empirical-formula-quiz-1 by keralaguest


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Grade 11 Chemistry                                                       ___/10

Unit: Stoichiometry
Sub-topic: Empirical Formulas

·      This quiz is to be done in pencil or blue/black ink. No red, no freaky stuff!!!
·      Complete the questions to the best of your abilities. Remember each point is worth a mark, so you
       may use point form (it will be easier to mark).
Questions: Complete them on this page
    Use the paper copy of the Periodic Table to answer question #1.
   1. Suppose a compound is analyzed and reveals that is composed of 85.7% carbon and 14.3%
       hydrogen. Find the empirical formula for this compound.

    2. Determine the empirical formula for a compound which is broken down into 6.16 g of sulphur and
       8.84 g sodium.

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