Daily Oral Language 25

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					Daily Oral Language                  1
1.   the book the warden is considered
     among the better of trollopes many
2.   there are several steps necessary to
     replace a damaged internal modem
     first eject the modem second deinstall
     the software then replace the broken
     one with a new one
Daily Oral Language                   2
1.   they would of frozen during the
     blizzard but they seen an empty house
     that protected them from the biting
     winds coming off the appalachian

2.   lee was watching the movie the sixth
     sense- at least I think he said that-
     when the video player stopped
Daily Oral Language               3
1.   jose rung the bell at the delivery
     entrance when noone answered
     he left quickly
2.   i and my brother catched the
     train at fifty second and
     beachhven streets unfortunately,
     we got off of the train too blocks
     to soon
Daily Oral Language 4
1.   because in order to repair your
     damaged motorcycle which is all
     banged up shell have to do a lot
     of repainting
2.   he could of swam to that reef but
     its to stormy to try that
Daily Oral Language             5
1.   me and my brother weared blue
     jeans we wasnt admitted to the
     bigelow restaurant

2.   the young woman drived that
     there blue jeep wearing a blue
Daily Oral Language              6
1.   because your late finishing the
     book report youll have to give we
     girls the books to take to diegos
2.   my grandfather he dont always
     have time to call us on our
     Birthdays but he does send cards
     and presents
Daily Oral Language             7
1.   they wont be going to the west
     this spring however theyll be
     going to connecticut

2.   i and my sister have chose to do
     the following start shopping for
     video games compare prices on-
     line and send to e-mails
Daily Oral Language               8
1.   there car would not start
     irregardless of what they tried
     they finally beeped youre friend i
2.   wasn’t that a great softball game
     we seen with colette and liu your
Daily Oral Language              9
1.   the long poem the lady of the lake
     was wrote by sir walter scott raul
     said and is considered one of the
     poets best
2.   when will you learn me to use
     this computer maria asked must i
     ask you again in another three
Daily Oral Language             10
1.   he has wrote a novel entitled the
     lonely desert and sold a painting
     named illuminations

2.   its never fare weather was sang
     by jess at the concert presented
     at the heritage building
Daily Oral Language            11
1.   since they may of drank the
     orange juice but we didnt touch
     the fruit punch

2.   jamel dont want nothing returned
     but newsweek and people the 2
     magazines that he give to them
Daily Oral Language             12
1.   shira announced heatedly the
     better of them three runners
     didnt even place in that there
2.   the oil burner bursted during the
     morning during the afternoon
     mom founded a plumber to repair
Daily Oral Language             13
1.   the man who was the one
     wearing the blue workshirt
     should of brung his wife and child
     with he
2.   the austrailian aborigine have
     knowed for a long time what it
     means to be persecuted dont you
Daily Oral Language                14
1.   the spirit of st louis was the plane
     whom charles lindbergh flies in
     across the atlantic

2.   the future of the internet is the
     name of a article in this Computer
     magazine do you want to read
Daily Oral Language            15
1.   38 customers should of did the
     following examined the
     merchandise returned it and they
     should of wrote a letter of
2.   dad said you could of raise the
     window for more air or you could
     of open the door for more air
Daily Oral Language 16
1.   arent there alot of quoted
     passages in youre short story

2.   the students had sold many
     newspaper subscriptions the
     computer doesnt cost them to
Daily Oral Language             17
1.   irregardless of the similarities
     youve noted the washington post
     is different then the new york

2.   nancy unpacked the software
     starts the computers and then
     she loads it
Daily Oral Language             18
1.   rushing across the street the
     bluish purple motorcycle almost
     hit leo

2.   she has a great photo of the
     scene anna yelled as she runs
     tohelp her sister
Daily Oral Language              19
1.   greenwich village an area in
     lower new york is the setting for
     the short story washington

2.   because my mom and dad i think
     want to travel when us kids are in
Daily Oral Language                 20
1.   the television soap opera guiding
     light is on to early im still at work
     when it begin
2.   shira reckless drived the car into
     the lot flinged the door opened
     quickly and then she takes her
     briefcase into the house
Daily Oral Language            21
1.   the man who was chosen to be
     the club president has gave many
     years of service to the Town of
2.   the invisible ladder is a poetry
     book that contains the touching
     selection to dorothy a poem
     about love
Daily Oral Language              22
1.   writer’s digest a extremely useful
     magazine about writing dont
     contain alot of colored
2.   the woman was in a hurry to get
     to work the woman in a hurry
     drived the motorcycle reckless
     and she has an accident
Daily Oral Language              23
1.   he would of rode with we boys
     but he decided to ride in the volvo

2.   there are thirty eight students in
     our class who have been studying
     about the hindu religion judaism
     is being studied by mrs martinezs
Daily Oral Language             24
1.   on labor day the friends ate at
     dagostinos restaurant and they
     also saw the movie sleepy hollow

2.   phuong and nancy want to go to
     the musical ragtime and im sure
     theyll like it
Daily Oral Language             25

1. ive took the long poem the
 prelude to read tonight i should of
 began it sooner don’t you agree
2. because cameron has throwed
  successful passes in many games
  he was chose to be interviewed for
  the community magazine called
  around our town
Daily Oral Language                 26
1. the book the return of the native is
   frequently studied in english classes
   mr lopez said this afternoon

2. mom she wont leave me and raul take
   joses bike on larchmont highway this
Daily Oral Language               27
1. generally you write good but today
   you have to many short sentences in
   youre essay

2. to be an accomplished athlete youll
   have to run faster than bobbi has ran
   said coach gonzalez
Daily Oral Language               28
1. i was so tired i wanted to lay down my
   dad he suggested that i ate in an hour

2. the new employee was requested to
   do there things first complete the
   Form second submit a reference and
   third he was asked to mail a resume
   to the personnel office
Daily Oral Language                  29
1.   the article new digital photography
     appears in the book photograpy today
     it also appears i believe in the book
     how to take great pictures

2.   she was so angry she flinged the letter
     in the fire and sweared shed never
     speak to her sister again
Daily Oral Language                   30
1.   the self assured actor turned to the
     director and asked will you be
     auditioning talented actors for the
     french movie at 230 PM on Friday

2.   she lives at 319 beverly drive los
     angeles california which is located off
     of highway 108
Daily Oral Language                  31
1.   the laocoön and his sons is a statue in
     the vatican museun in rome italy it
     was made on the island of rhodes in
     greece and later it was sent to italy

    my sister she has spoke many times in
     fact about that book the grapes of
Daily Oral Language                 32
1.   we havent no cassette of the song
     stand by me but i think that you might
     find it at fredricks music store

2.   be careful not to fall off of the
     mountain ledge and watching out for
     falling rocks
Daily Oral Language                  33
1.   that there dog has bit several Children
     her owners would do good to keep her
     muzzled don’t you think

2.   the boat mystic adventure by the way
     sunk to years ago want it moored over
Daily Oral Language                  34
1.   we went to joshs apartment which is
     located on thirty ninth avenue for the
     september surprise party

2.   the portrait jan six the portrait that
     was painted in 1654 is considered the
     better work of many similar paintings
     that rembrandt completed
Daily Oral Language                35
1.   if youll help my memorize the poem
     the raven ill help you analyze the
     short story snowfall in childhood

2.   she hasnt never showed much self
     assurance or growed much from her
Daily Oral Language                  36
1.   he could of ran faster but he had tore
     one of his tendons consequently the
     race was lost by him

2.   to be able to complete there science
     projects both rosa and sam the two
     who are juniors this year will have a
     two weeks extension
Daily Oral Language                  37
1.   i should of spoke sooner about my trip
     to nashville by the way where in
     sundra right now

2.   the sky rockets the group that is a
     rock and roll band appeared in the
     april 24 2000 concert at phoenix
Daily Oral Language                  38
1.   the meyers and baqueros boats were
     damaged on lake arrowhead when the
     to boats collided

2.   because we have went their twice on
     our way to visit my sister and brothers
     Resort which is located in northern
Daily Oral Language                  39
1.   were sure there is 8 speakers
     participating in the symposium such
     speakers will draw large crowds

2.   the three doctors all of them
     foreigners decided to give a lecture on
     Saturday but the classroom was not
Daily Oral Language              40
1.   adam received the bad news he
     was really shook

2.   there is three students who are
     all sophomores who will earn extra
     credit for his hard work
Daily Oral Language     41
1. 4923 dumore ave
   syracuse ny
   october 20 2001

2. digital software
   1874 moore dr
   boulder co 89822

   dear sir or madame
Daily Oral Language                 42
1. irregardless of the windy day father
   said we choosed to drive through
   yosemite national park

2. when i rose the lid of the box that I
   found inside of the attice i seen a copy
   of the herald tribune from tuesday
   january 7 1958
Daily Oral Language                43
1. the japanese had came to paris france
   to discuss how the airbus a huge
   plane is different than other planes

2. dr wong is it true that you have wrote
   the article the future of computers and
   a book entitled our digital world
Daily Oral Language                44
1. my parents was in the east at
   christmas time and brung back some
   gifts a box of videos a bag of imported
   chocolate and a set of luggage

2. there is four classmates of mine who
   have won a trop to see the brooklyn
   bridge on the twenty sixth of june
Daily Oral Language                  45
1. ling a friend of mine purchased a pair
   of boots while in mexico with tapered

2. during the semester kim said the
   classes in this here school are alright
Daily Oral Language                46
1. during the blizzard the doors of our
   dadge had froze shut therefore we eat
   at home and not at the village café

2. behind the truck in the alley I and my
   brother catched a german pointer we
   had saw running down parma rd
Daily Oral Language                47
1. because the students brung a copy of
   time to class with a article about the
   korean government

2. at 415 mom drived me and my friends
   to fairmont park where we played
Daily Oral Language               48
1. the workers didnt pick up none of the
   old clothes i had weared and donated
   to the salvation army

2. our english teacher may of saw millers
   death of a salesman an awfully
   powerfully play at the shubert theater
   in new york
Daily Oral Language                49
1. the poem the raven is exciting to read
   it is one of 6 poems ms serrano have
   we students to read

2. deciding to reply to the want ad in the
   village voice a letter was wrote by
   chas yesterday morning
Daily Oral Language                50
1. their interested in helping we
   students-if we support rayanne for
   student council president

2. id better finish the short story a
   dayswork i need more As on daily
Daily Oral Language                 51
1. dr torres she called at 405 AM vicky
   said and tells me about the fire at the
   oceanview motel on sunset boulevard

2. no mr soto dont have those
   magazines that this here class needs
Daily Oral Language                  52
1. sarah and me choosed these here
   activities at arts camp to sculpt
   dancing sing and to compose

2. the british ocean liner lusitania sunk in
   the atlantic ocean on may 7 1915 on a
   voyage from new york to liverpool
Daily Oral Language              53
1. us students have began practicing
   tomorrow the better song on this here
   cassette for the 24th contemporary
   music festival

2. last summer grandfather growed teo
   many peaches he gived some to
   father to can
Daily Oral Language                54
1. we havent took no videos to
   ridgewood middle school for three
   years or so give or take a few weeks

2. after the reading prof diaz introduced
   me and sam to sharon olds whose a
   poet she told us about her long poem
   the race
Daily Oral Language                55
1. first he asked to who i was e-mailing
   second he wanted to know who had
   rode a Motorcycle down the alley

2. watch out for the newly planted seeds
   in the garden mom shouted or youll
   get mulch on youre shoes
Daily Oral Language               56
1. has dad spoke to she and kate
   concerning an article in the magazine
   teen people about snowboarding in
   the rocky mountains

2. noone in my family has never went to
   the art museum in new york and saw
   monets painting water lilies
Daily Oral Language                 57
1. capt bookman is it alright to assume
   that most of the thirty eighth division
   personnel is from texas

2. after you have drew up a map
   showing the route from sheridan blvd
   to highway 78 you may continue
   reading the book great expectations
Daily Oral Language                58
1. the salespeople at that there store is
   the more helpful in town for example
   one left me examine all the videos
   inside of the Case

2. had she knew before the all county
   swim championship that geraldo has
   swam every day since april 2 2000
Daily Oral Language                    59
1. the larchmont glee club has gave it’s
   approval to order twenty one cases of salsa
   ten dozen avocados and they also have
   ordered five cartons of tacos

2. she wants to lay on the floor and watch
   dawson’s creek this program will be on
   television at 800 PM in the evening
Daily Oral Language                60
1. ms riaz said that when she teached at
   ravenhill academy the students
   theirselves choosed the topics for
   there essays

2. my friend he hasnt never put them
   puppies in the backyard cuz it cant
   stand being alone for long periods
Daily Oral Language               61
1. we dont want to leave noone go into
   that auditorium because theirs danger
   of a stampede sgt miller said

2. the us army are expanding faster i
   think then was expected
Daily Oral Language                 62
1. consumer reports is an informative
   magazine i think that the consumers
   union publishes for prospective buyers

2. skateboarding in the park the ball hit
   the girl but the girl was not seriously
Daily Oral Language               63
1. bobbi should of took the too Videos
   the book and the cassette to the
   library if she had the time

2. carriers transformation scene is a
   spooky poem wrote in the 20th century
Daily Oral Language                  64
1. the american colonists had been
   antibritish before the war but in the
   17th century this was not true

2. the movie star wars is a hands down
   favorite of many film buffs prof hillier
   said in his lecture
Daily Oral Language                65
1. the marathon runner couldnt see
   nothing she hit a fellow runner the
   one who was right ahead of her

2. on the first serve the tennis player
   swinged the racket and missed but the
   tennis ball was hit by her on the
   second serve
Daily Oral Language                  66
1. he was close to sitting an new olympic
   record when he nearly fainted and his
   advantage was lost

2. the short story the birds is a terrifying
   tale it is about a life threatening
   change in a natural world
Daily Oral Language                67
1. yes teresa has sang in the monroe
   high school jazz club for 3 years i

2. please note josé that you used to
   many xs in the caption mr monroe
   said and the type needs to be smaller
Daily Oral Language               68
1. the friendly dog a labrador was
   everyones favorite at the greenwich
   animal shelter on mercer street

2. the metroliner was a fast Train that
   ran among philadelphia and new york
   according to an article in the
   washington post
Daily Oral Language                   69
1. 408 first avenue
   tranton nj
   may 21 2004

2. clemens benjamin and brantley law offices
   204 state street
   albany ny 12205
Daily Oral Language                   70
1.   my sister she has wrote several
     celebrity profiles for the ledger which
     is a weekly newspaper

2.   to leave school on time we had to do
     the following turn off our computers
     lock the doors and get our coats
Daily Oral Language                   71
1.   i and my brother have ate at the
     lakewood cafeteria the place is located
     on the south side three times

2.   we will make an effort to do these
     things irregardless of the time catalog
     the books expand the librarys hours
     and helping the younger readers
Daily Oral Language                72
1.   our van which was parked in the
     mechanics garage was broke into it
     was vandalized

2.   there are several buyers who wants to
     examine seaside at dawn the better of
     the four paintings
Daily Oral Language                  73
1.   after completing the italian homework
     mark begun to do his assignment in
     Calculus later, he done his science

2.   is your friend reading the novel the
     mayor of casterbridge or is she
     watching felicity on television
Daily Oral Language                  74
1.   our class of 35 students are going to
     have a hours practice on the computer
     this afternoon i think

2.   im enrolled in courses in spanish
     drama and american history this
     semester victor said
Daily Oral Language                 75
1.   since its snowing to hard she dont
     want to go to central park this

2.   he hasnt choose no subject for his
     essay she added so why doesnt us
     help him
Daily Oral Language                       76
1.   manny has wrote a article called website
     designing which will appear in the march
     issue of laptop magazine

2.   nathaniel dont have no interest in learing
     mai and i to use that there computer yet
     hes willing to learn the to of us how to load
     that there new software
Daily Oral Language                    77
1.   the centurion community choir want
     to learn this land is your land for the
     tri county community choral

2.   your to use one third cup of sugar
     according to the cookbook desserts
     made simple
Daily Oral Language                   78
1.   marie asked has joanne lent you the
     article job hunting successfully or have
     katya and you read it already

2.   tony was to have gave we boys the
     movie reviews to right for the school
     newspaper however some other
     students writed it
Daily Oral Language                  79
1.   i was to have took the biggest of the
     too boxes of equipment but i forget
     and left them laying on the floor

2.   has the speaker phone rang that loud
     before or did your sister turn up the
     volume to here it in her bedroom
Daily Oral Language                   80
1.   i like the jeans that leanne bought at
     wanamakers warehouse with the
     embroidered cuffs

2.   will you be reading the prelude the
     autobiographical poem in you english
     Class this semester
Daily Oral Language                     81
1.   tomorrow he said we will be visiting
     grandfathers house going skateboarding
     and take the dog to the Vet

2.   yes veronica has knowed which is the best
     of the two computers but she has never
     saw neither of them in operation
Daily Oral Language                 82
1.   she drunk the protein shake first and
     then exercise was needed by her for a

2.   neither of the 2 amateur actors wish
     to be the one whom presents the
Daily Oral Language                  83
1.   max has chose an electronic organizer
     for mothers gift im buying her a
     expensive sweater made in england

2.   isnt rachel and sarah angry with
     selinas and joannes discussion of the
     surprise party
Daily Oral Language                       84
1.   we should of finished the science project in
     may but there was no time to research
     careful for such a complicated exhibit

2.   yesterday he wants to go with dad and
     mom to see beauty and the beast the
     famous musical but he had to baby sit with
Daily Oral Language                 85
1.   between the five of we classmates
     only one have wrote a paper that is
     very difficult than the other 4

2.   have you read troys short story the
     open window for todays class sam
Daily Oral Language                 86
1.   its alright to use them newspaper
     editorials if leroy dont need it

2.   the 4 page brochure entitled spanning
     the world deal with surfing the web i
Daily Oral Language                 87
1.   rachel dont have a lot of books and
     videos to return back to the Library
     cuz most of them were returned back
     on Monday

2.   she has went by that there theater
     many times of course however she
     cant remember the name
Daily Oral Language                  88
1.   since ignacio should of took the plane
     we were surprised not to find him at
     the airport

2.   look at the race bobby said pulling
     ahead i can see the american runners
Daily Oral Language       89
4913 simpson ave
denver co
january 11 2002
technocraft corporation
the lear building
148 waverly dr
sacramento ca 94203
Daily Oral Language                 90
1.   to who did you give that portable
     printer richard asked or has someone
     took it
2.   the young girl who was twelve years
     old wanted to read the article beinga
     literacy volunteer which was recently
     printed in teen magazine
Daily Oral Language                    91
1.   my brother-in-laws caravan was stole
     the thief must of broke a window to
     get in the car

2.   ricki is the one who drawed the
     portrait it will be included in
     contemporary art magazine
Daily Oral Language                92
1.   peter can you go to 1210 lakeview rd
     at 730 AM tomorrow or will you be at
2.   my mother she could of went
     swimming with them people but since
Daily Oral Language                  93
1.   to make a casserole for lunch ms
     martinez added one half cup of broth
     to the noodles and vegetables

2.   leverne missed the turnoff for
     allentown driving on interstate 38
Daily Oral Language                 94
1.   last week mr franklin buys a copy of
     mozarts opera the magic flute at
     celebrity records

2.   please lend roberto and she the write
     software otherwise there could be
     problems opening the files
Daily Oral Language                   95
1.   the five act play king lear is one of
     shakespeares most acclaimed
     tragedies it appeared on the television
     series masterpiece theater

2.   a pro russian bill has took hours to
     debate in the united states capitol
Daily Oral Language                   96
1.   yes dion you may lend this here
     skateboard if you return it back to i or
     my sister

2.   ray has took classes jenna said and
     wants to learn his brothers how to
     play tennis
Daily Oral Language                    97
1.   may me and joey leave smokey our
     huge doge set here while were inside
     of this thai restaurant

2.   on our visit to fairfield high school we
     talked to the teacher saw the science
     fair attended the assembly and then
Daily Oral Language                    98
1.   im pleased that you catched the later
     plane at kennedy airport so that you
     didn’t have to raise too early

2.   if carlos had set in this here seat in
     class he might have been chose to
     read his essay about the play the
Daily Oral Language                 99
1.   rose has sang that well known folk
     song if i had a hammer two times at
     the wakefield county folk fair

2.   between the three girls they has
     enough money to see the movie
     batman and buy a copy of the
     magazine computing tips
Daily Oral Language                    100
1.   prof gioffre that wrote the magazine
     article technology in the west will visit
     great britain next Spring

2.   she entered the best of her two
     website designs in the design a
     website contest and won a gateway
Daily Oral Language 101
1.   the Governors speech begun with this
     interesting quote from benjamin franklin
     there was never ag ood war or a bad peace

2.   weve recently wrote a group poem it is
     called memories it is going to be published
     in the creative writing english quarterly
Daily Oral Language 102
3840 sherwood ave
bryn mawr pa 19010
december 16 2003

high school computing club
10547 sunset blvd
denver co 80205

dear sir or madam
Daily Oral Language 103
1.   me and my brother went to jerrys café
     in the mall for lunch ive never ate
     their before

2.   when he lent me this subway token i
     had no idea that he didnt have none
     for himself
Daily Oral Language 104
1.   in last semesters musical which ms
     diaz directed lonnie sung as good as
     the others

2.   whom will be wating for we boys
     outside of the hilton international
     hotel asked tony
Daily Oral Language 105
1.   yes raul we swum on the atlantic
     ocean when we was on the east coast

2.   the theme music of touched by angel
     a popular television series was not
     took from the opera la boheme

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