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									                                    WEST VANCOUVER YOUTH BAND
                                     CAMP SQUAMISH WORKSHOP

                        FRIDAY, September 29th - SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 2006

This annual music workshop is designed to give the two upper level West Vancouver Youth Bands a
tremendous head start on their year, both musically and socially. All Concert and Symphonic Band
Members are expected to attend, so please notify Eva Ratzburg, Camp Coordinator, as soon as possible, if
for any reason attendance is a problem. (The Beginners & Juniors will have their fall workshop on
Saturday, October 14 , at Kwantlen College.) It is important that all musicians attend camp both for
individual, as well as group progress, as a tremendous amount of music and instruction is covered during the
three days. Since students come from many different schools from across the North Shore, it is also a great
opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and/or reconnect at the very beginning of the season.

Our Music Director, Douglas Macaulay, will be assisted by an outstanding assortment of very talented
clinicians, including some who are West Van Youth Band Alumni. They will be working with the students
during individual instrument sectionals and full band rehearsals throughout the weekend. We are fortunate
also, to have an experienced group of parents volunteering their time to coordinate activities and chaperone
to help ensure things run smoothly.

Transportation by bus has been arranged from Irwin Park Elementary School. Band members should meet in
front of the school at 1:10 p.m, Friday, September 29th and are reminded to notify their schools/teachers,
that they will not be at school on the Friday afternoon after lunch. Please use the letter for schools/teachers
attached explaining the reason for absence. Lunch is not provided on the first day, so please make sure
that students have lunch before arriving at the bus. All students are to be picked up by their parents at
the camp on Sunday, October 1 at 3:15 p.m. Parents are welcome to attend the final rehearsals, which
will commence at 2:30 p.m. Families may wish to arrange carpools, if necessary. If return transportation is a
problem for anyone, please advise Eva Ratzburg.

Urgent: If you have not already returned the following forms as part of your registration package,
please submit with your completed registration to the band room by Monday, September 25th, 2004.
The following workshop forms must be completed and received prior to attending camp:
         Health history/consent form (with picture for new members),
         Liability release
         Code of conduct/room request form
Our time line before this camp is short, so it is important that you are prompt in submitting the forms.
There will not be any additional workshop fees levied, as camp is included for all registered members.
Expenses, such as room and board, incurred in running the weekend camp, are only partially offset by
registration fees. Other workshop costs such as clinician fees, transportation, truck rentals, and materials,
are covered by fundraising efforts supported by all families throughout the year.
Camp Coordinator:
Eva Ratzburg                             Home Phone: 604 922-9457
Music Director:
Doug Macaulay,                               Band cell phone 604-970-0112
Overview/ Contact Information/Directions - Camp Squamish

Camp Squamish is a first-rate facility run by the Lions Society of B.C. Accommodation for our members,
clinicians and volunteers is in two, large dormitory buildings which each have a lounge (with gas fireplace),
individual bedrooms that accommodate between three and six campers, and washrooms, showers and
laundry facilities. The camp has a large dining hall, an indoor pool (swimming occurs only at scheduled times
with a lifeguard present), a covered outdoor firepit and BBQ pavilion, as well as a large grass fields for
games. Meals are provided by the camp, from Friday – dinner to Sunday - lunch. Healthy snacks and juice,
will be purchased in bulk by coordinators/chaperones and distributed at the BBQ pavilion during breaks.

There are pay phones located in the Haida Dorm and the Salish Lodge for use by campers. Campers should
plan to carry a cell phone, long distance phone cards or call collect if they wish to call home or ask the
chaperones for assistance, should the need arise. In the event of an emergency, should you need to reach
anyone at the camp, please try the band cell phone at 604-970-0112 or 604-209-2838 (Eva’s cell phone at
camp only Thursday -Sunday).
The phone at the Camp Office: 604 898-3122, is only checked periodically.

Note: The Lions Society has requested that we advise everyone, that dogs are not allowed on the camp site
when you are picking up band members on Sunday.

Take Upper Levels Highway (Highway 1) west to exit 2* (*exit before Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal). Take
Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99) north and continue past Squamish for about 5 to 10 minutes. Turn left at
the lights at the Husky Station onto GARIBALDI WAY. Take Garibaldi Way to Government Street and turn
right at the stop sign. Continue along Government Street until you reach Camp Squamish on your right.
Travel time from West Vancouver is approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour assuming no construction delays.


DEPARTURE: Friday, Sept.29th @ 1:10 p.m:

Transportation is by bus to Camp Squamish. Lunch is not provided on the first day, so please make sure that
you have lunch before you arrive at the bus. If you will not be travelling by bus with the band, you must
notify Eva Ratzburg 604 922-9457 or e-mail: no later than Thursday,
September 28 .
If you are delayed at the last minute, please call Eva’s cell phone 604 209-2838 IMMEDIATELY
Students are not normally permitted to drive other students. If necessary, gear can be dropped off in
advance to the band room at Irwin Park School, between 8:15 – 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning.
PICKUP: Sunday, October 3 @ 3:15 p.m. @ CAMP SQUAMISH

    All members are expected to help clear rehearsal rooms and load vehicles as requested, before picking
 up gear and checking-out with the chaperones at the BBQ pavilion.
PACKING & Instructions for Prescription medication (if necessary).
Any prescription medications should be handed to Eva Ratzburg on arrival at the bus, and
detailed on the health form, so that she and the other chaperones are aware of what is being
taken. If the medication needs to stay with the child (eg.Ventolin, epi kit) please make sure this is
indicated or discussed with Eva (922-9457). The chaperones will have some basic non-
prescription drugs (e.g. Tylenol) available if required. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY NON-
You should have the following four things when you come to load the bus or arrive at camp:
1. One piece of luggage,
2. A bed “roll” (sleeping bag/bedding & pillow packed in a well secured garbage bag or carry bag)
3. Your instrument. (These should all be labelled with your name on the outside.)
4. Bag lunch for the first day (please eat before you arrive at the bus)

       Musical instrument with extra reeds, valve oil, cleaning cloths etc.
       .Music folder and music
       .Folding music stand if you have one
       .Pillow
       .Bedding or sleeping bag
       .Underwear (2 pairs)
       .Socks (3 pairs)
       .Jeans/pants (2 pairs)
       .Shorts
       .T-shirts/shirts (2)
       .Sweatshirt, sweater or fleece (it's cool in the morning & evening)
       .*Shoes/waterproof footwear (2 pairs) – ie. hiking boots/runners/sandals
       .*Rain jacket/warm jacket* Members need to be adequately attired for being outside during
        Parade Practice, which will occur rain or shine and also for being outside at the BBQ Pavilion
        during the evening and for moving about on damp grass during free time and when changing
        locations between practice sessions, meals and snacks.
       .Gloves and warm hat - especially for evenings
       .Appropriate sleepwear- pyjamas, sweat pants/tops, t-shirts with boxers
                      (chaperones/members of either sex may have occasion to be in both dorms)
       .Bathing suit (there is an indoor pool and we will be hiring a lifeguard)
       .Two towels (one for swimming, one for washing/showering)
       .Toiletries:       Toothbrush/toothpaste               Kleenex
       .Soap/Shampoo                        Mirror (optional)
       .Hairbrush or comb
       .Wristwatch
       .Flashlight
       .Plastic bags (2) for dirty and wet laundry.
       .Water bottle (playing is thirsty work).
       .Lip balm (ie Lipsol) and throat lozenges for wind players.
       Spending money is not required, as we will not be going off-site,

       For free time, you may wish to bring:
       .Books (Homework)
       .Games (electronic, board games, playing cards)*
       .MP3/Radio (must have earphones)
       .Crafts**
       .Volleyball, football, soccer ball, basketball (There will also be a selection of balls on hand.)
       .Frisbee, Hacky Sack, etc.
       NO rollerblades or skateboards PLEASE
            West Vancouver Youth Band Society
                            Official Youth Band of West Vancouver

           West Vancouver Youth Band Celebrating 75 years of Service to the Community!

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to inform you that ______________________________ is a member of the West Vancouver
Youth Band and that he/she will not be in attendance at school on the afternoon of Friday, September
29th, 2006. He/She will be participating in an intensive, three-day, weekend musical workshop to be held
at Camp Squamish, September 29th – October 1st, 2006 as part of his/her musical education, and
commitment and service to the community of West Vancouver. Students are expected to arrive at Irwin
Park Elementary School at 1:10 p.m. to depart for Camp Squamish.

Hopefully, this date does not conflict with any of the student’s other school activities and we have
attempted to minimize the time absent from classes.       Your support of this wonderful educational
opportunity is very much appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation in releasing the students at
lunchtime on Friday, September 29th, 2006.

Yours sincerely,

Eva Ratzburg
Camp Coordinator

On behalf of
Douglas Macaulay
Music Director
West Vancouver Youth Band

 P.O. Box 91292, West Vancouver, B.C., Canada V7V 3N3 Telephone 604-970-0112
                        Society Registration #119295921

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