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					                        HACC Respite for Carers School Holiday Programme
                                       Sample Program
    Monday              Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday             Friday

 Ten Pin Bowling    Out to the Movies    Games Morning        Tip Shop and Op   Morning Tea at the
                                                                  Shop Visit    Botanical Gardens
 Lunch Supplied        Bring lunch         Bring Lunch           Bring Lunch       Bring Lunch

   Lunch at           Picnic Lunch at   Sports Afternoon at   Craft afternoon    The circus lady
 Hungry Jacks       Tynwald Park, New   the Kingston Sports   Scrapbooking
Games afternoon           Norfolk             Centre

      Mon               Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday             Friday

 Fish N Chips at        Cooking         Jewellery making      Ten Pin Bowling    Morning Tea at
  Howrah Park                              with beads                             Tolosa Park
 Lunch Supplied      Lunch Supplied        Bring Lunch          Bring lunch        Bring lunch

Out to the Movies    Bonerong Park      Sports Afternoon at   Craft afternoon    The circus lady
                         Visit          the Kingston Sports   Scrapbooking