      :          TamilNadu
Country                    :          India
Mobile                     :          9841633884

If you have anymore clarification please        Mail us   : info@2daybiz.com

Skype ID            : vsjayan
Cell number         : 91 9841633884/ 91 9841301280
GTalk               : vsjayan@gmail.com

Email: info@2daybiz.com                            Auction Script              Voice: 91 98416 33884

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