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GlamSmile the solution to veneers
        entists looking to increase their treat-   achieving a better smile. The fully              “We have considerable experience in

D       ment plan acceptance for cosmetic
        procedures have been enthusiasti-
cally awaiting the arrival of the latest
                                                   reversible procedure requires minimal or
                                                   no preparation of the dentition and hence
                                                   temporaries are not required.
                                                                                                  marketing dentistry to the public and will
                                                                                                  embark on our own advertising and pro-
                                                                                                  motional campaign as well as providing
development in veneer placement tech-                 “GlamSmile utilises state-of-the-art        dentists with a comprehensive range of
nology for some time according to Peter            CAD/CAM and digital scanning technolo-         marketing materials for their own use.
King, managing director of GlamSmile’s             gies to craft a perfect veneer for each          “From experiences in other markets,
new Australian and New Zealand operation.          tooth. The custom created veneers are          participating dentists receive significant
   GlamSmile Veneers are the latest inno-          ultra-thin, super strong and flexible to       interest from the moment the marketing
vation to reach our shores, developed by           achieve a natural look.                        commences and this grows exponentially.
Belgium company Remedent. GlamSmile                   “The veneers are made of time-tested          “There are likely tens of thousands of
uses CAD/CAM technology to precisely               pure porcelain in Remedent’s facilities        patients out there who have been treat-
craft a set of up to 10 ultra-thin veneers         in either France or Belgium and are guar-      ment planned for veneers already who
that are applied with little or no prepara-        anteed against manufacturer defects for        have not proceeded for reasons including
tion of the dentition in under an hour.            10 years.”                                     cost so once we let people know
   “GlamSmile veneers represent a real
breakthrough in the cosmetic dentistry
market,” Mr King said. “Next to tooth
whitening, veneers are the most popular
aesthetic procedure and GlamSmile have
developed a system to make their
manufacture and placement far easier.
   “Using GlamSmile, dentists are able to
offer patients an outstanding, high quality
aesthetic solution at a more affordable
price. The affordability aspects of the pro-
cedure are driven by the efficiency of the
process which reduces the total chair time
to as little as an hour over two appoint-
ments with the patient leaving with up to
10 porcelain veneers.
   “Once our advertising and marketing                Two visits to the practice are required;    GlamSmile veneers are available, the
campaign informs consumers of the bene-            the first for impressions, photos and a bite   response will be immense.
fits and availability of GlamSmile                 registration and the second for placement.       “From a clinical perspective however,
Veneers, we believe dentists will be               Up to 10 veneers can be precisely placed in    we have used the franchise model because
swamped with interest.”                            well under an hour onto natural teeth or       we don’t want a free-for-all. We want to
   Mr King said that from a business per-          directly over old crowns and/or bridgework     work with practitioners who have been
spective, GlamSmile has arrived at a               thanks to a revolutionary tray delivery        comprehensively trained and are com-
perfect time as many consumers start to            system that replaces one-veneer-at-a-time      mitted to the system.
question spending on elective procedures.          placement. The simple, smooth, all-in-one-       “Our franchisees will each have a geo-
With GlamSmile, the cost of treatment to           tray seating technique together with the       graphical territory and we will drive
the patient is less than a traditional             precision crafted veneers are responsible      business to those practices. The longevity
approach and the return to the practice is         for much of the efficiencies gained.           of our business will be based on patient
higher as the time saved is immense.                  The cost to the patient is up to a third    satisfaction so we need committed profes-
   “GlamSmile will effectively do for              the cost of traditional veneers.               sionals delivering treatment. The more
veneers what Invisalign has done for                  “We’re developing a network of practi-      cases a dentists completes, the better the
orthodontics,” he said. “Minimal or no             tioners who will be fully trained in the       results for all concerned.”
preparation veneers have already begun to          GlamSmile system under a franchise
revolutionise the US market and we                 model,” Mr King said. “We will effectively     For more information, contact Peter King
believe that success will be replicated in         sell geographically-exclusive territories to   on (03) 9500-2010 or 0411-779-889,
Australia and New Zealand.                         committed practitioners and use a large        email or see
   “GlamSmile veneers offer patients a             portion of the franchise fee to start edu-     either or the US
pain-free, minimally invasive solution to          cating and marketing to consumers.             website:

16 Australasian Dental Practice                                                                                         July/August 2008

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