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					   Compulsory reading to do with ski* holidays organised by Peter Edge for 2011
                                                                     All other money will be returned. Note that providers usually
                CHANGES TO SKI THE EDGE                              have a scale based system equating percentage returnable with the
French Youth Hoslel Agency                                           number of days before the start of the holiday that cancellation
Peter Edge, trading as Ski the Edge, has retired from being the      takes place. Here is a chart showing this for the youth hostels. I’ll
British representative and booking agent of FUAJ (the French         notify the persons staying in a hotel if it is different for them.
Youth Hostel Association). As a consequence when the present
membership of ABTOT (the Association of Bonded Travel                More than 30 days before departure,        loss of deposit.
Organisers Trust), membership number 5072, expires on 30 th          Between 30 and 8 days before departure     50% of the cost
September 2010, membership of ABTOT together with included           Between 7 days and 24 hours of departure 75% of the cost
bonding will not be renewed.                                         Less than 24 hours of departure & ‘no show’ 100% of the cost.
Ski the Edge                                                         *A name change is possible if the new person is a ‘suitable
The organisation called Ski the Edge, will cease to exist in the     replacement’. Note that a difficulty could arise if the replacement
way it has existed for about 14 years. The name Ski the Edge will    wasn’t taking on the original persons pre-booked lessons and in
be solely a casual term familiarised by usage. For instance Peter    the case of Val Cenis, if a lift pass had already been purchased for
Edge’s email address, will stay the same      the original person (because then it would have the wrong
because people know it.                                              person’s photograph on it).
Holiday Status                                                       Currency Supplements and Fuel Supplements
Any holiday organised by Peter Edge from now on will be a            The holidays are priced at about 1.15€ = £1, 1.6CHF = £1 and
private holiday for friends and acquaintances. They will not be      diesel at about £1.20 per litre. As in previous years if there is a
advertised to the general public. Peter Edge will be just the same   significant* swing then Peter Edge reserves the right to charge a
as any other individual organising a holiday on behalf of a group    currency or fuel supplement. * I’ll define it as below 1.1€ = £1 or
of friends or their own family.                                      1.6CHF = £1 (actual rate not bank to bank rates) and above 1.30
                                                                     per litre for the price of diesel at one month before departure
Repatriation and Financial Security
NONE except for your deposit up until the membership of
ABTOT’s expiry date. After that it is the same as giving your                             HEALTH and SAFETY
holiday money to a friend to book your share for you. Note that      Risk of injury
holidays booked without transport have never had repatriation as     Everybody must realise that there is a risk of injury associated
a component of ABTOT membership                                      with winter sports and you participate at your own risk.
Website                                                              But please be aware also of dangers away from the slopes.
The website will be altered but kept going           There is a significant danger of falling, particularly due
so as to maintain communication and information about your                    to ice outside, or due to wet floors in buildings or the
holiday in a manner to which you have become accustomed. This                 wearing or carrying of winter sports equipment.
is not intended to constitute advertising to the general public.          The perils of getting cold are present both on and off the
Links from ‘catchment’ websites such as those of the French                   slopes. The danger is particularly great for young people
Youth Hostels and ABTOF will be removed.                                      going out at night wearing insufficient clothing. Sadly
                                                                              deaths have occurred in recent years.
                  ALL ABOUT BOOKING                                  If you accept an invitation to go on the slopes with Peter Edge or
Booking Form and deposit. Please fill in a booking form (signed      any of the more frequent skiers or boarders you do so at your own
by the lead named person) and send a deposit of £90 per person       risk and peril. Any advice given by Peter Edge or anybody else
by cheque payable to Peter Edge at Sandstones, Hornby Road,          taking a lead role would not be qualified and would relate only to
Wray, Lancaster LA2 8QN. Sorry no credit or debit cards but          enjoyment and NOT to safety. Safety advice should be sought
cash is OK. You will be sent a receipt/invoice within a few days.    from the local ski school or ski patrol by you yourself (or in the
                                                                     case of minors your parents) particularly before going off-piste.
Deadline for final payment
January Special Final payment due 27th November 2010                 Peter Edge, the youth hostels and hotels and the coach company
Half Term        Final payment due 27th November 2010                cannot be responsible for any risk of injury. You come on the
                                                                     holiday to take part in all aspects of it wholly at your own risk.
Peter Edge reserves the right to transfer your holiday to
somebody else if you don’t pay by the due date.
                                                                     On the coach
                                                                     When the coach is moving, you are allowed to leave your seat for
Cancellation and name changes                                        reasonable reasons but there is a risk of falling with consequent
If you cancel all money will be returned if either you or Peter      risk of injury to yourself and others and you do so wholly at your
Edge come up with a suitable replacement*. A suitable                own risk. Take particular care if near the driver and when
replacement for an individual is one who can sleep in the same       carrying hot drinks. When seated you should wear your seat belt.
bed that you would have occupied. For couples, families or small     In France this is a legal requirement.
groups, suitable replacements are people who will occupy the
same room as the cancelled persons.
                                                                     Any belongings that are with you on the holiday are you own
If a suitable replacement is not forthcoming then you will just      responsibility and Peter Edge, the coach drivers, the coach
have to forfeit any money already paid out on your behalf to         company, and the youth hostels, hotels or restaurants, cannot be
providers (YH, hotel, ski school etc) that they won’t refund.        held responsible for any loss.
                    HOLIDAY DOCUMENTS                                                        POSSIBLE PROBLEMS
Passports and Visas                                                     Transport delays and breakdown
All persons must have their own passport valid to well beyond           It goes without saying that transport cannot be 100% reliable.
the end of the holiday, which must be taken with you on holiday.        You are expected to put up with any delays caused by traffic, the
Non EC passport holders may require a visa and you should               weather, road conditions, mechanical breakdown, industrial
check yourselves, in good time before the holiday, if this is           action, or any other reason. If the delay is less than 12 hours then
required. Peter Edge will not be responsible for the consequences       any cost of easing the situation, eg extra meals or a hotel room
of non-compliance.                                                      would have to be at your own expense. Peter Edge is no longer
                                                                        acting as a tour company and has no resources available for things
European Health Card                                                    going wrong. Beyond a 12 hour delay it would be an issue
All British, Swiss, Norwegian and EU residents booked on a Ski          between you and your insurance company. If there is a complete
the Edge holiday must obtain a European Health Card to take             failure of a hired coach then alternative transport should be
with you. Make sure it is up to date.                                   provided by the coach company. One frequent problem is that the
                                                                        coach cannot make it to the door of the accommodation in which
Insurance                                                               case you could be expected to carry your luggage the last few
All persons must have holiday insurance that specifically covers        hundred yards on foot.
winter sports. It is your responsibility (or parents or temporary
guardians in the case of persons under 18) to ensure you have           Hotel or Hostel failure
such insurance. If you have an annual insurance policy, check it        Once a youth hostel (Morzine) had a fire just before half term.
that it does cover winter sports. It is your responsibility to notify   Fortunately I didn’t have a group booked in on that occasion. If a
the insurers of your trip to activate your cover for winter sports if   similar situation were to happen in our case then all I could do is
this is a requirement of your annual policy and to notify them of       cancel the holiday and send you your money back. We’d just
any existing medical conditions. Peter Edge will accept no              have to be grateful we weren’t in the fire ourselves or similar
responsibility for the consequences that could follow from a            event and accept the loss of our holiday.
failure by you to comply with these notes relating to insurance.
Remember to take your insurance details with you on the holiday.        Final Considerations
                                                                        Nobody has ever spoilt anybody else’s holiday or undermined our
Youth Hostel Membership Persons on a holiday staying in a               good name by unreasonable behaviour on one of our coach trip
youth hostel normally have to be members or become members.             holidays so I hope this continues.
Our holidays are covered by a YHA group membership so
personal member is unnecessary.                                         Quality control
                                                                        Please talk to me if anything is not quite right and I’ll try and
Tickets                                                                 resolve it. Fortunately you all know that the holidays are not
There are no tickets for the coach. If not travelling with us on the    expensive for a week’s skiing and so do not expect ‘posh’ service
coach, remember to take with you any tickets, code numbers and          or things to be too plush (unless you’ve paid extra for an
boarding cards that have been issued for your holiday.                  upmarket hotel).

Lift pass photographs                                                   *The term ski is used as a shorthand for all winter sports in all
These are required in advance for Val Cenis. A reminder will be         the literature about these holidays.
sent to you as your holiday approaches.
                                                                        These notes were written by Peter Edge on 7th June 2010 to apply
                                                                        to the holidays he has organised for 2011.


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