Surprise_ by zhangyun



            By: Shayla Rose
Your parents surprise you with two very
 awesome choices for a super sweet sixteen; you
 are unsure what to do. The choices you are given
 for the settings are a beach party in California or
 a hotel in Paris. You wonder what to do
Beach house
Hotel in Paris
You have chosen a beach house. You feel very
 successful with your choice. You are given two
 choices when you choose beach party. You get to
 take your party on a cruse but, nobody can stay
 over night, or you can decide to have your guest
 stay the night in a huge party room.
Go on a cruse with no overnight stay
Party room with a overnight stay
You chose a night in a hotel in Paris. You are
 successful with your choice. During the choice of
 picking a night in a hotel you also have to make
 another choice. The choices you have to make
 now are either to meet a bunch of famous people
 or get your dream car.
Meet famous people
Get your dream car
You have chosen to take your party on a cruse;
 you love the cruse and enjoy it a lot. You
 wonder if you should have chosen the party room
 for they could stay over but, you are happy with
 the choice you made. Everyone that went on the
 cruse loved the party. They wonder if they could
 stay over on the cruse your response is
You chose yes for your friends to stay over. They
 are really happy that you chose that. You are
 really happy also. During the night you play a lot
 of games go swimming and what not. The cruse
 that you went on was a pretty cool cruse also.

The end
 You have chosen to have a huge party room for the
  guest to stay in. You are some what happy with the
  choice you made but think you might have enjoyed the
  cruse a little more. All your friends enjoyed it. The next
  day at school all of your friends give you complements
  about how cool the party was. They wonder if you would
  have another party your response is
 Yes
 No
You have chosen to meet famous people. You
 have very happy because the famous people you
 wanted to meet are there. If you are a guy you
 got a date with Jessica Alba. If you are a girl you
 got a date with the Jonas Brothers! You enjoy
 that date and ask for another one .
 A date with Jonas Brothers
A date with Jessica Alba
 You chose to get your dream car. You are totally in
  love with the new car. You often wonder who the
  famous people were that you could have met, but you
  are in love with your car. For an extra reward you get
  to take a friend on a road trip to see one famous person
  and that one famous person can be any famous person
  you want it to be. With this extra reward you are very
  happy. You choose
 Jonas Brothers
 Zac Efron
You chose yes, your friends are happy and are
 excited for the party, they wonder what you are
 doing. The next time you have a party you are
 going on another cruse but somewhere else.
 Everyone is excited and thanks you.

The end
You chose no. Everyone is a little disappointed
 but you don’t care. You wonder what the party
 would have been if you chose yes, but
 unfortunately you already chose no.

The end
You chose to a date with the Jonas Brothers. All
 the Jonas Brothers are there. You are really
 happy to finally be with them. The Jonas Brothers
 take you to a recording place and let you sing a
 song with them. You are in shock!! 

The end
You chose a date with Jessica Alba, you are in
 shock. Jessica Alba asked to go to the movies and
 you are up for that but don’t want to see a dumb
 movie. You fly all the way to Hollywood to see a
 movie. You get 1st class for the plane and you are

The end
You chose to hang out with Zac Efron. You are
 pretty happy that you chose him cause you are in
 love with him. Zac asks you what you want to do
 and your choice is to record a song with him.
 You are really happy that he said yes to that!!
 You cheer.

The end

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