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									                     Aftercare Instructions for Laser Hair Removal
1. Immediately after the treatment, there may be mild redness and slight swelling, and the area
   treated may feel like sunburn. This is normal and may last up to 14 days after the treatment. To
   alleviate discomfort, apply Vitaclude (available from Smooth Skin Centers). Not having any
   reaction is also normal.
2. Use of sun block rated at 15 SPF or higher is recommended.
3. Do not wax or pluck, or use Retin-A, topical vitamin A, or Accutane during your laser process.
   Doing any of these could lessen the effectiveness of your treatments.
4. Do not exfoliate, shave, use drying astringents, scrubs, or Alpha/Beta-Hydroxy acids on the
   treated area while it is healing, as this will cause irritation and could damage your skin.
5. You may shower after your laser treatment, using mild soap and water. Pat the skin dry. Make
   sure to keep the treated areas well moisturized.
6. Makeup, deodorant, or lotion may be used after your treatment, if the skin is not too irritated. If
   skin is crusted or scabbed, we recommend that you refrain from applying makeup on the area to
   reduce risk of infection.
7. During the next two weeks, you may notice hair growing from the area that was just lasered. This
   is normal and expected. The hair you see is working its way out of the skin. The laser treatment
   did not destroy the hair in the skin but disconnected the blood supply to the root of the hair. You
   may experience shedding, and this is normal. You may also not notice any hair growth, and this is
   also normal. Within 4-8 weeks, you will notice a new cycle of hair sprouting from your skin. This
   is new hair in a new hair growth cycle, and it’s time for another laser treatment.
8. Additional treatments may be necessary for best results. If you have an appointment scheduled,
   we require a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment. We reserve the
   right to assess you a minimum of $35 up to 100% of the treatment fee without this 24-hour notice.
9. Side effects may occur, such as scarring, blistering, or extended healing time, especially if your
   fail to follow these instructions. Smooth Skin Centers is NOT liable or responsible for any negative
   or unwanted side effects.
10. We do not issue refunds for unused or unwanted procedures, or for procedures for which you’ve
   already had. We will be happy to apply a fair credit for unused or unwanted treatments towards a
   different laser procedure.

       Call Smooth Skin Centers at 303-750-3100 if you have any questions or concerns.

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