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Send & receive fax message in Lotus Notes workstation client                                     GM01
To send a fax message from a mail account
A fax message can either be sent from the allocated mail account or from your personal mail account.

1. Log in to your account using your Authcate username and Password.

2. Click on the Email tab.

Your Google Mail email account will open.

3. Click on the Compose Mail icon

4. Type in the fax number of the recipient in the To: field.

        a. Add details to your fax message as per normal. Type in the subject and message.
        b. Attach the document that needs to be faxed.

Fax Destination         Format for entering the fax number
                        <recipient’s fax number>
General format to
send fax
                        <extension number>
Internal to Monash
University              For example:
                        0<fax number>
External to
Monash University       For example:
                        0<areacode><fax number>
Outside Victoria
                        For example:
Outside Australia
                        For example:
                        “Name/Company”<recipient’s fax>
If you would like to
address fax to a        For example:
specific person         “Bob Martin/IT Solutions”< >
                        “Betty Yen/Monash University”<>

Send & receive fax message in Google Mail (GM01)                                                       1
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5. Click on the Send button to send your fax message.

Note: The mail message & attached document constitutes the total number of pages in the fax message.

Tip: Maximum size of the attached document is 20 Mb.

Send & receive fax message in Google Mail (GM01)                                                 2
                                                                                              PC Faxing
Receive fax message to the allocated mail account
1.   A fax message is delivered to the allocated mail account.

Note: A fax is delivered either to your individual mail account or to a (current or new) shared/group mail
account. Please contact your Fax representative if you need further clarification.

2. Open the mail message & attachment to read the fax message (Click View or Download (to save)).

Send & receive fax message in Google Mail (GM01)                                                       3

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