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Kelly Library contains archives for Emory & Henry College and the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.
Many items of historical interest are housed in this department. It is staffed by an archivist and is open weekdays from
8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., or by appointment.

Audiovisual Equipment, Compact Discs and Videos
There are areas in the building that contain video viewing equipment. Compact disc players, cassette players, DVD
viewers and headphones may be checked out at the Circulation Desk for in-library use. With this equipment available,
your students can listen to or view audiovisual materials you may place on reserve. The Library has a collection of about
8,000 compact discs, videos, DVDs and audiotapes for educational and recreational use. Also, three portable LCD
projectors are available for faculty use by reservation. Borrowers are limited to checking out five videos, DVDs or CDs on
each identification card (which also serves as your library card) at one time.

Computers for Student and Faculty Use
Computers for student and faculty use are located on the ground floor in the Kelly Library Lab. In addition to these, there
are other computers available to students in Miller and McGlothlin-Street Halls. The Kelly Lab is an open lab, not a
classroom. Schedules are posted on the Information Technology web page and outside the individual labs. An Emory &
Henry College network account is required to access all college computers. You may wish to remind students to contact
the Information Technology Services Help Desk (ext. 6881) if they are having hardware or software problems.

On the main floor of the Library, there are computers for academic research, Internet searching and limited word-
processing. E-mail, long word-processing jobs and other Microsoft applications are limited to the computers in Kelly Lab.

Fax Machine
The Library has a fax machine, (276) 944-4592. It costs $1 per page (excluding the cover sheet) to fax documents. There
is no charge to receive faxes. When a fax for you is sent to the Library, please ask the sender to include a cover sheet
with your name and telephone number on it. If you use this service, ask a Circulation Desk staff member for a
departmental charge form.

Government Documents
Kelly Library is one of approximately 1,300 government document depositories in the United States. The Government
Documents department is located on the ground floor of the Library. This collection utilizes the federal government’s
classification structure called the Superintendent of Documents system (SUDOCS). Many of these items can be found by
using the online catalog or the Government Printing Office’s index, Monthly Catalog, which is available online through
FirstSearch. Also, on the Library homepage (http://library.ehc.edu), there are links to many electronic, full-text, state,
federal and international government document resources.

HAL Online Catalog
HAL, the acronym for Holston Associated Libraries, is an online catalog (OPAC) which contains the holdings of its eight
member libraries: Appalachian School of Law, Bluefield College, Emory & Henry College, King College, Milligan College,
Tazewell County (Virginia) Public Library, Virginia Intermont College and Washington County (Virginia) Public Library.
This powerful system allows you to search for library material, see what you have checked out, look at what you have
placed on reserve for your classes, check the HAL libraries’ operating schedules and have reciprocal borrowing privileges
at the other member libraries with your barcoded ID.

Help Desk / Information Technology
The Help Desk is located on the ground floor of the Library. It is staffed from 8 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m.,
Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon and
1 p.m until 5 p.m. on Friday. If you have any questions about your network account, network connection in your office or
software problems, please contact the Help Desk at extension 6881. You can also email your requests to
helpdesk@ehc.edu. The IT Help Desk is the official contact to resolve computer problems; please do not call other
Library or IT staff members.

Interlibrary Loan
It is not possible for one library to own every book or periodical you may need for your research; through interlibrary loan,
staff members will borrow the book or obtain a photocopy of the article for you from another library. There is no charge for
this service. To request an item through interlibrary loan, go to the Kelly Library homepage (http://library.ehc.edu) and
click on the Interlibrary Loan link. This will take you to ILLiad, our web-based ordering system. First-time users will need
to register using the barcode from your ID card. Then enter the requested information for the material you wish to order.
Remember, boxes marked by the word required must be filled in, or your request cannot be processed. If you are not
sure how to complete the form, please ask a librarian for assistance. You should plan on your material taking at least five
to seven days to arrive.

Juvenile Collection
The Library maintains a teaching collection of children’s literature located on the second floor.

Library Instruction
The public services librarians are pleased to supply library instruction for your students. They can provide classes tailored
for your students’ research projects, tours and handouts. Please refer to Kelly Library Instruction Program
(http://library.ehc.edu/instructionnew.html) or call ext. 6209 for more details. Also, there is an online Information Literacy
tutorial at http://library.ehc.edu/informationliteracy/default.html.

McGowan Lab
This facility on the ground floor is outfitted with 20 computers, network connections and projection equipment. If you wish
to schedule a class session in this room, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 6881.

An organized collection of maps is available which includes state, national and international maps, as well as U.S.
Geological Survey topographic maps of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. This collection
is located in map cabinets and file drawers at the back of the main floor.

New Books and Bestsellers
To browse new acquisitions, check the New Books shelves in the Newspaper/Current Periodicals area on the main floor
of the Library. Bestsellers and new books are housed on these shelves.

Newspapers and Periodicals
Kelly Library subscribes to about a dozen local, regional and national newspapers. Current issues are displayed in the
Newspaper/Current Periodicals area on the main floor. You may ask for back issues at the Circulation Desk. After two
months, back issues of the New York Times and the Bristol Herald Courier are replaced with microfilm. Online newspaper
resources include the full-text Lexis-Nexis Academic, Newsbank and Factiva services. You may access these through the
Electronic Newspapers link on the Library’s web page (http://library.ehc.edu). In addition, many newspapers have their
own Internet sites where you can read the daily paper and conduct searches of back issues.

Current periodicals are located in the Newspaper/Current Periodicals area on the main floor. Back issues in print or on
microfiche are also located in the stacks on the main floor. The vast majority of journal articles are available via online
reference databases.

Printers, Photocopiers and Office Supplies
Two self-service photocopy machines are available. Both are on the main floor. One will produce color copies. If you
would like to make class or research related copies, ask a Circulation Desk staff member for the bypass key. After you
have made your copies, you will need to fill out a departmental charge form, also available at the Circulation Desk.
Printers for microfilm and microfiche and a color laser computer printer are also available; you should put these copies on
charge forms too. When you send copies to the color laser printer, you may pick them up at the Circulation Desk.

Miscellaneous office supplies such as tape, paper clips, scissors, rubber bands, hole punches and staplers are available
at the Circulation Desk.
Reference Materials
Kelly Library has an extensive collection of print and online reference sources. Some electronic resources you might find
useful are Expanded Academic ASAP, Encyclopaedia Britannica, the HAL online catalog, Oxford English Dictionary,
JSTOR, OmniFile, and many more. On the Library’s A-Z online databases (http://library.ehc.edu/databasesnew.html),
you will find these and many more online resources.

Reference Service
If you have questions about using the online catalog and electronic indexes / databases, finding materials to answer your
information needs, using the email program or using the library’s equipment, please do not hesitate to ask a Library or
Information Technology Services staff member for assistance.

Generally, a professional librarian is available until 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, until 5 p.m. on Friday and from 10
a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday. The Reference Desk, located near the Circulation Desk and reference collection, is staffed
during the busiest times of the day. Please ask us questions—we’re here to help you.

Remote Access
You can access the Library’s online databases, even if you are off campus and off the network. The directions are
available on the library web page under Use resources from off campus link (http://library.ehc.edu/offcampusnew.html).

Reserve Materials
If you wish for your classes to have access to a particular book, video, periodical article, etc. in the Library’s collections,
you will need to use the Library’s reserve materials service. Simply bring items to the Circulation Desk and fill out a
reserve materials form. Circulation Desk staff members request that you submit these items at least three days before
they will be used. For more detailed information about placing materials on reserve, please see Reserve Materials and
Policies (http://library.ehc.edu/reservesnew.html).

Reserving Rooms in the Library
There are two rooms available for classes in Kelly Library: the McGowan Lab and the Emory & Henry Room. Contact the
IT Help Desk (ext. 6881) if you would like to reserve either of these rooms for a class meeting.

There is a telephone available for on-campus public use at the Circulation Desk. In consideration of others, please limit
your calls to three minutes or less.

Collection Development
Kelly Library collects materials in a variety of formats to support and enhance Emory & Henry College’s undergraduate
liberal arts curriculum. Librarians and faculty members are jointly responsible for the selection of materials to maintain
this goal. For information concerning the Library’s materials allocation and selection criteria, please refer to Collection
Development Policy at http://library.ehc.edu/developmentnew.html.

Since Kelly Library is primarily an undergraduate library and out of shelf space, and because old, inaccurate information is
worse than none at all, the collection must be weeded. The librarians welcome input from faculty members in their areas
of expertise. For more background on weeding, refer to the Weeding FAQ (http://library.ehc.edu/weedingnew.html).

Kelly Library must abide by the copyright law as it is set forth in Title 17 of the U.S. Code. There are Fair Use exceptions
to reproduction, distribution and performance restrictions, which are discussed in more detail in the booklet A Guide to
Copyright Laws at Emory & Henry College (available at the Circulation Desk) and on the Copyright Clearance and Fair
Use Guidelines website (http://library.ehc.edu/copyrightnew.html). For that reason, the professional Library staff cannot
allow reserve materials or interlibrary loan requests to be processed that, in their professional judgment, violate Fair Use
guidelines. The librarians will be happy to assist you in locating permissions to use copyrighted materials that fall outside
of Fair Use provisions.
Honors Theses
If you are supervising a student who is participating in an honors project, please advise the student to follow the standards
below in order to present a uniform appearance and preserve the contents of his or her honors thesis. Two copies should
be submitted to the Library; one copy will be stored in special collections; the other will be housed in the reference

The copies should be word-processed in black ink on 20-lb. stock paper with a minimum 25% rag content. Copies must
be unbound, produced on a laser printer in a plain font, such as 12-pt. Arial or Times New Roman.

The copies should be brought to the library, and directed to the attention of the Technical Services Librarian.

For more detailed information, please check Honors Theses Policies on the Library’s web page
(http://library.ehc.edu/honorsnew/html), or contact the Technical Services Librarian at ext. 6207.

How to Check Out and Return Materials
It’s easy! Just bring the item to the Circulation Desk with your barcoded ID card. The staff member will scan your ID and
the barcode on the material to check it out in your name. If for some reason you do not have a barcode on your ID card, a
Circulation Desk staff member will take care of that for you.

When you’re ready to return the item, you can put it in one of the two book drops at the Circulation Desk or in the outside
drop on the left-hand side of the front of the Library. Please do not return videos, DVDs, CDs or audiocassettes through
the outside book drop. For more information, please see http://library.ehc.edu/circulationnew.html.

Loan Periods for Faculty
          1 semester                           Books, government                              documents,
          pamphlets,                                        audiocassettes and maps

          3 days                               Videocassettes, compact                        discs and DVDs
                                               (5-item limit for these materials)

          1 day                                Overnight reserves
                                               Non-circulating materials
                                               Reference books, periodicals,                  rare or fragile
          books, permanent                         reserves and Library use only              reserves

Kelly Library does not charge fines. The premise under which the Library operates is that our patrons are responsible and
considerate of the needs of others. Having Library materials returned is more important than a prohibitive fine procedure.

Virginia law (Code of Virginia 42.1-74) states that it is a misdemeanor if library materials are kept 30 days after an
overdue notice is received and if the library is not reimbursed. As a courtesy, the Circulation Desk staff will send three
overdue reminders for those items which have not been returned. The replacement fees charged for unreturned materials
are listed below. The staff would much rather have the materials returned than charge replacement fees! If the
library materials are no longer in your possession, please contact the Circulation Supervisor (ext. 6101 or 6208) to discuss
the matter.

Replacement Charges
A $25 processing fee will be added to all charges. The following represent minimum charges. Items costing more than
$50 will be charged at actual replacement cost.

                    Books                           $50
                    Videos                                   $50
                    Audiocassettes                  $50
                    Compact discs and DVDs          $50
                    Other materials                 Cost of materials
Kelly Library is a quiet place for reading and study. You are expected to be considerate of your fellow patrons’ right to
concentrate in a quiet atmosphere. When conversation is necessary, please talk quietly.

Please note that cell phone use is prohibited in the Library. Please turn off cell phones prior to entering the Library.

Food, Drink and Tobacco Products
Food, drinks and tobacco products are not permitted in Kelly Library.

Closing Signal
The Circulation Desk staff will sound three buzzes and blink the lights as a signal that the Library is closing in 15 minutes.
It’s time for you to gather your materials, log off that computer, “close up shop” and check out any items you may need. To
facilitate the timely closing of the Library, the front doors will be locked at 15 minutes prior to closing. Library patrons
inside the building can exit normally.

This manual represents current policy. Any changes will be posted.


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