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									                                                                                                            Enshrine P
                                                                                                     If any of these candidate
                                                                                                        Contact: Caryn Darley

Ref no.   The business title of candidate's ideal What are the key responsibilities and
          position is:                            accountabilities of their ideal position?

75985     Analyst                                 My educational background in Nuclear
                                                  Engineering, Physics and Mathematics suits
                                                  me well with the above title because I can fit
                                                  in broader range of fields.
75994     Analyst, Chemist                        Perform any legitimate activity as required,
                                                  technical and administrative. Carry out
                                                  research and investigation projects on natural
                                                  or nuclear science matters. Carry out technical
64377     Assistant to CEO; Business Unit         analysis/inspections. Coordinate and prepare
                                                  Oversee the operations of a company; drive
          Manager; CTO, R&D Director              delivery; develop innovative solutions to
                                                  technically challenging problems.

64153     Business Development                    New business development planning. -
                                                  Project management as well as rollout and
                                                  execution thereof. - Effective brand
                                                  management. - Negotiate Partnerships and
99294     Business Development Manager            partner programs. - Product sales planning -
                                                  Deal initiation Negotiation Financial valuation
                                                  Strategy development

97242     C & I Manager                           - Employment of cutting edge technologies in
                                                  order to ensure the relevant companies
                                                  position as a market leader in progressive
                                                  technology implementation. - Accountable for
64150     CEO/MD                                  all control systems implementations in terms
                                                  Full bottom line responsibility of an
                                                  organisation or business unit

75927     Chief Architect/CIO                     Responsible for the optimal enablement of
                                                  business strategy through available ICT
                                                  technologies and alignment of the business to
                                                  ICT strategies, with the mandate to make
80711     Civil Engineer                          decisions and implement actions required to
                                                  Taking responsibility for the design and
                                                  implementation of water supply and
                                                  sanitation projects involving bulk pipelines,
                                                  reticulation, pumping stations, treatment
101841    Civil Structural Engineer               plants and their proper operation and
                                                  Design of structural steel, concrete structures,
                                                  such as bridges and reservoirs. Specifications
                                                  and Design criteria's and management of the
                                                  project from tender stage to construction and
                                                  close up of project, to submit all
76058   Commissioning Manager Nuclear    Manage / supervise the commissioning of the
                                         nuclear instrumentation for a Nuclear reactor.
                                         Accountable for the safe & functional
                                         operation of the nuclear instrumentation.
75993   Compliance and Regulatory        To ensure that the legislative requirements
                                         relevant to the Business processes are being
                                         adhered to, and to ensure that compliance
                                         occurs throughout the business processes.
75926   Configuration Controller         Baseline Management. Identification.
                                         Engineering Change Control. Verification of
                                         Data Packs. Ensure documents and data are
                                         ready and available for use. Configuration
92719   Contracts Administrator          audits.of contracts, negotiations, control of
                                         Setup Reporting on status. Interface with
                                         contractors, manage any issues between
                                         Company and Contracting Company.
                                         Managing warehouse material purchasing. Be
75997   Design Engineer                  contactof Mechanical components, Plant
                                         Design person for any related issues.
                                         layout design, Concept and detail design
                                         drawings, Liaison with engineers and drawing
85708   Director Sales/ International    Head Off Sales: Business Development
                                         through out the Globe. Grow Company
                                         Profits, Establish Strong Relations with
                                         business growth to be the focus point, People
75874   Draughtsman/ Piping Designer     Management to have the same vision and
                                         Conformance safety and standards

99762   E,C&I Engineer                   To oversee, check and approve, where
                                         appropriate, the work of colleagues in the
                                         department; to direct investigations into
                                         problem areas arising with the work at site
88487   Electrical Engineer              and to endorse solutions. To direct and ensure
                                         Maintenance of Concentrator electrical
                                         equipment. Carrying out downtime analysis
                                         and implementing strategies to reduce the
                                         same. Managing a team of Foremen and
89388   Electrical Engineer              Artisans. Maintaining SHE systems for the
                                         Design, Installation, commissioning,
                                         operations and maintenance equipment
                                         Control and instrumentation Engineering,
                                         Programming and Installation of
95057   Electrical Engineer              Programmable logic controller (PLC), SCADA
                                         Maintenance and all project works.

88631   Electrical Engineer (Graduate)   Systems Management, Systems
                                         Implementation, Project Manager
88598    Electrical Engineer (Graduate)          Work with customers to modify designs based
                                                 on inputs Work with project deliverables and
                                                 timelines to accomplish customer Work in
                                                 team to accomplish project deliverables
89406    Electrical Engineer (Graduate)          Managing and designing engineering projects

75974    Energy Analyst                          Contribute to the implementation of Energy
                                                 Security (Both Clean and Nuclear Energy) in
                                                 our country Provide a detailed analysis of
                                                 Energy requirements (Energy planning)
76041    Engineer                                Complicated Promotion of new technology
                                                 Research andmulti-disciplinary engineering to
                                                 calculations. Producing reports that analysis
                                                 the results of these calculations.

99052    Engineer                                Consult, Design and/or develop any
                                                 Engineering or IT systems. R&D

63594    Engineer ( Industrial Engineering type Management of engineering key performance
         work)                                  indicators (KPI) in Plant Mechanical
                                                Maintenance and Installation Projects.

74758    Engineer (Industrial Engineering type   Finding solutions, improve efficiency, develop
         work)                                   new solutions.

74457    Engineering Manager                     Putting together a team of engineers,
                                                 developing their competency, mentoring

75962    Engineering Manager                     Budget, plan and manage engineering work.
                                                 Resource and lead multi-disciplinary
                                                 engineering team Engineering design
                                                 processes, procedures and standards Cost and
76047    Engineering Manager                     quality of design Risk management
                                                 Engineering management, project
                                                 management and line management

84150    Engineering Manager                     Ensuring technical excellence, continuous
                                                 improvement and innovation. Ensuring
                                                 delivery of engineering projects per clients
                                                 requirements i.e. making it happen. Effective
102433   Engineering manager                     and synergistic integration of the
                                                 Maintenanance, Design, Safety
76073   Engineering Manager / Project   To give technical direction and to provide
                                        oversight on the technical aspects and
                                        maintenance of the organisation. Ensure
                                        businesses run more effectively by applying
74016   Engineering Manager/ BUM        • Establishing a vision and business, in
                                        world class practices in thedriving it to terms
                                        realisation • Having profit and loss
                                        accountability and the authority required to
                                        succeed in it • Leading professional
76014   Engineering/ Maintenance        Personnel Safety Plant teams, coaching HR
                                        engineering/consultingBudget and someand

85699   Field Engineer Commissioning    Pre-Commissioning, commissioning, chemical
                                        cleaning, internal pickling, scheduling,
                                        planning, pigging and passivation, oil and gas,
                                        pneumatic and hydro testing, scheduling of
63898   General Manager                 Safety, mechanical piping and structural
                                        testing,Leadership, Business, Social
                                        Responsibility, Operational Excellence, Asset
                                        Care, Excellence, Customer Innovation,
                                        Responsible Cost Management, HR
76876   General Manager/ Manager        Strategy, Managing, CRM, Sustainability
                                        Excellence, Environmental Business
                                        Development, Cash Flow / forecasting, HR,
                                        Supply Chain / Procurement, JV's

74538   General Manager/Executive       Full P&L accountability for a business unit or
                                        product line together with the associated
                                        strategic development and general
                                        management responsibilities
80319   Geotechnical Engineer           Numerical Modelling -Geotechnical core
                                        logging -Underground support design -Slope
                                        stability analysis

75902   Head of Human resources         Strategic decision-making linking business
                                        decisions with people decisions.
                                        Transformational focus into organisational
                                        development, talent management, etc
85683   Head of Production Technology   To aid the company by guiding the research
                                        and development of production technologies
                                        to be more productive, lucrative, safe and
                                        environmentally friendly. This would include
73185   Industry /Segment Manager       creating new methods and equipment or
                                        Responsibility for overall growth,
                                        development and profitability of the key
                                        account/s. Coordination in effecting services
                                        and products to the key account/s. Value
75896   Industry Expert                 I am hesitant original an "ideal managing the
                                        generation onto defineleads and position", as
                                        this may exclude opportunities in other areas
                                        of business, as the skills of analysis and
                                        solution finding are applicable to most
                                        industries and not limited to a particular
75894    Information Manager                   Database Management Data Security
                                               Management Information Team Mentorship
                                               Strategic Planning

89169    Junior Process Engineer               Be involved in feasibility studies. Equipment
                                               and pump sizes. Prepare data sheets, PFD's
                                               and P&ID's. Do Mass Balance. Be involved in
88305    Lead Structural Engineer              Structural Analysis, Design, BOQs, Tenders, Co-
                                               ordination and site support.

101044   Licensing Manager                     I would like to work in an environment where
                                               the following responsibilities apply: - A level of
                                               autonomy in specifying tasks and managing
                                               projects. - Safety case development and
75969    Maintenance and Support Manager       licensing documentation, includingSupport
                                               Management of Maintenance and the
                                               Programs. Development of Maintenance and
                                               Support Programs / Systems. Planning,
                                               Contracting and Control of Maintenance.
75935    Maintenance, Support specialist       Programs / Contracts
                                               Ensure optimal maintenance and availability
                                               of equipment using various techniques (RCM,
                                               FMECA, HAZOP. etc) . Continuously improve
                                               maintenance schedule and procedures.
89411    Management in Sales and Marketing     Organising and Leading a team to successful
                                               execution of business plans.

61776    Manager MRP / Manager Material        Material Management Efficient Planning,
                                               Purchasing, Management and Control of
                                               Materials / Products

90276    Manager Project Controls

82632    Manager: R & D - management         Determine, develop and provide technical
                                             strategic directions and philosophies for waste
                                             management and technology advancement;
                                             Build and maintain relationship with key
75887    Manager: Research & Development     internal and external stakeholders; Establish
                                             My responsibilities would be to imitate and
                                             implement R&D projects as required to
                                             improve and expand my employers business
                                             so that it maintains it lead in the industry. I
89490    Managing Director; General Manager, would be accountable to implement the
                                             Complete responsibility for all
         Director                            operations/manufacturing/logistics. Human
                                             Resources productivity, production
                                             manufacturing. total responsibility for the
                                             complete operational function including profit
75970    Mechanical Engineer                  Improving processes and contributing to
                                              products development to support the growth
                                              and profitability of the organisation.

75972    Mechanical Engineer                  Designing and coming up with new innovative
                                              technologically advanced products, project

76110    Mechanical Engineer                  Ensure that engineering principles are
                                              followed when executing a task. Leading the
                                              maintenance team. Motivating and coaching
                                              the subordinates. Provide technical lead in
89837    Mechanical Engineer Graduate         specialised thermal hydraulics systems. Ensure
                                              Project Management Project Planning Design
                                              Concept Generation

97103    Middle to Snr. Management            Leading teams to achieve High Performance
                                              through Attitudinal Change Management

112591   1) Project Management of Mega        1) Project Management/Guidance for all
         Projects/Project Director Roles or   project management related areas for mega
         2) Business Development /Strategic   projects
         Management                           2) Project Portfolio Management
75999    Nuclear Scientist                    Waste Management Radio decision
                                              3) Responsible for strategicanalysis making
                                              Environmental monitoring

112437   Operations Manager / Strategy        Managing the strategic aspects of the
                                              operations environment, Engaging in Process
                                              Improvements, Interface with sales/marketing
                                              to establish customer requirements,
88481    Planning Manager                     Stakeholder management,aWaste reduction
                                              Manage planning team in considerate,
                                              highly supportive manner Preparation of
                                              Master Program for the overall Project using
                                              Primavera Project Planner 6.1, & Microsoft
94521    Planning Manager, MARC Manager       Projects, with best practices in planning and
                                              Opencast machine budget MARC site -
                                              Managing OEM Costs etc. KPI Reports
                                              Maintenance Management

76053    Principal Engineer                   Professional designs for modifications and
                                              new projects. Develops innovative design
                                              solutions for clients. Performs and execution
                                              design specifications. Interacts with other
64878    Process Engineer                     disciplines to integrate the system design
                                              Sizing of equipment commissioning process
75938    Process Engineer                  Overseeing or managing production Planning
                                           for production to meet targets

76019    Process Engineer                  To use my experience to participate in process
                                           engineering and to become a technical expert
                                           in the field, as well as to execute projects and
                                           manage work and people through detailed
76116    Process Engineer                  planning and project management.
                                           Optimization and modification of plant.
                                           Designing. PID interpretation. Commissioning
                                           of plant

76021    Process Engineer/Technologist     Process improvement, process analysis,
                                           process development, process optimization,
                                           general leadership

76039    Process Technician                My primary purpose will be working as a
                                           skilled and talented employee and to priorities
                                           my projects and processes in a working
                                           environment in order to satisfy both self and
76016    Process/ Chemical Engineer        organizational needs. and operation of plant
                                           Commissioning, set- up
                                           systems. Report writing and involvement in
                                           plant improvement projects, Overseeing
                                           and/or partaking in HAZOP studies and risk
76013    Procurement Administrator         Administer activities.
                                           assessmentand maintain the supplier
                                           information on the database. Interact with
                                           suppliers to ensure efficient gathering of
                                           information. Assist with sending out the
63666    Procurement Manager               supplier information request forms. Evaluate
                                           Responsible for the full procurement cycle
                                           from start to finish.

111595   Product Design Engineer           Research, develop and design products that
                                           provide improved solutions to a customer or
                                           to individuals.

76069    Production Engineer/Technician    Identify and appraise non-conforming
                                           conditions and practices, and ensure
                                           implementation of system upgrades and
                                           improvements. Assimilate data and convert to
96894    Production Maintenance Engineer   a reportable form to reflect trend analysis.
                                           Budget control, Safety enhancement, Ensuring
                                           compliance to standards and procedures,
                                           Investigating new technologies, Implementing
                                           and enforcing maintenance procedures,
76087    Programme Manager                 Identifying the training needs of subordinates.
                                           Programme Leadership Programme
                                           Governance and regulatory compliance
                                           Provide assurance for regulatory Compliance
80872    Project / Construction Manager     Working for the client/ developer. Total co-
                                            ordination of all aspects of a project. Design
                                            Control, Program, Financial Control and
                                            Quality Management.
100383   Project Controls Manager           Direct the development of bespoke project
                                            control solutions for customers. Set standards
                                            for these solutions, ensuring IT tools capture
                                            quality data and outputs meet criteria.
85515    Project Engineer for an EPC/EPCM   Evaluate competency ofProject Planning.
                                            Contract Management. teams, action plans
                                            Project Control and Monitoring. Procurement
                                            Management. Construction and Installation
                                            Management. Plant Commissioning. Cost
63845    Project Manager                    Control. Engineering and Fabrication Process
                                            Managing Mineral Processing Projects Base
                                            metals, coal diamonds etc.

75964    R&D or Regulatory Officer          Research and development of products or
                                            Regulatory compliance

81211    Risk Director                      Oversight of the full enterprise wide risk
                                            management function. This should include
                                            disciplines like health and safety,
                                            environment, sustainability, strategy.
76117    Scientist/ Analyst                 Performance of high level scientific analysis in
                                            accordance with companies technological
                                            innovations. Compile technical reports on
                                            analysis findings. Provide quality research
76137    Section Manager                    work; and development in order to deliver
                                            See that subordinates adhere to safety and
                                            company policies. Control budgets within
                                            given limits, Assist subordinates with training
                                            and ensure that the necessary skills are
75563    Senior Analyst                     •Developfor their work
                                            obtained (including validation and
                                            verification) structural models; •Develop
                                            programmes to assist in calculating results;
                                            •Stay abreast of latest technologies and
75961    Senior Analyst                     developments in area of radiation transport,
                                            Radiation safety analysis,application;
                                            neutron activation, heating, materials
                                            damage, radioactive waste analysis,
                                            radioactive plume dispersion analysis,
76059    Senior Design Engineer             radiation shielding analysis, dose the activities
                                            I would like to be responsible for and dose
                                            of a design team, ensuring that projects
                                            undertaken by the team are delivered on
                                            time, to the required quality, within budget,
64171    Senior Engineer / Hydro.           and most importantly completely fulfilling the
                                            Project proposals, project management,
                                            technical reporting, client / contractor /
                                            regulator meetings, responsibility to work
                                            alone with referral to senior staff where
63864    Senior Plant Manager             Leading, planning and execution, organising
                                          and controlling; Continuous improvement,
                                          strategic perspective, develop subordinates,
                                          relationships and communications, problem-
76033    Senior Process Engineer          solving and decision making, safety, behaviour
                                          Process development and improvement
                                          Production and operational management

75953    Senior Procurement Advisory      To Manage long lead electric packages.
                                          Coordinating meeting for Stakeholders.
                                          Contract management of the packages

88589    Senior Project Manager           Planning & monitoring, budget, cost control,
                                          quality & safety, general management

100584   Snr Managing Quantity Surveyor   Responsible for the entire project controls,
                                          design, programming and costs as well as
                                          construction execution.

76029    Software Developer/Engineer      Software development and support; Database
                                          Design; Analysis; Writing Requirements; and
                                          everything in the domain of a developer.

76045    Software-Design Consultant

84332    Structural Engineer              Project Management Highly proficient
                                          in ACAD Good knowledge of Civil designer or
                                          similar programmes Design and Tender
                                          (Manage design process, perform and check
                                          detailed designs, prepare, review and approve

                                          Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no:
           Enshrine Placements - Available Candidates April 2011
If any of these candidates interests you, then please revert back to us and cite their reference no.
   Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,

Most recent job title:        Industry of current position: Years experience:

Nuclear Engineering Analyst   Oil and energy               6 Years

Graduate in Training          Oil and energy               3 Years
(Assistant Analyst)

Director                      Mechanical engineering       13 Years

Business Development          Telecommunications           20 Years
Manager (Sub Sahara Africa)

Section Manager               Mining and metals            8 Years

Business Unit Manager                                      5 Years

Team member and               Mining and metals            20 Years
turnaround advisor

Architecture Consultant       Oil and energy               23 Years

Senior Civil Engineer         Environmental services       12 Years

Civil Structural Engineer     Civil engineering            8 Years and 3 months
Nuclear Instrumentation       Nuclear                      39 Years
Systems Engineer

Licensing Engineer            Oil and energy               5 Years

Configuration Control (Last   Oil and energy               10+ years

Instrument Technician         Instrumentation and Control Instrumentation - 23 years
                                                          Buyer/Contracts - 7 years
                                                          Planner - 5 months

Draughtsman-Mechanical        Oil and energy               9 Years

Account Manager (Sales)       Industrial automation        22 Years Experience:
                                                           Tradesman - Electrically,
                                                           Electronic and Mechanical.
                                                           Test Engineer for High
Mechanical Design             Oil and energy               Voltage Systems up to
                                                           8 Years

E, C & I Engineer             Instrumentation and Control More than 30 years
                                                          experience in different
                                                          sectors with relevant
                                                          practical experience of the
Lecturer                      Mining and metals           technologies, systems,
                                                          4 Years

Electrical Engineer           Oil and energy               9 Years

Junior Electrical Engineer                                 10 Years

Tutor for Energy Conversion                                I have had part time jobs
and Utilization                                            for the past four years and I
                                                           have never had a full-time
                                                           job before. The reason for
                                                           this is because I have been
Administrative Assistant and                              3 Years in property industry
Sale Representative                                       - Part time Job

Assistant Engineer                                        5 months

Junior Nuclear Safety Analyst Oil and energy              Pebble Bed Modular
                                                          Reactor (PBMR)
                                                          (Centurion) -1 year 10
                                                          Months Department of
Chief Nuclear Engineer         Oil and energy             Minerals and Energy - 1
                                                          9 Years

Systems Engineer               Information technology and 4.5 Years

Projects engineer              Mining and metals          7 Years post graduate

Process Engineer Senior        Oil and energy             30 Years

Manager: Plant Safety          Oil and energy             26 Years

Senior Systems Consultant      Oil and energy             32 Years

System Engineer & Acting    Oil and energy                9.5 Years
Manager Systems Engineering

Engineering & Project          Nuclear                    18 Years

Engineering Manager            Oil and energy             8 Years
Project Manager              Oil and energy            15 years

Manager Fuel Plant           Oil and energy            25 Years

Fuel Production Supervisor   Oil and energy, Nuclear   11 Years

Piping Superintendent        Construction              17 Years

Regional Operations Manager Mining and metals          Design Engineering 2 yrs
                                                       Project Management 5 yrs
                                                       Asset Care/Reliability 10
                                                       Yrs Snr Management 4 yrs
General Manager              Mining and metals         33 Years
Procurement & Contracts

Fuel Operations Senior       Oil and energy            30 Years

Mining                       Mining and metals         7 Years

Segment Head of Human                                  10 Years

Graduate Metallurgist        Mining and metals         2 Years

Key Accounts / Segments      Paper and pulp            11 Years

Scientific Consultant        Oil and energy            8 Years in instrumentation
                                                       development (nuclear-
                                                       related) 9 years in
                                                       simulation software
                                                       development (military
Section Manager -               Oil and energy           35 Years
Information Technology

Receptionist                    Mining and metals        1 year experience

Lead Civil/ Structural Engineer Mining and metals        18 Years

Senior Scientist                Nuclear                  5 Years

Project Manager, Engineering Oil and energy              38 Years

Chief Engineering Specialist:   Oil and energy           30 Years in Logistics
LSA (Support, Maintenance)                               (Maintenance, support)
                                                         and project management.

Project Manager                 Industrial automation    21 Years

Manager Material                Manufacturing            25 Years
Requirements Planning

Manager PMO / Project           Oil and energy           20 Years

Consultant: Nuclear Safety      Oil and energy           11 Years

Senior Nuclear Engineering      Oil and energy           14 Years of work
Analyst                                                  experience. 10 of those
                                                         Years were in the nuclear
Technical Director              Mechanical engineering   30 Years working
                                                         experience. 13 as hands on
                                                         qualified artisan 15 years in
                                                         senior management
                                                         including directorship
Jnr. Design Engineer:          Oil and energy      9 Years
Interface Management

Graduate in training           Oil and energy      1 year and 11 months

Engineering Specialist:        Oil and energy      Works Inspector - 4 Years
Thermal Hydraulics                                 Laboratory technician - 3
                                                   Years Engineering Specialist
                                                   - 4 Years
                                                   Less than 1 Year

Operations Manager             Mining and metals   18 Years

Project Manager                Oil and energy      7 Years

Radiation Protection Advisor   Oil and energy      7 Years working experience

Project Manager: Campaigns     Other               15 Years

Planning Manager               Mining and metals   18 Years

Senior Engineering Planner     Mining and metals   7 Years

Senior Stimulation Design      Oil and energy      10 Years working in the
Engineer                                           PBMR project.

Process Engineer               Mining and metals   7 Years
Senior Process Technician   Oil and energy           5 Years

Process Engineer            Oil and energy           10 Years engineering
                                                     experience. Five Years
                                                     experience in the
Process Controller          Oil and energy           commissioning and
                                                     5+ Years

Process engineer            Oil and energy           5 Years

Process Technician          Oil and energy           5 Years

Senior Process Controller   Oil and energy           8 Years

Procurement Senior          Oil and energy           7 Years
Administrative Assistant

Procurement Manager         Chemicals                36 Years in procurement

Graduate Mechanical         Mechanical engineering   3 Years

Operating Experience        Oil and energy           9 Years

Production Engineer         Mining and metals        + 20 years

Program Manager Licensing   Oil and energy           17 Years
Project Co-ordination and     Construction             32 years. (8 Years Africa
Programme Management                                   Expat in Angola and Nigeria)

Programme Controls Manager Construction                15 years in Planning and
                                                       Project controls, overall 30
                                                       years in construction
Project Engineer              Mechanical engineering   8 Years

Project Manager               Mining and metals        32 Years

R&D or Regulatory Officer     Oil and energy           1 year 10 months PBMR, 2-
                                                       months UNISA, 2 Years
                                                       University of Pretoria

Works Director                Construction             7 Years

Nuclear Engineering Analyst   Oil and energy           Total of at least 7 Years. 2
                                                       Years experience in the
                                                       coal mining industry. 2
                                                       Years educational
Shift Supervisor / Acting     Oil and energy           experience and 4 Years
                                                       30 Years (Chemical &
Section Manager                                        Power Station experience)

Fuel Design Analyst, assistant Oil and energy          4.5 Years

Senior Nuclear Engineering    Oil and energy           9 Years

Mechanical Engineer           Oil and energy           13+ years

Project Engineer              Environmental services   7 Years in May 2011
             Process Engineer             Mining and metals   21 Years

             Senior Process Engineer      Oil and energy      7 Years

             Procurement & Logistic       Oil and energy      15 Years

             Civil Construction Manager   Mining and metals   30 Years

             Senior Managing Quantity     Construction        11 Years

             Software Engineer            Oil and energy      8 Years of working

             Software-design consultant   Oil and energy      9 Years

             Site Engineer                Civil engineering   2 Years

rley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,
e Candidates April 2011
vert back to us and cite their reference no.
o: +27 11 468 4072,

                Industries/sectors serviced:          Working experience; The manufacturing
                                                      processes or technologies that the candidate
                                                      has experience in relevant to their ideal
                                                      position/next career step?

                Nuclear Energy                        I acquired good knowledge on SiC properties
                                                      and crystal growth techniques, nanotubes and
                                                      analysis/characterization techniques, grains,
                                                      grain boundaries and grain size calculation
                1. Academic / R&D: 6 years 2.         methods. modelling & data analysis (Matlab,
                Business Information Systems: 1       Statistica) Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing
                year 3. FMCG / Process                Distinct Element Modelling (DEM)
                optimisation: 2 years 4. Nuclear
                energy / structural analysis / DEM:
                Business development                  Project planning and Project management -
                management - Project planning         Client support management - Product
                and Project management -              management - Brand management
                General operational management
                and organizational multiple -
                Mining Industry in planning           Financial modelling, Risk analysis
                countries and commodities

                - Food and Beverage - Hygiene and PLC - Programming in Rockwell and Siemens
                Personal Care - Building Services - PLC's.
                Health Care Risk Waste              SCADA - SCADA development in Wonderware
                                                    ArchestrA and RSView.
                Implementation of niche             Developed control systems for sorting, Ion
                                                    Gravity Concentration, Optical food processing
                technologies for minerals           exchange, CIP and CIL processes, Electrolytic
                beneficiation in the gold, pgm,     recovery, Solid liquid separation technologies,
                copper industries with lesser       Bio desulphurisation, Milling, Crushing and
                involvement and time spent in       screening, slimes disposal/neutralisation,

                Water, sanitation and irrigation      Designing of water supply networks and
                development sectors.                  components like pumping stations and
                                                      treatment plants. Modelling water supply
                                                      systems and using the models in operation and
                Started in Construction working       maintenance. Administering water and
                                                      Municipal projects and private sector dealings
                for Grinaler/Lta and then moved       with Civil and Structural works. Built weirs and
                into Consulting Engineering.          pipelines. Gravel roads in the rural areas
Nuclear Reactor Instrumentation      Systems design. Nuclear Instrumentation
Nuclear Instrumentation              applications. Detail design. Project Engineering.
application Nuclear
Instrumentation Development
Nuclear research industry,

Energy and Weapons Industries

Coal Mining. Steel Manufacturing. As Instrument Mechanic/Technician I have
Oil-and-Gas.                        worked on a lot of different instruments such
                                    as Flow (magnetic, differential, conductive),
                                    level (differential, ultrasonic, conductive,
Nuclear Industry. I have also       float), pressure, density, analyzers, laboratory
                                    Designer: Special Tools and Equipment
worked for the government sector- Handling Systems. Design of special
 department of water affairs and maintenance equipment for systems,
forestry. Gold Mining- as a learner structures and components, Identifying logistic
officer ( 1 year)
Industries: Metals, Mining,         Business Strategies in the requirements
                                    support and maintenance following: Mining
Corporate, Automation, HVAC,        Systems an Solutions, Metals Processes and
Gas, Welding and Process.           Automation Solutions, Turnkey Solutions -
                                    Electrical, Electronic and Process, Integrated
                                    Architecture from LEVEL 0 TO 2.5 ERP systems,
                                    3D Modelling of mechanical equipment, piping
                                    HVAC and water systems. Plant layout,
                                    Developing concept models Producing 2D
Service all industries, such as     Design, Implementation, commissioning of the
Petrochemical - O&G;                latest automated technologies to ensure that
Government; Energy; Metals;         the client's automation/production needs are
Mining                              met or exceeded.
Mining ( gold and nickel),
Education and Training

Petrochemical/oil and gas
Manufacturing Engineering

Mining Industry & Electricity
Supply industry

Timber sales: I worked as a timber   Work Experience Employer: Department Of
sales manager in 2006. This job      Electrical Engineering, University Of Cape
entailed stock taking, receipting    Town Position (Jul-Oct): Tutor for Energy
payment and arranging stock          Conversion and Utilization and Introduction to
delivery to clients. Electrical      Power Systems The above courses introduce
Machines and Drives, Contracting
and Electrical Installations and
Real Estate.

Namibia Power Corporation
(NamPower) Polytechnic of

Mining, Manufacturing, and          Industrial Process Control, Master Data
Information Technology              Management, Business Intelligence, Workflow,

Mining, Mineral Processing and      Mechanical Section Engineer responsible for
sugar                               both underground and surface operations.
                                    Technical Skills base – Plant Engineering and
                                    maintenance management, Installation
                                    projects planning and control, Projects and
                                    Machining - had to handle high volume high
                                    precision components Injection moulding and
                                    extrusions - worked with suppliers to produce
                                    components Sheet metal - punched and
                                    bended components designed and sourced
                                    Manufacturing: Assembly of Weapon Systems
                                    (Programme Manager) Engineering Processes:
                                    Systems Engineering, Safety Engineering,
                                    Hazard Identification
defence, commercial, mining and     Involved in aeronautical research, aircraft
nuclear industries.                 maintenance, business process development,
                                    technical management of development
                                    projects, system development, system
                                    modelling and analysis, system design, system

Nuclear Chemical

Oil and Energy Transportation and
Mechanical engineering field          Application of maintenance principles of
related to production, design,        Reliability Cantered Maintenance. Application
project leadership, development       of Principles of Lean Manufacturing in a
engineering, quality, maintenance     production environment. Application of CAD
Armaments, on-line
engineering, Nuclear,                 My experience is in leadership tooling and
                                      programmes - designed specialand
Maintenance and Asset                 management in industrial fixed asset
Management, Power Generation,         environment mainly in product and plant
Mining                                development and management system
Nuclear and Power Generation          Mechanical Engineering, experience in
                                      improvement. I also haveMaintenance
                                      Engineering, Production, Manufacturing

Mining Petrochemical Refinery      Previous experience: Pre-Commissioning,
Uranium Oil and Gas Clean fuel     Chemical Cleaning, scraping of lines, pickling
                                   and passivation of export lines Execution of
                                   Pneumatic and Hydro testing, handling of all
                                   1. Behaviour Bases Safety of Testing Works.
1.Gold Mines 2.Chemical Industry Test Packs and Scheduling coaching 2.Six Sigma
3.Minerals Beneficiation 4.Smelter - Lean Manufacturing 3. Steady State
and heat treating operations       Manufacturing 4. Operational Equipment
5.Cement and Aggregate             Efficiency Tool 5.Short Interval Control 6.Life
Mining Steel Manufacturing,        Cycle Costing 7. Chess Room - Client
Project management Education

Nuclear, mining and mineral           Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Uranium Mining
processing                            and Refining Uranium Enrichment Nuclear Fuel
                                      Reprocessing Nuclear Waste Management
                                      Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection
Mining                                Nuclear Fuel Transport Nuclear Power

Relevant to HR: manufacturing,
petrochemical, financial and health

Mining/ Metals refining Chemicals
and Catalyst development
Research and Development

Pulp and Paper Segment, Energy        Specific experience in Bearing
(Traditional and Renewable)           Remanufacturing - equipment, processes and
Segment, Hydrocarbon Processing       development of personnel to ensure SHEQ
Segment                               compliance and operational competence
Software Solutions, Engineering        • 30 years of proven expertise in cost control
and Technology, SA Air Force           & project management systems, information
                                       management, software development and
                                       database administration. • Development of
Mining and Petro-Chemical              project and business management systems

Process Plants, Bridges,               Senior Civil/Structural Engineer: Uranium
Transmission Towers and sub-           Project, Johannesburg – Involved in Analysis,
stations and Industrial                Design and Engineering of concrete and steel
Infrastructure.                        structures. Including SX plant, Leach Plant,
1) Nuclear Medicine: < 1 year 2)       I compiled the and other structures.
                                       Flotation plant specifications for the site safety
Nuclear Power Plant Design: 5          report which is a key document for the safety
years                                  case from the applicable national regulations
                                       and international best practice. I provided the
Weaponry, defence, aviation and        work breakdown structure and preliminary

Logistics Systems/ electronics,
Mining, Nuclear and Engineering

Chemical and Petrochemical,       Worked on DCS's , PLC's Asset Optimisation
Minerals and Mining, Energy, Food processes and software IE AMS. Instrument
and Beverage.                     head on technical support and delivery on
                                  solutions. Physically done the coding on all
Manufacturing--Heavy and Light    control systems that I have worked on. (hands
                                  Material Requirement Planning Enterprise
Industrial, Building,             Resource Planning purchasing Material
Communication                     Management

Petrochemical, Aluminium,              Solar, Biomass, cogent / Hybrid, Fossil Fuels
Nuclear, IT, Renewable Energy

Nuclear, Energy Industry

Electricity Industry Nuclear           Electricity Generation

Mining engineering, Plastic            Mining engineering Plastic injection tooling
injection tooling industry, Aircraft   industry Aircraft industry Hydraulic &
industry, Hydraulic & pneumatic        pneumatic and pump industry General
and pump industry, General             Engineering Aluminium Casting industry
Engineering, Aluminium Casting         Automotive industry gas; petroleum industry
Research and Development
Energy: Nuclear Sector

Coal mine                           Machinery

Nuclear, Government and
University of Technology

Mining, Research and
Development, Manufacturing

Iron and Steel Manufacturing and    Metals processing industry
Aluminium Smelter

1. Petrochemical : 2.5 Years        Petrochemical processes
(Control and Instrumentation
2. Petrochemical : 4 Years (Project
Management)nuclear industry and
Experience in
research environments

Chemical Manufacturing,         Chemical Manufacturing
Technology Services, Government

Oil and Gas, Minerals and Metals,
Power and Energy

Mining - Coal

                                    I have experience in modelling, design and
                                    simulation of thermal-hydraulic systems. I also
                                    have experience in system optimization. I
                                    enjoy working as member of a team and
Mining/ Iron Ore                    learning from others. Modelling and simulation
                                    Maintaining optimum Metallurgical
                                    performance by conducting plant audits and
                                    ensuring both operational and maintenance
                                    teams are adhering to set metallurgical terms.
                                    Mineral processing laboratory (physical
Production in Nuclear

Minerals processing/Nuclear          Five years experience in the development,
power/electricity generation field   commissioning and managing of basic and
                                     advanced process control and optimisation
                                     solutions in the minerals processing industry.
Nuclear, manufacturing plant         Four years experience in developing and


Diamond Research Laboratories
and Nuclear Energy

Nuclear, Mineral and Processing      Mineral Processing, Pyrometallurgy and
Industries                           Nuclear technology processes.

Mostly Chemical Industry but also Plastics / Fertilizers / Various Chemicals / Ore
Mining & Minerals                 processing

1. Earth moving: 1 year 2. Gas       Gas filling plant, Fabrication plant, Assembly
Industry: 2 years                    plant, Drawing and design office, Laser cutting
                                     , Plasma cutting, Hydraulic earth moving
                                     equipment, CNC programming.
Mining- Platinum, Nuclear,           Technical knowledge in Chemical Processing,
Polymers and gasification            Metallurgy and Nuclear Compliance &

Mining (Coal, Copper and Gold)       Continuous mining operations, long wall and
Private Sector as an Electrical      short wall mining operations, conventional
Engineer on Electrical and HVAC      mining, In charge of winders, ventilation fans
projects.                            and decline shafts. Electrical installations and
5 years of working for Richards      HVAC installations in hotels, schools and
Bay Minerals (RBM) as an
Apprentice then qualified
mechanical Artisan Fitter in the
plant. Assistant Plant Operator in
Initially in my early years I worked   Contract Management, Program Management,
for civil design and construction      Output design co-ordination, Client Liaison.
company working on heavy steel
works, bridge construction. More
recently: Commercial buildings:
Construction Rail Infrastructure       Project Management Methodologies, Project
Nuclear decommissioning                Controls, Business Intelligence, & Quality
Telecoms infrastructure Oil and        information from IT tools
Gas Military installations
Petro-Chemical. Gas Industry.          I am guided by PMBOK when managing
Power & Energy. Mining & Metal         projects

Process treatment in Mining Civil

Education and Nuclear

Construction, Manufacturing,

Chemical Industry Food Industry
Electricity Generation


Nuclear and Power Generation

Nuclear sector Public sector -         Groundwater (and surface water) risk
borough councils, development          assessments including conceptualisation,
agencies Architects Private            calculations, modelling, technical and
developers                             interpretative reporting. Supervision of ground
                                       investigations and construction works.

            Logistics, Energy, Shared Services, Material control, logistics, expediting,
            Purchasing                          procurement and possible inspection activities
                                                Provide advice on correct contracting strategy,
                                                commercial conditions and contracting
            Mining, housing                     options. Administer the enquiry, tender and

            Process Mining Industry- Platinum,Utilities Management (Water, Sewer, Storm
            Copper, Uranium and mega          Water, Electrical, Telecommunication,
            projects: pipelines, Gautrain:    Petrochemical and Gas services) Copper &
            focused on the utility locations  Uranium Solvent Extraction Plant.
            and heavy engineering. and for
            Software Development Value        Enhancement Project, Nickel Operation – C++
                                              C# .Net Oracle MS SQL MySQL MS Access
            Information Systems               HTML XML ASP Java Java Scripts JSP PHP
                                              Python Plone Tomcat IIS Apache Windows
                                              Environment Linux Environment TIBCO
            Energy Sector                     Cloud Computing (Amazon service
                                              products (GI, iProcess, WebEC2, S3),designer)
                                              OpenFOAM, Linux, Git; OpenFOAM, SALOME,
                                              SWIG, C++, Python, MPI, CORBA, SVN, Linux;
                                              Python, Qt, SALOME, CORBA, SVN; C++,
                                              Concrete construction HDF5, MANTIS, CVS,
            Construction Engineer & Construct Python, Qt, VTK, SWIG,Slip forming technique
            Marine Petrochemical Power        Marine breakwater construction Piling
            generation Airport                construction Precast concrete construction
                                              Quality management as per ISO 9001:2000
                                              Safety to OHSAS 18001
                                                                                                      Enshrine Placements
                                                                                         If any of these candidates interests yo
                                                                                            Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine P

Working experience; What are           To illuminate their skills and abilities along with their
some of their greatest                 greater purpose and passion in life, the candidate would
achievements?                          say:

1. When I was studying for my          By looking at my achievements in terms of my skills and
Masters degree in nuclear              abilities I would say I fit well in the industry which deals
engineering I researched about         mostly with science.
two software codes (namely
Producing a (MS) and Monte
MicroShield peer reviewed Paper        I have considerable research experience and I search for
together with my supervisor,           learning opportunities, when I find one, I focus on
accepted for presentation at the       immediate goals. I am able to apply knowledge and skills
HTR2010 in Prague. The skills          able to practically complete a task and I am able to generate
acquired during the 3 years I
1. As Research Assistant, I took       accurate and meaningful reports and acquired presentation
                                       I am passionate about sustainability and high-tech
an idea from concept to                industries. One of my strengths is to find solutions quickly. I
commissioning for a cricket bat        am good at trouble-shooting. I have the ability to manage
ball impact detection system. I        and directing people towards a common business goal. I
 Rolled it "BettaBatta"
named out entire after-sales           My business career to been characterized by success born
                                       have a strong abilityhasmentor people and inspire
product support infrastructure         from creative flair combined with a solid background in
for 18 countries in Sub Sahara         business management. I have more than 14 years
Africa in just 4 months. - Assist in   experience in business management in changing markets. I
process and company culture
Technical director's service           am a qualified Project Manager industry the International
                                       Broad experience in the mining through coupled with sound
award MBA (Imperial College)           financial knowledge

Promotion from Junior Engineer         My engineering training has developed my structured and
to Control Systems Engineer in         analytical thinking. This coupled with my natural lateral and
10 months.                             global thinking ability as well as my people and leadership
Part of team of 4 to be awarded        skills form a diverse skill set empowering me to pursue my
best project team in 2010.
1) Established the company's           I am firm believer complex problems, have as their best
                                       passions of solvingthat all organisationsand leading people to
concentrators as foremost              asset - their people. I have strong leadership and
supplier of gravity recovery           management skills, a passion for turnarounds and/or
equipment in Africa. 2) Turned         unlocking unrealised potential or latent value from
Facilitation of a distressed
around 2 highly diverse group of       organisations by identifying and mobilising strong teams in
                                       Strong analytical person with excellent leadership skills and
architects and engineers to            a broad understanding of all aspects of the computer and
deliver a business and solutions       information industry, from a technical, managerial and
architecture for PBMR that is in       functional perspective. Industries: engineering,
line or better thanof rural water
Effective delivery the solutions       manufacturing and electricity utility. Good with regards to
                                       I have acquired great skills and knowledge technical
and sanitation programme.              water supply engineering in general and would like to share
Modelling of water supply              my knowledge and experience with both mature and
system for a small town in Ghana.      developing professionals to improve their delivery of water
When I first started I was put         services to people whoensuring that the project is
                                       I am passionate about are especially deprived.
into a quality role in my first        completed on time and ensuring that all things needed for
position. I was given their quality    the project to succeed are in place. I.e. the designs are in
standards and I had to                 place, all documentation is in place on Quality and Health
implement it on site. I never had      and safety to help ensure that the plant is running smoothly.
Systems Engineer Reactor Unit         Specialist in the nuclear industry. Passion is to support the
Instrumentation for PBMR              SAFE deployment of nuclear applications, for power
project. Nuclear Instrumentation      generation, medical applications and Reactor research.
expert consultant and trainer for     Great desire to be involved with the initial start up of a new
IAEA (International Atomic
Successfully completed a              nuclear reactor. professional who is result driven and
                                      A highly motivated
Research project to prove the         believes in Excellency. A strategic thinker with good
use of the Magnetic Ion Scrubber      planning and organisational skills, excellent communication
for the removal of Silver in the      skills and always willing to learn and excel at new
As team pipe of the a project
hotaoutlet member of reactor.         technologies.
                                      I worked for Denel which is a high tech aerospace industry
perceived to be less enterprising     where errors and mistakes are eliminated to minimal and
we achieved all our flight tests to   the tolerance is zero. With configuration management, the
the delight of the whole              buyer is guaranteed that a given product is what it was
company. - a did a verificationno
Start-up of I steel plant with on     intendedof my technical and commercial backgroundby
                                      Because to be functionally and physically as defined and
instrument problems as I was the      my SAP experience in both, I know how most companies
only instrument person doing          work and can therefore be a big asset.
the commissioning and testing.
Changing of my career from        I am an experienced, hardworking and qualified
                                  draughtsman who is looking for a better career opportunity
                                  as a design engineer and a chance to make a significant
 Business World: Being the best Manage People to achieve their purpose in life. Do business
representative for a Company      with everyone possible to assist others to also have an
that will ensure better           excellent life style. Fish out the opportunities and capitalize
understanding of the market and on it. Be the person that I were created for. Listen to others
their own capabilitiesblack able andeye forlearn everytrying to get things done right the first
Being one of the few to be        An try to detail and day.
people working as a Piping        time.
Designer in the nuclear industry.

Right from the tendering phase        That I have the ability to see things differently, that I believe
to the detail design, involved in     I can and will make a difference.
the development, building,
commissioning and
implementation of several shaft
Participating in the Decline          I have had experience working in gold and nickel mines. I
project at a Mine. Being able to      wish to learn new methods, systems, processes and
lead a maintenance team               procedures currently in practice and for the future of the
Imparting Electrical Engineering      engineering field.
Technology and Principles
Successful completion of five         My skills and abilities have always been my driving force,
mega gas stations with 30             providing me a leverage and advantages in career
nozzles, 10 pumps, two 100MW          developments, and indeed life itself
generators, Pump Island,
Synages andautomation project.
Lime dosing Mini mart through         A versatile, innovative and hard working personality with
Safe operation of underground         good interpersonal skills

In 2006, I successfully ran and       I am extremely hardworking and have the ability to quickly
managed a timber sales                grasp and practically implement new concepts in a large
company. This exposed to me to        variety of fields including but not limited to engineering. I
the skills required to handle a       can also carry out tasks assigned to me individually or with a
business. Getting accepted into       team, depending on the circumstance, all the while giving
Workshop Internship - Engineer         I have gained marketing abilities and also how to interact
assistant in machine design and        with customers through my sales experiences and helping
maintenance. Assisting Engineers       with the contracting engineering field. I am able to work in a
in contracting report and design.      team through various engineering projects and selling
Customer related experience in
All has been academic;                 properties on a deadline basis for the benefit of the with a
                                       Hard working, honest and very responsible individual,
Nominated in the University of         desire to succeed in everything I do.
Cape Town Deans Merit list for
2005 and 2006. First class
honours in 2007 Bask
I have made a huge contribution        I have excellent knowledge and passion for the energy
to the drafting and approval,          industry backed with policy formulation and
together with implementation of        implementation skills. I have the ability to optimise my
the Bio fuels Industrial Strategy. I   existing strengths to support the broader strategic position
have made huge contribution on
1) My study on graphite                of the company. My innovative, good research, able to
                                       I have a solid engineering background and I am excellent
corrosion during the reactor           adapt my educational background and professional
accidents is one of the few on         experience for any kind of engineering analysis. I am able to
this subject in the World. I           produce high quality outputs under pressure.
presented my study during HTR
Commissioning of an LRS control        I was born to be and engineer, I can be an expert in anything
system as my first project,            when needs be and will find a solution for any problem
Development of a Master Data           presented to me.
Management System,
Installation project Energy
Development of an for 45tph            Good technical background with hands on exposure in
Chromite Drying Plant within           designing, installation and maintenance of plant equipment
budget. (Cost R15m), Providing         to suit world class standards
plant availability of about 90%
(world class) for a data
Integrated design gold                 Dedicated and willing to learn and adjust. I am no specialist
management at PBMR. Waste              but have worked with specialists and try to find a way to a
Handling system concept for            good solution through the different constraints. Was
PBMR including Tritium                 exposed to a number of disciplines from research to
immobilisation Materials
Developed a Skid Steer Loader          I am passionate about a inclination towards Industrial
                                       commissioning. I have doing the right job well. I am very
from concept phase into                good at evaluating people and putting together, building
production (the full cycle)            and leading a team of specialists. With good understanding
Developed an engineering               of, and experience in the systems engineering approach, I
process to identify Safety of the
Manage the development                 believe I am able to tackle any engineering
                                       My progressive engineering experience has provided
Source Term Analysis Strategy          with the opportunity to develop strong client relation
and Sitting Source Term.               building skills and lead highly motivated multi-disciplinary
Development of Technical               teams. My experience has also enabled me to hone sound
Requirements Baseline.
Integrated process systems             technical and project managementSystems Engineering with
                                       I am a Process guy, converted into expertise, increasing my
around PBMR’s reactor systems I        strong Engineering Management skills.
was responsible for about 60% of
the PBMR fuel plant design I was
the custodian for process safety
Project Management of a World          As an Engineering Manager, I strive to bring out the best in
Class thermal hydraulic research       my team and ensure that the teams' results make a strong
facility. Successful development       and sustainable contribution to the overall business. I am
and transfer of critical               highly innovative and this is well balanced with the strong
operational knowledge to
Kaizen Award, Integrity Award          I am responsible, fun loving person. love the especially
                                       driveato deliver tangible results to the Ibusiness, outdoors
                                       and am passionate about the envoronment.
Cost savings (R3 million per         I believe that with my qualifications and skills obtained, I am
annum) for one manufacturing         able to make informed and quick decisions based on sound
cell applying Lean Manufacturing     judgement. I would be of benefit to organizations
principles). Successful              developing strategic goals, harnessing employees abilities
submission of ISIR samples for
• Being acknowledged by my           through teamwork to achieve any goals. Stickler for quality,
                                     I am a big picture person with vision and passion for
teams and colleagues as a leader     whatever I do. I get to understand how all pieces fit
and visionary, good with             together in order to achieve success. I lead and direct
focussing teams towards              professional teams with energy and involvement. I have
achieving a common goal. •
When I completed my diploma,         exceptional motivational,with different kinds of people,
                                     I have the ability to work interpersonal and cross cultural
When I became authorised as          have good interpersonal skills and I have supervisory skills.
appointed person and
responsible person as per the
company PSR, When I completed
Always the successful                I would like to effectively use my knowledge in day to day
completion of a job on time.         challenges to enhance my career and knowledge to a higher
                                     level. I work well with multi nationals and enjoy the diversity
                                     and challenges of the environment.
1 Design New Titanium Slag Pot       1. Authentic 2. Exceed Expectations 3.Results driven 4. Care
that could withstand extreme         for the welfare of my employees 5. Engage employees and
thermal cycles 2.Succesfully         drive participation at all levels 5. Develop and coach
build and commission state of        employees to become more entrepreneurial to create and
the art Aggregate Plant
Restructuring and implementing       Truly an innovative environment. 6. First time right attitude
                                     fosterprofessional, passionate about career, love success
Shared Services for the company      obtained through smart work and ideas, teamwork and
in SA. Planning, development         dedication, discipline, results orientated and ethical in
and implementation of                dealings, strong negotiator.
Procurement structure and
Establishing a subsidiary            I believe that I can create an environment which empowers
company for a previous               and nurtures people and stimulates and recognise those
employer Turning subsidiary          who go the extra mile - if everyone makes small
company round from loss making       improvements they soon add up - this is the foundation for
to profit Establishing operational
OHSAS 18001 implementation -         any successful business.
                                     Passionate about whatever I do.
EMA Implementation -Mine
Drainage design and
implementation -Five years
safety recordinto head of HR
Worked way                           My passion is adding value to business through harnessing
position. Finished masters within    and releasing the energy inherent in people and
2 years despite working full-time.   empowering them to focus it in the right direction.
Youngest person sitting at
I am part level (business unit)
executiveof a commissioning          I believe that my love for research and development
team busy with a Base Metal          accompanied with great leadership and technical skills will
Refinery Expansion. I have           be very beneficial in the long run when I get the chance to
presented at 2 international         lead a team to achieve the goals the company requires.
Symposiums a father on 03 I
1) Becoming on research that         My greatest skill lies in communication - both written and
September 2007 2) Winning the        oral - in the context of interactions with colleagues and
Leadership Award in recognition      customers. I am confident when presenting material to
of my pro-activeness in personal     customers or external audiences at conventions / functions.
leadership development and the
My involvement in and                Having a passion for is to enhance and assist ability to
                                     My greatest passion science, I have a unique individuals in
responsibility for the successful    analyse problems, extract the core issues (to the required
first-time local development of      level of detail), and address them by offering innovative
high-precision scientific            science-based solutions to resolve the problems
instruments (IMS monitor, radon      satisfactorily. I believe that attention to detail is of utmost
Written and marketed a Project       My current aspiration is to find a position where I can share
Cost Control system in use on a      the knowledge that I have gained in project control,
number of capital projects.          engineering and database systems over the past 29 years
Successfully managed a team          with a dynamic team of individuals that are committed to
Being involved the management
responsible for in a chrome          achieving exceptional results in providing project ability
                                     High level of technical and scientific knowledge and
project. Doing As Built P&ID's       to apply process knowledge to practical knowledge.
and working in a platinum mine
for six months
Design of Process Plant              Ability to adopt to different kinds of work environments.
Structures for at Pyroxinate         Knowledge of various structural design software packages,
Plant. Design of Concrete            methods including of Finite element methods, Dynamic
Structures for Uranium project       analysis. Expertise on various kinds of structures including,
with sink holes, Gauteng.part of
I received recognition as Design     I love to write, I am steel, with strong concrete and and a
                                     concrete, structural gifted pre-stressedlanguage skills water
a team that developed a source       systematic approach that is invaluable to the development
term analysis strategy that was      of safety cases. I pride myself that my safety case
considered the best analysis         documentation are useful within my organisation and are up
deliverable presented to the
Best Y2K Report to the company       to the rigorous standards of theindividual, willing is nothing
                                     I am a honest and hardworking regulator. There to go the
in 1999. Best Maintenance and        extra mile and do take pride in what I am doing. can work
Support Contractor to the            alone and perform best when under pressure.
company Impala aircraft in 2000.
2nd best Maintenance Support
Achieving extremely challenging      Extensive Project Management, Project Planning and Co-
project related goals and            ordinating and Integrated Logistic Support (maintenance,
objectives, often in difficult and   support) experience. · Able to work reliably and responsibly.
problematic logistical               Highly self-motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated.
circumstances. Dealing - I
 In Instrumentation sales            Working with teams, understanding the dynamics that
exceeded my target of 22 million     brings out the best in a team, honing in on those attributes
in achieving 27 million and          and being part of the best team ever. Live a life as one who
controls sales achieved 48           wants to be remembered and not as one who wants to be
million sales from aaided in
1) Implemented or targeted           forgotten. Create/Manage Programs That Reduce Total
                                     1) Ability to
Implementation of Material           Costs of Ownership 2) Able to Effectively Set Up, Manage
Requirement Planning Systems         and utilise New and Existing Enterprise Resource Planning
2) Reduced Total Cost of             Software.
Materials/Ownership 3) Meet
Rendered project controls            Open minded, mentoring, team player, collaborative and
services for a R26bn project,        consultative management style.
established processes and
project governance
Lead a team tasked with the          A dedicated and disciplined leader who is goal driven with
production, compilation and          excellent communication, technical and analytical skills.
submission of the PBMR Fuel
Plant Safety Case
Documentation, to be presented
1. I projected managed the           I am passionate about science and technology as it can be
technical side of the company's      utilized to improve the lives of people. I strive on a daily
nuclear fuel assembly in South       basis to implement my skills at work as well as to develop
Africa. 2. I completed the initial   new skills. I am technically minded and I am results driven. I
evaluation to determine the at
Introducing a incentive system       work well in a team asorganisation that lives and operates to
                                     To be involved with a well as in an individual capacity.
the company / group based on         a set of values that that will improve the quality of
Maslow need hierarchy and            employees as well as customers. To use my skill and abilities
improve through put by 27%.          to improve daily operations. To be utilised to my full
introduced cell manufacturing        potential and to learn from everybody around me. I would
I have contributed in the            I am disciplined, with the ability to function smoothly under
establishment of technical           pressure, ability to identify problems and implement
solutions for the wide range of      effective solutions with good leadership skills, good
tooling manufacturing. I have        interpersonal relation, computer literate and a hard working.
contributed in producing young
Intelligent and enthusiasm to        Self, motivated, skilled, intelligent and always willing to
learning new thing as an Eng In      learn new exciting innovations in the engineering world.
Training and learning very fast so
I can become a better great
engineer in the future.
I have worked in the                 Acquire engineering management course to compliment my
maintenance industry and             engineering skills. Working in multifaceted engineering
improved the systems that were       company so that I can acquire robust skills like contract,
used using my theoretical            financial and project management.
acquired knowledge. This has
Tutoring, Working on a robotics      I think I have great people skills, I am able to ease myself
project, Participating in a design   into any environment with new people very well. I am able
competition                          to sit back from a problem, and come up with new ideas
                                     even when I have hit a wall. I can work well in a group
Latest achievements:                 situation a difference in my own. of attitudinally challenged
                                     To make as well as one the lives
Successfully reduced the             people using my communication skills to allow them
company’s highest ever metal         rediscover their passion in life.
tapping backlog from 117 ladles
to Project Manager of PVC
1. 0. Executed productivity          Leader with strategic vision
Distributive Control System (DCS)
Replacement Project Capital
Value = R22m 2. Project
Production Solvents Distributive
Manager ofof Radiation               Productive independent Nuclear Scientist with exceptional
Protection Plan for PBMR PFP. A      interpersonal skills, who works hard and enjoys challenges.
merit award for being the best
MSc (ARST) student. Merit
awarded for best overall
Optimizing production                Computer Literacy; People Management; Technical skills;
processes, streamlining              Research Methodology; Highly Evolved Analytical skills;
laboratory processes                 Quality (TQM); Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, SPC,
                                     Process capability, Kaizen; Value engineering; Value Stream
PMP Certification, PRIMAVERA         Mapping takeProcess Mapping; Production/Operations
                                     Ready to and multiple and new challenges
Certification, Completed job in
given time frame

Third best student (class of 70      Passion to succeed with everything I endeavour, strong will
pupils) in Programme in              for success.
Maintenance Management
(PMM) Highly Commended
Certificate – 1987 Successful
Thermal hydraulic analysis and       To do the work that I enjoy the most – engineering, which
design of the PBMR project           provides opportunities for me to utilize my professional
contribution. This was the one of    training and work experience most advantageously.
the leading HTR project in the
world. Assist onof Iron ore mine
Commissioning the Flownex            Analytical and strong communication skills
expansion plant and diamonds
Being part of a team which           I am self motivated, a good team player and I can work
delivered fuel to be tested in       under pressure.
Russia for the PBMR. Being part
of a team which worked 2000 hrs
accident free Being chosen as
Developed and managed the            I am a professional engineer who enjoys being involved with
development of various thermo-       challenging technical work, whether in a team, managing
hydraulic models to be used for      others or working on my own. I pride myself in being an
plant-wide process engineering       exceptionally quick learner and having a positive attitude.
analyses with the aid of the
Being declared competent to          Both at PBMR and my previous company, I was recognised
                                     Process Operations, modification of plant and report writing
operate the HTF plant                skills
Independently. Obtained Forklift
licence. Commissioned the plant
at the part of the group that
Being company research               Good leader, analytical, goal orientated, hard worker, good
produced HTR fuel in the             presentation skills
southern hemisphere. Being
nominated to represent South
Africa at the world nuclear
MDWT (Mission Directed Work          To yield and produce more quality products that will satisfy
Teams) participant and I've won      the organizational needs within specified time.
an award. Radiation worker
certificate, Industrial ABSA relay
marathon, and achieved metals
Passing my matric, obtaining my      I am a very integrity- driven individual who always applies
B- Tech degree and creating a        passion and dedication to my work.
user- friendly, efficient helium
mass balance excel spreadsheet.
Maintenance of a Good supplier       My purpose is to become an expert in the supply chain
Database, Excellent procurement      management.
processes, gaining knowledge of
supply chain management and
management of contracts
Recognised on various Projects       Hands on approach working with people that are passionate
as going that extra mile for the     about their work

Six Sigma Green Belt Project:        I have the drive to achieve because I believe I was lead into
Reduced the amount spent on          this career to achieve great things. I am passionate about
waste water collection. Recycled     engineering and the difference I can make in the world.
water generated which is safe
for disposal andof the re-used
Commissioning to be mine's           I am a dedicated individual who has gained extensive
concentrator on Schedule.            technical knowledge in Chemical Processing, Metallurgy and
Positive contribution in             Nuclear Compliance and Assurance. I am proactive,
management of safety and             assertive and self motivated person who aspires to work in a
Being able to Contribution in
environment. ensure proper the       competitive environment that encourages professional and
maintenance is conducted on
machinery in order to increase
the availability of machinery and
thus obtaining improved
Delivery of complex                  To provide leadership and ensure attention to the detail. To
Environmental Impact                 develop strategies and mechanisms for compliance with the
Assessment for the nuclear           regulatory requirements
project. Identifying special case
mines and provide regulatory
Successful team co-ordination (     Attention to detail and analytical investigations in
Professional and Contractors        contractual management. Good grasp of understanding Civil
team) Resulted in completion of     and Architectural Projects. Natural technical understanding
projects - Project value from 10    of drawings.
to 200 million. Winning the Best
Finding and building a large        Able to analyse problems, interrogate business data and
planning team, coaching             project data to identify adverse trends and potential issues.
mentoring and developing the        Propose innovative solutions. Able to promote teamwork
individuals such that they          and collaborative thinking within teams to become focused
became aspecial award for
Lecture’s supportive, high          on results and deliverables. adaptable, and innovative
                                    A self motivated, confident,
excellent performance. Highest      individual with analytical problem solving, teamwork ability
overall mark in Engineering         and administrative skills.
Mechanics I. Top Semester 2
student for outstanding
Diamonds mine - plant               An ability to identify problems and provide solutions to
expansion Company's Cu DMS          practical engineering project problems. A passion for
beneficiation, Platinum mine        applying innovative engineering techniques to improve
DMS Plant, Min's Processing Plant   practical and functional design
I was the first one to write an     I am a team player who has analytical, sound interpersonal,
acceptable process document by      networking , Inter-personal, organizational and time
company client office. Perform      management skills
functions of health and safety
Youngest executive atsafety
committee as section a major      I have an unique outlook in the business sector owing to my
JSE listed firm; Instituted a     formal training in Chemical Engineering but not having
country wide HSE campaign that worked as such. I have a strategic mindset and am able to
changed the face of HSE           break down complex problems and provide solutions.
Co-publishing the 2 organisation; I am an MSc level professional with more than 5 years work
management in the articles in
the international journals, and     experience. I have a good understanding of procedures and
successfully completing my MSc      scientific concepts within the scientific technical area. I have
Degree. A member of the Fuel        the following skills which are of great importance in the
Design team that successfully
Training of subordinates at the     I am a hard worker and alwaysskills, analytical thinking skills,
                                    preferred field; mathematical on time and trustworthy. I
unit simulators. Participating in   also like to share knowledge with fellow workers and will
company's unit operator of the      even assist in work to be done to ensure it is completed in
year competitions and               time, safely and effectively.
Emergency and developed the        Carol is a natural scientist with particular expertise and
PBMR coated particle,              practical experience in nuclear fuel design technology. She
performed at the company's         spent a significant part of her career life at the Pebble Bed
laboratories; Performed thermal Modular Reactor (PBMR) Company, focusing mainly on:
hydraulics calculations and
My greatest achievements:          •Further development of High Temperature nuclear Reactor
                                   A dynamic, innovative and motivated scientist, offering
Starts when I completed my MSc outstanding analytical, strategic research development and
degree which was more relevant implementation expertise in nuclear physics, radiation
to my potential employment.        shielding Analysis and Radiation Protection Principles
Following my 9 years successful I am a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for design, with
Completed Post Grad Diploma
Completed design of PBMR Side the ability to attend to the details of a design, ensuring that
Reflector. Successful Review of    no stone is left unturned to achieve a desired solution. I
Side Reflector Design by a         believe it is important for an engineer to be constantly
company in Germany
Involvement in ground              Passion new technologies but at the same time provide
                                   learningis to use my skills as a hydro geologist tomaintain
investigation and construction of results for communities and clients in terms of water supply,
the next low-level radioactive     water quality and environmental sustainability.
waste disposal vault at the UK's
principal facility. Development as
Reducing a pitting defect from       My forte is technical as well as people skills, leadership and
40 percent affect down to 5          managerial skills. I enjoy getting excellent results through
percent affect - on ferritic steel   people and building great teams for the good of the
plate at Company; Breaking           company (long-term sustainability).
record production throughput
Successfully produced Uranium        I'm a hard worker who works effectively both alone and in a
Dioxide kernels for irradiation      team. I'm always willing to learn new things.
tests in Russia proving that we
are capable of producing fuel for
PBMR. Safety negotiate price,
To be able to comes first in all     NEC Contract Legislative frameworks Governing
formulate a strategy and work in     Procurement in Government. Contract Administration.
a project environment.               Negotiation Skills

Pre sinking and site preparation     Impatient to get things done. Like to see a project on
for new mine MBA PMP                 completion and being able to say I was part of it.
Infrastructure management for
iron ore mine
The successful completion of my      The successful completion of my tasks at hand- achieving an
tasks at hand- achieving an          exceeding the tender profits on projects and completed on
exceeding the tender profits on      time and within Budget.
projects and completed on time
and within Budget. different
Having worked with                   With my passion, a great ability in analysis and strength in
technologies in the software         software development I find myself working with different
development and being part of        technologies quite comfortably and with great success.
the teams that have developed
systems, has given me much
implementation of the key
functionality for SALOME and
OpenFOAM projects

I have worked on some of South       I would like to reach a stage in my career where I am able to
Africa’s biggest construction        influence change through innovation and creativity.

                                     Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 46
       Enshrine Placements - Available Candidates, April 2011
If any of these candidates interests you, then please revert back to us and cite their reference no.
   Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,

            Highest formal qualification:

            M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering

            M.Sc. Applied Radiation Science and Technology: North
            West University: From 2005 to October-2010.

            Doctorate - D.Phil in Mechanical Engineering - Fracture

            PMP Project Management for Professionals


            B.Sc. (Eng) Electrical

            B.Eng Chemical

            M.Sc. (Engineering Management),

            M.Sc. water Supply and environ Sanitation

            BSc Civil Engineering
Diploma Electronic Engineering

M.Sc. nuclear

N6 Diploma/Instrument Mechanical Trade.

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Electronic Engineering Diploma

National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

National Diploma Electrical Engineering (LC)

BSc Honours Electrical Engineering

BSc (Honours) - Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering

BSc. Electrical Engineering
BSc Electrical Engineering

M.Sc.Elec. Engineering

M.Sc. on Nuclear Engineering

BSc Electronic Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial)

B Eng (Hons) (Mech) 1982: University of Pretoria

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering

M.Sc. in Aerodynamics

Master of Technology Degrees in Chemical Engineering

B.Sc Mechanical Engineering

B Tech: Quality
M.Sc.Engineering and Technology Management


National Diploma (Mechanical Engineering)

Project Management

T4 Mechanical


MBA Lancaster Univ. UK

Mining Engineer

Masters in Industrial Psychology

Honours in Inorganic Chemistry

Hip: Mech Eng

M.Sc. (Physics);
Matric - Sir John Adamson High School

BTech Chemical Engineering 2009. University of

Master of Engineering, Civil

MSc (Theoretical Physics)

Diploma in Data Metrics and Maintenance management

National Higher Diploma Mechanical

HNDip (Elec.)

B-Tech Purchasing Management

Degree, Business Administration

Ph.D. (WITS)

M.Sc. (Nuclear Engineering)

M.Sc. Degree
B-Tech Mechanical Engineering

B Eng Mechanical

Bachelors Technology - Mechanical Engineering

B. Eng (Honours) Mechanical Engineering from the
University of Witwatersrand 2010

B Sc Eng (Mech)

BSc Eng Electronic

Masters in Science (Applied Radiation Science and

GIBS MBA in progess

Bachelor of Engineering-Industrial and Production

National Diploma Electronic Data Processing and
Systems Analysis - Technikon Pretoria

B.Ing. (Mechanical) (Potchefstroom University. 1998)

Post graduate Project Management
National Diploma Chemical Engineering

• Master of Engineering (M.Eng): Process Control (cum
laude), 2000

BTech: Chemical Engineering (2006)

BTech Chemical Engineering 2008

Bachelor of Technology in Engineering Metallurgy

B- Tech Degree in Chemical Engineering

2yr Secretarial Diploma

Diploma Business Management

National Diploma

National Diploma: Chemical Engineering 2002

BSc Electrical Engineering

B.Sc. Geology (1997), BSc (Hons) Environmental Geology
Civil Engineering Diploma

Honours Degree (Civil Engineering)

National Diploma Mechanical Engineering, 2001
(Passed eight subjects with distinctions)

BSc Eng Civil

M.Sc. chemistry

Chemical Engineering, MSc

Master of Science in Applied Radiation Science and

Management Development Program

M.Sc.Applied Radiation, Science & Technology

M.Sc. (Applied Radiation Science and Technology)

B.Sc. Engineering (Mechanical)

M.Sc. - Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources
             BSc Chemical Engineering degree, 1988,

             BTech degree in Chemical Engineering

             Bachelor In Administration


             BSc Quantity Surveying

             Nat Dip Software Dev

             Masters in Nuclear Reactor and Power Units

             Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Civil)

shrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,
Available Candidates, April 2011
hen please revert back to us and cite their reference no.
 ments, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,

                Other formal qualification's:                                 Professional registrations:

                Certificate: Project Management

                B.Sc. Chemistry and Physics: North West University (2000-

                Mechanical Engineering; trained as Six Sigma Black Belt       ECSA - Pr.Eng MSAIMechE

                Business management Diploma

                B.Sc. (Min Eng)                                               CEng (Institute of Engineers
                                                                              Ireland) Member SAIMM

                Matric                                                        -Registered as Candidate
                                                                              engineer with ECSA (20100005). -
                                                                              In process on completing Pr.Eng
                Executive MBA                                                 Institute of Directors (frozen
                                                                              currently) SAIMM (Frozen
                                                                              currently) MMMA (past
                                                                              member) Gibbs Alumni
                B.Sc. (Hons) (Computer Science)/BSc (Chemistry and Computer

                B.Sc. Civil                                                   None.
Diploma Project management, Diploma Datametrics.         ECSA: Professional Engineering

B.Sc. Chemistry/ Biology

Advanced Programme in Purchasing Management

B.Tech Project management                                Engineering Council of South
                                                         Africa. Candidate Engineering

National Diploma (N6) Electronics

Electronic-Mechanic (Trade test - same as Millwright)    Only recently I became aware
                                                         that I could obtain a professional
                                                         qualification, such as a Pr. Tech,
                                                         from the Professional
                                                         Engineering Institute. I am
                                                         Zimbabwe Institute of

                                                         Nigerian Society of Engineers

Masters of Electrical Engineering, National Diploma in   ECSA-Candidate Engineer. SAIEE-
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Technician D          Member SAIMECH - Member
                                                         AMRE- Associate Member EIZ-
                                                         Associate member
A' level and O' level                                    Golden Key Honorary Society,
                                                         IEEE (University of Cape Town)
n/a                                                           n/a

BSc Electrical Engineering                                    IEEE, Golden Key

B.Sc. on Nuclear Engineering

                                                              In the process of registering with

                                                              Professional Engineering
                                                              Technologist - Engineering
                                                              Council of South Africa (ECSA)

B Eng (Mech) 1980: University of Pretoria, Diploma in Systems Registered as a Professional
Eng                                                           Engineer ECSA

B Eng (Mechanical)                                            Registered as Professional

B.Eng (Mech-Aeronautical): University of Stellenbosch.        Registered Professional Engineer
Diploma Systems Engineering:                                  (ECSA)

Management Advancement Program (MAP) at Wits Business
School in August 2009. I’ve passed level 1 of the Chartered
Financial Analyst (CFA) program. I’ve completed the Stratek’s
and Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School’s
Technology Leadership Program (TLP).
M.Sc Engineering Management                                   ECSA

Nat Diploma Mechanical Engineering                            Engineering Council of SA
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering. Certificate in Project

B Eng (Mech)

Primavera 6

1.GCC Mines and works 2.MDP Unisa 3. Project Management - ECSA
Tuks 4. Maintenance Management - Tuks

                                                         Institute of Purchase & Supply

B.Sc. (Hons), Applied Physics, UK

Bask Honours degree in Mining Engineering                SANIRE SAIMM

Honours in Industrial Psychology                         Health Professional Society of
                                                         South Africa (HPCSA) - registered
                                                         Industrial Psychologist

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering

Not applicable                                           None
Cobol Programming - Intec College, Commissioned Officer /
Pilot - South African Air Force College

Bachelor of Technology In Civil Engineering with specialisation   Pr. Tech. Eng, ECSA, South Africa
in Structural Eng.

BSc Hons (Astrophysics)                                           SACNASP - Professional Scientist

National Higher Diploma for Technicians, Artisan electrician
and wireman's Licence

Management Development Programme (MDP)

Comm.                                                             Pr Tech Eng

                                                                  Institute of Purchasing and
                                                                  Supply--IPSA Allied Health
                                                                  Professions Council South Africa

National Diploma Business Management                              AACEI

MSc. (Engineering Management) (UP), Pr. Sci. Nat. (SACNASP),
MSAIP, BSc. (UNISA), BSc. (Hons), MSc.

B.Sc. (Physics) and B.Sc (Physics)                                South African Council for Natural
                                                                  Scientific Professions

Nat Tech. Dip Mech Eng(N6) BSc honours                            N6 Bask Honours MSc
                                                                  Operations BComm. Accounting
                                                                  currently busy
National Diploma. Vaal Technikon. Mechanical Engineering.


Honours Technology Management                               None

Bachelors in Chemistry / Ops Management

-                                                           -

Certificate in Maintenance Management - University of

National Diploma Metallurgy                                 SAIMM
• Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng): Chemical (cum laude), 1998 Registered as a Professional
                                                              Engineer (Pr. Eng) at the
                                                              Engineering Council of South
                                                              Africa (ECSA) in 2008.

Management Advancement Program 2009                           Candidate technologist

National Diploma in Engineering Metallurgy                    N/A

National Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Certificate in Marketing Management                           None

Matric                                                        South African Institute of
                                                              Mechanical Engineering

Electrical GCC for Mines and Works

Advanced Project Management Programme
None                                                       None

APMP for APM                                               MAPM

Practical Project Management                               Professional Engineering
                                                           Technician - Engineering Council
                                                           of South Africa. Project
                                                           Management Professional
B Comm.                                                    (PMP®) -Eng SAICE member
                                                           ECSA Pr Project Management

Honours in chemistry                                       N/A

Risk Management                                            IRM UK IRM SA

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics,
University of Limpopo Medical University of

Technical subjects, N3, N4, N5 & N6                        HPCSA

Project Management

Post Grad Diploma in Science (PBMR) T2 Mechanical

B.Sc. - Geography and Geology                              FGS - Fellow of the Geological
                                                           Society (London) Member of the
                                                           International Association of
                                                           Hydro geologists (IAH)
            B.Eng. Civil    Pr.Eng, PMP

                            Engineering Council of South
                            Africa South African Institute of
                            Civil Engineers

Nationality:              Country:       Province:

South African             South Africa   Gauteng

South African             South Africa   Gauteng

South African             South Africa   Gauteng

South African             South Africa   Gauteng

South African             South Africa

South African             South Africa   Gauteng

South African and Dutch   South Africa   Gauteng

South African             South Africa   Gauteng

Ghanaian                  South Africa   Eastern Cape

South African             South Africa   Gauteng
South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Western Cape

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

Zimbabwean      South Africa   Gauteng

Nigerian        South Africa   Gauteng

Zambian         South Africa   Gauteng

Rwandese        South Africa   Cape Town
Mauritian       South Africa   Western Cape

Namibian        South Africa   Western Cape

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

Turkish         South Africa   Gauteng

Asian           South Africa   Gauteng

Zimbabwean      South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Eastern Cape
South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Western Cape

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

British         South Africa   Gauteng

Zimbabwean      South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   North West

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng
South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

Indian          South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng
South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   KwaZulu Natal

RSA             South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

Indian          South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Mpumalanga

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

                South Africa   Eastern Cape
South African               South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

RSA                         South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

South African               South Africa   Gauteng

Portuguese/ South African   South Africa   Free State

South African               South Africa   Gauteng
Portuguese      South Africa     Gauteng

English         South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

South Africa    South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

South African   South Africa     Gauteng

British         United Kingdom
South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

Russian         South Africa   Gauteng

South African   South Africa   Gauteng

                                         Contact: Caryn Darley of Ens
                                           Enshrine Placements - Available Can
                                    If any of these candidates interests you, then please revert b
                                       Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27

Home language:   Other languages:                  Open to positions

SiSwati          English, Zulu, Tsonga             Checked

Tswana           English (speak, read, write and
                 understand) Afrikaans, Sotho,
                 Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa (understand
                 basic conversation)
English          Afrikaans (mediocre)

English                                            Checked

English          Afrikaans                         Checked


English          Dutch, Afrikaans                  Checked

Afrikaans        English, French                   Checked

English          None                              Checked

Zulu             English, Xhosa and Seswati        Checked
English     Afrikaans                        Checked

Tswana      English

Setswana    English, SeSotho and Afrikaans   Checked

Afrikaans   English                          Checked

Setswana    English, Afrikaans, isiZulu,     Checked

English                                      Checked

            English, SiSwati, Zulu, Sotho    Checked

Afrikaans   English & Dutch                  Checked

Other       English & Shona


English                                      Checked

English     German


Tshivenda   English, Xhosa, Shangaan,
            Setswana and Zulu

English                                    Checked

English                                    Checked


Afrikaans                                  Checked

Afrikaans   English (read, write and       Checked
            understand) German (read and


English                                    Checked

IsiXhosa    English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu    Checked
English          Afrikaans                  Checked

Afrikaans        English

Northern Sotho   English, Northern Sotho,   Checked
                 Afrikaans and Zulu

English                                     Checked

Afrikaans        English                    Checked






English          German French              Checked

Afrikaans        English

IsiZulu                        English, Afrikaans, Setswana,


English                        Afrikaans                        Checked

Afrikaans                      English                          Checked

Afrikaans                      English                          Checked

English                        Afrikaans                        Checked

English                        Afrikaans                        Checked

English                        Afrikaans                        Checked

English (read, write, speak)   Afrikaans (read, poor            Checked
                               Setswana and Sesotho (read,
                               write, speak)
English                        Afrikaans                        Checked

English                        Afrikaans, German, North Sotho   Checked

Sepedi     English, Zulu, Afrikaans,      Checked

Setswana   English, Afrikaans             Checked


English    Afrikaans                      Checked

English    Afrikaans                      Checked

Setswana   English                        Checked

English    Afrikaans (basic)              Checked


English    Zulu - Not completely fluent   Checked

           English, Afrikaans, Setswana

IsiZulu                                   Checked
Setswana    English (speak, read and write)
            Afrikaans (speak and read) South
            Sotho (speak) Zulu (speak)

Afrikaans   English

Tshivenda   English, Setswana, Sepedi, Zulu,   Checked
            Tsonga, Afrikaans

Venda       English spoken well                Checked


IsiXhosa    English, Afrikaans, Sotho, Zulu

            English, Sesotho, Setswana, Zulu

English     Afrikaans                          Checked

English     Afrikaans, Zulu                    Checked

Tshivenda   English, Sotho, Zulu and Tswana.

English     Portuguese and Afrikaans           Checked

Zulu        Swati/Xhosa/ Sotho
Portuguese   English, and partially Spanish and Checked

English                                       Checked

Xitsonga     English. IsiZulu. SeSotho        Checked





Setswana     English (Fluent); Zulu (Basic

Setswana     English, Afrikaans and Zulu      Checked

English                                       Checked

           Northern Sotho         English                          Checked

           Tsonga                 Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho and English


           Afrikaans              English                          Checked


           English                Afrikaans                        Checked

Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,
acements - Available Candidates March 2011
s interests you, then please revert back to us and cite their reference no.
of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,

                Open to positions nationally (in   Open to positions only in their   Additional comments:
                my country):                       area (I don't want to move



                Checked                                                              If I move in South Africa, it would
                                                                                     be to the Western Cape.



                Checked                                                              Suitable opportunities and
                                                                                     challenges anywhere in the
                                                                                     world will be considered. There
                                                                                     are no geographical boundaries.
                Checked                                                              I would, if relocation is required,

                Checked                                                              I can deliver on design,
                                                                                     implementation, operation and
                                                                                     maintenance of water supply
                                                                                     and sanitation services brilliantly.




Checked   Checked



Checked             Thank you for taking the
                    opportunity to read through my
                    CV and to contact me - I am
                    looking forward meeting with

Checked   Checked


Checked   Don’t mind travelling.





Checked   Checked   Would also consider : Business
                    consultant providing business
                    consultancy to other
                    organisations in need of
                    improving their business


Checked   Checked


Checked             I am, by virtue of the completion
                    of this Value Proposition
                    document, strongly determined
                    to enable the relocation of my
Checked             family and I back to our original


Checked   Checked





Checked             Support private and public
                    oriented businesses on
                    sustainable research that would
                    keep the country on the cutting
Checked             edge of scientific progression. I

                    I am a successful business
                    management professional with
                    proven, consistent track record
                    of business start-ups, Growth
                    and P&L turnaround re-


Checked             Based in India at the moment
                    and would like to return to South

Checked   Checked   I am currently completing a
                    Masters in Technology
                    Management at the University of

Checked             Highly evolved, well rounded
                    individual who prefers to
                    manage from an intrinsic
                    motivation perspective rather
                    than superficially. Decision


          Checked   She is willing to move to where
                    my Job takes me or a position in
                    the East.


Checked   Checked



Checked   Checked   My working experience spans
                    the full spectrum from sub-
                    contractor to Project
                    Management Consultants.
Checked             I am looking to expand my
                    knowledge while applying it in
                    the field. I am young, dynamic
                    and determined.

Checked             Target driven individual, I like to
                    meet targets and if possible
                    exceed them. Also like things to
                    be well organised in the proper
Checked             places. High Standards.
Checked   Checked

Checked             Many organizations and
                    businesses in RSA do not have
                    processes and controls in place
                    to allow them to effectively
Checked   Checked   manage projects that are critical






                    I am a technically competent and
                    self-reliant individual with a
                    professional attitude towards my
                    work, my colleagues and clients.
                    I am a team player and can also



             Checked       Checked



                                                                                          Enshrine Placement
                                                                                   If any of these candidates interests yo
                                                                                      Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine P

Ref no:   Business title of their    Key responsibilities and         Candidate's current /most
          ideal position:            accountabilities ideal position: recent position:

87954     Technical Maintenance      Responsibility for production &    Workshop Manager
          Manager                    meeting budget targets. Training &
                                     educating of subordinates.
87960     Boilermaker                Supervision over boiler making       Boilermaker

87964     Fitter and Turner,         Manufacture of engineering           Fitter and Turner
          Machinist                  components and repairing and
                                     servicing machines.
87965     CNC Machinist /            Preventive maintenance - Machine CNC Machinist / programmer
          programmer                 overhaul - Servicing and
                                     maintaining machinery -
87977     Mechanical Technician      Machiningin coming up with
                                     Creativity Components which        Fitter and Turner
                                     effective solutions, effective
                                     communication and an ability to
87981     Mechanical Fitter          motivate achievement and
                                     Dynamic, fellow personnel, results Fitter
                                     driven professional. Mechanical
                                     Fitter with over twenty four (24)
87983                                To service apprenticeship
          Fitter including Machining years post and maintain plant        Fitter
                                     equipment according to set out
                                     company statutes To monitor
87984     Fitter & Turner            plant and equipment, review,
                                     • Maintain power generation        Fitter
                                     equipment • Maintain and
                                     improve machine efficiencies •
87986     Inspection Engineer,       Report quality deviations • Assist
                                     Experience of controlling welding/ Inspection Engineer, Piping,
          Mechanic                   QA/QC department carrying out      Structure, Mechanical
                                     work for Oil & Gas/ Power
87987     Diesel Mechanic            Service, Experience of Onshore,
                                     industry.maintenance repairs of    Diesel Mechanic
                                     trackless mining machines

87991     Maintenance Electrician    Electrical power installations,      Electrician
                                     repairs, fault-finding, compliance
                                     inspections and testing as well as
87998     Boilermaker                maintenance of electrical plant
                                     Read and interpret mechanical        Boilermaker
                                     drawings, marking out and
                                     development of patterns and
88002     Engineering                fabrications. all metal
                                     To ensure that                       Boilermaker
                                     fabrication jobs are carried out
                                     accordingly and in time in a safe
88009   Boilermaker/ Workshop     Fabrication of structures and     Boilermaker
        Artisan                   components with correspondence
                                  to mechanical engineering
88013   Boilermaker - Artisan     drawings. Take fabricated jobs
                                  1.Structural: fabrication and out Boilermaker
                                  erection of structures, roof
                                  trusses, stanchions, walkways;
88015   Fabrication Engineering   fabrication and maintenance of
                                  Fabrication of all Steel Products Boilermaker
                                  from Drawings and Sketches,
                                  Developments of Cones, Lobsters,
88022   Boilermaker               Transformers. structures, Design
                                  Fabrication of                   Boilermaker
                                  and Maintenance.

88024   Boilermaker               The key responsibilities are house    Boilermaker
                                  keeping, safety and health in the
                                  area that I am currently working
88029   Boilermaker               at, ensuring the quality of the job
                                  Fabrication, repair and               Boilermaker
                                  maintenance of carbon steel and
                                  stainless structures
88042   Boilermaker               Interpretation of engineering    Boilermaker
                                  drawings. Measuring, marking and
                                  cutting. Developments and
88046   Boilermaker               template marking. Pipe work
                                  Heavy duty metal fabrication -   Boilermaker
                                  Plant maintenance - Manpower
88047   Heavy Diesel Mechanic     Repair and maintenance of             Diesel Mechanic
                                  earthmoving and construction
88048   Diesel Mechanic/ Fitter   Repair, maintain and service          Diesel Mechanic / Fitter
                                  engines, gearboxes of all
                                  automotives, handle fault finding,
88054   Diesel Mechanic           Preventive maintenance, services      Diesel Mechanic
                                  troubleshooting and repairs of
                                  trackless and earthmoving
88062   Fitter/ Turner            equipment. Maintenance, repair,
                                  Mechanical                            Fitter
                                  servicing, overhauling,
                                  troubleshooting, alignment,
88079   Fitter & Turner           installation, assembly and
                                  Maintenance of plant equipment,       Mechanical Fitter
                                  attending to plant breakdowns
                                  and machining of different plant
88081   Mechanical fitter         components. plant availability
                                  To make sure                          Mechanical fitter
                                  targets are met,
                                  To repair, service, maintain all
88089   Electrical Technician     machines/-equipment,
                                  Maintenance, installations of         Electrician
                                  electrical machinery such as
                                  electric motors, transformers,
                                  panel wiring, low and high voltage
88108   Boilermaker/ Plater       Fabrication, developments,         Boilermaker
        Welder.                   structural assembling, bending and
                                  rolling, maintenance, safety and
88111   Mechanical Fitter and     good house keeping.
                                  Fitting of textile machine, pumps, Mechanical Fitter & Turner
        Turner                    gear boxes, couplings, conveyors,
                                  refurbishment of a variety of
88112   Fitter & Turner           industrial machines, Basic
                                  Maintenance of mining              Mechanical Technician
                                  equipment i.e. rock breakers,
                                  crushers, pumps, conveyors,
88113   Electrician               vibrating feeders, vibrating
                                  1. Faultfinding electrical problems Electrician
                                  on machines. 2. Maintaining and
                                  servicing electrical machines. 3.
88114   Mechanical Fitter         Electrical power installations
                                  Maintenance work                    Welder

88117   Mechanical Fitter         Plant maintenance: To ensure all        Mechanical Fitter
                                  machinery/equipment is fully
                                  serviced and running at optimum
88119   Boilermaker               productivity standards.                 Boilermaker

88121   Maintenance Electrician   • P.L.C.s Installation, Programming Electrical Technician
                                  and Maintenance Siemens Simatic
                                  S5 and S7, profibus Connectors,
88159   Piping Engineer/          field instruments and Pneumatic
                                  To lead others on the job and to    AWS Welding Supervisor
        Superintendent            finish the job safely and on time.

88173   Electronics Technician    Components Level repairing on       Instrument Fitters
                                  PCBs Electronic Designs and Circuit
                                  Reading (expert) Electronic and
88176                             Electrical Installations Instrument Electro Medical Technician
        E and I Software designer Software design of all electrical
                                  and instrumentation plants.
                                  Commissioning of new plants.
88188   Maintenance Fitter and Designing of new plants and also
                                  - Plant and equipment               Assembler, Fitter and Turner.
        Turner                    maintenance. Performing Periodic
                                  /Time Based Maintenance(TBM),
88193   Fitter and Turner,        Preventive smooth and efficient
                                  Ensuring a Maintenance(PM),       Fitter and Turner
        Machinist                 running of plant and industrial
                                  machinery. Minimising breakdown
88194   Boilermaker               on mechanical parts for plant
                                  Fabrication work, ability to read Boilermaker
                                  and interpret drawings at all levels.

88198   Electrician, Technician   Carrying out maintenance and            Boiler making/ Piping/ Welding
                                  repairs on plant equipment,
                                  carrying out new installations of
                                  machinery to local regulation
88200   Mechanical Fitter and      Maintenance, breakdown                Project Fitter and Turner
        Turner                     solutions and machining.
                                   Production efficiency and the
88213   Construction Jobs          running of all machinery.
                                   Stick/Arc Welding Mig/Co2             Welder
                                   Welding Argon/Tig Welding

88217   Welder                     Ensure that tasks given to me are     Welder
                                   completed on time, and do it to
                                   the best of my ability. Structural
88224   Boiler Maker/Coded         welding, anything I am given
                                   Accuracy                              Engineering Clerk

88228   A Class Welder             To do the best of my abilities        Welder

88273   Fitter Turner/ Machinist   Ensure maximum performance of         Fitter Machinist
                                   plant, machinery or equipment in
                                   manufacturing and production
88276   Diesel Mechanic            processes. Fault finding, repair or
                                   Maintenance, troubleshooting,         Diesel Mechanic
                                   repair and servicing of
                                   underground and opencast
88285   Boilermaker                equipment, overhauling of
                                   Fabrication of hoppers, chutes,       Boilermaker
                                   pipe manifolds, Interpreting the
                                   drawings, carrying out
88320   Boilermaker                maintenance routine, plant
                                   Maintenance of the Plant,             Project Boilermaker
                                   fabrication of new equipment to
                                   replace old existing ones in the
88443   Boilermaker                plant, working on the projects
                                   Reading and interpreting              Workshop Boilermaker
                                   engineering drawings Fabrication
                                   of new equipment and
88706   Maintenance Fitter         refurbishment of plants e.g.
                                   Plant Maintenance, Maintenance        Fitter
                                   of crane forklift's Pumps, Grab
                                   lifters, Compressors. Accountable
88924   Maintenance Fitter         for the monthly inspection & the
                                   Maintenance of Hydraulically          Maintenance Fitter
                                   Operated Machines Maintenance:-

89407   Fitter Machinist           Factory and Machinery                 Fitter Machinist
                                   Maintenance. Production
89410   Instrumentation and        Process measurement                   Instrumentation and Control
        Control Technician         instrumentation and control.          Technician
                                   Automation, commissioning,
89563   Shift Overseer             Installation maintenance and
                                   Same as current                       General Miner
89851    Construction               Planning of work schedules with        Superintendant
         Superintendent             regards to erection, installation
                                    and welding of structural / steel
89924    Pipefitting Supervisor     conveyors, tanks, chutes, ducting
                                    Reading of drawings. Installation      Pipe Fitting Supervisor
                                    of piping and equipment.
                                    Supervision/ interaction with staff.
89981    Fitter, Machinist          1. Plant Inspection 2. Plant           Turbine Fitter
                                    Maintenance 3. Fitting and
90025    Rigging Manager            Safety / Rigging                       Rigging Supervisor

90099    Plant Technician Engineer Maintenance of Plant Machinery          Field Service Technician
                                   Setting Maintenance System for
90356    Boilermaker / Pipefitter   Fabrication and installation of        Boiler making / Piping / Welding
                                    plant equipment, plant
91381    Electrician                Computer maintenance Boiler            Execution Electrician
                                    installation, maintenance and
                                    upgrading Maintenance, wiring
95609    Fitter and Turner          and installation of starters e.g.
                                    Plant planned maintenance,             Maintenance Fitter and Turner
                                    Breakdown maintenance, Plant
                                    installation, Maintenance and
96668    Boilermaker/ plate         Installation of pneumatic and
                                    Quality job, speed and accuracy.       Boilermaker

96869    Fabrication Supervisor     Extensive knowledge into all           PIPING SUPERVISOR
                                    aspects of piping and steel
                                    fabrication and, plating, pressure
97444    Boilermaker                vessels, storage tanks, columns,
                                    Plant maintenance, Fabricating         boilermaker
                                    new components, Training of
                                    apprentices, Promotion of health
97523    TM3 Mechanical             and safety engines, mechanical
                                    Maintaining                        Mechanic
                                    and auto electrical of all the
                                    trackless mining machinery as well
101096   Mechanical/ Pipe fitter    as all the welding construction in Mechanical/ Pipe fitter
                                    Maintenance and
                                    mining, manufacturing, power
                                    plants and pipe fitting.

         Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,
 Enshrine Placements - Available Candidates, April 2011
of these candidates interests you, then please revert back to us and cite their reference no.
tact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,

                Highest formal              Name and address of Institute Trade completed:
                qualification:              where this was obtained:

                Rhodesia National Craft     Bulawayo Technical College        Mechanic Petrol/ Diesel & Tractor

                GR11                        WCED                              Boilermaker

                GCE, O level                Bulawayo Polytechnic              Fitter and Turner Machinist

                National Certificate        Masvingo Technical College,       Fitting and Turning (Including
                                            Masvingo, Zimbabwe                Machining)

                National certificate in     Harare Polytechnical College,     Fitter and Turner
                machine shop engineering    Zimbabwe

                Mechanical Engineering      City & Guilds of London Institutes Mechanical Fitter

                Mechanical Eng Technicians Harare Polytechnic                 Fitting & Machining
                Part 3 (City & Guilds)

                Diploma                     Gweru Technical                   Fitter & Turner

                B.SC (Mechanical            Maulana - Azad Engineering        B.Tech
                Engineering)                College at Patna

                Apprenticeship              Harare Polytechnic                diesel mechanics

                Advanced Diploma In          City & Guilds of London          Electrician
                Electrical Power Engineering

                National Certificate in     Harare Polytechnic, Harare,       Boilermaker
                Fabrication Engineering     Zimbabwe

                Fabrication Engineering     Ministry of Higher Education.     Boiler making
National Certificate in         Harare Polytechnic, Zimbabwe       Boiler making (Block Release)
Fabrication Engineering

Boilermaker - Artisan           Zimbabwe Phosphate Industries,     Boilermaker
                                Harare, Zimbabwe

Skilled Worker Class One in Msasa College, Harare                  Boilermaker
Boiler making / Plate-
National Certificate,           Midlands Technical college         Boiler making
Fabrication Engineering

National Certificate In         Mutare Polytechnic College, P.O.   Boiler making
Fabrication Engineering         Box 640, Mutare

Class 1 Boilermaker             Bulawayo Polytechnic, Zimbabwe Boilermaker

National Certificate in         Harare Polytechnic                 Boiler making
Mechanical Engineering

Apprenticeship in Boiler        Apprenticeship and Skilled         Boiler making
making                          Manpower Harare Zimbabwe

Diesel Plant Fitter             Harare Polytechnic                 Diesel Plant Fitting

Certificate in motor            Bulawayo Polytechnic, Zimbabwe Motor vehicle mechanics to include
mechanics to include                                           diesel and tractors
tractor and diesel
Trade Certificate               ctc Witbank                        Earthmoving Equipment

National Certificate in         Harare Institute Of Technology,    Fitting Including Machining
Machine shop Engineering        Harare, Zimbabwe
(Class 1 in Fitting including
National Certificate            Kwekwe Technical College           Turner Machinist

National Certificate in         Mutare Polytechnical College,      Class one fitting, incl. machining
Mechanical Engineering          Zimbabwe

National Diploma in             Gweru Technical College.           Electrical Technician
Electrical Engineering          Zimbabwe
National Certificate in       Harare Polytechnic College,        Boiler making.
Fabrication Eng.              Zimbabwe.

Class one in Fitting         Registrar of Apprenticeship and     Mechanical Fitter & Turner
including Machining (Fitting Skilled Manpower, Harare,
and Turning)                 Zimbabwe
N4 Fitter & Turner            Bulawayo Polytechnical College     Fitter & Turner

National Certificate in      Harare Institute of Technology      Electrician
Electrical Power Engineering

Boilermaker/ welder           SAIW Johannesburg                  Boilermaker/ Welder

City & Guilds Certificate     (Scot) Swaziland College of        Mechanical Fitter
Plant Maintenance             Technology

Grade 12                      St Paul's High School              Boilermaker

Electrical Technician         Harare Institute of Technology     Electrical Power Engineering

Journeyman Pipefitter         Pipe Fitters                       Pipe Fitter/Pipe Welder

Electronics and Electronic    Bulawayo Polytechnic, Bulawayo     Electronics

Electronic Engineering:    Harare Polytechnic, Harare            Instrumentation and Control Systems
Diploma in Instrumentation
and Control
National Diploma In           Harare Polytechnic. Herbert        Fitting and turning (including
Mechanical Engineering :      Chitepo Campus, Box 407,           machining)
Plant                         Causeway, Harare
Fitter and Turner Machinist Bulawayo Technical College           Fitting and Turning, Machining

NC fabrication engineering    Harare Polytechnic and              Boilermaker
(boiler making)               apprentice at Star Metal Industries

National Diploma Electrical   Mutare Polytechnic, Zimbabwe       Electrician
Power Engineering
NC Mechanical Engineering Harare institute Of Technology      Fitting [including Machining]

Mlumati Technical College    DD Mabuza Comprehensive          Welding

Double coded welder          SAIW                             Welder


Grade 11                     Kliptown Secondary School

NC Mechanical Engineering Harare Institute of Technology,     Fitting and Machining

Diploma                      Northern Technical College       Mechanical

National Certificate         Kwekwe Polytechnic, Kwekwe,      Boilermaker
Fabrication Engineering      Zimbabwe

NC Mechanical Engineering Chinhoyi University Of Technology Boiler making

Advanced Craft Certificate   Harare Polytechnic, Zimbabwe     Boiler making

Maintenance Fitter,          Westgate Technology Centre       Maintenance Fitter & Machine shop
National Certificate                                          Engineering
Machine shop Engineering
National Diploma in          Harare Institute of Technology   Class One Fitter and Turner
Mechanical Engineering

National Advanced Craft     Bulawayo Polytechnic P.O.         Fitter and Turner (Including
Certificate in Machine shop Bulawayo ,Zimbabwe                Machining)
National Diploma             Harare Polytechnic College,      Instrumentation & Control

Mining                       Buffelsfontein Gold Mine         Shift Overseer
              NTC 2 & 3 diploma (1975 & LC Johnson Technical College,       boilermaker / platter
              1976); Trade test diploma, Durban
              1977, Olifantsfontein
              NTC 3                      Highveld Tech.                     Boilermaker

              Fitter Machinist Class 1,   Harare, Zimbabwe                  Fitter Machinist
              Certificate In Machine Shop
              Rigger / LMI               Sasol                              Rigger

              Diploma in Mechanical      City &Guilds of London Institute   Mechanical Technician Engineer

              National Certificate in    Bulawayo Polytechnic               Boiler making
              Fabrication Engineering

              Electrician                Harare Polytechnical College,      Electrician

              Trade - N.C Machine-shop   Kwekwe Polytechnic, Zimbabwe       Fitting and turning

              NQF Level 4                KWEKWE POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE Boilermaker/ Plate Welding

              B.A.Law Degree             U.D.W

              National Certificate       Harare Polytechnical College,      Boiler making
                                         Harare, Zimbabwe

              Diesel Mechanic            Impala Platinum Mine               YES

              National Certificate in    Kwekwe Polytechnic, Kwekwe         Fitting [including machining]
              Machine shop Engineering   Zimbabwe

1 468 4072,
rence no.

            Industries/sectors serviced:        Years trade Mining methods competent in:

            Open Cast Mining. Public            31 Years       Open cast, Quarry
            Transportation Sector. Civil
            Engineering. Automotive Industry.
            Commercial Engineering
            Commercial and Chemical             20 Years       None

            Tyre making industry, Railway       20 Years      I have worked on conveyors, hydraulic and
            industry, Manufacturing industry in post          pneumatic systems, pulleys and extractor fans
            Engineering.                        qualification and gearboxes.
            Production and manufacturing

            Heavy engineering, chemicals and    7 Years        Surface mining i.e. open pit mining, strip
            manufacturing, FMCG                                mining, also basic experience in quarrying
            Mining Foundry Manufacturing        25 Years       Underground, Open-cast, Shaft

            General Engineering: Solving of     20 Years       nil
            Problems like gearboxes such as
            strip, machine shafts and gears,
            Have experience participate in
            assemble, test orin the                            -Trackless -Open cast -Shaft
            implementation, running and
            evaluation of maintenance systems
            in heavy, chemical and mining
            ABS through L & T in Oil and Gas / More than       N/A
            India Oct 2010 to till to date. 2. 10 years of
            Reysonics through Sasol in Oil and piping and
            gas and petrochemicals / South
            Transport, motor and mining        structure oil
                                               15 Years        Trackless mining

            Iron and steel making, mining,      15 Years       Confined spaces, heights and gas and fumes.
            power distribution, manufacturing
            and pumping plants .
            Production Industries -             6 Years        Underground mining, Open cast mining
            manufacture of boilers, tanks,
            apron feeder, vibrator screens etc.
            Plant Industries - carrying out
            Mining and Manufacturing /          10 Years       Open cast
- Manufacturing (heavy) - Mining                        Open cast and underground
(open cast and underground) -
Food processing
Currently I'm employed at a heavy       2 Years + 8
production company which                months
manufactures heavy duty mining
equipment e.g. ball/sag mills(dia
Mining, Construction and                                Open Cast
Manufacturing Industries

Refinery Plant, Processing plant,       10 Years        Underground and Surface Mining
Construction and Workshop
Manufacturing industry,                                 Open cast mining
maintenance industry and mining
Mines, electrical power stations,       10 Years        Nil
plants and warehouses

Manufacturing and maintenance of        5 Years post    Underground mining -servicing pipe work,
thermal and electro fired boilers.      apprenticeshi   chute fabrication &maintenance, conveyor
Mining -plant installation and          p               structures, crushing, ball milling, flotation
maintenance of mining plant. Food
- Boiler construction and               qualification   Fabrication and servicing of mining rigs and
reconstruction - Sugar plant -                          locomotives.
Mining equipment
I worked on road construction,          13.5 Years      Trackless mining
mining and farming transport
Transport Industry and Mining           10 Years        Repair of mining equipment

Mining                                  5 Years         Underground and Opencast

I have worked in the Textile            12 Years      Underground, Vertical open pit, Quarrying.
Industry as an apprentice in cotton     post
spinning machines, weaving,             qualification
- Heavy bleaching machines. -
printing,steel - Manufacturing After    and 4 Years WAGON TIPPLERS,CRUSHERS,VIBRATORY
Transport - Rail - Power Stations                     SCREENS AND FEEDERS, CONVEYORS (belt,
                                                      bucket and chain) PUMPS (gear, piston,
Timber, board industry, paper and       20 Years      centrifugal, worman slurry, screw)
pulp industry, textile industry,
electricity generation industry, poly
plastic industry, machine shop
Sugar manufacturing; plant-                             None
manufacturing of sugar from the
estate up to the refinery of sugar.
Cotton ginnery; -processing of
Power stations, steel making          Structural    Surface or open cast. Underground-vertical
plants, coal mining, Petro-chem.,     and plate     shaft. -incline shaft.
heavy engineering workshops and       work - 4
Textile manufacturing; power          years. Tanks, n/a
                                      8 Years
generation; engineering and food      working
manufacturing                         experience
Textile, FMCG, Mining                 in my trade Underground, Open Cast
                                      18 Years

Steel Manufacturing Plastic           5 Years       Never worked in mining
manufacturing Pharmaceutical
Elevator maintenance
Petro Chemical                        23 Years      None

Sugar mills, pulp/paper plants                      Mine dump processing, from installation
(Sappi), distillery’s, cooking oil                  through to maintenance, kilns, conveyors,
plants, plastic recycling plants, gold              aspirators, (pumps centrifugal, mono), heat
mines (process plants), petro
Mining and Construction                10 Years     exchangers.
                                                    Welding Fabrication according to isometric
                                                    drawing i.e. boiler making and piping

Mining and Manufacturing                            Open cast and underground

Power houses, Chemical plants,        10 Years      I am competent in all process piping
Hospitals, Quarry's, Military
facilities, Water treatment, etc.
Cable Manufacturing Industry                        l understand the processes of both
Telecommunications Industry                         underground and open cast mining

Food and Beverage Industries.         7 Years
Manufacturing Industries.
Technical Industries.
1). AIR-CONDITIONING                  6 Years       I have never worked in a mine but I do not
REFRIGERATION & ANALYTIC                            doubt my capabilities and I am highly
SERVICES is a sole traded business                  confident that I can perform exceptionally well
Mining industry, Durban.
in Kwazulu Natal Manufacturing        17 Years      in undergroundshaftopen cast mining. The
                                                    Quarry mining, and mining, manufacturing
industry                                            and processing industry.

Production, mining, manufacturing.                  Both open cast and underground machinery

Mining, Packaging, Metal,             10 Years      Underground and Surface, Gold
Construction, Printing
Mining - maintenance of mining        9 Years    1. Inclined shaft mining 2. Open cast
equipment e.g. gearboxes, pumps
on the plant and underground
operations. Agro-Sugar Mill-plant
Mining Power stations Workshop        4 Years    To weld different sizes and types of materials,
construction                                     such as carbon, stainless still, chrome pipes.

Sasol Mines Workshop based            10 Years   Welding tanks, Welding pipes, All surface
                                                 works, Structural

Steel industry Fibre Glass industry   5 years

Energy: Eskom, Petroleum; Sasol                  Ghana -
Mosgas, Mining: Quagadougou
gold mining
Gas Manufacturing Industries,         8 Years
Tobacco Processing and Metal
Mining and construction               7 Years    Opencast and underground

Production Industry, Maintenance      5 Years    Underground Mining Open Cast Mining
Industry, Site Industry

Mining: maintenance of mining        8 Years +   Under ground and open cast
equipment e.g. conveyor belts,
pipes and structures. Fabrication of
mine equipment suchMining Plastic
Engineering Tobacco as chutes,                   Open cast

Mining industry Processing            9 Years    Underground mining & open cast mining
industry Manufacturing industry
Steel making industry
1. Food Manufacturing (Plastic and 10 Years      Open cast
Beverages) 2. Machining (Mining
and Agricultural industries) 3. Steel
Manufacturing Industries. Mining                 Open cast mining and underground mining

Chemical Industry Mining              7 Years    Open cast

Mining, Railways                      22 Years   Conventional and Trackless Mining
- paper mills - petro-chemical       35 Years       - underground coal mining (Secunda RSA) -
plants - tank farms - fabrication                   dredger mining (sand) - (Moma Sands,
workshops - coal mines - sand                       Mozambique)
Petroleum industry.of Lurgi &
mines - installation Mining                         N/A
industry. Currently in Food and
Beverage industry.
Manufacturing Industry and Mining 10 Years          Open cast and underground

Construction/ Petrochemical                         Crane Operator, Small plant Operator, LMI

Pulp and Paper, Refinery, Milling    19 Years      Open Cast Underground Mining
Industry, Chemical Industry, Metal   apprenticeshi
Industry &FMG Industry-Milling &     p training
Crushing Equipment Refinery
Sugar Plants, Chrome                               4 Open cast and underground
Plants, Ship and Oil Rig Repairs,
Uranium and Acid Plants, Copper
and Cobalt Plants processing
Iron making Food                     5 Years
industry Engineering

Malting Plant, Beverage (Brewery)    7 Years        Open cast and underground mining
Plant, Mining, Railway and FMCG

Petro-chemical, Production,        6 years          Opencast, Underground
Maintenance.                       include
Petrochemical; Sasol, Chevron etc. attachment       GENERAL PIPING,PLATING DEVELOPMENTS
Eskom Power Stations, sugar &
paper mills and general mining
Heavy metal production, sugar and 5 Years
steel making

Trackless Mining Machinery                          Mechanised mining and conventional mining

Gold, copper, uranium, platinum,       17 Years     Competent on surface mining
chrome, diamond, titanium and          hands on.
iron and steel mining, chemical and
fertiliser, salt and sugar processing,
                                                              Enshrine Placements - Available Can
                                                    If any of these candidates interests you, then please revert bac
                                                       Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11

Competent with following machinery:                Safety precautions applied in performing
                                                   of duties:

Caterpillar Bell Komatsu Liebherr MAN Nissan       Job assessment, tool requirements, safety &
Toyota Iveco Forklifts Moffet Combilifts           work procedures as per work specs to adhere
Agrimac Merlo telescopic handlers Tractors         to environmental impact. Health & safety
Deutz, Case, Ford. PlateGuillotine, Cropper,
Rollers, bending brake, compactors, Rollers,       codes. PPE
Drilling Machines

centre lathe; machines 1m to 4m milling            Always wearing safety goggles when operating
machines, radial drilling machine, vertical        these machines, and putting on safety clothing
boring mill, cylindrical grinder, surface grinder. all the time.
Convectional Turning Lathe Machine,                For effective duty execution the environment
Heidenhain Controls CNC Milling machine            has got to be clean, there after always ensure
                                                   that one has proper Protective Clothing (PPE),
Mills( bore mills rod mills), crushers,            Always make sure I have the right tools for the
                                                   Essential protective equipment, assessment of
extractors, fans, pumps(single and multistage), hazards within and around environment of
compressors, boilers                            work to be carried out i.e. checking of things
Tool-room Pumps Crushers Conveyers              like of PPE Work Safely under safe conditions
                                                Use ventilation if area enclosed, presence of

Worked on dump and LHD trucks The grate,           When working on the plant the key to safety is
kilns, bag-filters, ball-mills, furnaces and       SLAM/SEEP and then observe the following :
Rotating equipment                                 Be on the look out of slips and falls Be careful
Crushers Ball mills Rod mills Pumps Screens        of nip jointsclothing -Personal protection -
                                                   -Protective when performing work at all
                                                   Machine safety standards -MSDS

Gang drilling machinery, drilling machinery,       Personal protective equipment (PPE) Health
bench drilling machinery, and pillar drilling      safety environment (HSE) training
machinery,CNC & lather machinery, hydraulic        programmers’ for 10 companies.
& pneumatic machinery, milling & vehicles.
drill rigs, roof bolters. LHDs, utility grinding   lockout procedures. stop blocks on wheels.
                                                   support moving parts e.g., articulation. fire
                                                   extinguishers in place. release hydraulic
A.C. and D.C. Machines .                           pressure. and isolation, protective clothing.
                                                   Lock -out wear proper Hazard identification
                                                   and risk assessment, fall arrest plan, standard
                                                   work procedures and fatality prevention
Rolling machine, Guillotine, Press brake,          standards.
                                                   Personal protective equipment, risk
Plasma cutter, C O 2 welding machine, Power        assessment on the working area and work
saws, Drilling machine, e.t.c                      safely.
Crushers, vibrating screens and conveyors.         Wear personal protective equipment. Inspect
                                                   all tools before use and house keeping
Load haul dumpers, Komatsu, CAT and Terex          1. Good housekeeping 2. Letting my aid know
dump trucks, CAT dozers, face shovels, rigs        what we will be doing. 3. Check for possible
and graders.                                       hazards such as fires, suspended loads and
Arc welding machines, pyramid/vertical type        Correcttools.application of user manual,
                                                   unsafe PPE,
rollers, oxy arcetelin/LPG gas cutting and         guards on all moving parts/cutting edges,
heating, universal shearing machine, hydraulic     proper support of work and off cut, shielding
press,Moving machines, cranes trackless
Earth horizontal lathe, angle/pedestal grinder,    Carry out a from arc radiation and flying
                                                   co-workers Risk Assessment first. Wear right
machines, front-end-loader.                        protective clothes. Eliminate all hazards or
                                                   take care not to injure work mates.
Guillotine, Pressing, Rolling machine, Bending     PPE, permits, use correct safety procedures

Guillotine, profile cutter, press brake, rollers   By putting on full personal protective clothing
                                                   and carrying out risk assessments

Nil                                                Occupational Safety and Health act

Cutting equipments- oxy-acetylene torch,           Do risk assessments before you start an
guillotine, plasma Welding machines Cranes         assignment, good housekeeping, good
mobile & fixed Press brake, Drilling machines      communication skills, do it right the first time
Bending machines
- Welding - Drilling - Cutting - Lifting and       Adhering to set workshop and work
rigging                                            environment safety regulations that promote
                                                   a safe working zone for not only myself but my
Caterpillar, Komatsu and Volvo dump trucks         colleaguessurroundings if it is well ventilated
                                                   Check the also. Operating machinery as per
                                                   ,clear from obstacles and the lifting
                                                   equipment is in good condition
Trackless mining equipment                         I put on my protective clothing

Cat, Hitachi excavators, Volvo and Bell ADTS       Do a risk assessment before starting any task.
and Toro Machine.

Convectional lathe, Horizontal-vertical -          Making a Risk Assessment for each task (HIRA)
universal milling machine, radial arm and          before executing it. Making sure that a permit
pedestal drilling machine, cylindrical and         of work is available for each task and sign the
surface grinders, shapers, vertical boring
OPEN CAST                                          works register. Wearing proper Personal
                                                   SAFETY TALK,RISK ASSESSMENT

-                                                  -

Motors, drives, power station generators,          Always wear safety clothes from safety shoe,
boilers for power generation, lummus cotton        reflective jackets and bottom, helmet, eye
ginnery machinery.                                 goggles when grinding, ear protectors when in
                                                   noise plant. Always measure for electricity
Guillotine, bender, press brake, rolling,           Clean working area, wear correct PPE for the
punching/ universal cropping, magnet and            job, lock out on machines, use proper tools for
pillar drills, profile cutter, grinders,            a particular task, follow all safety procedures
mma/argon/co2, cutting torch and heating,
Vertical, horizontal and universal milling          Before starting on any duty I do hazard when
                                                    laid down for my job and ensure to ask
machines; centre lathe; radial, pedestal drilling   identification and risk assessment so that I
machines; a variety of textile manufacturing        know what personal protective equipment to
machines: drawing boards, R U 14, starter,
N/A                                                 30 on and also know how before
                                                    putsecond risk assessment to conduct myself
                                                    commencing, safety gear ppe, non slippery
                                                    floors, proper lifting equipment,
n/a                                                 HIRA which is knowledge of equipment
                                                    understandinghazard identification and risk
                                                    assessment which is carried out before work is
                                                    started to find ways of preventing injuries
Welding Machines                                    Do task risk assessment before starting with
                                                    job. Perform task following permit conditions

All machinery/equipment which is found in a         Assess, think, act Assess job to be carried out,
heavy industrial plant, mostly in the above         think what can possibly go wrong & be sure to
mentioned industries & factories which I have       have all hazards in check (fire watcher, proper
worked in.overhead crane Fork Lift Angle
Operating                                           Risk etc) then act/ carry out task Inspection
                                                    PPE, Assessment Daily Task Safetyat hand
Grinders, Bench Grinder Bending Machine             Job Planning Toolbox Talk Obtaining work
Magnetic Base Drill Hand Drill                      permits before executing task Equipment
Conveyor belts, crushers, substations,              inspections Check safe to use Health the
                                                    S.H.E.Q policies, Occupationalsigns onand
treatment plant                                     Safety Standards

Power tools, welding machines, etc.                 I work to the OSHA standard and also use my
                                                    experience of If I am not comfortable I won’t
                                                    do it or expect any one else to.
Pressure switches, temperature switches,            # Before starting any task, l make sure l know
level, control valve and transmitters,              exactly what is to be done and how to do it
indicators and gauges. Temperature                  safely. # I am always sure to perform my tasks
transmitters, signal isolators,
Robotic machines. Analyzers. signal                 We adhere to theprotects me and others. # Let
                                                    in a manner that ISO 9000 and 14000
                                                    Industrial standards.

Gear boxes, conveyer belts, screw conveyors, - Following all safety signs before entering any
bucket elevators. piston pumps, screw pumps work station. - Before servicing any
, crusher pots, water tube and fire tube boilers. mechanical problem on any machine, it is
                                                  mandatory tohealth sure safety rules as
                                                  All laid down make and that the machine is
                                                    required by that working environment.

maintaining dumper, chutes, conveyer and            Work safely at all times.

Crushers, bowl mills, winches, cranes, hoists,      Safety first, treat all cables as live until proven
agitators, furnaces, compressors, vibrators,        otherwise, practice good workmanship
transformers, pumps, PLCs , drives, stretch         always, use proper and safe tools always, and
blowing machines, chillers, welding machines,       correctly, create a safe working area/place by
Pumps, Gearboxes, Conveyors, Crushers,           1. Wear approved safety clothing 2. Use of
Vibrators, Hoists, Locomotives, Trackless,       right tools for the right job 3. Correct
Compressors, Screens and Lifting Screws.         operational procedures e.g. isolation of power
Deserl welding machinery, Miller welding         before starting work. a welding school,
                                                 I need money to open4. Communication with
machinery and Inverter welding machinery.        because there are very few welders the whole
                                                 world but people they don't get quality
Welding machines Tig, Mig, CO2                   training. the equipment that you work with
                                                 Make sure
                                                 is in good working condition. Ensure that you
                                                 use proper safety equipment, e.g. helmets,
                                                 ear plugs, gloves, etc.

                                                 Make sure that you're working environment is
                                                 safe before switching on you welding machine

Lathes machines, Borers, Surface and             Have knowledge of machine operation before
Cylindrical grinders, Milling Machines, Slotting stating. Know machine condition. Ensure
Machines, Drilling Machines                      machines have protective guards/covers.
                                                 identify risks associated with knowledge
Cat machines, Hitachi excavators, Volvos and Effective communication anda task to be of
sandvik machines (toro, EJC and rigs)            performed.

Rolling machines, guillotine, press brakes,      Wear your personal protective equipment,
profile cutter, drilling machine, lathe machine, stop and think before start working, assess
angle grinder                                    your environment, machines
Chutes, conveyors, crushers, trackless           1.Approved Safety Clothing 2.Use of Right
machinery, drilling machines, grinders, lifts,   Tools for the right job 3.Correct operational
overhead cranes, fans                            procedures e.g. isolation of power before
Rolling machine Press brake Manual bender        starting work. 4.Communication withoveralls,
                                                 Clean environment without oil Wear all levels
Welders i.e. CO2, manual metal arc Overhead      ear plugs and goggles Use fume extractors
cranes, forklift, Chain block turfer etc.        Think before any action, walk do not run.
Crushers, single & multi stage pumps, gear       Good ppe for the task Safety talk before duty
boxes, conveyors, air loaders, compressors,      Good house keeping Hira & lockout system
ball mill & scrapers.
1 Atlas Copco Compressors 2 Gardner Denver       1. Notify all relevant people involved before
Compressors 3 Single and multistage water        commencing your task 2. Wear correct
and hydraulic pumps 4 Crushers 5 Most types      protective equipment before starting the job
1. machining equipment 6 3. Horizontal
of Lathe 2. Milling MachineAll types of and      3. IsolateProtective Clothing Ensuring that
                                                 Wearing equipment electrically and
Vertical Boring Mill 4. Slotting Machine 5.      safety guards are in place
                                                 OHSAS and ISO conversant

Rock drills, winches, locos,                     Ensure my working place is safe by first doing
                                                 an early morning examination, barring the
                                                 working place before start and also mid-shift
                                                 barring. Checking safety locking devices etc.
- bobcat - forklift - pay loader - 50 ton crane    I ensure that all safety precautions are
                                                   adhered to. I have a zero tolerance policy
                                                   towards injuries and always apply the
Power Tools Welding Equipment Gas Bottle           "brother's keeper" rule. of motto is
                                                   Wearing PPE Awareness Mysurroundings
Set Plate Rollers Lathe

Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling           Always wear safety clothing and adhere to
Machine, Surface Grinding, Shaping Machine         safety precautions.

Cranes Small Plant                                 OHSA ACT

Mining Equipment Mobile Crushing Equipment Risk Assessment before any task is performed

Guillotines, Press Break, Universal Cropping       Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment
Machine, Rolling Machines, Plasma Cutting          (PPE) for each task.
Machine, Welding Machine, Grinders
Boilers Furnaces (Blast , Electric arc , Cupola)   Isolate machine or equipment before working
Drives Conveyors Lights Lathe, Milling,            on it. Test for zero potential after isolation.
Planner, Shaper, Boring mill and Grinder.          Wear correct PPE when ever you are working
Overhead cranes Electric motors Electrical
Crushers, Ball Mills, Pumps, Elevators, Belt and   on any equipment Always follow the lockout
                                                   Lockout Procedure, Isolation of Equipment,
Bucket Conveyors, Vibration feeders and       Wearing Proper Personal Protective
screens, Stacker's, Cranes, Hoists, Rock      Equipment (PPE), Permit To Work
shovels.Benders, Guillotine, Cropper, Welding Wearing the correct ppe for the job, always do
machines e.t.c.                               good housekeeping.

GOUGING                                   AT ALL TIMES.MAKE SURE PERMIT IS
Welding, Drilling, Plasma cutter, Profile AVAILABLE.
                                          Do hazard identification and risk assessment
cutters, Pyramid Rollers, Bending machines ,       [HIRA], must have proper tools for the job,
Nibblers and guillotine machines, Pressing and     safety clothing, safe and clean work place. I
cropping machines. machinery and winches
All trackless mining                               Ensuring consider the protective equipment,
                                                   must alsogood personalsafety of my
                                                   lock out and do hazard identification
Crushers, screens, conveyors, jigs, elevators,     Adhere to all safety rules and regulations.
cyclones, thickeners, ball mills, compressors,     Have a risk assessment done before carrying
cooling towers, steam boilers, pumps.              out any task.

           Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,
e Placements - Available Candidates, April 2011
dates interests you, then please revert back to us and cite their reference no.
rley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,

                Development experience:                           Welding experience:

                N/A                                               GAS, ARC, CO2. TIG.

                Yes, building of tanks, FA water jackets,         Yes, Stick and Mig Welding
                building of Mossgas Refinery.

                No                                                Yes a little bit of arc welding and some gas

                                                                  Yes. TIG, arc welding, basic experience in
                                                                  other fabrication operations including brazing,
                                                                  soldering, gas welding.
                Train & help work mates                           Arc, Carbon Dioxide, Gas

                Yes, I have taught development at National        Yes, Arc and Gas welding, soldering, brazing
                Certificate Level                                 and soldering

                Yes. -Hydraulics and pneumatics -Access           Yes. Basic.
                control systems -Working at heights -Lockout
                Yes, Self motivated to learn new skills quickly   No
                in the project and able to implement them
                accordingly with an excellent communication
                to enhanceplant fitting. basic auto electrics
                yes. diesel company performance. I have           yes, basic.
                and upgrading of service workshops

                                                                  Basic stick welding

                Yes - Parallel line method , Radial line method, Yes- Arc welding, CO2 welding and Gas welding
                Triangulation and cutting planes

                Yes. Radial, Parallel and Triangulation methods Yes. Stick and CO2
Special pipes such as Y-piece, lobster bends,    TIG welding on pipes and sheet metals.
cones, square or rectangle to round              Carbon arc gouging on defective welds. - MIG
transformers.                                    machine for CO2 or argon shielded welding. -
Yes I have development experience on             Good in all positions with a low hydrogen
                                                 Yes, I have welding experience on Manual
triangulation, radial and parallel line methods. metal arc welding , TIG, flux core and gas
Yes. Cones, lobsters, transformers, pipe         Yes. Stick, gas and CO2 welding

Yes, parallel, radial, triangulation             Yes, Arc welding, MIG

Yes, square to round, prisms, cones,             Yes, Arc welding and CO2

Pipe and plate development (e.g. lobster         Manual metal Arc, CO2, Flux cored and
bends, Y-pieces, cones, chutes, square to        submerged arc
round etc)
Yes, Marking boiler tube & shell plates Plant      Yes, Basic on manual arc welding and CO2
installation -installed a flotation plant on mine.

Lobster back bends and all basic development. CO2 - Manual metal N2arc - Tig

No                                               No

I have developed from repairs, services, and     Yes, Arch welding, CO2 Welding, Gas Welding
maintenance to building of buses and mining

Yes, Planning, execution, delegation,            Yes. Arc, TIG, MIG, Spot, Brazing
evaluation and quality inspection and
NO                                               NO

-                                                Yes, tig, mig and arc welding

Fire fighting course, first aid course, time     Yes, I have welding experience
management course.
Yes, developments on square to round, cones Yes, Arc welding, argon and CO2.
all types, cylinders such as tanks, ducting's and
pipes. lobster bends, t-pieces, y-pieces,
hoppers for chutes.
I workedand more than three years at a textile I have little welding experience, compared
manufacturing company in Zimbabwe and I           with my theoretical understanding I managed
performed a great variety of machining and        to practice arc welding.
fitting in different categories. Also in South
N/A                                               Yes, I can do arc welding & gas cutting

safe working training, first or emergency care   yes, arc welding

Yes. Developer in boiler making                  Yes. Qualified welder

Pipe bends, ducts, shoots, etc. don’t have       Yes - Stick welding, excellent carbon &
much experience in square to round or cone       stainless steel, cast iron. Also weld L.H - Low
developments. Excel in structural &              Hydrogen
maintenance boilermaker Elbows Square to
Cones Lobster back Tanks                         Flax cord, CO 2, Stick, Argon
round Off set cones and many more.

Yes. Technically flexible and fast learner to    No
accommodate old system and incoming
technology • A hardworking mature, well-
organized and highly motivated
Yes                                              Yes: Piping, Structural, Armour, and have been
                                                 certified on carbon steel and other exotic
n/a                                              My welding experience has been limited to
                                                 welding cable trays.

Yes. Database development using Cand Java        Yes, I have only been more involved with arc
programming languages. I have also used C#       welding.
and SQL.
I do not have much practical experience in       -D.C / A.C arc welding ( very good) - M.I.G
Development, but I have greater                  (CO2) welding (good ) - oxy-acetylene welding;
understanding in theory from Engineering         copper welding , silver soldering, and brazing.
Yes                                              Yes, basics

Yes. Square to round, right cone tee piece,      Arc, Argon and CO2 fluxcore

Yes, I have led a team (shift) in the Plastic    Yes, Arc welding
Packaging Industry for about 3 years as a
Process Electrician too.
No                                                Yes, Arc and Gas Welding

                                                  Yes, I build many projects in South Africa also
                                                  did shut downs.

Yes, making pipe fittings                         Yes, 10 years in the field.

                                                  Butt Weld, Fillet Welding, Vertical up & down,
                                                  to name a few.

                                                  Yes, A Class Welding Pipe - stainless steel tanks

                                                  Arc and gas welding.


Yes; Triangulation, parallel line method, Radial Yes, Gas welding, T.I.G welding M.A.G welding,
line method, Cutting planes                      Stick welding.

yes. I am very good in both radial                Yes- CO2, Arc and Gas Welding.
development and triangulation e.g. when
developing of conical and cylindrical
Triangulation of transition pieces and
components.(tanks and their topse.g. square       Manual metal Arc and CO2 welding
to round, offset and right cones, cylinders cut
at oblique angles, hoppers using true length
Senior plant maintenance fitter                   Arc & gas welding

Yes, developments in cone, pipes and bends        Yes, I have experience in Mig, Tig and C02

Conversant with CNC Machines                      Yes, General welding with stick and CO2

Yes, conventional and trackless developing.       Yes, but only in a private capacity.
              Yes - mostly on chutes. But can do piping too.   Yes - can weld structural

              Yes. Lobster Backs Piping Stub Ins               On job experience

              Yes, I was an Artisan in Charge                  Yes, Arc welding


              Maintenance Management                           Arc welding, Gas welding

              Yes, radial line method, parallel line method,   Yes, Arc Welding, Argon Welding, CO2 Welding

              Panel wiring Circuit designing Installation of   No
              new equipment

              Triangulation - Square to Round, Oblique       Yes, Pipe work and Structural Welding.
              Cone. Radial Method - Cone Development,
              Pipe work Development. Common Central
              YES, development of cones [right and oblique}, YES, Stick welding and tig {argon} welding
              pipe work i.e. lobster backbends, T-pieces,
              Reducers, Elbows e.t.c
              Yes, pipes and conic shapes using, EXISTING Yes - welded mild steel and stainless steel
              triangulation, parallel and radial methods  using manual metal arc, metal inert gas and
                                                          metal active gas. Also used brazing, soft
              Yes, I am acting in time as a foreman       soldering and silver soldering.
                                                          Yes, welding was part of my leanership

                                                               Basic mma and knowledge of fabrication.
                                                               Done pipe fitting, fabrication and installation.

no: +27 11 468 4072,

     Three or more greatest career                      To illuminate skills and abilities along
     achievements or contributions to date:             with greater purpose and passions, the
                                                        following applies:
     In charge of repair & maintenance crews in         Management of & ability to motivate persons
     construction of 12 lane hi-way between Abuja       of all ethnic, culture & education levels. Train
     Internal Airport & Abuja City Nigeria.             & uplift skill levels of persons I work with & for.
     Improvement a supervision position,
     Promotion to of safety record in public            With my knowledge and skills, I can achieve
     completion of Mossgass, Building and               anything I can put my mind to. I assure you of
     construction of tanks on contract basis            my loyalty and endurance if I am successful
     I have been able to utilise the skills I gained    with this to set my goals and work towards
                                                        I am ableapplication.
     from my training in various industries or          them and have the ability to dictate what I
     engineering fields. I have coped well in           want at a given time and not allow anyone to
     demanding times. my Apprentice Training -
     Having completed                                   choose my direction.
                                                        I am an individual driven by the passion of
     Initiating the Production of Gear Box Worm         mechanical engineering, who is always eager
     Shafts at a machine shop -Very Competent in        to learn and improve in areas of my life.
     my field a shift work team, carrying out
     Leading                                            Impossible is nothing ,nothing is impossible
                                                        I am an individual with an affinity for
     individual machinery modifications on several      developing and implement ideas.
     projects, completing my engineering
     qualification certificate
     Worker Of The Year 1999 (Non Ferrous Die           Can work under pressure without or with
     Casting, Zimbabwe)                                 minimum supervision

     1 To assume positions of responsibility as         I am looking for a challenging position which
     team leader and be in acting position on ad        meets my competencies, capabilities, skills,
     hoc basis. Improved production when I              education, and experience so that I can fully
     participated in the improved design of gripper
     Managed the safety, health and environment         Highly my potential.
                                                        exploitmotivated, hardworking artisan, over
     programmes for the engineering division to         12 years proven track record. Results and
     achieve the set standard of ISO14000.              success driven character reflected in
     Motivated individual, responsibility to work,      professional and academic achievement.
                                                        10 years have experience in construction of oil
     problem solving ability and implement,             and gas project, which includes power plant
     analysis, utilizing at BTACL in India. Motivated   and utilize experience to successfull safe
     leading a successfully carrying foreman. being
     individualteam of 20artisans as out off site       completionand a willingness to learn have not
                                                        Hard work within reputed / schedule time.
     appointed as specialist on DAF engines.        failed me thus far.
     Switching over from diesel mechanics to diesel
     plant fitting. developing apprentices and
     Training and                                   Goal driven, hard worker, results-orientated
     junior electricians, being able to work in a   and very particular on quality of workmanship.
     diversified environment and team, working for
     a global company and being exposed the
     I have achieved a lot of experience in to      I will be owning my own Engineering company.
     manufacturing Industry, I learned more about
     boiler making e.g. material handling,
     developments and boilermaker on a mine, A highly skilled boilermaker who is well versed
     Working as a standby
     fabrication of a dragline and reclaimer.     in the preventative maintenance and
                                                  fabrication of mills,, tanks and structural steel.
1. Managed to work through the fabrication of    Jobs are never too small or too easy, but your
boilers with no flaws. 2. Managed to do          interests and ambitions drive you to
perfect 100% X-Rayed pipe jobs. 3. Managed       destinations.
to handle mine machine repairs under
1. Fabricated a ball mill of 13m diameter x      I am a very experienced artisan who is quick to
160mm thick plate 2. Repair and modification     adapt to new environments and I don't back
of Arc furnace 3. Fabrication of reclaimer       down from a challenge.
drum 4. Fabrication of drag line Charge-Hand.
For 3y ears I was Welding Shop base              My expertise and experience can save time
Worked and completed projects in                 and help your Company produce quality jobs. I
D.R.CONGO.                                       am versatile at all aspects of fabrication which
Big Pressure vessels, Big Structures and Pipe    is a big advantage to the employer. work
                                                 Hard working man who is willing to
work                                             under pressure, also eager to learn new things
                                                 in my trade.
Becoming a qualified and experienced artisan, I am a qualified boilermaker, experienced with
Speed and accuracy , fast at interpreting     abilities in development, welding using Arc
drawings.                                     and CO2 and am able to work with little or no
1) Working on the refurbishment of the Hydro- supervision. hard work concentration to
Cahorra Bassa Dam 2) Fabricating steam ducts achieve the goal
and supports for Medupi Thermal Power
Station 3) Construction ofboiler afterCopper
Marked and assembled a Lumwana finished Design my own engineering machinery with
my apprentice, Installed flotation plant on a my brand name.
nickel mine, Fabricated and installed bridge
walkway platform from given
Fabricating boilers structure. drawing. -     I believe no job is too big or too small,
Taking part in a sugar plant refurbishment. -   therefore I treat all my tasks with the highest
Training apprentices who are now doing well priority.
as professional boilermakers. Hire. The ability I enjoy working on trouble shooting tasks for
Being a team leader at Adima
to work on electronic equipment and being       hydraulic and general mechanical problems.
awarded the most creative employee at
Adima Hire in Pneumatics and Hydraulics,
Advance level                                   I am a person who can find a mechanical fault
Computer literate, can build mining              and rectify it by repairing, maintaining and
equipment.                                       servicing.
I was part of the team that rebuilt the first    I am hardworking with the ability to stick to
Axera DO5, Pantera 1500 drill rigs and EJC 533   challenging task. I am determined to see a
dump trucks. Stripping and reassembling of       project to its proper completion.
new machines underground. Safety Award,
Promoted to General Foreman,                     Qualified, experienced, responsible,
SHERQ Award.                                     disciplined eager to learn artisan. Team player,
                                                 result oriented, quality and safety conscious
1) ABLE TO WORK SAFE WITHOUT ANY                 suitable for any working environment artisan.
-assembling turbines and generators to      Highly motivated, honest professional with
produce 650mw -to install machineries from  over 18 years industrial experience with the
foundation to production stage -to interact necessary integrity to take up leadership
1. wiring of new -ability fortrouble shoot  responsibilities
with co workers panels to the estate pumps I am very fast, accurate and neat in my
for triangle sugar plantations - 550v panels  installations and very reliable.
controlling 15 motors. 2. wiring of AC drives
for Lumus ginning machine for cotton ginnery.
Boiler refurbishment 2003. Power line pylons         Boilermaker with excellent communication
project. Design and manage hardware                  skills, emulates high degree of precision,
manufacturing w/shop.                                confident and work to achieve the best results
Able to service a textile plant efficiently;         with minimum supervision.
                                                     Fitting and Turning is a wide spectrum as a
Exposure to the heart of power generation            Engineering Trade and I have developed
industry; aptitude and competency with a             interest to reach to the ever possible top.
variety of industries. company from huge oil
I managed to salvage                                 I am very technologically driven and I take
loss through redesigning of LHD hoist cylinders      challenges as my way forward in reducing
by changing from normal seals & putting              breakdowns hence costs remain within
1) working under Did a root cause analysis
graphite packing, pressure 2)fast speed on on        budgets
                                                     I am a hardworking person who never gives up
fault finding 3)working safe by following safe       and I am passionate to learn.
working procedures
Qualified in boiler making, welding and              My boiler making skills and experience
mechanical fitting                                   enabled me to design and develop my
Erection & installation of crushing line vessels     Have worked and maintained a variety of
and cooker's at continental oil mills. Rigging       plants throughout Southern Africa. I am
include, managed my own crew of 8 semi               looking forward to expanding my knowledge
skills(2008) erection & installation of distillers   and pushing myself beyond my limits and
                                                     Skilled fabricator who specialises in identifying
                                                     and rectifying discrepancies.

Senior Technician, supervision experience            Excellent and competent

My welding certs, Working for the                    I am easy to work under and I am a reliable
government, and never getting seriously              employee that works fast and safely. I am a
injured on a job                                     good teacher and quick learner.
Handled electrical troubleshooting of                l am self motivated and a results oriented goal
automated machinery. Knowledge of Factory            getter.
Intelligence Networks. Installation of
automated machinery.
I have learnt to be independent in my work. I        Breaking all boundaries where no humans
have just also discovered that I can handle          have dreamt to get to.
working under pressure and be able to
executelecturer, between the period of
1). As a my duties well and very efficiently. I      Self driven, technically minded individual with
August and November 2009. Through hard               a drive to achieve more.
work and commitment, I managed to achieve
a pass rate of 82, 3% in my Engineeringyears
1) Managed to run own company for 8                  I would like to further my knowledge and
2) managed to run 2 quarries and 3 shafts            engineering skills through studying and
single handed. 3) managed to delegate and            working in an environment that promotes
runpipe and ducting's, maketurner machinists
Do a workforce of 8 artisan a sulphuric acid         these passions and purposes. leaner. Very
                                                     I am extremely bright and a fast
production plant in Newcastle. Fabricate             hard working
conveyers. Fabricate dumpers for mines.
Fabricate the bus rapid transport bus ranks.
Best O level results at Njelele High 1994, Best      I have PLC and computer knowledge, a sharp
Diploma student 2003, Mutare Polytechnic.            mind and an ability to adapt to various
                                                     industries, combined with my quest for
                                                     knowledge and advancement, make me an
1. Ability to settle and adapt in any new         Goal oriented achiever and keen to learn.
environment. 2. Can teach juniors and blend
well in team work 3. Working with or without
supervision and achieving goal targets.
Built fertilizer plant at Sasol II (20/06/2007 I am a hard worker and with good service on
until 04/03/2008). Built extension to Voterkop previous construction sites.
Lonmin smelter (06/05/2008 until
15/02/2009). To repair Matimba power
Working in Congo Sasolburg Anglo Platinum      I love what I do and I’m always willing to learn
Mine Kents                                        more and better myself.

Working independently Career growth None          I have good communication skills and work
competitive working environment (where the        well under pressure. I'm a team player and
achievement of goals is at the expense of         have the ability to work without supervision. I
The different types of welding to climb the       I would strengthen my career path and am my
                                                  look to open a welding school and transfer
ladder from the bottom to the top - which is      skills to the less privileged kids.
stainless steel welding
In charge of apprentices at Craster              Deadline driven person to produce good
International engineers. Ability to adapt in any results.
given situation and work independently.
Pioneered in rebuild of sandvik machines for I can work under pressure and don't give up
both surface and underground, contributed to easily on a challenging task I have been given.
minimising production loss on cat machines
under achieved much, development skills,
I have Benicon opencast mining.              I will be owning my Engineering company. I
confidence, speed in the manufacturing       will be a contractor providing services of my
Industries.                                  skills
1.Modification of some equipments which        Naturally talented craftsman who is hard
went on to perform efficiently. 2.Can teach    working and goal oriented.
juniors and blend well in team work 3.Working
with or without supervision and achieving goal Job planning, coordinating processes, advising
All round Boilermaker i.e. working in the
workshop, plant and mine Being able to adapt and communicating with other artisans and
to International work systems Making boilers management.
from scratch
Senior maintenance fitter & charge hand,       Competent, self confident & hardworking at
Acting Mechanical Foreman, Team leader for        any given task
ISO 2000 standards. NOSA safety standards
1. I have managed to achieve a clean              I have leant the value of teamwork over this
record/milestone without any lost time injury.    period of my experience and I am a versatile
2. I have been exposed to new technologies        person who can easily adapt to any work
and methodologies to Factory Construction 2.
1. Team Leadership in problem solving. 3.         situation in line with my profession without
                                                  Highly skilled mechanical person with passion
Machine Shop Assistant Foremen 3. Quality         to learn more in the this field.

All the safe working achievements, and a          Aspiring to always do my work to the best of
couple of 1 and 2 million Fatality Free Shifts.   my abilities, and at the same time working as
Always striving to work as safe as possible.      safely as possible. Always try to improve on
                                                  previous work done.
1. Working on he first Alusaf project in the     I am conscientious, hands on individual that
Dorbyl workshop, Richard's Bay, as an            never stays away from work. I always strive to
apprentice. 2. Helping in the construction of    finish the job within or before the allocated
the Sasol 2 and Sasol 3 hands on 3. Running
Congo - Self Employed, refineries.installation   time limits, and Mild Steel and Stainless Steel
                                                 Experience withalways work safely.
of Automated Juice Plant. Nigeria - Self         and their procedures. Commitment to
Employed, site supervisor building of two        completing tasks and delivering quality.
Dairies. CongoNational Railwayson Breweries
1. Worked for - Extensive work of Zimbabwe       To work in engineering environment that can
2. Worked for Inns for Africa 3. Currently       fully utilize my educational and professional
working for Eskom Power Generation (RSA)         skills.
Manager                                          Safety in Rigging

Installation of 3 Crushers and 2 Ball Mills at   Maintenance Management is key to Plant
Unki Mine for Anglo American Mine                availability and utilisation of work force

Managed to design a Coal Conveyor using        I hope to continue studying for my Bachelor in
AUTO CAD 2008 and fabricate it on my own.      Technology.
Won a Missing Link Award as the best student
in workshop practical’s to my students
Passing my knowledge at Bulawayo               I believe in hard work in order to achieve my
Acquiring new skills in my field Working under goals. Meeting new challenges in order to
pressure and no supervision                    perfect my skills.
When I joined Hwange Colliery I made some        I have managed to produce desired results
contributions which brought some machines        under extreme pressure without
back to Production lines when there were         compromising on quality of work. I have
almost on thework under minimum off. I sat
Being able to verge of being written             I can lead a group of skills 15 people &
                                                 strong inter-personalabout both orallyon a
supervision, able to interpret of drawings,      given task, I can work under minimum
good communication skills with fellow            supervision.
workers, make final decisionMMO.I WAS
MATERIAL of water tube boiler, blast furnaces ENJOYMENT IN MEETING TARGETS.EXCELLENT
InstallationIS USED FOR THE RIGHT JOB AND     I am a hard worker, innovative, self motivated,
relining and pipe work for Hwange National    good team player and always willing to learn. I
park.                                         am also result oriented, responsible with good
                                              I believe in doing my job right skills.
Being successfully lead rebuilds of machinery interpersonal communication at first time.
and amending brake system of other
machinery to minimize cost and safety hazards
Have worked on more than 7 successful            I blend my maturity and my experience all the
projects in Southern Africa.                     time.

                                                           Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +
Nationality:                Country of Residence:

South African/ Zimbabwean   South Africa

South African               South Africa

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Zimbabwe                    South Africa

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Indian                      India

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Zimbabwean                  South Africa

Zimbabwean                  Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean   Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zimbabwe     Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zimbabwean   Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zimbabwean   Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zambian      South Africa

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zimbabwean   South Africa

Zimbabwean   Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean   Namibia
Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean      South Africa

South African   South Africa

South African   South Africa

South African   South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

American        USA

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa
Zimbabwean      South Africa

South African   South Africa

South African   South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

South African   South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zambian         South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

Zimbabwean      South Africa

South African   South Africa
              South African                       South Africa

              South African                       South Africa

              Zimbabwean                          South Africa

              South African                       South Africa

              Zimbabwean                          South Africa

              Zimbabwean                          Zimbabwe

              Zimbabwean                          South Africa

              Zimbabwean                          South Africa

              Zimbabwean                          South Africa

              South African                       South Africa

              Zimbabwean                          Zimbabwe

              South African                       South Africa

              Zimbabwean                          South Africa

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                     Enshrine Placements - Available Candid
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                  Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 46



Western Cape

























KwaZulu Natal
















North West
KwaZulu Natal








KwaZulu Natal

      Enshrine Placements - Available Candidates March 2011
f any of these candidates interests you, then please revert back to us and cite their reference no.
  Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,

                Home Language:                        Other Languages:


                English                               Afrikaans

                IsiNdebele                            isiZulu and English


                Other                                 English

                English                               Shone, Zulu, Ndebele

                English                               Shona


                Other                                 Tamil, Hindi, English




                Other                                 English

English      Shona


Other        Swahili, Swathi, Zulu, Xhosa, English and


IsiNdebele   English, Shona and a little Portuguese



English      Shona



Other        English, Shona, IsiZulu, Ndebele



English   Shona

Other     Shona

English   Ndebele



English   Zulu, Sizwati and Portuguese

Sepedi    English, Zulu, Afrikaans.




English   Shona


Other     Shona, Zulu


Other     Zulu

SiSwati      English Zulu Tsonga

English      No






IsiNdebele   Hard working person, who can be able to work
             with or without supervision. Ready to learn


IsiZulu      English and Shona


IsiZulu      Shona, English

Afrikaans    English, Fanakalo
English     Afrikaans - can read, write and speak fluently





Other       English, Shona, Ndebele

Other       English

English     Sotho and Zulu

English     shona


Other       English and Shona

Sepedi      Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, IsiNdebele,
            Afrikaans and English


                      Contact: Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +
March 2011
 te their reference no.

                 Open to positions internationally:   Open to positions nationally (in my

Checked   Checked

Checked   Checked

              Checked                             Checked


              Checked                             Checked


              Checked                             Checked


n Darley of Enshrine Placements, Tel no: +27 11 468 4072,
Open to positions only in my area (I don't Additional
want to move house):                       comments:

                                          HARD AND
                                          At the present
                                          moment I am
                                          working on my
                                          passport which

                                          conscience and
                                          deploy risk
                                          management to
                                          I am an
                                          tradesman who
                                          is seeking fresh

                                          I will work for
                                          the betterment
                                          of the company
                                          performance up

                                          I am currently
                                          working for
                                          South Africa as a

                                          Also acquired a
Hard working
and know that
sacrifice pays in
life and now I'm

Hard working,
quick learner
and able to work

I am a non-
smocker non-
drinker seventh
day Adventist
Good on
drawings and
can prepared
I amwork with to
pursue a career
in Engineering
so that I catching
Good in can
up with different
cultures as well
their habits.

I am an
energetic and
very enthusiastic
person who

I will be very
much glad to
with such
opportunity to

Am ready to
I will be very
happy to get
that opportunity
tohas always
It work
been a dream of
mine, to use my
skills achieved

I have worked
both as a
Fitter and as a
Adapt easily
with a new
working team
and environment

Currently, I am
working in a big
work workshop
were we are

Prepared to
diversify in line
with my
qualification and
I have worked in
various roles
and a can adapt
to changing
Am ready to

To be a very
versatile and
expand my
current skill set
I am happy to
move with my
spouse if
prompted. to
I am hoping
get this
post and being

Will be happy to
hear from you.

I am ready AS
call upon you at
anytime to suit
Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mining and metals

Mechanical engineering



Oil and energy
Mining and metals

Industrial engineering

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