; Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice
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Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice


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									                            Mining Apprenticeship Project

                                                June 2009
                     Thank-you for your interest in applying for this innovative program.

How do I apply to be a MAP Apprentice?

All applicants must submit the following when applying for the MAP program:

    1.   Cover letter that describes your suitability for the position.
    2.   Resume that details your education and work experience.
    3.   Any relevant certificates or documents (example: journeyperson certificates, post-secondary certificates)
    4.   Names, addresses, contact information and relationship to you of three professional references. These
         should be references that you have worked with. Please note that references may be checked before
         interviews are granted.

If you have any questions about this information please contact the College Human Resources
Department at: (250) 489-8208.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Those applicants accepted into the program will be required to provide a doctor’s
certificate confirming their fitness for this program and adherence to the MAP programs drug and alcohol

What is MAP?

The Mining Apprenticeship program is an innovative program that was launched in November of 2004 by College
of the Rockies.

MAP was created to increase the number of heavy duty mechanics apprentices in the province. Trades such as
welding, electrical and millwright machinists are now being included as part of MAP. Heavy Duty Mechanic
Apprentices will be indentured by College of the Rockies. As part of the College’s MAP program, the Elk Valley
Mining industry partners will provide the necessary apprenticeship work experiences (AWE). The College of the
Rockies will be the employer and supervisor. These MAP positions will report directly to the Department Head of
Trades. The College of the Rockies will also provide the required technical training, coordinate the work
placements and administer MAP. The objective of the Mining Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is to provide
comprehensive, local, relevant training opportunities to apprentices. Traditional apprenticeship programs have
been continued by the mining industry in addition to this program.

Once certified, the MAP apprentices will exit the MAP program and may be able to find mechanic positions in
industry. Given the predicted shortages and the quality of this program, the prospect for acquiring positions is

The candidates for this apprenticeship program must be a graduate of the College of the Rockies or other
recognized College heavy duty entry-level trades program or have successfully challenged those learning

Benefits of MAP

        Increase journey persons and skilled workers in our region
        MAP journey persons will have well rounded skills need to meet the mining industry’s needs
        Training will be local and more cost effective for apprentice and industry
        Flexible training system meeting the Industry Training Authority mandates for trades training
       Supports the local post-secondary institution (and K-12)
       Strengthens the industry and post secondary partnership
       Increases access to local trades training to youth and under-represented groups

MAP Schedule

Heavy duty mechanic apprentices will be hired in June of 2009. Work placements will begin shortly after their
College Orientation.

The MAP model is based on the following partnership principles:

    1. Apprenticeship work experience (AWE) and training schedules will be scheduled to accommodate the
       business operations of the partnership and needs of apprentices.

    2. The location and number of work placements will be assigned based on the needs of the mining industry,
       the College and the apprentice.

    3. Other mining and forestry industry partners will be encouraged to provide AWE placements in addition to
       those provided by the partnership.

    4. Technical training will be provided by the College of the Rockies.

    5. Technical training will be modularized and competency based.

    6. Online learning will be included in technical training where appropriate.

    7. Log books and self-registration will be incorporated into MAP.

    8. A minimum total of 672 hours of technical training and 6000 hours of AWE will be completed. (Credit for
       applicable AWE gained by the MAP Apprentice prior to entry into the program may be granted.)

    9. The apprentice will be paid for their AWE at a set rate established by the College.

    10. AWE placements should be a minimum of six months in length. No maximum limit has been established.
        AWE placements in industry will be arranged by College of the Rockies.

    11. The candidates for this apprenticeship would be either graduates from a recognized College or a
        graduate who has successfully challenged the ELTT heavy duty program through the Industry Training
        Authority (ITA).

    12. Based on 11 above, all successful applicants for this program will have the learning outcomes of the
        ELTT program (information on those outcomes is provided later in this document).

    13. The MAP program will provide apprentices additional support, services, training and certifications as
        required (ie: WHMIS). Prior learning assessment will be included in MAP.

MAP Administration

The following is some information regarding MAP for potential candidates/apprentices.

Who has to approve this project?

College of the Rockies, Ministry of Advanced Education, the Industry Training Authority, and industry partners as
How will the apprentice be sponsored?

The College will sponsor the apprentices. The College is a registered employer with the ITA.

How will the apprentice work experience placements be managed?

Sponsored MAP apprentices will be enrolled in a College of the Rockies MAP program and managed similar to
other work placement programs that the College maintains.

Will I have full time work?

The College is hiring the same number of MAP apprentices to the number of apprentice work experience
positions available in industry. It is expected that apprentices will be employed approximately 10 months in the
year and attend technical training 6 weeks each year. However, apprentices should be aware that there may be
some short term gaps between work placements due to shutdowns or other disruptions.

Does the apprentice get paid?

Yes, by the College. Apprentices will be paid at the set rate established by the College. Annual vacation of 4%
will be included with each pay. Apprentices are allowed to take 2 weeks unpaid vacation per year. Health,
welfare, and pension benefits are not included.

Does the apprentice get paid while they go to take their technical training?

No, they are eligible and will be covered by employment insurance. The apprentice will also be responsible for the
related fees of tuition and supplies.

What about vacation?

Per the BC labour code 4% will be built into AWE.

Do I have the same MAP apprentice stay at one site the whole time?

No. It is the intention of MAP that apprentices will rotate through the different mines or other mining industry

What if an apprentice does not work out?

College of the Rockies is the direct supervisor of MAP apprentices. The Department Head of Trades will provide
performance feedback and evaluations for all MAP apprentices. A performance feedback schedule has been
identified in the apprentice manual. Feedback from an industry partner is a part of the performance feedback
schedule. If, after or during an AWE session, feedback is negative (i.e. an apprentice’s performance is
unacceptable) the apprentice will be terminated from the program. This also applies if an apprentice is not
successful in their technical training as determined by the College.

What if a MAP apprentice quits?

Our experience is that very few apprentices in the East Kootenay region resign from the program. However some
MAP Apprentices have resigned to work for other organizations and transferred their apprenticeship to that
organization. Should this occur the College provides the required support to the apprentice to transfer their
apprenticeship to the new employer. The College will hire and ensure that there are enough apprentices to match
the number of placements.

The College of the Rockies is a learner-centered institution. We invite all qualified applicants who value high
quality program delivery and educational excellence to apply for…….

                            Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentices (Multiple Positions)

The College of the Rockies is accepting applications for Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentices. This unique
apprenticeship opportunity is offered with the employers in the Elk Valley. Apprentices indentured into this
program with College of the Rockies will be provided apprenticeship work experience at various industrial
worksites with the Elk Valley. In addition to the “at work experience” apprentices will receive the required
technical training at the Cranbrook College Campus.

Heavy Industrial experience is an asset. Skills in mechanics, communication, and computer skills are also an

Qualifications: Secondary School diploma or equivalent. Candidates for this apprenticeship must be graduates
from a Heavy Duty Mechanic Entry Level Trades Training Program or have successfully challenged the Entry
Level Trades Training program through the Industry Training Authority. One or more years of apprenticeship
training/experience in this trade or a related trade is an asset.

As part of the selection and entry into the program, applicants will be required to undergo a Prior
Learning Assessment which will determine if credit can be given for past training and work experience.

Salary: Competitive Industry Rates

Start Date: June 2009

Closing Date: June 12, 2009

NOTE: Prior to submitting an application for this program ALL applicants must obtain an information
package from the College. The information packages can be obtained from the College Human Resource
Department in person or by calling 250-489-8208 to have one emailed or faxed. It is also available on

Interested persons should submit their resume of qualifications and experience to: The Human Resource
Development Department, College of the Rockies, Box 8500, Cranbrook, BC V1C 5L7 Confidential Fax #(250)
489-8206 or electronically to hrdd@cotr.bc.ca

Please quote Competition #09 OT 01

Please ensure your covering letter and resume clearly describe your related qualifications and experience as
selection for interview will be based on the information provided.

We thank all who apply and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.
MAP apprentice work experience locations

The present companies have committed to providing heavy duty mechanic apprentices work experience. MAP
apprentices will be assigned by the College to work at these locations during their program and are responsible
for their own transportation and accommodation expenses. Other organizations may become available and
provide apprentice work experience in addition to those listed below.

               Elkview Operations                                 Coal Mountain Operations
                 RR#1, Hwy #3                                           PO Box 3000
             Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0                                 Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0

              Greenhills Operations                                 Line Creek Operations
                  PO Box 5000                                            PO Box 2003
              Elkford, BC V0B 1H0                                  Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0

             Fording River Operations                             Transwest Mining Systems
                   PO Box 100,                                            PO Box 40
              Elkford, BC V0B 1H0                                    Elkford, BC V0B 1H0

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