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					GRAHAM HURLEY                               (01624) 662043                   +44 1624 662043

IT Infrastructure Professional with accomplishments in technical, consulting, project
management, and international roles. MCSE on Windows 2003 (also on Windows
2000 and on NT 4.0) as well as work experience with Windows Server 2003 / Windows
XP / 2000 / NT / 98 / 95, Active Directory, Cluster Services, Network Load Balancing,
TCP/IP, IIS, VBScript, MSMQ, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Double-Take software, and
VMware. Exceptional creative, conceptual, analytical, problem-solving, support and
documentation skills, combined with the demonstrated energy and initiative to “make it

MCSE on Windows 2003.
MCSE on Windows 2000 (“Early Achiever” certification), 2001; electives include:
 Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Windows 2000 Server
  Technologies (beta exam 71-226)
 Microsoft Clustering Services (exam 70-223)
 Windows XP Professional (beta exam 71-270)
MCSE on NT 4.0, 1997; electives include:
 Internet Information Server 4.0, TCP/IP, SQL Server 6.5, Windows 95
MBCS (Member British Computer Society); CEng (Chartered Engineer, UK)
MSc degree, Computer Science, University of Manitoba, Canada.
BSc honours, Mathematics with Computer Science, Bristol University, England.

RECENT WORK EXPERIENCE and key accomplishments:
Barclays Bank, Douglas, Isle of Man                          October 2006 – October 2007
Within the context of a strategic service stabilization and server consolidation initiative:
   Implemented new high-availability clustered File Server to support work group
    and individual user data (including hundreds of users' Roaming Profiles); and
    designed and oversaw the migration of those users - and several hundred Gigabytes
    of existing data - from several legacy file servers, which were then able to be retired.
   To address Business Continuity requirements, used Double-Take software to
    implement over-the-network data replication to a geographically remote Disaster
    Recovery site.

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     Applied corporate security standards to legacy servers, using Security Templates.
     Examined legacy (NT) domains, and recommended, planned and implemented
      changes to resolve problems and ensure ongoing reliability, involving domain
      controllers, directory replication, WINS servers, user logon scripts, time services, etc.
Technologies and tools included: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, MSCS (MicroSoft
Cluster Services), VBScript, ADSI objects, Windows command-line tools, Double-Take,
Security Templates.

Accenture / Avanade                                                  March 2004 – May 2005
As consultant to Accenture US and/or Avanade UK, provided infrastructure design,
implementation, and consulting services to an Accenture “vertical market” product team:
     Working closely with the UK-based Project Team and developers, and/or with
      Accenture's clients, analysed requirements and developed, implemented,
      documented, tested and supported Windows-based infrastructure solutions,
      to support Production, Test, and Developer requirements. This included:
         Working with the network team, specifying and testing firewall and router
          configuration to support connectivity and security requirements.
         Defining infrastructure needs for a planned major upgrade of the client’s
          existing live Production system; and developing and communicating strategies
          and tactics to support a safe migration to the upgraded environment.
         Testing, deploying and supporting BizTalk Server 2004 in an enterprise
          environment, featuring multiple load-balanced BizTalk servers, separate
          clustered SQL Server, and with a clustered “Master Secret Server”.
         Implementing a second Production SQL database server (to relief capacity
          problems on the original server), including migration of live databases with due
          regard to risk management (both were clustered SQL Server 2000 servers).
         Creating full scale Acceptance Test environment, comprising 14 Windows
          servers, including their own Windows 2000 domain; AD-based Group Policy;
          and connectivity from test devices via either LAN or via an existing GPRS facility.
         VMware-based developer test environments, comprising multiple Windows
          servers, including both server cluster and load-balanced cluster components.
     On-site at a client location in USA, worked with Accenture, Avanade and client
      staff, to analyse security requirements for the product (relative to client's existing
      Windows environment and standards), and specified, tested, negotiated,
      documented and implemented changes to product installation procedure,
      so that installed product would meet client's IT security requirements.
     Developed and tested detailed written procedures covering infrastructure build
      processes, and other manual processes as required.
     By means of frequent formal and informal consultations, performed knowledge-
      transfer to team members, concerning infrastructure-related technology issues.

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Technologies and tools included: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, BizTalk Server
2004, SQL Server 2000, Cluster Services, Network Load Balancing, RADIUS
servers, Group Policy and Security Templates, VMware, VBScript, ADSI, XML
Document Object Model, Message Queuing (MSMQ).

Nestlé, Vevey, Switzerland                                   November 2002 – March 2003
Worked at Nestlé world headquarters (within the "Globe project" IT infrastructure team),
developing automated processes for Windows 2000 server deployment:
     Worked within a large and sophisticated Windows 2000 environment, including the
      world’s largest “single domain” Active Directory implementation, multiple sites,
      dynamic DNS, and extensive use of Group Policy.
     Developed, tested, and documented automated processes to build standard
      managed Windows 2000 server platform for deployment worldwide, and for
      automated upgrades of older servers to current standard. Built and tested Active
      Directory Domain Controllers, infrastructure servers, SQL and Exchange Servers.
     Used VBScript and Windows object interfaces (e.g. WSH, ADSI, WMI)
      to automate tasks, including scripted retrieval of data from Active Directory.
     Technologies and tools included: Microsoft Windows 2000, Cluster Services,
      VBScript, Batch (command) files, Microsoft MS DOS, Symantec Ghost, and
      Microsoft and third-party utilities, MSI packaging tools, service packs, hotfixes.

Lucent Technologies, North Andover, MA, USA                           March – August 2002
Invited back to assist the Lucent IT team, on a 20-week contract:
     Planned, supported and completed a migration of a 3-Tier web-based
      manufacturing system (DataSweep, including Windows 2000 Network Load
      Balancing front-ends and Oracle/Unix back-end), from the Lucent WINS-based
      network and NT 4 domain, to a DNS-based network and Active Directory domain.
     Made formal presentation to a contract manufacturer, about architecture of system;
      and discussed feasibility of moving it to their factory in Malaysia.
     Implemented Remote Installation Server (RIS) to automate (scripted) builds
      of standard Windows 2000 platform; also used Batch (command) files and VBScript
      to automate application of post-build software such as anti-virus, etc.
     Used Windows 2000 Cluster Services to implement a fault-tolerant Print
      Server, including seamless migration of 700+ existing printers (with all their drivers,
      settings, etc) from two legacy Print Servers that were then retired.
     Designed and implemented Exchange 2000 server within its own forest.
     Analysed security of Microsoft servers, and remedied security concerns using
      registry settings, IIS (metabase) settings, hot-fixes, VBScript, etc.
     Developed ASP / VBScript code to examine and to administer configuration
      settings of IIS 5 web servers, using ADSI (IIS Admin Objects).

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                                                                                  Page 3 of 5. Limited, Douglas, Isle of Man                        August – November 2000
Provided contract infrastructure support to this e-tailing operation:
     Developed Data Backup Strategy based on ARCServe 2000, for Exchange Server
      and SQL Server databases, and other files, reflecting business needs; and with
      technical design, pricing, justification, and implementation plan.
     Implemented web site infrastructure (IIS, DNS, Verisign SSL certificates, etc).
     Developed ASP / VBScript code to maintain consistent IIS configuration settings
      across multiple load-balanced web servers, using ADSI (IIS Admin Objects).

Lucent Technologies, North Andover, MA, USA                         May 1998 – May 2000
As a contract analyst, member of six-person team designing, configuring and supporting
60 NT servers to meet user needs in 3,000+ client TCP/IP and SAN-based environment:
     In May 2000, successfully implemented Lucent’s first production Windows
      2000 server: Planned and led a server migration, from NT 4.0 / IIS 4 to new
      hardware running Windows 2000 Server / IIS 5. In support, wrote Visual Basic 6
      application to modify NTFS permissions on folders and files.
     Participated in detailed discussions and testing regarding migration of Lucent’s
      extensive Windows NT / 95 network to Windows 2000 with Active Directory,
      including work with Lucent corporate staff and Microsoft staff on issues such as
      DDNS (Dynamic DNS) with DHCP; multiple AD domains; and Group Policy.
     Acted as team specialist for customer consultation, configuration, and support of
      Internet Information Server, SQL Server, and Lotus Notes.
     Supported developers using tools including FrontPage, Visual Studio, ASP,
      Access, SQL Server, and Component Services to resolve problems, and to ensure
      security, reliability, recoverability, and efficient performance of applications.
     Installed and administered both shared and dedicated SQL Servers, consulting
      with clients to implement databases, security schemes, ODBC Data Sources, backup
      schedules, written recovery procedures, etc. to meet business needs.
     Resolved challenging TCP/IP network problems, such as Windows-Unix
      connectivity, DNS and WINS failures, and network component failure, all
      within one of the largest privately owned WAN / LAN networks in the world.

North York General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada                         1986 - 1995
As Manager, Computer Services, provided both technical leadership and hands-on
contribution, during organization’s transition from manual to computerized environment.
     Planned, proposed, agreed, and managed numerous IT implementation projects,
      including budgets, deliverables, staffing and detailed timetables.
     In close and extensive consultation with hospital and medical staff, analysed,
      agreed and documented detailed “business needs” for comprehensive,
      computerized Patient Information System.

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     Implemented 24-by-7 operation and support of patient information system
      in an acute-care hospital environment. Introduced and operated Service Level
      Agreements, problem reporting systems, and change control systems.
     Established help-desk. Implemented PC and software standardization, in-house
      equipment maintenance service, and successful anti-virus programme.
     Organized site preparation, software installation, data conversion, application
      implementation, user training, and systems administration including
      development, documentation and testing of backup and recovery procedures.
     Pioneered Windows 3.0 (later Windows 3.1) to permit a single PC to switch
      between multiple applications (Tandem terminal emulation v. WordPerfect).

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