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                        TRINITY TRUMPET                                               APR. 2011


   Trinity Lutheran Church
     Worship and
                                         In our Wednesday late afternoon Jr. Confirmation classes, we
  Education Schedule
                                have almost finished working through the Small Catechism. The last
                                subject we cover is Holy Communion. As we begin that study we look
    Sunday at 9:45 am           at various names for Holy Communion. One of those names is
                                “Eucharist”. Your first reaction to the word might be “nice word, but
  Wednesday at 7:00 pm          how do you say it, and what does it mean?” “Eucharist” comes from
                                the Greek word for “giving thanks”. That would be the purpose for this
   Saturday at 6:00 pm          article--to just say thanks.
                                         I would like to thank everyone who responded to January’s
     Holy Communion             article with the challenge that all of us members here at Trinity would
      is served on the          answer the “Help Wanted Ad” by coming together as a team to help
 first and third weekend        meet out Financial needs here at Trinity. So, to all of those who
  of each month and on          responded to that “Help Wanted Ad” I would like to share a big thank
Wednesday preceding the         you!! Thank you for your continued support of the work and ministry of
  first and third Sunday.       our church and school. Thanks for continuing to answer that “Help
                                Wanted Ad” all year long.
 Contemporary Worship                    Thanks to our Elders, as over these past few months they have
                                been calling members under their care to introduce themselves and
  Service is every third
                                visit with them. I am grateful for this extra help in contacting and
   Sunday at 9:45am.
                                caring about our members at Trinity. When you are contacted by your
                                Elder, be sure to thank him for taking the time to care about you.
                                         Thank you to those members who we have not seen in a while,
                                whom our Lord moved to join us in worship. For me it is so exciting to
Family Bible Study Hour         see God’s people coming to worship and praise Him as their Lord and
Children’s Sunday School        Savior. As this year continues to move along, pray that our Lord
            &                   would help us see the importance of regular worship as we come to
    Adult Bible Study           celebrate our Lord at work in our world as we gather to thank and
   Sunday at 8:30 am            praise Him.
                                         Thanks to all who serve on Boards and Committees to help the
    Adult Bible Study           work we do for our Lord take place. This is a challenging area for us
  Wednesday at 2:00 pm          as we could use more people to help in this area. Pray the Lord will
                                move more members to want to serve the Lord in this way. Thanks
   Sunday School and            again for your time and service.
                                         Take some time to think about reasons you have to just give
Adult Bible Study runs from
                                thanks. As those reasons come to mind, be sure to thank our Lord for
Labor Day to Memorial Day
                                them and those in our world who have given us those reasons to say
                                thank you!

                                Thank you!!

                                Pastor Dennis R. Schueler
      April 2011                                                                                  1
                            Church Connections
         April Birthday Social                            Just A Note From
          April 10, after the service                   The Board Of Stewards
If your birthday is in April, this celebration
                                                 First, I want to say, “Great Job!” We did it!
is in honor of you! Join us for treats
                                                 We met the Trinity Challenge. Thank you
organized by the Board of Evangelism!
                                                 to all that helped make this happen. Even
Happy Birthday to “over 80” member
                                                 though we met this challenge, please don't
Herbert Hamburg on April 22nd.
                                                 forget that your church still needs your
                                                 weekly giving. Also a reminder that if you
     Offerings Just Got Easier!                  miss worship one week, please make sure
Calling all Trinity Members that bank with       that you make up that giving the next time
M&I Bank! You can now set up Trinity             you come to worship. Another way of
Lutheran Church to receive automatic             giving a little extra to church is to
payments each week throughout the year.          remember a loved on their birthday or your
We have tested their online banking set up       birthday or an anniversary. Thank you to
for automatic payments and it works super!       all that already do this.
Yahoo! You no longer need to worry about
missing an offering while on vacation or         Another way to help your church would be
when sick. Connie Cooke and others at            to come to the Voters Meetings and maybe
M&I Bank can help you set up a regular           get on one of the boards. If you are not
payment to come out                              coming to the meetings or on a board,
each week to Trinity                             please think about it. The church could
Lutheran from your                               use your help!
checking or savings
account. You can                                 God’s Blessings,
cancel at any time just                          Leann Burns
by calling or stopping
in the Bank. Please
remember that even if you aren’t in church,
the bills still need to be paid.

        Maundy Thursday
 Live Portrayal of the Last Supper
         April 21, 7:00 p.m. service
                                                  God’s Blessings:
Last year, many of our members and
friends gave a wonderful performance of           Condolences to the family of:
The Last Supper. This year, we are going          Edward Brown
    to do it again. There are openings for
     additional actors with speaking and          Welcome to: Philip & Tillie Mundth,
                   non-speaking parts.            Pollyanna Sagert, David Shanks
                     Come to “Play Practice”
                     on Mondays at 6:30           Farewell to: Dale Larson, Gretchen Stecky
                     p.m. Be a part of this
                     Powerful Performance!
           Ladies of Trinity                            Another Note from the
                                                         Board of Stewards
Thanks again for the generous support of
our Mite Box project which is on-going          Leviticus 27:30
throughout the year. Our next collection will   A tithe of everything from the land, whether
be in May so that we can continue to            grain from the soil or fruit from the trees,
regularly support the mission                   belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord.
projects being funded in Wisconsin and on
the national level. To help you remember,       The Board of Stewards would like to give a
we’re offering some suggestions that may        big thank you to the generous donor who
give you some ideas on how to fill those        challenged members to contribute to the
mite boxes.                                     $2535.00 matching challenge. This raised
                                                $5070.00 for Trinity’s unified budget which
Let's call it PCIMB - Put Coins In Mite Box.    helped pay some of our bills.
1. Cash a check - PCIMB
                                                1 Corinthians 16:2A
2. Receive change from a purchase -
                                                On the first day of every week each one of
                                                you should set aside a sum of money in
3. Empty your pockets/coin purse/wallet-
                                                keeping with his income.
4. Find coins on sidewalk or in the parking      Thanking the Lord for His many blessings,
lot- PCIMB                                                              Board of Stewards
5. Clean out drawers/ under couch
cushions/the car- PCIMB
6. Give 10% of your paycheck - PCIMB -
Dollars also accepted!                            Take A Lenten Look at What It
                                                    Means To Be a DISCIPLE
                                                 D - Depends on God's love and forgiveness.
        TLC Resource Library
            Book Review                           I- Imitates Jesus in our words and actions.
    New Addition Room off the Narthex               S - Serves without glory or recognition.
The Resource Library has books and                C- Commits him(her) self totally to Jesus.
videos available for checkout to members.
                                                 I - Instructs others through our life- with our
Here is a book review by David Krause:           example of regular church attendance, first
“I was looking for a book to read with some        fruits giving, study of the Word, Christian
scriptural meaning and I talked with Doug               witness, family relationships and
Jonas. He told me to look up this book                       opportunities for service.
called This Way to Happiness - Psychology       P- Prays regularly and seeks answers in God's
for Living. The author is Clyde M.                                  Word.
Narramac. I enjoyed the book so much
that I ordered four copies for my                L- Loves other people as God has loved us -
granddaughters.                                                Unconditionally.
Please take the time                            E - Enjoys discipleship as we confess our sins,
and look through our                            look to Jesus, fellowship at His table, obey His
church library. I’m                                 commands and anticipate the heavenly
sure you will find what                                            celebration.
you are looking for.”
                YOUth – the next Generation
         School Fundraisers                       Trinity Lutheran School (TLS)
                                                          Going Forward
Please save Box Tops for Education labels
for our school. We also need Campbell’s        One of this school year’s “forward” ideas
product UPC labels and Zinke’s store           was the new website for Trinity Lutheran
receipts, too. Deposit them in the             Church & School at
Campbell's bin in the school hallway.          We hope you have checked it out. It was a
Thank you to those who have faithfully         real improvement! It includes the phrases:
contributed, and to those who are just         CHRIST-CENTERED, RESPECTFULLY
starting.                                      OPERATED, ACADEMICALLY STRONG.
                           Carey Neubauer      These three attributes are at the center of
                          Label Coordinator    your Lutheran School which you started 52
                                               years ago.
              Youth News                            It is always rewarding to hear about
                                               how our students are being positively
Plans are underway for our Easter              affected by TLS. It can be shown by the
Breakfast but we need your help to do the      school parents who tell us their children
breakfast. We will have another planning       learned a song about Jesus at school, and
meeting on April 17th at 6pm at the house.     sing it all the time at home. There is also
Then on Saturday, April 23rd we will meet      the positive feedback we receive from
at 9am in the church basement to set up        Spring Hill Middle School about our older
and make preparations for the breakfast.       students when they make the transition.
On Easter Sunday we will gather early to       Our test scores (gr.3-6) are again
get ready to serve our Breakfast. We will      “Academically Strong” this year as each
need help then as well. We thank you for       overall grade level is well above average.
taking the time to help with this fundraiser        Finally, in order to be “Respectfully
and serve our congregation as well. We         Operated” your Board of Education has
look forward to lots of people from our        been working diligently. To that end, as
youth helping us out. Thanks in advance        TLS goes forward, we are planning to
for all your help!!                            control more spending in the already
                                               reduced 2011 budget. The school income
                                               that would normally go for some budgeted
                                               items will be passed on to the church
                                               budget. We see more potential income
                                               from the Preschool program and offering
                                               After School Care. These and other ideas
                     Thank you to the Nate     will be shared at the Voters’ Meeting on
Family & UNO’s Chicago Grill for providing     March 27th.
Trinity with a special fundraising                  As we go forward, pray for a clear
opportunity night last month. It was a fun     unified vision for our church and school.
night of fellowship and a great night for      Pray that we might receive the wisdom
fundraising! We also thank everyone who        from God of what He would have us do
came out and supported Trinity in this         and that He continues to direct our way.
fundraising event! We appreciate your
support!                                                      For the Board of Education,
                                                                     Mr. David Sellmeyer
April 2011                                                                       4
Trinity Lutheran Church
728 Church Street
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 53965

              For Christians, we know how beautiful it is to live life with faith in Jesus,
      so the mission of our congregation is to always be a part of connecting people to Jesus.

                                                                        April 2011

                                    Contact Trinity!
   Telephone: 608-253-3241                          NEW Website:
   Fax: 608-254-7585
   Dial-A-Devotion: 608-254-6414

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