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            POSTER PRESENTATION – 12 , 13                & 14        NOVEMBER 2010

           Important instructions:-

           1. Poster will be put on the day of presentation between 8.00 to 9.00 am in the dome area.
           2. The presenters must be present when the poster are been put up.
           3. The evaluation of the poster will be between 3.00 to 5.00pm. Only one candidate must be
           present near the poster to answer any questions during evaluation.
           4. The posters must be removed immediately after 5.00pm .The scientific committee will not be
           responsible for any loss of poster if not removed by the presenter after 5.00pm.
           P65 to P128-13 November 2010}                                             VENUE:- DOME AREA

1.   P65                                                                         Gagging- A Barrier To Patient Care In
                                Dr. Mandira Ghosh                                Prosthodontics

2.   P66                                                                         Geriatric Patient – Does Require Special
                                Dr. Mukesh Yadav                                 Diet ??????

3.   P67                                                                         Gingival Tissue Management In Fixed
                                Dr. Joephin Sounder                              Prosthodontics – Methods And Recent
4.   P68                                                                         Hepta For Excellence !!!!!!
                                Dr. Deepa Alex, Dr. Shivanand Shetty

5.   P69                                                                         Hollow Dentures- A Friend In Need
                                Dr.Dhruv Arora

6.   P70                                                                         Hemimandibulectomy Reconstruction, Is
                                Dr.Nikhil S.Rajan                                Graft A Necessity ??

7.   P71                                                                         Treatment„s Effect On Welded Joints Of
                                                                                 Co-Cr & Ni-Cr Dental Alloys
                                Dr. Naveen Chirumamilla, Dr.Saritha
                                Kattulapalli, Dr. Rahul Reddy

8.   P72                                                                         Reflect Me Gently- Gingival Displacement
                                Dr. Nag Bhushan Mandal
9.   P73                                                                         Humor and Dentistry-A Cartoonist„s
                                Dr.Amit Sharma, Dr.Abhimanyu Chouhan             Perception

10. P74                                                                          Impression making in cleft lip and cleft
                                Dr. Dilip Kumar Singh, Dr. Kankana Lahiri        palate patients: A Challenge

11. P75                                                                          Surgical Template: A Systematic Approach
                                Dr. Ashish Kalra, Dr. Kamal Verma                To Precise Implant Placement

12. P76                                                                          If Saliva Were Red…..
                                Dr. Sushma Krishnamurthy

13. P77                                                                          Implant Supported Overdentures – A
          Dr.Neerupama R, Dr.Neha Nanal, Dr.Sriram       Motional„ Attachment.

14. P78                                                  Immediate Dentine Sealing Vs Delayed
          Dr. Y Bhavan, Dr.N Vignesh                     Dentin Sealing

15. P79                                                  Is It A Denture
          Dr. Amit Agrawal, Dr. Kruti Desai, Dr.Chirag

16. P80                                                  Intraoral Assessment Of Edentulous
          Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh, Dr. Poornima           Patients:- Focus On Whether The Mouth Is
          Nandee Yaikhem                                 Healthy??

17. P81                                                  Reaching For Newer Horizons

18. P82                                                  Lip And Facial Reproduction As An Aid To
          Dr.Chetan Pathak, Dr. Priyanka TS, Dr.         Optimal Anterior Aesthetics
          Nalavade Anagha

19. P83                                                  Role Of Lasers In Prosthodontics
          Dr. Vikram Panghal, Dr. Kalpataru Kishlay,
          Dr. Rajdeep Paul

20. P84                                                  Lumineers ―Minimal Preparation
          Dr. Amreena Gill, Dr. Sakshi Anand             Veneers‖

21. P85                                                  Lumineers An Approach To Facial Beauty
          Dr. Iqbal Shamsi, Dr. Manoj Kumar Thakur       And Smile.

22. P86                                                  Lumineers (No Preparation Veneers)
          Dr. Priyanka

23. P87                                                  Lumineer – Painless Way To Bring
          Dr.Aditya Kapoor, Dr.Puneet Mahajan            Beautiful Smile

24. P88                                                  Lasers In Implants
          Dr.Abirami G, Dr.Aarthy V, Dr.Ramya S

25. P89                                                  Line Of Vision- Surgical Gide To Implant
          Dr.Ragini B

26. P90                                                  Laminates Veneer An Update
          Dr. Anil V Koruthur

27. P91   Dr. Vandana Pathak, Dr. Ravish Tongya          Implant Oral Hygiene

28. P92                                                  Lumineers: A Revolutionary Smile
          Dr Divya Mittal                                Makeover Technique
29. P93      Dr. Aswathi Krishnan, Dr. Susheen Gajare,    Maxillofacial Prosthesis - A Clinical Case
             Dr. Abhishek Jain                            Report

30. P94      Dr. T.S.V. Satyanarayana, Dr. V. Karthik,    Mrp To Drp

31. P95      Dr. Naga Rajesh Naidu                        “Mastering The Art Of Cast Partial Denture
32. P96      Dr. Priyanka Mahale                          Metal Free Denstistry…..
33. P97      Dr.Santosh Anand                             Management Of Atrophic Mandibular
                                                          Ridges : Avenues Beyond Implants And
34. P98      Dr. Saptarishi Banerjee                      Minimally Invasive Fixed Prosthodontics

35.   P99    Dr.Manish Shekhar, Dr.Vikas Sharma           Minimally Invasive Prosthodontics

36.   P100   Dr. Neha Jain,                               Maryland Bridges – Scope And Limitations

37.   P101   Dr. Jitendra. Mete                           "Magic Fibers : Review Of Versatile
                                                          Applications Of Fibers In Prosthodontics.
38.   P102   Dr. Himanshu Kapoor, Dr Manoj Rawat, Dr      Cad/Cam In Prosthodontics
             Vishal Chaudhary

39.   P103   Dr Ritu                                      Management Of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
                                                          With Mandibular Advancement Appliance
                                                          Case Report
40.   P104                                                Maxillofacial prosthesis –past present and
              Dr Damanjit Kaur                            future
41.   P105                                                Management Of HIV Patients - A
             Dr Vinod Balla, Dr Shilpa KNVG, Dr Dipika    Prosthodontic Consideration

42.   P106                                                New Horizon in Dentistry – CAD CAM
             Dr. Yashwant Tulshiram Ujagare

43.   P107                                                Overdenture Posts
             Dr. Anudeep Kaur, Dr. Sanam Kumar

44.   P108                                                O-Rings for Overdentures
             Dr.Cinil Matthew, Dr.Shiva Kumar, Dr.Kriba

45.   P109   Dr. Kanchan Dholam                           Retained Prosthetic Rehabilitation in a
                                                          Case of Histiocytosis X of Mandible.
46.   P110                                                Occluso-Posturo-Odontology
             Dr. Ashlesha Marathe

47.   P111                                                Prosthodontic Management of Ectodermal
             Dr. Deepthi.V.S., Dr. Azad AQ                Dysplasia ―A Challenge―

48.   P112                                                Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of
             Dr. Sunantha.S                               Hemimaxillectomy Patient with Facial
                                                         Defect – a case Report
49.   P113                                               "Prosthodontic Times"
             Dr. Amita Goyal, Dr. Aalap Prajapati

50.   P114                                               (P)Lan- (M)Aterialize –(S)Ucceed!!
             Dr.Bhargavi Anand, Dr.Vertika Srivastav,    An Old Trade Secret Revealed For Oral
             Dr.Priya deep Bannerjee                     Rehabilitation –―The Pms Philosophy‖

51.   P115                                               Prosthetic Reincarnation...Restoring Tooth
             Dr. Navleen Kaur, Dr. Himanshu Shekhawat    in ‗God„s Own Way„

52.   P116                                               Prosthetic options for Osmf
             Dr. Ansu Mary Abraham

53.   P117                                               Precision Attachment made Easy
             Dr. Bhupinder Pal

54.   P118                                               Prosthodontic approach in forensic
             Dr. Priyanka Mall, Dr. Kopal Goel, Dr.      odontology
             Gaurav Bhalla

55.   P119                                               Post and Core: Failures and Prevention
             Dr.Vrinda Shah, Dr.Rihan Desai, Dr.Archan

56.   P120                                               Prosthodontic Management of Sleep Apnea
             Dr.Aditya Sharad Kokate

57.   P121                                               Precision Attachments –A Precise Way of
             Dr.Manu Johns, Dr.Anil                      Creating Smiles
             Subhash,Dr.Kalpesh Revankar

58.   P122                                               Prosthodontics-A Future Visualization
             Dr.Mohammad Ashiq, Dr. Janardanan
             Sriman, Dr.Zuhhairullah SZ

59.   P123                                               Prepometer – The Digital Pulp Guard
             Dr.Sharad Vaidya, Dr.Ashish Kumar Nirwan

60.   P124                                               Planning Implant Aesthetics
             Dr. Punit Hegde, Dr. Lingeshwar D

61.   P125                                               Prosthetic Appliance for Sealed Source
             Dr.IpeSabu, Dr.Anil Mathew                  Radiotherapy

62.   P126                                               Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of Postsurgical
             Dr. Ashish Dewakar Meshram                  Maxillary Defect

63.   P127                                               Pressure Indicating Media-A Useful Aid in
             Dr.Shamin Kumar                             Prosthetic Dentistry
64.   P128                                       Programming the Deprogrammer.
             Dr. Saba Malik, Dr. Shilpi Pandey