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SURVIVAL 1                            3

SURVIVAL 2                            4

SURVIVAL 3                            5

WAYSTAGE 1                            7

WAYSTAGE 2                            9

WAYSTAGE 3                            11

UPPER WAYSTAGE 1                      13

UPPER WAYSTAGE 2                      15

UPPER WAYSTAGE 3                      17

THRESHOLD 1                           19

THRESHOLD 2                           21

THRESHOLD 3                           23


Unit 1
We meet a number of the main characters at a party at Hugo Peter‟s smart apartment in New York‟s Upper East Side.
These characters include John Berry, who lives in the apartment next door. Hugo is introduced to Roger, wh om Hugo is
very interested to discover is a pilot. Harry Carter is invited to the party by his girlfriend, Helen Sisay. He meets Hugo
for the first time and feels sure that Hugo is some kind of criminal.

Unit 2
Various characters pass through customs at New York‟s JFK Airport, including Kristi Schmidt and John Berry. John is
attracted to Kristi, and she reluctantly tells him that she is staying at the Central Hotel in New York. Mary Hartman
meets Marco Benini at a disco and gets him to give her all his phone numbers, his email address, and his address at a
student hostel. At an international detective conference in Paris, Harry Carter meets a mysterious Iranian woman called
Nasim Khesri, who has some very interesting information for him. He calls the British Embassy to pass on the news.

Unit 3
Most of this Unit takes place at the Mr. Universe competition in Beijing, China. Among the contestants are Marcel Larue
(Mr. France), Jack Cooper (Mr. Great Britain), and Gary (Mr. United States). Alice Klepich (who‟s a photographer) and her
friend Helen Sisay are attending, and they meet a comical lawyer from Moldova. The prize goes to Mr. Spain, 19 year-old
Miguel from Almeria. In David Peters‟ English class, we discover that David is not married, and that Heidi, one of the
female students, likes him very much.

Unit 4
Kristi Schmidt checks in at the Central Hotel in New York, a tatty and run-down place with a deaf, senile receptionist. Mary
Hartman, looking for a place to live, visits Marco Benini in his hostel and, finding a spare bed in his room, decides to move
in. She plays Marco a tape of her brother Paul‟s rock group, Hart Attax, which he doesn‟t enjoy at all. When Marco‟s friend,
Sergio, whose bed Mary has taken, comes back from Italy he is very angry. He has a quarrel with Marco which ends in
Sergio walking out.

Meanwhile, Martin Kasubian, in a business hotel for an appointment with the head of his firm, ECS, has a number of
amusing adventures with talking computers of the kind that ECS manufactures.


Unit 5
Kristi Schmidt decides to call her old friend Susan Petri, who invites her for a visit. Susan shows Kristi around the
apartment, and introduces her to her husband Roger, who finds Kristi very attractive, and flirts with her in front of his wife.
Hugo Peters gives John Berry a ride to work, after he locks his keys inside his car. As usual, John is very late for an
appointment with a customer, much to the annoyance of his secretary, Carol. Aiko Tomura and Mary Hartman meet in the
canteen at the student hostel, where Aiko also lives, and the two become friends.

Unit 6
We meet Hugo‟s daughter, Annie Peters, for the first time. She has just come back from Stockholm, where she has been
working. John Berry tries, unsuccessfully, to persuade her to go out with him. Later on, Helen Sisay (who now has a new
boyfriend) and Martin Kasubian (who is going out with Annie) come for a visit. They all go out for the evening, leaving
John alone again.

Meanwhile, Harry Carter, who is still in Paris, tries to interest the British Ambassador in the information he was given by
Nasim Khesri. He is told to mind his own business and leave the case alone. There is a party at David Peters‟ language
school, where David is very disappointed to discover that Souad is married – to a boxer called Marcel. However, Heidi
cheers him up by dancing with him, and later she invites him to her room for an intimate evening.

Unit 7
John Berry, while talking to his Mom on the phone, laments his loneliness, and his lack of success with Helen and Annie.
She expresses her sympathy for him, and invites him to come and stay for the weekend. Meanwhile Mary Hartman and
Aiko Tamura decide to look for an apartment together. An elderly American Hispanic woman called Mrs. Gomez shows
them a filthy and overpriced apartment in a derelict neighborhood in Brooklyn, which they decide not to rent.

Helen Sisay, her new boyfriend Steve, Peter Moran, and Hugo Peters go to an antique auction. Hugo, who thought he had
fixed the auction, is very annoyed to be outbid by an art and antique collector called George. Later, he sends Jack Cooper to
teach George a very unpleasant lesson.

Unit 8
John Berry calls Kristi Schmidt at her hotel and invites her out for the evening. She reluctantly agrees. Later, Roger Petri
does the same. With much more enthusiasm, she agrees to meet him at New York‟s fanciest Italian restaurant, Da Renzo.
John, on the other hand, has chosen Burgertron, a fast-food establishment with deafeningly loud music. Their evening
comes to a sudden end when Kristi runs out, leaving John alone. Things go much better for Roger, and he succeeds in
persuading an only slightly reluctant Kristi to stay with him in his apartment (Susan is away in Canada).

Meanwhile Aiko and Mary decide to rent an apartment in Mrs. White‟s house in a quiet and distant suburb of New York.
Harry Carter, who is in Paris, receives a phone call from Mrs. Khesri, urgently asking him to come to her apartment. He
arrives just in time to see her kidnapped, and when he tries to follow her to Tehran, a secret agent with a gun forces him to
return to New York.

Following a conversation where he leaves a phone message with Kristi, Hugo Peters has a meeting with Roger Petri in his
office. Roger agrees to act for Hugo as a courier, using his pilot‟s status to carry unnamed substances from Johannesburg to
New York for $3,000 a trip.


Unit 9
Harry Carter, returning to New York, sees Peter Moran hand a package to Roger Petri. He remembers having seen Roger at
Hugo‟s party, and is intrigued by what he sees. Keen to see her again, Harry rushes to the TV studio where Helen is
rehearsing, and is very hurt when she tells him to get lost. He goes to a gym to work out his feelings, and while there he
overhears Jack Cooper‟s phone call, requesting more money from Hugo for the job done on George to compensate for the
sudden publicity.

On the same morning that John‟s secretary finally walks out, Martin Kasubian visits John Berry‟s office and sells him a
“virtual secretary” program for his computer, with which John falls instantly in love. Martin spends his commission on an
engagement ring for Annie, and is bitterly angry when she rejects his proposal of marriage over dinner in an exclusive
French restaurant.

David Peters has decided to move to Switzerland to be with Heidi, so he visits his father to break the news and borrow some
money. When David‟s class finds out he and Marco are leaving they decide to go out for a cheerful farewell meal.

Unit 10
Mr. P. calls Hugo and forces him, much against his will, to come to Trinidad with a consignment of drugs. Their
conversation is bugged by Harry Carter who then searches Hugo‟s suitcase at the airport but doesn‟t find anything. John
Berry makes a disastrous mess of entertaining three important potential clients from China, and ends up making them pay
for an expensive meal.

Roger Petri and Kristi Schmidt are at home together when Susan calls from the airport. Although Kristi is gone by the time
she gets back, Susan guesses that something is wrong, and when she finds another woman‟s shoe on the floor, she and
Roger have a terrible argument. Desperate and not recognizing the shoe, Susan calls Kristi and invites her over for lunch
and a chat.

Shanghai to New York
In this first episode we meet the main character of the story, Liu Baoling, a successful Chinese businesswoman, making her
first trip to the US. Despite a few communication problems she gets through an interview at Airport Immigration and then
checks into her hotel. Here, Baoling is charmed by a friendly receptionist who helps extend her hotel reservation and then
enthusiastically explains how she can find her way around New York, though Baoling is only really interested in reaching
the nearest women‟s clothes store.


Unit 11
Aiko, Kim, and Mary go to a Hart Attax concert together. Aiko falls in love with Mary‟s brother Paul Hartman, who is
happy to spend time with her that night, but doesn‟t want to know her the next day. Aiko is very hurt and Mary is angry
with her brother. Kristi Schmidt finds herself too busy with work (she has to present a TV feature in London) to go for
lunch with Susan, and calls her to cancel. Susan is very upset.

John Berry invites himself into Hugo Peters‟ apartment when he meets Annie on the way back from work, and impresses
her by saying that he works for PBC (Plastic Box Company). She misunderstands him, thinking he has said BBC. Annie
goes out to buy a newspaper so John is alone there when Hugo and Peter Moran come in. Moran is very suspicious, and
Hugo agrees to get Jack Cooper to pay a visit to discourage him from taking any further interest in Hugo‟s affairs.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling visits some women‟s clothes stores to check out the cost and quality of their goods and is very pleased to find them
selling clothes that were made in China at very high prices. Back at her hotel she receives a visit from a very distant relative
and potential business contact, James Ho, an American born Chinese. He takes her out to a Thai restaurant to discuss
business and offers to sell Baoling‟s clothes to New York stores. He is not entirely honest about his profit margin but
Baoling is not fooled and tells him she‟ll think it over.

Unit 12
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Unit 13
Marco Benini, back in Rome, has an unexpected phone call from Mary Hartman, who is on vacation in Italy. He reluctantly
invites her to stay with him and his parents. She is so disruptive that Marco has to ask her to leave the following day. Annie
Peters calls John Berry in his office, hoping that he will help her to find a job. John then calls Martin Kasubian to complain
about his computer secretary, who is starting to disobey his instructions. Martin visits John and confidently talks
him into buying the updated model. Later, Martin insists on accompanying John when he goes to meet Annie; she is
angry at John for being late, and after a furious argument with Martin walks out on both of them.

Meanwhile in Switzerland, Heidi is fed up with David‟s apathy and untidiness. They quarrel and she throws him out. His
old students are pleased to see him back in New York, and Aiko invites him to a party at Mrs. White‟s house, where he
meets a new student from Mexico named Juanita Ramirez.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling is unhappy with the American and European styles of breakfast served at her hotel, so she persuades the
management to start offering a Chinese breakfast for all the Asian guests. She even accompanies the cook to a supermarket
in Chinatown where they buy the necessary ingredients and then teaches him how to make rice porridge, dumplings and
noodles. Baoling is impressed with the results the next morning. Later she attempts to phone buyers from local clothes
stores but has some communication difficulties. She is saved by the charming hotel receptionist who helps her organize an
appointment for the following afternoon. She also receives a phone call from Mark Connors, a friend of James Ho, and
arranges to meet him.

Unit 14
Harry Carter‟s boss Thacker sends him to Trinidad to arrest Hugo Peters, Mr. P., and Roger Petri. With the help of a local
detective, Harry chases Mr. P.‟s car, but ends up in hospital when his own car explodes. Mr. P. orders Hugo to tell them
about Roger, hoping they will believe he is the boss and leave him and Hugo alone.

Meanwhile John Berry, feeling lonely, joins an online dating agency and goes out with an unattractive, overweight woman
named Belinda – a sort of female equivalent of John himself. Marco has come back to take an exam in New York, and is
attending David Peters‟ English class again. David is now officially dating Juanita, and she‟s starting to show signs of
jealousy. Marco cheerfully accepts Aiko‟s invitation to a student play at a drama college, but is dismayed to discover that
Mary Hartman is starring in the play. He can tell from the way she directs her angry speech at him that she hasn‟t forgiven
him for what happened when she visited Rome.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling has an appointment with Marcie Tulane, a buyer for a clothes store in Staten Island. However, Baoling soon
discovers that it‟s not an easy place to reach by cab, so she ends up taking a ferry and gets a chance to see the Statue of
Liberty. At the meeting Baoling explains that she set up her company (Four Beauties) with the aim of designing clothes for
women over thirty. After being shown a catalog and some samples Marcie is interested in buying some of Baoling‟s clothes,
but they can‟t agree on a price and Baoling leaves without having made a deal.


Unit 15
Roger Petri calls Susan to say he won‟t be home for lunch, as he has a business meeting. She decides to take a walk, and
sees Roger having lunch with Kristi. Susan realizes to her horror that Roger and Kristi having an affair, and she decides to
divorce him. Meanwhile, Kristi tells Roger over lunch that she wants to end their relationship. Bewildered, Roger follows
her back to the hotel but fails to change her mind. Back home, Susan confronts him with the truth and calls the police to
make him leave the apartment. Harry Carter comes by shortly after Roger leaves and follows him to the airport, where he
arrests him for drug possession. Later, Harry calls Susan to give her the news about Roger, and takes the opportunity to
invite her to dinner.

The managing director of Plastic Box summons John Berry to his office and fires him, much to the amusement of the
“virtual secretary”. Wandering around New York, John reluctantly accepts a very low-paying job as a gas station attendant.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling meets Mark Connors, another potential buyer, and there is an immediate attraction between the two. We learn that
Baoling is divorced, as is Mark. Baoling shows him her catalog and he is interested in the clothes, but like Marcie Tulane he
is put off by the cost, believing that Baoling should only increase the price of her products once she becomes better-known.
He makes her a lower offer than she asks but she promises to take it into consideration.

While Baoling is having a golf lesson with an instructor called Ken Davis, she receives a phone call from Marcie Tulane
who says that her boss, Mr. Landis, would like to meet her. He is interested in buying a much larger number of dresses and
shirts than Marcie had previously proposed and they arrange for Baoling to return to the store that afternoon.

Unit 16
Aiko Tomura invites Mary Hartman to join her on a visit to Japan. After an incredibly long delay to their flight they
eventually arrive in Tokyo, but Mary finds the food inedible, the bed uncomfortable and the subway unbearably
overcrowded. She decides to return to New York immediately.

It is Christmas time and Susan Petri, who is now living with Harry Carter, is stricken with remorse when she thinks of poor
Roger in prison. She takes him a cake, for which he is typically ungrateful. Hugo Peters throws a party and makes the
mistake of asking his secretary to send out invitations. Apart from John Berry, who is spending Christmas with his mother,
everybody comes, including Susan Petri and Kristi Schmidt, who promptly start to fight, and George and Gary, who take
revenge on Hugo by wrecking his apartment. John Berry, meanwhile, spends Christmas at his Mom‟s.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling meets Mr. Landis, the owner of the store interested in buying her clothes. Landis has an unfriendly and aggressive
approach, but Baoling has now gained considerable confidence in her bargaining technique and is not put off. He makes
another fairly low offer and Baoling is non-committal. When she later meets Mark Connors she uses the store‟s offer to see
how much more Mark will offer, but once he understands the game she‟s playing he‟s annoyed and leaves.

While Baoling sits alone over a drink, regretting how she treated Mark, she receives a phone call from Landis who makes a
much improved offer and is surprised when Baoling again says she needs time to think about it. He only gives her until 6pm
that day to make her decision. Mark also regrets their quarrel, and returns to the hotel to invite Baoling out for dinner. They
both seem interested in a relationship than involves more than just business.


Unit 17
On a plane to New York, Marco Benini finds himself chatting to a famous German soccer player named Manfred
Grossmann, who gives him a couple of tickets for the upcoming Germany vs. Italy match. Marco meets Kristi Schmidt, who
is reporting on Grossmann‟s visit to New York for her TV station. He invites her to watch the match with him. Thacker
sends Harry Carter to search Hugo Peters‟ apartment, hoping that he will find something incriminating, and puts Henson
and Bedges under Harry‟s command. Unfortunately, Henson and Bedges raid John‟s apartment by mistake.

Street Interview
We meet Gabe Caggiano, who is at the White House in Washington, D.C. The visitors he interviews, both American and
foreign, describe how they feel standing in front of such an important building. One man defines it as the center of the
United States and the nerve system of the world. The city is described as being multi-cultural, friendly, and full of
attractions to visit, such as the Lincoln Memorial.

Unit 18
Henson and Bedges search John‟s apartment but unsurprisingly find nothing except some magazines. When Harry realizes
the two officers have raided the wrong apartment he tells them to go next door instead, but is dismayed to hear that Hugo
has sold his apartment to Mrs. Hancock and that he now lives next door to her. The police now have no right to search the
apartment, as their warrant specifies his former address.

Germany and Italy draw their football match, and Marco Benini and Kristi Schmidt decide to go back to Kristi‟s hotel.
Unfortunately, the sound of their voices disturbs a nosy and interfering Russian woman called Nadezhda in the room next
door, who wakes up her husband Dmitri and forces him to come and tell Kristi off. She and Marco then have to go to his
student hostel, where they are again disturbed, this time by Mary Hartman. Kristi leaves a frustrated and disappointed
Marco in Mary‟s company.

Street Interview
Gabe Caggiano is at the Eastern Market in Washington D.C. where he talks to shoppers and vendors about fruit and
vegetables. The shoppers include a woman buying plums to make jam, a man who describes how he‟s going to cook some
radishes he‟s just bought, and another woman who‟s getting pumpkins to decorate her house for autumn and Halloween. A
vendor explains that the market is an important gathering place for the neighborhood and that the shoppers are considered as
friends rather than customers.


Unit 19
John Berry arrives late to work at the gas station after a cycling accident (having lost his well-paying executive job, he has had to sell his
car). He sinks even lower, as he gets fired after filling a truck with gas instead of diesel. At the local employment agency, he is
given a job as a parking garage attendant, but even this proves too difficult for him. He accidentally crashes one of the cars
and is pursued by angry customers as he walks off the job.

Martin Kasubian‟s job is putting him in a state of terrible nervous tension and while he‟s having dinner with Jolene (the
receptionist at ECS in Atlanta), he has a heart attack.

Street Interview
Lara Hopewell is at a truck stop on an American highway talking to car and truck-drivers about being on the road. She
meets two truck drivers who travel about 10,000 miles a month and they discuss how much road transportation is relied on
to distribute goods around the country. Two car drivers interviewed explain their need to use cars due to the lack of public
transportation in many areas.

Unit 20
Martin Kasubian is seen by a doctor in the Hospital Emergency Room and reveals that he smokes two packs of cigarettes a
day, takes no exercise and is overweight. The doctor orders him to go to a health clinic, where he is restored to the peak of
fitness by a regime of carrot juice and jogging.

Just before they are all to go out to dinner at Da Renzo, Hugo Peters explains to Annie that David‟s new girlfriend, Juanita
Ramirez, is a millionaire‟s daughter. Juanita is very possessive toward David and continually tells him what to eat, which
irritates Annie intensely. Susan Petri, who is also at the restaurant having dinner with Harry Carter, gets upset when she
wonders how Roger is coping with life behind bars. Meanwhile, Roger stages a riot in prison, escapes, and forces a passing
driver to give him a ride to New York.

Street Interview
Gabe Caggiano is at a sport and health club in downtown Washington D.C. where he talks to some people doing various
forms of physical activity. One woman explains that she swims because she believes it gives her a full body workout.
Another woman describes herself as an ex-couch potato who now regularly works out in a gym. The third interviewee is a
basketball player who describes his passion for the sport and the love of being part of a team and having fans cheer them on
during games, while the last interviewee stresses the inner and spiritual aspect of working out.


Unit 21
Marco Benini and Kristi Schmidt, out on another date, have just enjoyed a Chinese meal together. They then go to Kristi‟s
hotel, where the elderly receptionist hears the sound of Marco‟s footsteps tiptoeing down the corridor. Having just read
about Roger Petri‟s escape from prison, the old man is alarmed and calls the police. In Kristi‟s room, she and Marco are
interrupted by the sudden arrival of Roger, who breaks the door down and forces Marco to give him his jacket and trousers,
and gets away just before Henson and Bedges arrive. The two officers try to arrest Marco but Kristi explains he is a friend,
and without telling them about Roger‟s visit she suggests they search for him next door.

John Berry, miserable and unemployed, sees an advertisement on TV for a personal development program called
Dynathought. He decides to sell his remaining possessions in order to attend the seminar, which is given by Mr.
Biedermaier of ECS.

Street Interview
Lara Hopewell is at a clothing store to talk about shopping habits. The boutique owner describes the clothes she sells as
being high quality and practical rather than trend-driven. Lara speaks to two women who are looking at a sweater. They talk
about their preference for shopping with a friend because it enables them to give each other advice on what looks good.
There is also a male customer who is looking for a birthday present for his wife. However, the owner explains that men are
generally a rarity and only visit the store just before Christmas and Valentine‟s Day.

Unit 22
On fire with the desire to succeed after attending the Dynathought seminar, John goes to a music store to buy the latest Toni
Moroni hit. There, he sees an advertisement for a rock group looking for a dynamic manager. He visits the address given,
and finds two strange individuals called Sasa and Dudu in a room full of electronic gadgets. They call themselves Nervous
Equipment. They‟re obviously amused by John, and doubt very much that he can succeed as their manager. They decide
anyway, give him a demo CD and ask him to try to get them a gig or a recording contract.

David Peters and his English class go for a picnic in Riverbank Park. Mary Hartman, who comes with them, is convinced
that David is secretly in love with her, although David and Juanita are now engaged. Juanita tells Mary to get lost, and
David and Juanita go off for a private walk in the park.

Street Interview
Gabe Caggiano is at a Foreign Language School on the Campus of Georgetown University, where a wide range of
languages are taught. Among those interviewed is a student learning Japanese for cultural interest, another studying Spanish
because his father is Puerto Rican, and a woman studying Chinese because she believes it will be very important in the

According to the teacher interviewed, some languages (like Japanese) take longer for American students to learn than
French or Spanish, even if students are hard-working and highly motivated. One student points out that Americans are
disadvantaged in language learning because they are geographically isolated, whereas Europeans can quite easily cross a
border and hear foreign languages.


Unit 23
It‟s hot in Riverbank Park, and Juanita sends David off to get her a drink. Seeing him alone, Mary attempts to make David
express his feelings for her, but he politely tells her she is mistaken. Having seen her fiancé with Mary, Juanita warns David
never to touch another girl. She also reminds him that her parents are coming to New York to meet him that evening.

Meanwhile, Roger Petri, who is on the run from the police, goes to Susan‟s apartment hoping to hide out. Susan refuses him
shelter. Harry Carter arrives home just after Roger leaves, and he pursues Roger to Hugo‟s apartment, where Roger is
hoping to avenge Hugo‟s betrayal. Unfortunately, Roger doesn‟t know about Hugo‟s change of address, so he ends up
mistakenly terrorizing Mrs. Hancock, the old lady who now lives in Hugo‟s former apartment. Moran refuses to help Hugo
deal with Roger.

Street Interview
Lara Hopewell is at a pediatrician‟s office where she talks to a doctor and some parents about raising children. The
practitioners deal with all children‟s physical needs, from illnesses to vaccinations, as well as educating parents on safety
and discipline. Some parents speak about their experience of having children and describe it as both challenging and
extremely rewarding. They also discuss the cost and benefits of the healthcare system.

Unit 24
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Unit 25
Juanita‟s parents come to New York to meet David. Mr. Ramirez grills David about his intentions toward his daughter but
eventually gives permission for the marriage. Roger Petri phones Hugo and says that he will go to Trinidad and tell Mr. P.
what has been happening, unless Hugo gives him a new passport and a million dollars. Hugo is horrified, unable to see how
he can possibly raise so much money. Hugo and Annie are invited to lunch to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez, but Annie is so
disgusted that her brother is marrying Juanita for her money that she refuses to go. Hugo reluctantly accepts this, and goes
to lunch with the Ramirez family, where he is his usual charming self. He tells Mr. Ramirez a story about his “Caribbean
business ventures”, and invites him to invest a million dollars.

Street Interview
Gabe Caggiano is at a Metro Station in Washington D.C. to talk about the service and use of the subway. According to the
rail supervisor interviewed, the Washington D.C. subway system is ranked one of the best in the country for safety,
reliability and cleanliness. Safety is an issue for one female passenger though she admits you need to be careful all over the
city. Most passengers explain that they use the metro because it‟s a cheap, fast and convenient. The system is used by about
700,000 people a day, and with the ever-increasing amount of traffic in the city and rise in gas prices, this number is likely
to grow.

Unit 26
David and Juanita are married in great style, in a church. At the reception David drinks too much champagne and tries to cut
the wedding cake with a spoon. Hugo has another phone conversation with Roger Petri, who refuses to wait for his money.
Roger restates his intention to go to Trinidad and talk to Mr. P. and Hugo decides to follow and try to stop him. Thacker is
pleased that Harry Carter knows about Hugo‟s plans and sends him to Trinidad, too.

Coincidentally, David and Juanita decide to go to Trinidad for their honeymoon. While they are lying on the beach, Harry
Carter approaches them to ask for help in finding some so-called “friends”. He shows them a photo of Roger, whom Juanita
recognizes from the newspaper, and a photo of David‟s father, which leaves them both shocked. Dmitri and Nadezhda, on
vacation in the same spot, recognize Roger from their plane journey, and Harry sets off in pursuit of him.

Street Interview
Lara Hopewell visits a big music store. She speaks to the store assistant who explains that they sell a wide selection of
music, from commercial hits to underground music and obscure songs that have elsewhere gone out of print. He admits that
the trend of downloading music has had an effect on music stores but has not threatened their survival. As one customer
explains, many people still prefer to buy CDs because they include a pamphlet with information about the group and the
song lyrics. Lara speaks to a number of customers who have a variety of musical tastes, ranging from hip-hop to jazz, blues
and rock.


Unit 27
On his way to “Granny P.‟s Fruit Farm” (Mr. P.‟s secret lair), Roger‟s taxi is intercepted at gunpoint by Hugo, who gives
Roger a ticket to Australia and forces the driver to take him to the airport. After they have left, Harry Carter arrives. Hugo
tells him that Roger will be at the airport. When both Hugo and Harry find out that Roger checked in for the flight, they are
fooled into thinking that he has left Trinidad.

Meanwhile, John Berry decides to try to arrange a gig for Nervous Equipment. He makes a collect call to his brother, Clive,
who is the entertainment secretary for a “Patriots‟ Foundation”, and arranges for them to play at a very low fee.

Street Interview
This interview takes place at an airport where some passengers and airline employees talk about flying. The passengers
interviewed, mainly traveling on domestic flights, all enjoy flying and find it a quick and pleasant means of reaching their
destination. The airport staff aims to provide every passenger with the best customer service possible, which ultimately
means an enjoyable and safe flight. Flight attendants have to be dynamic and able to deal quickly, efficiently and politely
with all sorts of passengers and situations.

Unit 28
Nervous Equipment’s gig at the Patriots‟ Foundation is a disaster. On the way there they are not only stopped by the police,
but they also run out of gas. When they finally arrive, they are very late. The music appalls the audience and Clive pulls the
plug. The band drives back to New York, leaving John behind, and when he finally gets home, he discovers he‟s been
evicted for non-payment of rent.

Meanwhile, Roger gets through to Mr. P. and attempts to blackmail him, offering to disappear in exchange for two million
dollars. Mr. P. apparently agrees to do this, but after the conversation he sends two hit men to meet Roger. Mr. P. also sends
a couple of goons to New York to “deal with” Hugo, who he thinks has made too many mistakes.

Street Interview
Lara Hopewell is at a police station talking to some officers about their work. The officers she speaks to are first
responders, which means they are the first to arrive on the scene of a crime, fire, or accident. They say the job can be
dangerous and also frightening, but their training and the adrenalin that normally takes over on a job help them cope. One
officer explains that crime in Montgomery County, Maryland, and probably all over the US, is closely linked to the
economy. When times are tough, shoplifting and burglaries increase. Working in a very diverse community, one of the
hardest problems they face is communicating with people who speak another language and have different cultural


Unit 29
Mr. P.‟s hit men attempt to blow up Roger‟s car, but Roger saves himself by getting out of the car just in time, and he sends
a postcard to Hugo explaining what happened. In New York, Hugo finds John, who is now homeless, sitting on the
sidewalk. Hugo reads Roger‟s postcard, realizes that he is in trouble, and decides to move out of his apartment and let John
stay there to receive the visit from Mr. P‟s goons. He also finds a postcard from Annie explaining that she has left home and
is living with her radical environmentalist friends. Hugo visits Annie and tries, unsuccessfully, to persuade her to come back
to live with him. Later on he sends her a postcard to explain that he has moved into a hotel his apartment is being
redecorated, to explain why he has moved.

Street Interview
Lara Hopewell interviews Johnny Holliday, the radio announcer for the University of Maryland football team. He explains
that college football is extremely competitive and requires complete dedication from the players, who are trying to fulfill
their academic obligations at the same time. Johnny sits in the press box with his charts and lists of the players, as he has
done for 28 years, and tries to transmit the dynamics and excitement of the game to the families and fans who can not reach
the stadium.

Unit 30
At police headquarters, Thacker gives Carter a last chance to arrest Hugo, Roger, and Mr. P. Harry tells Susan about the arrests,
but she is depressed and has started drinking again. Harry goes home to pack for his trip to Trinidad, and Susan tries to talk to
him about her feelings, but he is too busy and distracted to pay much attention. This makes her feel even worse, and she goes to
the doctor for a refill of her sleeping pill prescription. The doctor feels that she is suffering from psychological problems, and
refers her to a psychiatrist. Describing her situation to the bewildered psychiatrist helps Susan get a grip. She leaves feeling
better, without asking for more pills.

Street Interview
In a country where 50% of marriages end in divorce, a marriage counselor in the US talks about her work and the common
problems that couples face. Sharon Alpervitz explains that her role primarily involves listening and helping people
communicate with each other. She often finds that difficulties stem from a simple lack of communication. Most couples only
turn to her when some kind of crisis occurs, like the discovery of an affair.


Unit 31
Mary visits Marco to show off her new boyfriend, Bashir, who behaves in an intimidating manner. Kristi phones Marco and
tells him she has finally found an apartment to rent (which just happens to be John Berry‟s old apartment). Marco goes to
Kristi‟s for dinner and while he‟s there, John stops by. John is now living in Hugo‟s former apartment, which of course is
next door. Mr. P‟s thugs arrive and start beating up Marco, believing him to be Hugo. Meanwhile, Hugo calls Mr. P. to ask
for one last chance to redeem himself by bringing some extra-special drugs to Trinidad, and Mr. P. accepts.

Street Interview
Lara Hopewell interviews an English teacher after observing part of an ESL class. The teacher believes the best way to learn
the language is through listening and speaking, so the lessons are based on discussion activities. As the class contains
students from all over the world, the group can share very different experiences and opinions and are able to get to know
each very well over the 16-week semester. All students say that English is important to them in getting a job, whether or not
it‟s actually required as part of the work. The teacher believes that on-line instruction can be successful in the future as long
as there is a virtual classroom where students can interact with each other and not just with a teacher.

Unit 32
John Berry hears on the radio that Nervous Equipment is topping the charts. He goes round to their apartment, to ask them
for a job and they invite him to a rock festival in Trinidad, where he finds himself solely responsible for moving and setting
up their mountains of equipment. Hugo arrives at Mr. P.‟s base in Trinidad to offer him the special drugs which he
promised, but finds that Mr. P. has decided to liquidate him. Just as Hugo is about to be fed to the fish, Roger appears and
holds a gun to Mr. P.‟s head. John, hunting around for a place to plug in the group‟s equipment, finds a control room, with a
“self-destruct” switch, which he presses. This causes the total destruction of the island, with the apparent death of Mr. P.,
Roger and Hugo. John is saved, however, and Harry Carter arrives on the scene to be told what has happened. Harry returns
to New York and to Susan, certain that his job has at last been done for him.

Street Interview
Gabe Caggiano interviews the owner of a bar called Tunnicliff’s on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The bar has a wide
range of customers ranging from people visiting the local market at the weekend to politicians coming from Capitol
Building during the week. As well as drinks, the bar serves a wide range of American food, from salads to steaks. One of
the main problems the bar owner has to deal with is under-aged drinking. If there is any doubt that a customer is under 21
years old, their ID has to be checked. Another difficulty staff has to resolve is when a customer has drunk too much. In this
case they try to be as nice as possible to the customer and at the same time get them to leave the pub quickly and quietly.


Unit 33
Four years have passed, and Harry Carter is now the head of the Foreign and Political division at New York Police
Department. He is also married to Susan and they have two small children. During an interview for a TV program called Cop
on the Hop, Harry talks about his career and new role but struggles to control his temper as the rather aggressive presenter
tries hard to get a controversial or political viewpoint out of him. After the interview Harry is very interested to see Annie
Peters in the newspaper. She is now a leading environmental activist and Harry decides to keep an eye on her.

Susan is visited at her apartment by her old friend Kristi, whom she hasn‟t seen since the Roger debacle of four years
before. Later that evening, Kristi bumps into Marco, who is now a marketing executive with ECS and happens to be staying
at the same hotel.

Around the World
The manager of a train traveling from Sydney to Perth is interviewed about this three-day trip. She describes it as the best
way to see Australia, as the low speed of the train allows its 244 passengers to see the countryside rolling by in real comfort.
While most world famous train routes travel through populated areas, the Indian Pacific cuts through an immense area of
wilderness called the Nullarbor Plain where nothing grows over two feet.

Unit 34
Kristi and Marco have a drink together and then go up to her room. Marco, now engaged to a rich businessman‟s daughter
back in Italy, decides not to take things any further. Before the night is through, he gives her the phone number of David
Peters‟ language school; she wants to write a story about the Peters family.

David is now very fed up with his job, but seems to perk up when one of his students, a Greek girl named Melissa, takes
time to talk with him after the lesson. She‟s obviously attracted to him, but their conversation is interrupted by Juanita, who
calls the school to ask him to get diapers for their baby. Juanita is as jealous as ever, and jumps to the wrong conclusion
when Kristi calls to speak to David, having gotten the number from the school. Kristi asks David for Annie‟s phone number,
though she doesn‟t explain why.

Around the World
Park employees and visitors to the Grand Canyon talk about this world famous landscape in Arizona. The views are
described as breathtaking and impossible to portray in a picture. Some people pay to experience the Canyon from the back
of a mule and reservations for overnight rides have to be made a year in advance. However, the park spokesman expresses
concern about the large number of visitors because of the effect on the shallow soils and the unwanted creation of new


Unit 35
Carter’s Casebook
Harry investigates the apparent suicide of an unemployed man in Syracuse. The man was found dead by his daughter in the
kitchen with the gas oven turned on. After speaking to the wife and daughter and having some doubts about their financial
situations, Harry discovers that a murder was committed.

John is interviewed for a job as a door-to-door salesman with a dubious company selling Laundroperk machines, which
both wash clothes and make coffee. Despite his very poor performance in the interview, John is offered the job, because the
other candidates were even worse than him. His new boss, Mr. Conn, explains that he will not receive a salary but will get
commission on what he sells.

Shanghai to New York
“Shanghai to New York” returns in this Unit. Four years have passed and Baoling‟s women‟s clothing business, Four
Beauties, has grown significantly. In this episode she is interviewed for a business magazine, then receives a phone call with
some bad news about the opening of her new store in New York; her partner, Max Landis, has to pull out of their deal due
to serious health problems.

Around the World
The narrator visits a village called Hara Kebira on the island of Djerba, Tunisia. In a country which is 98% Muslim and
Jews are a small minority, half of the nation‟s Jewish population live on Djerba and nearly all of them in this village. The
first Jews arrived around 2500 years ago and it may be the oldest Jewish settlement in the world. As some locals explain,
though you never find Jews marrying Muslims, they live and work together side by side, as they have been doing for
hundreds of years.

Unit 36
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Unit 37
John is as unsuccessful a Laundroperk machine salesman as he has been at every other job he‟s attempted, but by chance he
makes a sales call at Nine Mile Avenue, where Annie Peters now lives with two other environmental activists: Jean and
Kate. Henson and Bedges, who have been asked by Harry Carter to watch the house, decide to interrogate John, but find
nothing of interest. Annie reassures her roommates that John is a harmless idiot, and is mystified to receive a phone
message from Kristi.

David is alarmed to see on the TV news that a German industrialist has been kidnapped by a group of environmentalists,
and he wonders if Annie might be involved. At this point he and Juanita are visited by Juanita‟s journalist friend Liliane.
Juanita shows her friend the apartment but nosy Liliane is totally uninterested; she has heard some exciting gossip about the
Peters family and is dying to find out more.

Around the World
On a visit to Istanbul, Turkey, writers for the National Geographic Magazine demonstrate how they find stories and
inspiration for an article. As they wander round the city they find that people are happy to share their experiences and no
one questions their cameras or the purpose of their visit. With the help of a Turkish-speaking guide the team visits a rug
merchant and talk to some women in a Gecekondu community (Gecekondu means „built overnight‟). These areas consist of
poorly constructed houses made of bricks and cardboard which could not survive an earthquake.

Unit 38
While Liliane is still visiting David and Juanita, Annie calls to say that she has just gotten a letter she urgently wants to
discuss with David. He reluctantly asks her to visit. After a terrible fight with Juanita, David and Annie take a walk to
discuss what has happened.

Carter’s Casebook
Harry Carter investigates the dismissal of a salesman and the simultaneous disappearance of a large sum of money from a
business. After making some phone calls and discovering some important dates he begins to suspect a case of identity theft.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling (who also calls herself Pauline now) is busy on the phone in her Shanghai office, trying to find a new business
partner for her soon-to-be-opened New York store. Her first call is to Mark Connors, a past business associate and friend,
who she hasn‟t spoken to in four years. When he compliments her improved English she tells him she‟s been studying at
WSI. They arrange to meet the following week. While she‟s making a call to another potential partner, her mobile phone
rings and Baoling realizes she‟s completely forgotten a date with her boyfriend Kurt.

Around the World
Machu Picchu, (the lost city of the Incas), is a 500-year old religious center 8,000 feet up the Andes. Over recent decades it
has become Peru‟s most popular tourist destination and is visited by over 300,000 people a year. As one tourist describes,
walking round the ruins surrounded by amazing scenery, even in the rain and fog, is magical. Despite conservationists‟
fears, many in Peru want to capitalize on the city‟s appeal, and locals welcome the large number of visitors who buy local
crafts and need hotels to stay in.


Unit 39
Annie shows David Hugo‟s letter. Apparently, Hugo is still alive and impatient to see his children again. Henson and
Bedges, who have been watching all this, follow Annie and David separately as they part ways.

Annie, followed by Bedges, goes to book a study vacation in Albania. Henson follows David to a bar, but gets drunk and
thinks that David has left when in fact he‟s in the bathroom. David calls the school from the bar to explain that he is unwell
and will be unable to teach his classes today. He is given a message from Aiko Tomura, a former student who is now
working as a tour guide. She called the school hoping to speak to him, and to explain that she is staying at the Terminal
Hotel in New York with a group of Japanese businessmen. David goes to the hotel to meet her.

Around the World
New Delhi in India has a massive water shortage. The 14 million inhabitants need a billion gallons a day but are having to
survive on a quarter of that. Municipal trucks deliver drinking water, even in the wealthy suburbs. The government has
invested money and time in finding a solution to the problem, including a proposal to build new big dams. However, similar
dams created in the past only made matters worse and the idea has been opposed. Small villages in Western India have
found a solution to their problems of water shortage by building small old-fashioned earthen dams which collect rainwater.
These have enabled farmers to irrigate their land and have allowed people to have nearby wells constantly full of water.

Unit 40
Aiko talks to David about her job and how awful the Terminal hotel is. He is delighted when Aiko asks him out for a drink
with her that evening. Juanita is less than delighted when he invents a feeble excuse for not staying at home with her. They
have another quarrel, in which she throws several cups, plates and bowls at him. The faithful Henson follows David from
his apartment to the bar, where David is dismayed to find not only Aiko but also 55 Japanese businessmen – Aiko‟s tour
group. One of the businessmen gives a mysterious letter to David, and when he opens it and discovers that it‟s from Hugo,
he is so overcome with shock and worry that he drops it on the bathroom floor, where it is immediately discovered by
Henson. An excited Henson immediately calls Harry Carter to tell him the news.

Carter’s Casebook
Harry receives a visit from the Cambodian Ambassador who asks for police protection following the murder of an American
journalist. Something the Ambassador says makes Harry suspicious and he decides to investigate.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling and Mark seem to have agreed on becoming partners although they are still discussing the terms of the contract and
Mark‟s share. They interview potential candidates for the position of sales manager in the new store. However, Baoling
decides none of them are capable of doing the job and declares that she‟ll have to do it herself.

Around the World
The narrator visits Hawaii, USA, to learn about the traditional Hula dance. According to legend, the Hula was created 300
years ago when two friends went to the beach and imitated the movement of the waves. When Christian missionaries
arrived in the early 19th century they were shocked by the dancers‟ movements and had the dance banned.

However, the tradition went underground and survived through secret performances. These days, through a renewed interest
in Hawaiian culture and pride, many people are attending special schools called Halaus, which teach the dance. Students
spend hours perfecting their routine and may participate in the annual Hula competition held in Hilo, where dancers are
judged on interpretation, style and costume.


Unit 41
John Berry, now working as a driver for a very dubious cab firm, is told to pick up a certain “Theo Gusper” at JFK Airport.
On the way John runs out of gas and then gets completely lost but eventually reaches the terminal after getting directions
from a James Brown-like preacher. John is an hour late, but fortunately his passenger‟s flight is delayed. “Mr. Gusper”
bears an extraordinary resemblance to Hugo Peters, and seems to recognize John as well. On the way into town John is
stopped for speeding by a traffic cop, and explains to him about his mysterious passenger. Meanwhile, “Mr. Gusper” has
already gotten out of the cab and vanished. The cop informs his boss – Henson – that a man who is probably Hugo Peters is
on his way to the Terminal Hotel, and Henson sends Bedges to pick him up. However, when Bedges to the hotel he is told
that “Mr. Gusper” left a few minutes earlier to go lunch with a young woman.

Around the World
Greve is the principal town in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy, world famous for its vineyards. It is a traditional town
with a slow rhythm of life and is a member of the Slow Movement. This is an organization that began in Italy but now has
members all over the world. Its mission is to prevent towns from slipping into the fast lane. From this came Slow Food, an
association which promotes traditional food production and agriculture and encourages people to eat and enjoy the pleasures
of good local produce rather than hamburgers and fries.

Unit 42
Hugo Peters takes Annie to lunch at an exclusive French restaurant, but she seems singularly unimpressed, both by the food
and by the story Hugo tells. According to Hugo, he went to Trinidad to put to an end to Mr. P. and his whole organization,
but both he and Roger Petri survived the explosion, because they were cast adrift in a dinghy. Hugo claims to have sunk the
dinghy, thus disposing of Roger (so he believes) before swimming to land.

This delightful father and child reunion is unpleasantly interrupted by Henson and Bedges, who are already on Hugo‟s trail
thanks to the letter. Hugo manages to get away from them by leaving the restaurant in a hurry.

Meanwhile, John Berry‟s car, which is parked near a convenience store, is blown up while he is shopping for his dinner.
When he goes to the police to report the loss, he is arrested! The hit man whom Roger had hired to kill Hugo, calls him to
explain that the bomb went off too late, after Hugo and John had got out. Roger decides to deal with Hugo himself.

Around the World
On the west coast of Canada lies the world‟s only temperate climate rain forest, abundant with wildlife and vegetation. For
three decades conservationists watched logging companies destroy huge areas of this forest and fought campaigns to disrupt
their work urging consumers worldwide to boycott Canadian timber. Now after years of tense discussions between the
logging industry and environmental organizations a compromise has been reached. Under a new agreement a 4.4 million
acre park will be under Federal protection and a further 10 million acres will be overseen by a protection committee to
control the balance of logging and native interests.


Unit 43
Carter’s Casebook
Harry looks into the death of a 46-year old businessman called James Morton. Though the victim apparently died of a heart
attack, Harry discovers several reasons to be suspicious about the circumstances of his death. Morton was unhappily
married and was having an affair with his secretary as well as another woman who he was also supporting financially. The
body was found in the victim‟s own car but the keys and the front number plate were missing.

Marco Benini is flying to Mexico on a sales trip. After a disturbing experience on the plane caused by a bad storm, a crazy
pilot, and a pill-popping woman who tries to calm him down, he goes to his hotel to set up some appointments. To his great
delight, he manages to get an appointment to see Carlos Ramirez with the pretext of having a message for him from his
daughter, Juanita.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling and Mark are looking for a location for their store and make appointments to see several places. Mark is delayed for
the first appointment and when he arrives he discovers Baoling has already decided the location is perfect and made an
agreement with the realtor. Mark, as her partner, is annoyed not to have been included in this important decision and is
concerned about signing a three-year contract. They have dinner together and Mark questions Baoling‟s need for his
involvement, but she assures him that she needs his support.

Around the World
The Arctic is a barren, inhospitable land. In winter months there is no daylight and the temperature can reach -90°
Fahrenheit. Despite this, some people and animals have adapted to this harsh environment and learnt to survive. For
thousands of years Inuit and other indigenous people have hunted whales and seals in the summer months and have got
through the bitter winter by living in igloos or semi-subterranean homes. The first Europeans tried to find a route through
the arctic to the Orient in the 15th century. However it wasn‟t until 1909 that the first foreign explorer, the American Robert
Peary, reached the North Pole.

Unit 44
After being made to wait several hours, Marco eventually gets to Mr. Ramirez‟s office. But when the Mexican tycoon
realizes that Marco doesn‟t have a message from Juanita and only wants to sell him security equipment, he is very
displeased. It seems, however, that he could do with some security equipment, as he is promptly kidnapped by a group of
female terrorists. Juanita becomes hysterical when she hears the news in New York, and she gets the next plane to Mexico
City, taking her daughter Sigismonda with her.

Kristi Schmidt calls Annie Peters again and manages to arrange a meeting by saying that she is a Green journalist who
wishes to do a feature on Annie‟s campaigns. They meet at a department store called Cheapman’s in Brooklyn, where
Annie goes to buy some new (and very austere) clothes.

Around the World
The narrator follows a National Geographic writer and photographer as they visit Northern Chad to explore the central
Sahara. The team crosses the Ennedi Plateau looking for an ancient crossroads where nomads have crossed paths for
centuries. They reach a rock pool which provides an important rest stop for desert travelers and their camels. But the water
also holds danger in the form of crocodiles. The photographer observes that these prehistoric animals seem to be trapped on
a small desert island.


Unit 45
Over undrinkable coffee in the cafeteria at Cheapman‟s, Kristi manages to trap Annie into letting slip that Hugo is still alive
and in New York. Kristi calls the editor of her magazine to talk about the article she is now in a position to write, though she
now seems to feel guilty about lying to Annie. David Peters, whose wife is safely in Mexico, starts an affair with the
tempting but demanding Melissa.

John Berry‟s next fare is Roger Petri, who has also turned up in New York thinly disguised as Peter Gorri. On learning from
John that Hugo is staying at the Terminal Hotel, Roger rushes straight there and leaves a bomb for him in a box of
chocolates. However, Hugo has already checked out and Bedges, investigating his room, gets blown up by the bomb in
Hugo‟s place.

Carter’s Casebook
Harry spends a few days in Compton, in upstate New York, where he solves the mysterious disappearance of a large sum of
cash from a supermarket. The suspects he interviews include three cashiers, the manager (who seems to be having an affair),
and the assistant manager.

Shanghai to New York
The store is ready to open soon, and Baoling, who is clearly tired and feeling the pressure of recent weeks, is training two
salespeople. Her sales approach is to immediately interact with the customer, as is done in China. One of the American
trainees bravely suggests that Americans don‟t appreciate this pushy approach, but Baoling has no time for arguments and
tells her simply to do it her way. Mark, who has brought some documents for Baoling to sign, observes part of the training
and wonders why Baoling didn‟t hire older, more experienced sales clerks.

Around the World
Mongolians have always been famous for their horse-riding skills, and today the horse is still important to their semi-
nomadic way of life. Every July thousands gather near the capital city for the Naadam sports festival where one of the main
events is a horse race. The race is unusual in that the riders must be under 12 years old and have to cover a distance of about
15 miles. The first five horses past the finishing line receive the blush sash of victory.

Unit 46
Annie Peters is horrified to see Kristi Schmidt on a dumb TV chat show, revealing all the secrets Annie has confided to her.
She decides to start legal proceedings against Kristi.

The much brighter Philip Morris takes over from Bedges, who is slowly recovering in the hospital. Harry assigns both
Morris and Henson to the all-important Hugo Peters case. They arrive at the Terminal Hotel just in time to see an infuriated
Roger discover that he has failed to kill Hugo. The receptionist says that Hugo has gone to watch the Davis Cup tennis
tournament. Henson and Morris rush straight there, but are too late to catch Hugo, who also manages to escape from Roger
once again.

Meanwhile, David Peters is spending an intimate evening with Melissa in his apartment, when Juanita rings up to say that
she is coming back to New York. Before he can get to it, Melissa answers the phone, and, to David‟s horror, she tells
Juanita what has been going on.


Around the World
Mount Kilimanjaro, rising almost four miles into the sky, is the highest point in Africa. It‟s located in Tanzania, East Africa,
and receives thousands of visitors every year. Its snow-capped peaks are spectacular but more importantly they provide a
vital source of drinking water to the area. But over the last century these glaciers have shrunk by 80% and experts claim the
cause to be global warming and/or deforestation and say that they may even disappear entirely by 2020.

Unit 47
To add to David‟s troubles, an angry creditor of Hugo‟s threatens him at school while he is administering a level test. He forces
David to reveal where his father might be found. David gives the creditor Annie‟s address. Meanwhile, Hugo turns up at
Annie‟s house, pleading to be let in. Annie‟s roommates are very reluctant to do so, as they have just made a rule against
allowing outsiders into the house at all. Hugo and Annie have a heart-to-heart up in her room. They are interrupted by a ring
on the door.

Carter’s Casebook
Harry flies to England to give a lecture on criminology and look into the apparent murder of a professor at Oxford
University. The suspects include the professor‟s manservant, a college cook, a colleague and his sister.

Shanghai to New York
Baoling arranges to meet Mark at her lawyer‟s office where she informs him of her intention to buy him out, and the lawyer
explains that according to the contract she has every right to do so. Baoling feels bad but Mark doesn‟t seem at all surprised
or angry, and she soon learns why. He has already sold his 20% share for a good profit. Baoling is shocked but looks at
Mark in admiration. As they take a walk in Central Park, they both agree that in business you have to look after yourself,
and though they‟re happy to let their business relationship go, they don‟t want to lose each other.

Around the World
France is the third largest country in Europe and is a country rich in culture, architecture, history, food and scenery. With a
relatively small population of 60 million, it has a diverse landscape, ranging from the snow-covered Alps to the fertile wine
producing regions and the Mediterranean shores. Its capital city, Paris, is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the
world and attracts 15 million visitors a year. The city offers attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, the Arc de
Triomphe and the cathedrals of Sacré Coeur and Notre Dame. Just outside Paris is the Palace of Versailles which stands as a
majestic reminder of the extravagant lifestyles once led by the past kings and queens who ruled France before the

Unit 48
Lessons 48.1 and 48.2
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Lesson 48.3
David takes refuge at Annie‟s apartment to avoid Juanita and is finally reunited with his father. But David has to quickly
advise Hugo to leave when he remembers giving Annie‟s address to Hugo‟s creditor. Kristi shows up to apologize to Annie
but is quickly distracted when she recognizes Hugo and they all start to argue. Melissa arrives looking for David and is soon
followed by Juanita and the baby. Roger also appears on the scene desperately trying to find Hugo.

Harry and Morris burst in pronouncing a raid, but both Hugo and Roger have already disappeared out the back door while
the useless Henson was guarding the wrong building. Harry is left speechless as he realizes he‟s missed yet another chance
to catch Hugo, and Susan tries to console him. Last to arrive is John, who simply came to visit Annie. He decides they
might as well all have a party and puts some music on.


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