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             POSTER PRESENTATION – 12 , 13               & 14        NOVEMBER 2010

             Important instructions:-

             1. Poster will be put on the day of presentation between 8.00 to 9.00 am in the dome area.
             2. The presenters must be present when the poster are been put up.
             3. The evaluation of the poster will be between 3.00 to 5.00pm. Only one candidate must be
             present near the poster to answer any questions during evaluation.
             4. The posters must be removed immediately after 5.00pm .The scientific committee will not be
             responsible for any loss of poster if not removed by the presenter after 5.00pm.

             {1 to 64 -12 November 2010}                                                   VENUE:- Dome Area

S.No.   Presentation              Name of the Presenter                                            Topic
  1.    P1                                                                A Novel Prosthodontic Method For Managing Auricular
                          Dr. Anupam Purwar                               Seroma

  2.    P2                                                                A New Horizon In Dental Implantology...Basal
                          Dr.Saumil Sampat, Dr. Kausar Jahan              Implants

  3.    P3                                                                A Path To Unconventional Prosthodontics-Applied
                          Dr.Rahul Patil, Dr Manoj Bodhwani               Kinesiology
                          ,Dr.Heena Shah

  4.    P4                                                                A Smile Goes Miles ……………………………Without
                          Dr.Deepak Sachan, Dr.Vijeta Jadhav,             The Black Triangles
                          Dr.Rohan Yadhav

  5.    P5                                                                A Journey Through The World Of Dental Implant
                          Dr.Dipanjana Sinha, Dr.Rajwinder Singh          Abutments

  6.    P6                                                                A Smile – Takes You Miles……
                          Dr.Girish Kumar, Dr.Smitha Gujar,
                          Dr.Manoj Kumar

  7.    P7                                                                Awful To Awesome!.....
                          Dr.Priyadarshini Reddy, Dr.Sai Kiran B,
                          Dr. A Sowjanya Godavarthy

  8.    P8                                                                An Overview Of Materials And Technique Used In
                          Dr. Pratibha Rawat                              Soldering, Brazing An Welding

  9.    P9                                                                Biomaterials In Dental Implants
                          Neha Talwar
10.   P10                                           Biotooth In Prosthodontics
            Dr.Tanveer Farhana

11.   P11                                           Bridging The Deject Using Gingival Veneers
            Dr. Tanmay Shrivastava, Dr.Ravi Gupta

12.   P12                                           "Biotooth - A Dream Or Reality"
            Dr.Arjun Singh, Dr.Nimisha Chaudhry

13.   P13                                           Before Giving The Best - Consider The ‗STRESS‘
            Dr.Rupali Mandal, Dr.Hemlata Dwivedi,
            Dr.Nabarun Chakraborty

14.   P14   Dr.Rejoy Alexander, Dr.Harish VS,       Bioceramics
            Dr.Mohammed Ali.

15.   P15                                           Cone Beam Computed Tomography – Clicking On New
            Dr. Kamna Nagrani                       Dimension Of Imaging

16.   P16                                           Crown And Bridge Disassembly
            Dr. Ashu Sharma

17.   P17                                           Creating Beautiful Smiles- Key Elements
            Dr. Ayesha Anjum H., Dr. Deepthi BC,
            Dr. Abhishek Setpal

18.   P18                                           Centric Relation: Its Controversies?
            Dr.Aishwarya Chatterjee, Dr. Abhishek
            Shirish, Dr. Anuj Chandak

19.   P19                                           Changing Smiles Through Implant Restorations....
            Dr. Radhika B. Parekh, Dr. Mitali       Predictable Esthetics
            Master, Dr. Nirali Jhaveri

20.   P20                                           Changing Lives By Captivating Smiles Through
            Dr.Rashim Garg, Dr.Rubina               Centuries

21.   P21                                           Comparative Study On Accuracy Of Ring And Ringless
            Dr.Resmiraju, Dr.C Nagappan,            Casting
            Dr.Veerendra Prasad

22.   P22                                           "Change Your Life By Changing Your Smile...Trust
            Dr.Shriya Marya, Dr.Puneet Pandher      Your Prosthodontics"

23.   P23                                           Connecting Impossibilities
            Dr.Mithun Kumar, Dr.Abhishek
            Sawarna, Dr.Bhavna Lokwani
24.   P24                                               Choose The Right Abutment
            Dr.Chenthil Arun Mohan, Dr.Vijaykumar
            U, Dr.Adarsh Shetty.

25.   P25                                               Ceramics N Aesthetics
            Dr.Someshukla Sarkar

26.   P26                                               Complete Denture Esthetics
            Dr. Hrishikesh Naik, Dr.Shailesh
            Bhalerao, Dr. Amaey Parekh

27.   P27                                               CAD/CAM
            Dr. Isha Rastogi, Dr. Preeti Vadhwani

28.   P28                                               Cephalometrics In Prosthodontics
            Dr.Sumit Sharma , Dr.Kusum Singh

29.   P29                                               Dysbarism- Prostho Considerations
            Dr. P.L. Neela

30.   P30                                               Diagnostic Wax-Up For Plane Correction And
            Dr.Jyothsna Reddy, Dr.Abhirami Bharti,      Achieving Better Smile
            Dr.Harish Gopal

31.   P31                                               Desin And Development Of Simplified Masticatory
            Dr Sangeetha Lakshmi, Dr. Surya R,          Simulator Apparatus
            Dr. Mangala jyothi KJ

32.   P32                                               Digital Impressions
            Dr. Bipin Y. Muley

33.   P33                                               Digital Impressions : Virtual Becomes Reality
            Dr. Shwetha Caculo

34.   P34                                               Characterization Of Dentures
            Dr. Niyati Singh, Dr. Amrita Jayswal, Dr.
            Parul Singh

35.   P35                                               Don‘t Just Work Hard….Work Smart
            Dr. Shilpa Kadam

36.   P36                                               Digital Impressions- A New Era In Prosthodontics
            Dr. Yogita Patil

37.   P37                                               Denture Identification Systems
            Dr. Sourabh Dhopre, Dr. Kaustubh
38.   P38                                               Diagnostic Imaging And Surgical Template In Implant
            Dr.Mayank Lau, Dr. Paran Joshi              Dentistry

39.   P39                                               Defining Role Of Prosthodontist In Smile Enhancement
            Dr. Manumeet Kaur Bhathal, Dr. Prab
40.   P40                                              Denture Base Characterisation To Improve Smile
            Dr.Khushboo Mehta

41.   P41                                              Digital Impressions: Right Foundation For Predictable
            Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, Dr. Ashima            Prosthesis

42.   P42   Dr.Amit Patil, Dr. Astha                   . Diagnosed And Treated It Right ? Capture It Right

43.   P43                                              Diagnostic Modalities In Temporomandibular Disorders
            Dr. Varun Saini, Dr. Vaibhav Avnish

44.   P44                                              Digital Impressions:From Bites To Bytes

45.   P45                                              Exposing The Unexposed
            Dr. Vengatesh Kumar. J.

46.   P46                                              Esthetics: A Journey Through The Ages
            Dr. Aatish Srivastav, Dr. B Amarnath

47.   P47                                              Esthetic Illusions
            Dr. Varun Pitti, Dr. Mallikarjun DM, Dr.
            Snehapriya K

48.   P48                                              Every Tooth Has A Shade... You Simply Have To
            Dr. Rekha V., Dr. Shamsulla Khan           Match It!!!!

49.   P49                                              A Clinical Study To Evaluate The Influence Of Dental
            Dr. Vijal Mehta, Dr. Ruchika Mishra        To Facial Midline Discrepancies On Dental
                                                       Attractiveness Rating.
50.   P50                                              Emergence Profile - The Rising Part Of Crown
            Dr. Chirag V. Gorasiya
51.   P51                                              Esthetic Risk Factors In Dental Implant
            Dr.Karan Kapoor, Dr. Swati Saggar, Dr.
            Saraswati Rana

52.   P52                                              Aesthetic Prosthodtics®"Put The Sparkle Back To
            Dr.Sheenam Ahuja, Dr. Bikramjeet           Your Smile"
            Singh Dhillon

53.   P53                                              Esthetic Gingiva-A Collar To Be Proud About
            Dr.Mahalakshmi G

54.   P54                                              Evolution Of Magnets In Prosthodontics
            Dr.Radha C

55.   P55                                              Esthetics - Has Prosthodontics Established An Edge
            Dr.Sagar Abichandani, Dr.Shilpa            Over Other Specialities?
56.   P56                                            Esthetic Contemplation Of The True Midline Defect For
            Dr.Gaurav Jaiswal                        Dentulous And Edentulous Patients

57.   P57                                            Aesthetics Ideally And Aesthetics Differently
            Dr. Seema Patil, Dr. Darshi Patel, Dr.
            Harish Goyani

58.   P58                                            Expression Of Feminine Characteristics In A Complete
            Dr. Silpi Jalan                          Denture

59.   P59                                            Esthetic Post And Core : It‘s Time To Go Metal Free
            Dr.Sanil Natekar, Dr. Sanket Rane,

60.   P60
            Dr. Abdul Rafe, Dr. Siva Saranya         Establishing The Occlusal Plane – A Functional And
                                                     Esthetic Gain

61.   P61
            Dr. Rishabh Garg, Dr. Manas Singh, Dr.   Smile A Mile – By Recontouring And Special Effects
            Shuja Ur Rehman

62.   P62
            Dr. Mohammed Sadique                     Full Mouth Rehabilitation-State Of The Art

63.   P63
            Dr.Shraddha Rani                         Flexible Gingival Prosthesis

64.   P64
            Dr.Ahmed Hassan Jibran, Dr.Bhakti        Fluctuations In Blood Pressure During Denture
            Jain                                     Fabrication

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