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									310KM Mobile Commerce Applications
         Lab/Tutorial 1
              Part 3
      Team members: Li Chun Yin
                    Pun Hoi Lam
                    Shek Hin Shing
Nokia C7
The capabilities of Nokia C7
 For the Nokia C7, it offer the Software & applications,
  Communications, Sharing & Internet, Navigation,
  Photography, Video, music and gaming.

 1. Display and user interface
   Capacitive touch screen
   Orientation sensor (Accelerometer)
   Compass (Magnetometer)
   Proximity sensor
   Ambient light detector
The capabilities of Nokia C7
2. Three customisable home screens:
  Key applications: Calendar, Contacts, music
   player, internet, messaging, photos, Ovi Store,
   Maps, Videos, Web TV, Office document
   viewers, Video and photo editor, Mail, Radio
The capabilities of Nokia C7

3 Camera:
  8 megapixel camera
  Fullscreen 16:9 viewfinder with easy on-screen
   touch controls
  3rd generation dual LED flash
  Face recognition software
  Zoom up to 2x (digital) for still images
  Zoom up to 3x (digital) for video
The capabilities of Nokia C7
4. Call management :
  Contacts: advanced contacts database with
   support for multiple phone and email details per
   entry with personal thumbnail pictures and
   video clips
  Speed dialling, voice dialling (speaker
   independent) and voice commands
  Conference calling
  Integrated handsfree speaker
  Video calling
The capabilities of Nokia C7
5. Email and messaging
  support for images, videos, music and
   documents .
  HTML support for email
  Unified push email client supporting multiple
   protocols: Yahoo!® Mail, Gmail™, Windows
   Live™, Hotmail .
  Email web widget for home screen
  Unified MMS/SMS editor
  Conversational view for SMS
The capabilities of Nokia C7

6. GPS and navigation
  Integrated GPS, A-GPS receivers
  Ovi Maps with free car and pedestrian
  Wi-Fi network positioning
  Compass and accelerometer
  Use Nokia Ovi Suite to get the latest country
   maps for Ovi Maps for free
The capabilities of Nokia C7
 7. Browsing and internet
    Full web browsing of real web pages
    Web browsing with touch control
    Supported markup languages
    Supported protocols
    TCP/IP support
    Visual history, JavaScript support
    Flash Lite 4 will support a majority of Flash Player 10.1 content
    Nokia Mobile Search
    RSS reader
    Support for streaming video
    Unified home screen access to Facebook and Twitter through Ovi by
     Nokia Social client
    Social networking profiles visible in phone contacts
 8. The price of the Nokia C7
      Around $3200 Update to 28-10-2010
The advantages of Nokia C7

A sleek design constructed from polished
 stainless steel and glass.
You can go to the OVI store to download
 the applications, games etc
Maps with free GPS navigation
Capture high-quality photos and HD video
 using the 8 megapixel camera.
The disadvantages of Nokia C7

no auto focus
multitouch general reaction
Easy to fault
Plating the back of the speakers there
 easily scratched
Slow to start the phone
No Automatic Switcher
iPhone 4
The capabilities of iPhone 4
 iPhone 4 to create more amazing new features,
  performance make it stronger, easier to use,it
  also let other mobile device cannot replace the
  status of iPhone 4. Here are the capabilities of
  iPhone 4.
 1. For general:
  Multi-Touch Screen.
  Multitasking by double clicking home button.
  Game Center social network.
  iBooks with PDF support: The best way to browse, buy,
   and read books on a mobile device.
  iAd mobile advertising network.
The capabilities of iPhone 4
2. Camera:
  5mp Camera.
  5x digital zoom.

3. Settings:
  App-specific location settings.
  New Gmail and Exchange icons in Mail,
   Contacts, Calendars account settings.
  Custom Dictionary.
The capabilities of iPhone 4
 4. Home Screen:
  Ability to categorize apps into folders with default
   folder naming based on category name in App Store.
  Custom backgrounds for Home screen and Lock
  Organize apps into folders with drag-and-drop
  Up to 2,160 instead of 180 visible apps (12 apps per
  Default utilities folder which contains the clock,
   calculator, voice memos and compass apps.
 5. Maps
  Unified “locate me” icon.
  Background location icon shown on status bar.
The capabilities of iPhone 4
 6. Notes, Calendar and Calculator:
  Voice Memos.
  Notes setting below Mail, Contacts, Calendars
   Settings if syncing is enabled.
  Birthday calendar.
 7. Contacts and Messages
  Unified Info by linking contacts from different
  Failed SMS Notification.
  Option to toggle off the ability to send group
  Larger fonts in Mail, SMS & alerts.
The capabilities of iPhone 4
 8. On Top
   ichat: Video Calling.
   HTTP Live Streaming.
   FaceTime.
 9. Web
   Top Hit in Search.
   Google Suggest appears below search field if Search Engine
    is set to Google.
   HTML5 Client-Side Storage in Safari: The advanced Safari
    browser included in iPhone OS supports the latest HTML5
    offline data storage features.
   Ability to quick view current market cap in place of stock’s
    price or % change.
The capabilities of iPhone 4
 10. Emails:
   Unified Inboxes.
   File & delete Mail search results.
   Smart Links For Dates and Addresses.
   Organise By Thread in Mail.
The Price of the iPhone 4

 1. For Apple Online Store:
     16GB: $ 4988
     32GB: $ 5888
The advantages of iPhone 4
 Sexy new design, exclusive glass panels.
 New display has 4x the resolution and contrast ratio,
  wider viewing angles.
 Double the RAM amount (now reaching 512MB).
 802.11n Wi-Fi support (though conclusively faster even
  in G mode).
 Three-axis gyro sensor for unsurpassed motion control.
 5MP AF camera with backside illuminated sensor and
  LED flash.
 Camcoder shoots 720p HD videos at 30fps.
 Front video-call camera (FaceTime calls).
 Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic.
 Improved battery life.
The disadvantages of iPhone 4
 No Flash support in the web browser
 FaceTime video calls work only over Wi-Fi
 No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage
 No hardware shutter key for the camera
 No stereo speakers
 No microSD card slot
 No smart dialing
 Too dependent on iTunes for loading multimedia content
 Poor loudspeaker performance
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S

     Samsung Galaxy S is a kind of smartphone that provide
      you a multitask function , this handset has almost all the
      features that one would want from an Smartphone along
      with the popular Google’s Android OS. Samsung Galaxy
      S features the advanced 4.0” Super AMOLED capacitive
      Touch-screen with hardware like 1 GHz Hummingbird
      processor, 512 RAM and Power SGX540 to back it up.
    Feature of the phone
 4 inch super AMOLED touchscreen with 480 x 800 resolution(their own screen)
 1 GHz Hummingbird CPU similar to iPad's A4 1GHz CPU
 512 RAM LPDDR2 that as same as iPhone 4
 PowerVR SGX540 graphics processor capable for shifting 90million triangles per second
 Dual Camera- Front facing: 1.3 MP(front) and Main Camera: 5 MP Autofocus
 16GB internal memory with up to 32GB with micro SD Cards
 Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
 Bluetooth version 3+ A2DP
 GPS, A-GPS and Digital Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor
 1500mAH Battery
 Wireless DLNA
 Supports 720p recording out of box, can play most of the HD video formats including H.264 and MKV
 3.5 mm jack and Micro USB
 Multi-Touch support
 Standby time: 2G/750 hrs, 3G/576 hrs.
The advantage of Samsung Galaxy S

Brilliant 4 inch responsive touchscreen
Its Fast, because it use a fast speed cpu
Dual Camera, it provide a 3G
Android 2.1 OS
Graphics capability
Best Android Smartphone on the planet
 right now
The disadvantage of Samsung
Galaxy S
Less creative in the design of the case,
 looks like a iPhone rip off, it seem that a
 copy of the iPhone ,less creative.
Battery, don’t expect more than 1 day on
 moderate use
No Camera Flash, that you cannot take a
 bright phone in dark area
No Android 2.2, the latest Android OS,
 although the new version of Android OS
 have been released
    Other feature of the phone

On the move, Galaxy S
turns providing the user with
                                                You can enjoy the mobile
Google maps and navigation
                                                service via the internet
services. Getting directions
                                                through the phone
is as easy as input their
                                You can share the photos taken by the
                                excellent 5MP Auto Focus camera via SNS
                                sites instantly with Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
                                and HSPA fast download and uploading
The price of the phone

The price is about HK$4500

After the introduction of three types of
 mobile phone available in the market, we
 think that each type of them are not
 suitable to all people, so
Nokia: Suitable for businessmen and
 outdoor worker to use, because it can use
 in long time.
Samsung: It had a 4 inch responsive touch
 screen and fast speed cpu, also it can
 support flash. Therefore teenagers who
 are working will use the Samsung Galaxy
 S. Because it is entertaining.
 iPhone 4, because it use a lot of power,
 so it cannot be use in long time, but a lot
 of application can be download from the
 internet, so it also the teenagers favors.
1. Introduction
Now in Hong Kong, a lot of people had a
 mobile phone and computer, so it produce
 a lot of different company to compete in
 this industry, also these company are
 provide a lot of different special offers to
 strive for more customers.
Now we choose this three companies to
 do the compare, they are: 1. PCCW, 2. 3
 and 3. China Mobile.
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
1. PCCW
  1.1: Subscribe with designated handset model
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
  1.2: To subscribe with any handset model plan
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
  1.3: FREE VAS when join the plan
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
2. 3
  2.1: SIM Subscription plan
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
  2.2: Handset Subscription plan
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
  2.3: FREE VAS when join the plan

    Free Value-Added Services: Caller Number Display,
     Call Waiting, Conference Call, Call Barring,
     VoiceMail, Roaming Default Call, Call Forward
     Bundle and Call Forward Minute Package
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
3. China Mobile
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
2. The services and the price provide to
mobile phone user
3. Compare the services and the price
provide to mobile phone user
China Mobile was the cheapest company,
 it only $98 per month, also see 3 and
 PCCW, it also $98 per month, but they
 also need to subscribe with any handset
 model when the user join these companies
 $98 plan.
4. The services and the price provide to
PC/PDA user
1. PCCW
  1.1: Unlimited Usage plan
4. The services and the price provide to
PC/PDA user
  1.2: Day plan
4. The services and the price provide to
PC/PDA user
2. 3
  2.1: Applicable to USB Modem plan
4. The services and the price provide to
PC/PDA user
  2.2: Applicable to Mobile Wi-Fi Router plan

 3. China Mobile
  Because China Mobile was not provide this services, so
   we cannot provide this company services information.
 5. Compare the services and the price
 provide to PC/PDA user
 After the compare, 3 is cheaper than PCCW,
  because the lowest (3.6 Mbps) and the highest
  (21 Mbps), 3 only use $ 168 and $388, also
  PCCW had two plan to in charge, for the
  NETVIGATOR broadband customer, they need
  to pay $ 198 and $398, when the user was not
  NETVIGATOR broadband customer, they need
  to pay $228 and $428.
 So 3 is cheaper than PCCW.
6. The collaborative arrangements
between the two parties
 1. For 3
    3 and Apple company had a business relationship to give 3 to
     sell iPhone 4, when the user want to buy iPhone 4 and use the 3
     service, the user can use the special price to buy the iPhone 4.
 2. For PCCW
    PCCW mobile and LG had a business relationship to issue the
     first Android mobile phone in Hong Kong, the model is LG
     Optimus GT540. Only the PCCW can sell this phone.
 3. For China Mobile
    Dell issued that the first smart phone Mini 3i was promote in
     mainland market, the smart phone platform was OPhone and the
     Mobile Market were operated from China Mobile. First it only sell
     in China Mobile and some shop which had the right to sell this
7. Mobile phone manufactuers and
wireless network operators generate
income and revenue
 All of three company were had larger of market
  share .
 The mobile phone manufactures can increase
  the sales and is the way to introduce the
  production to the user, also they can promote
  the brand. How about wireless network operator,
  they can set the special price to the customer
  since the cost of the mobile phone can be lower.
  As a result, the significant figures of customer
  will increase, and the company can increase the
  competitiveness in the market.

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