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									                                 THE DETROIT PARTNERSHIP
                                     KICK OFF MEETING

                                         August 31, 2006

Al Kuhnle opened the meeting with prayer at 10:10 a.m.


Matt Parker presented a video hosted by Bill Moyers entitled AThe Vanishing Black Family -
Crisis in Black America,@ first aired in March, 1986 on CBS. In the video, Matt Parker
discussed how the Institute for Black Family Development began and evolved and how now the
Institute is now going to be in the background supporting the next Initiative, The Detroit
Partnership. The challenge will be in taking the different gifts, experiences, resources, etc. that
God has given us and working together to become a witness and a light to glorify God. We
glorify God not because we as individuals can do our thing, but when we come together and
work as one. Over the next five years as people see us labor, struggle, and disagree sometimes,
as we go through this journey together, people will say, AThose people know Christ.@

Introductions were made. Those present at the meeting were:

Steve Adams                    Romulus Wesleyan
Karl Bell                      Fifth Third Bank
Dr. Sabrina Black              Global Projects for Hope Help Healing
Glenn Brooks                   Marygrove College/Christian Gospel Center COGIC
Dale C. Brown                  Threat Management Center
Stanley Carter                 Great Commission/TOP/NCCO
Marvin Cato                    Michigan State University
Dr. Linda Cobb-McClain         Cultural Center Cluster
Gene Cooper                    Harvest Time Christian Church
Pastor Willie Cooper, Jr.      Ambassadors for Christ
Henry Covington                Pilgrim Church/My Brothers Keeper
Pastor Matt Cripps             Metro World Outreach
Rev. Richard Dalton            Look Up Detroit
Rochelle Davis                 Temple of Faith Baptist
Pastor Mike Dexter             Love of Christ Christian Center
Mother Adell B. Dickenson      St. Johns Tabernacle N.P.C. (rep took info)
David Diehl                    St. Clair Shores Assembly of God
Bettina Dozier                 LIFT Women's Resource Center
Carolyn Essian                 Lord of the Harvest Christian Fellowship
Tom Essian                     Lord of the Harvest Christian Fellowship
Lionel R. Forrest              Bethel A.M.E.
Stacey Foster                  Life Changers International Ministries
Eli Garza                      First Spanish Baptist Church
Shannon Gaston                Prison Fellowship Ministries
Rev. Sandra K. Gordon         Daughters of Deborah/Women in Ministry
David Gough                   International Gospel Music Hall of Fame
Roosevelt Gray                Lutheran Church
Pamela Hudson                 Global Projects
Bob Johnson                   Cornerstone Baptist Church - Roseville
Lisa Johanan                  Central Detroit Christian
Betty Johnson                 Temple of Faith Baptist
Jerrolynn Johnson             Ashland Theological Seminary
Bishop John L. Jones, Jr.     St. Johns Tabernacle N.P.C. (rep took info)
Al Kuhnle                     City Light
Arthur Ledlie                 Detroit World Outreach
Robin McCants                 SE Michigan Synod
Henry L. McClendon, Jr.       New Detroit
Kourtney Neloms               University of MI - School of Social Work
Keith Neroutsos               World Vision
Florise R. Neville-Ewell      Neville-Ewell PLLC, Attorneys
Mike Osminski                 Lord of the Harvest Christian Fellowship
Marc Paladino                 Lord of the Harvest Christian Fellowship
Matthew Parker                Institute for Black Family Development
John Peck                     Bethel Assembly of God
Michael Redmon                Convoy of Hope
Frank Reed                    Harvest Christian International
Pastor Richard Robinson       Epiphany Lutheran Church
Norflette Shumake             Solid Rock
Russell Simmons               Fifth Third Bank
Alberta Smith-Plump           Detroit Dept. of Health and Wellness Promotion
Jeffrey Staples               Harvest Christian International
Georgia Thompson              Plymouth United Church of Christ
Pastor Marcus Ways            Christian Gospel Center
Darrell Williams              Romulus Wesleyan
Joseph Williams               New Creations Community Outreach
Nicole Wilson                 The Yuinon, Inc.
Rev. Kathy A. Wuopio          Detroit Hope Hospital/HCF

The group joined in prayer for those not able to attend for a variety of reasons. We asked the
Lord to touch, heal, accomplish His Will, and that everything done today would bring
encouragement to each other and deepen faith and trust in Him.

Matthew Parker thanked everybody for coming and introduced Kourtney Rice Neloms, a key role
player for the Initiative over the next five years.

Kourtney Rice Neloms, University of Michigan, School of Social Work, met with the Field

Instructor, Director at Wayne State University last week to talk about placement of social
workers in the organizational phase of The Detroit Partnership. Kourtney has a Masters in Social
Work, and because it is a requirement for all social workers to be supervised by one with a
Masters, she will be the one to contact for assistance in this area. She explained that there are
two types of social work; those with a Bachelors Degree and those with a Masters Degree. At the
bachelor level, students will be able to provide general support in the areas of field instruction on
introducing a program, help with outreaches, give some help with program development and
provide assistance with grant writing or neighborhood planning. The students with Masters in
Social Work could provide support on a higher level. They could do grant writing, case
management, individual counseling or therapy, and actually lead programs if that was a need.
Kourtney would work with the on-sight organizer, laying out roles in the program for the goals
you want them to accomplish for their degree. It is a requirement that the students have one hour
of supervision per week by Kourtney. She would work as an on-site supervisor, making sure
things are going well, the students are doing what you have asked them to do, listen to your
concerns, etc. In terms of a time frame, the bulk of the work in terms of strategic planning and
assessment begins January, 2007 because during the Fall will be the Barnabas Institute.
Kourtney reminded every one to take into account in all their January planning efforts that the
social workers will be enrolled only in a bachelor program. Master students will not be available
until September, 2007. There is also opportunity to receive part-time social work student in the
summer. The main thing is to begin to think about what programs and activities would be
implemented, and what sort of student would best fill the need. She recommended that those
wishing assistance from students set up a time with Matt Parker to talk about what the needs are
to help determine what sort of students will be needed, Bachelor or Masters students. Classes
begin mid-January and run through April or May. Matt Parker and she are working on
submitting an application to the Office of Field Instruction. The primary contacts for this
program will be Kourtney or Matt Parker.

Matthew Parker directed everybody’s attention to the document entitled The Detroit Partnership
Association. He explained that this will be an interesting journey over the next five years
because many of our leaders come from the city and the suburban community.

Michael Redmon, Director of the National Convoy of Hope, was in attendance. Many present
were involved with the Detroit Convoy of Hope on February 4, 2006. Over 7,000 people were
served, there were over 2100 volunteers coming from over 200 churches and organizations in the
city and Metro Detroit, Idaho, and Canada, there were nine different ethnic groups represented
and two lives were saved that day. It was a great experience. Coming out of that experience, the
Steering Committee met to debrief and decide what we could do on an ongoing basis. At the
May 17, 2006, meeting Matt Parker shared the concept of The Detroit Partnership incorporating
three of the past Initiatives:

1.     Pastors Development Program - funded by the Lily Foundation serving over 100 pastors
       in Mendenhall, Mississippi.

2.     The second Initiative that played a part in the forming of the Detroit Partnership is the

       Skillman Foundation Faith-Based Initiative. People did not think it could be done that
       neighborhood churches could work together and not let their doctrines, theologies,
       cultural differences, etc. interfere. The Initiative has now become a national model for
       other Foundations around the country. On The Institute for Black Family Development
       web site ( click on Past Initiatives, the data base and documents for the
       Skillman Foundation are now public. Information on how to mobilized churches and
       leaders in your own neighborhood are available on that site with all the forms, tools, etc.

3.     The third Initiative is the Detroit Convoy of Hope. This was a tremendous experience
       and demonstration of the ability of the people to come together on one day to pass out
       free food, free groceries, help, prayer, provide music, and other services.

What is the role of every one here today? There are critical issues if we want a successful
experience to work with suburbs and city. Bringing in ethnic culture and race and lifestyle makes
it even more intense. In the matter of ownership, most initiatives around the country where white
friends interface with African-Americans, African-Americans never own anything. They are the
receivers. Ownership becomes a very important piece. There is a hope that each person involved
will play a role and have ownership. Everybody had input in creating the document, and input
will continue. Also, anytime one is dealing with people who come out of oppression, an issue is
whether they have the authority to make the decisions. Self-esteem is also an issue. If something
is already in existence and one is asked to come help it along, there is something missing. When
one is part of the grass roots, the beginning, certain things happen to one=s self-esteem. Matt
stressed that it is important that all present have that sense of ownership.

Another issue is money policies. Very rarely, in terms of churches and organizations, do the
churches in the city have a say about the money and where it goes. In this initiative we are going
to try to help every one appreciate the fact that whoever you are and what you are involved with,
whoever you are reaching out to, the issues of money will be kept in mind. How do we have a
say in the money? Do the children, parents, etc., feel that they have ownership? Money is

Michael Redmon, Director of the National Convoy of Hope, stated that every June Convoy of
Hope will be bringing in trucks with groceries for Initiatives. Every June we will be doing
something called Azusa. From 1901 – 1904, James Seymour, an African-American male was
used by God to lead an outpouring of the Holy Spirit known as “Azusa Street.” Similar to the
day of Pentecost, Azusa Street was where the Holy Spirit witnessed to those present who would
not have understood the Gospel in their own languages. The Azusa Street outpouring birthed
several denominations, one of them was the Church of God in Christ. Every third Saturday in
June, fourteen neighborhoods on the same day at the same time, will have Convoy of Hope type
experiences going on. It can happen! Our desire is that every year Azusa will be put on by all
present here today. In those fourteen neighborhoods, children and families will be served by
providing health screening, food, and evangelism. The National Convoy of Hope is partnering
with The Detroit Partnership to make sure that there are enough groceries to handle the Azusa.
The National Convoy of Hope is looking at this Initiative as a possible model for other initiatives

across the nation.

Matt Parker explained how the program will run. Each pastor will be asked to identify a
coordinator to go through 30 hours of training called the Barnabas Institute. Barnabas was one of
the New Testament leaders in the Jerusalem church who had lot of money. He was a tremendous
encourager, part of the Levitical order (tabernacle), temple, today called the church. He was sent
to Antioch to check it out, and had a multi-racial, multi-cultural experience. When people left
the city of Detroit, the assumption was that the Holy Ghost left with them. He is still here. The
Barnabas Institute will train the coordinators from each church giving them the skills needed in
order to implement the activities in those neighborhoods. The Barnabas Institute courses were
explained on a handout. There will be 30 hours in The Barnabas Institute, which will provide
training, on-site coaching, etc. Classes will be held beginning the first Thursday in October,
from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. hosted by Pastor Robinson, Epiphany Lutheran Church. A question was
raised as to whether or not the classes would be taped At this point, there are no plans to record
the classes on either video or audio. Matt Parker will bring this up at the first Round Table
meeting. Each coordinator will get his/her own materials. Once the coordinators finish training,
the next step is working on the neighborhood strategic plan. Coordinators will do a couple things
in the neighborhood: Organizational assessment of the church, neighborhood mapping (four
blocks North, South, East and West) to include 500 people who live, work in that area, then the
coordinators will put together a strategic plan on how the churches in the city and the suburbs are
going to work together in terms of what activities they do. The pastors will then approve, and
they will start implementation of the actual plan.

The next step is access to what we are calling The Detroit Partnership Association. The
Association is really a membership base where there are a lot of resources. We are developing a
data base which will include everything that we have done across the nation, merging together
into one data base and resources.

Matt Parker introduced Georgia Thompson who will be team leader to oversee research and

Georgia Thompson shared that one of the things being done is data gathering through surveys,
observations, and communication, and study how leaders have their capacity increased. Georgia
will be doing her thesis on this Initiative. The goal is community transformation. We want to
discover how it is that The Detroit Partnership will increase the capacity of pastors being
involved in community transformation. She is currently involved in a study at McCormick
Seminary in Chicago. They are studying new forms or fresh forms the Beloved Christian
Community. She is looking at Acts 2 and Acts 4 type churches and communities of faith. She
wants to engage this group of individuals in a process of theological reflection to help examine
and look at how this particular The Detroit Partnership goes beyond the exchange between
suburbs and city and racial reconciliations as in the past. Matt Parker and those here go beyond
reconciliation of black and white, suburb and city. She will be sending information on how this
process is changing and transforming those here, and she laid out an invitation to reconsider what
it means to be a Christian. She would like this to be an opportunity whereby people think of

Beloved Christian Community and abolish the dividing line at Eight Mile Road, and reflect
theologically. She will come back to this group next year to get more feed back as to how every
one is doing as a Christian community. This project will be subject to review by Matt and others.
She is asking permission to gain insight and wisdom from those present and asking to advise her
as to what Beloved Community is in Detroit and the nation.

One of the partners in the Detroit Partnership is Fifth Third Bank. Matthew Parker introduced
Karl Bell and Russell Simmons from Fifth Third Bank and part of the Barnabas Institute. Right
now their homeowners mobile unit is over at Ravendale Community, Inc. (Toni McIlwain) one
of the 14 sites. Angela Hudson of Fifth Third Bank and Toni are not here today because they are
there. Karl and Russell have a lot of resources to share, and Matt urged everybody to get to know
Karl and Russell.

Matt shared that there are very few places in the country that would even attempt to do something
like this. We have a great opportunity to be one of the few models in the country of what the
Antioch church looked like. People in our churches and homes and organizations and staff who
as weeks and months and years go by will ask, “Why are you doing this?” It is Matt’s hope that
we can all answer, “Because of what Christ has done in our lives.” He looks forward to what
God is going to do.

Two pastors have been meeting consistently since talks began about this Initiative, Pastor Jeff
Staples, of Harvest Christian International in Madison Heights, and Pastor Marcus Ways,
Christian Gospel Center in Detroit. Jeff and Marcus were asked to share their experience
together thus far. Marcus shared that he and Jeff were first introduced in May after The Detroit
Convoy of Hope and informed by Matt Parker that he and Jeff would be partners in ministry and
in this The Detroit Partnership. They did not know each other previously and his first question
was: “How do we go about this?” They decided that they would go have breakfast on a
Thursday, which has turned into several fellowship breakfasts, almost every Thursday morning
since June. It has become a wonderful fellowship experience as they try to get to understand and
know each other as pastors and ministers, and share their hearts. What they found is they have
similarities in that they are bound by one purpose, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Along
with that and other similarities, they discovered distinct differences. They are going to persevere
through the differences, and he is looking forward to what the future will hold for the city of
Detroit and for one another.

Jeff Staples shared that in his church there are five major races and nationalities. His church is a
multi-cultural, multi-lingual church. He shared that at his age, he does not want to waste any
time. Energy and time become most precious commodities. Jeff believes that this Initiative is a
good use of time. He has enjoyed his relationship with Marcus, and stated that that nobody cares
what you have to say until they know who you are. He encouraged partners to get to know with
whom you labor. Look at issues of character, integrity, honesty, perseverance, etc. He feels very
privileged to know Marcus, and does not believe in coincidence. Life is full of purpose, and he is
looking forward to congregations working together to further the kingdom of God, be a reflection
of unity of God, and co-labor together in the work. He also gave an admonition to see this

project all the way through. He urged every one not to look at this Initiative as people see
marriages: “If it does not work out, I=m out of here.” Pray that each and every one would be
diligent in the furtherance of this.

Marcus added that there is a great advantage or spiritually pouring into each others= lives in
trying to find out who you are and what challenges you are facing. What=s not on paper are the
intangibles, the other things that have to happen to build relationships. He highly encouraged all
to get to know the person because everything rises and falls on the relationship. Coordinators are
liaisons, and whatever is communicated will filter through the churches. Marcus is a pastor to
his community. Whether they attend his church or not, he tells people in his community that he
is their pastor.

Matt Parker went over the Calendar of Events. It was brought to our attention that the Round
Table meeting listed as February 9th should be changed to February 8th.

Thursday, October 5 starts the training. Pastors are to identify coordinators to go through the
training. There will be roughly about 30 hours over a period of time. The training sessions will
be held at Epiphany Lutheran Church, Pastor Robinson=s church.

We raise our own support. The Detroit Partnership is asking for participation, looking for 150
sponsors for $100 within a ninety day period Sept 1 through November. Consider become a
sponsor of $100. When we officially launch the Association in January, the sponsorship will
then be transferred to Association membership fee within the Association. Membership is tax

Karl Bell announced that Fifth Third Bank will hold a symposium at Wayne State University
October 2. Information will be sent through e-mail.

Please pray for Pastor John J. Jones and his wife. Pastor Jones’ wife was involved in a serious
accident on the job and is still critical. Pray for them and their church.

Lynn Johnson from the counseling department at Ashland Theological Seminary will also be
partnering with this Initiative.

David Gough, International Gospel Music Hall of Fame, announced they will be holding their
10th annual fund raiser and induction on Saturday, October 21, at the Marriot Hotel beginning at
7:00 p.m. Flyers were passed out.

Meeting closed in prayer at 12:30 p.m.


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