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AP American Government Politics Syllabus _10-11_


									AP Government & Politics Syllabus
Mr. Crandall
 “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him
                  down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”
                                    –Thomas Jefferson

      “No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent.”
                                 –Abraham Lincoln

Course Description
This yearlong, college-level course prepares students to take two AP exams: United States Government
& Politics and Comparative Government and Politics. The course is designed to teach students to
understand and be able to critically analyze important concepts in both U.S. and comparative politics
through the study of six core countries from AP Comparative Government (the United Kingdom, Mexico,
Nigeria, Iran, Russia, and China) and more in-depth study of American government and politics. In
addition, students will learn the skills necessary to perform well on the AP tests. The first semester of this
course will be devoted to the study of American government and politics. The second semester will cover
comparative politics.

As a college-level course, this class is rigorous and demanding. It requires that students put forth their
best effort on a daily basis, both in class and in reading and listening to the news outside of class.
Reading will be extensive and not all information will be discussed in class. Students MUST keep up
with assigned readings to do well in the course, as well as on the AP exams. Students will also be tested
on their understanding of readings in weekly quizzes.

The following is the syllabus for the first semester of the course, AP American Government & Politics.
The syllabus covering the second semester (AP Comparative Government & Politics) will be very similar
and will be distributed at the beginning of second semester in the spring.

The Exam
The date for both the AP US Government and Politics Exam and the Comparative Government and
Politics Exam is Tuesday, May 10. The AP US Government and Politics Exam is 2 hours and 25 minutes
long. It includes a 45 minute multiple choice section consisting of 60 questions and a 100 minute free
response section consisting of 4 questions. The unit tests will all resemble the actual AP test, they will
consist of both multiple choice questions and free response questions                                      .
There will also be in-class and take-home free response essays throughout the year in order to gain more
practice in writing such essays. Students will take a cumulative exam in class that will be similar in
format to the AP Exam, which will be given immediately prior to the actual AP Exam.

Text and Materials
1. Edwards, Wattenberg, Lineberry, Government in America, 14th edition.
2. Assigned and used in class: articles from current newspapers, such as the New York Times and the
Washington Post; news magazine excerpts from Time, Newsweek, and the Economist; news footage and
documentaries; C-SPAN’s coverage of current events; ABC News Video Case Studies (the DVDs
included in the textbook); and numerous websites.
Grading System
Grading will come from a points system. The points will come from tests, free responses, homework,
quizzes, projects, class work, participation/habits of work, and debates. Grades will be based on the
following grading scale:
        100%-90% A
        89%-80% B
        79%-70% C
        69%-60% D
        59%-0%         F

As for the semester breakdown, the entire semester is 85% of your final grade, and your final exam is
worth 15% of your final grade.

Projects/Long-Term Assignments
       Chapter Reading Quizzes – We will not have a chance to discuss everything in the reading.
        Therefore, we will have chapter reading quizzes based upon the textbook. The chapter reading
        quizzes will include key concepts and vocabulary. These quizzes will be announced ahead of
        time, unless the need arises to change this policy. It is imperative that you read the assigned
        readings closely and take good notes because this will play a very significant role in how well
        you do in this course and on the AP test. Students will sometimes be allowed to use their notes
        on these quizzes, SO TAKE GOOD NOTES!

       News Assignments – Because of the importance of keeping up with political news, you will have
        several assignments based on the news. You will turn in a summary of political news stories.
        These stories can come from newspapers, journals, magazines, or the Internet (as long as they are
        from reputable news agencies). For each story you will write a detailed analysis/explanation of
        how the article ties into the political landscape, which should include your thoughts and opinions
        on the topic. As time allows, we will discuss the articles and your opinions in class on the days
        that they are due. More information will follow when such work is assigned.

       Cartoon Analysis Assignment – Approximately once a month you will turn in a political
        cartoon that you will have analyzed in regards to current political topics and themes covered in
        this class. As time allows, you may get the opportunity to share your political cartoon with the
        class. More specific information will be provided in a separate handout.

       US Supreme Court Landmark Cases Project – The goal of this project is to allow each student
        to do in depth research on a landmark Supreme Court case and write a legal brief on that case.
        Then each student will present their case to the class in order to provide all students with a
        background in each important Supreme Court case that could appear on the AP test.

       Debates/Discussions – We will have debates over various controversial issues throughout the
        school year. It is important to come prepared for such debates so that you can contribute
        meaningful arguments and support your opinion. We will also have numerous in-depth
        discussions. You will know about such debates and discussions well ahead of time, so you will
        have ample time to develop an informed opinion on the issue at hand.

       Wiki – There is a wiki for this course. The purpose of this wiki will be for the class to
        communicate thoughts and ideas about a wide range of political topics outside of class time.
        Your participation on the wiki will be counted as part of your homework grade. Specific
        information about assignments and the course will also be posted to the wiki. The 2-week
        calendars will be posted on the wiki, so you can always know what’s going on. The address for
        the course wiki is:


   Students will have nightly homework assignments, primarily out of the textbook and from
     selected articles from the aforementioned supplementary materials, such as newspapers and news
     magazines. The students will also be required to read and analyze primary source materials, such
     as The Federalist Papers and the United States Constitution. All readings will be clearly stated in
     the two-week calendars and students are expected to complete each assignment/reading as
   All homework must be handed in ON THE DESIGNATED DUE DATE. Turning in
     assignments after the official submission date will result in a ZERO. I do not accept ANY late
     homework assignments. If an assignment is collected on a day that you are absent, it is to be
     handed in at the start of the first day that you return to class. Failure to do so will result in a zero
     for that assignment.
   All students are expected to complete essays or projects on time. These assignments will be
     reduced one letter grade for each day late, since they are worth more points and are more
     significant parts of your overall grade.
   Working together on class work will sometimes be allowed but each student is responsible for
     doing his or her own work and copying will not be tolerated—this applies to study guides. Both
     parties involved in copying or cheating will be penalized with ZEROS on the assignment or quiz
     or test. Plagiarism is entirely unacceptable and the minimum punishment will be a zero. If such
     behavior occurs more than once you may be dropped from the course.

       All students must have a binder that will help to keep all materials for the class together. This
        will be extremely useful when you begin studying material from 1st semester before the AP
        Exams in May.
       You must get a three-ring binder in which you will keep all of your notes, homework, quizzes,
        FRQs, and two-week calendars. This way when you go to study, all of the necessary materials
        will be in one central location and this will ensure that all of the hard work you do during 1st
        semester won’t be wasted because you lose everything by the time May comes along. Your
        binder should be for AP Government & Politics only. Because this is a college-level course I will
        not do frequent binder checks, it is your responsibility to stay organized. However, I will
        periodically check binders as a part of your Habits of Work grade and as an extra incentive to
        keep everything together.
       Your binder must have at least 6 tabs, one for each unit in 1st semester. The units are listed

Habits of Work:
       Each quarter every student will be given a Habits of Work grade. There are six areas that make
        up a students’ Habits of Work grade. They include the following: Active Listening, Attendance,
        Respectful Attitude/Behavior, Preparation for Class and Use of Materials, Contributions to Class,
        On Task During Independent Work Time.
       Each student will be evaluated throughout the semester. This includes having your necessary
        materials with you every day.
       Points will be deducted from your Habits of Work grade each time you violate one of the Course
        Expectations (see below).
       Thoughtful contributions to in-class debates/discussions and the wiki discussions will also count
        toward your Habits of Work grade.

    Tardiness is unacceptable. Tardiness constitutes arriving after the bell rings. You must be IN
     YOUR SEAT WHEN THE BELL RINGS or you will be tardy. I will follow the school policy
     regarding tardies. Plus, for each tardy you will lose 5 points from your Habits of Work grade.

Excused Absence:
       The work may be made up for full credit for all excused absences. For every day that you are
        absent you will have one day to complete and submit the assignment.
       You are responsible for getting the work you missed.
        o You should always know what the assignments are when you are absent because they will be
            detailed on the calendars you will receive every two weeks.
        o You will be expected to take any missed quiz or test during a study period in your schedule or
            before or after school.
        o Since you will always know about quizzes and tests ahead of time, you will be expected to
            make up any missed quiz or test within one day of returning to school. Failure to do so could
            result in a zero on that missed quiz or test.
        o Also, always feel free to email me any questions when you’re absent at

Unexcused Absence:
           Each unexcused absence will result in 15 points off of your Habits of Work grade. I will
            follow the school policy regarding unexcused absences.
           Unexcused absences will result in TOTAL LOSS OF POINTS for work missed on that day
            (including TESTS). NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
The year will be broken into US Government and Politics first semester and Comparative Government
and Politics second semester. The units for first semester have been broken down into six general topics,
which we will deal with in relationship to how much of each topic may appear on the actual AP exam.
The College Board supplies percentages for each topic, which coincide with the actual amount of
information that will be on the exam. The units for second semester will be distributed at the beginning
of second semester.

                   FIRST SEMESTER: US Government & Politics
I. Constitutional Underpinnings of Democracy in the United States
5-15% of AP test
       A. Considerations influencing the adoption of the Constitution
       B. Separation of powers
       C. Federalism
       D. Theories of democratic government
Text: Chapter 1 – Constitutional Democracy
       Chapter 2 – The Living Constitution
       Chapter 3 – American Federalism

II. Political Beliefs and Behaviors and Mass Media
10-20% of AP test
        A. Beliefs citizens hold about government and leaders
        B. Processes by which citizens learn about politics
        C. The nature, sources and consequences of public opinions
        D. The ways in which citizens participate in political life
        E. Factors that influence citizens to differ politically
        F. The changing role of the American media
Text: Chapter 6
        Chapter 7
        Chapter 10

III. Political Parties and Interest Groups
10-20% of AP test
        A. Political parties and elections
        B. Interest groups and PACs
        C. Electoral laws and systems
Text: Chapter 8
        Chapter 9
        Chapter 11

IV. The President, Congress, Judiciary, and Bureaucracy
35-45% of AP test
      A. Formal and informal institutional arrangements of powers
      B. Relationships between the four institutions
      C. Links between these institutions and parties, interest groups, media, and the public
      D. Policy making processes
Text: Chapter 12 – Congress
      Chapter 13 – Presidency
        Chapter 14 – Congress, the President, and the Budget
        Chapter 15 – Bureaucracy
        Chapter 16 – Courts

V. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
5-15% of AP test
       A. The development of civil liberties and civil rights by judicial interpretation
       B. Knowledge of substantive rights and liberties
       C. The impact of the Fourteenth Amendment on the constitutional development of rights
           and liberties
Text: Chapter 4
       Chapter 5

VI. Formation of Public Policy
5-15% of AP test
       A. Policymaking in a federal system
       B. The formation of policy agendas
       C. The role of institutions in the enactment of policy
       D. The role of the bureaucracy and the courts in policy implementation and
       E. Linkages between policy processes and the following:
               1. Political institutions and federalism
               2. Political parties
               3. Interest groups
               4. Public opinion
               5. Elections
               6. Policy networks
Text: Chapter 17
       Chapter 18
       Chapter 19
       Chapter 20

Throughout this course, we will be relating our studies to current political events. On a daily basis we
will discuss the news of the day. Therefore, it is important that you become actively aware of political
news. You should read the newspaper and become more politically aware. Programs such as Meet the
Press and the various other Sunday morning news shows will help you not only in class, but on the AP
exams as well because you will be asked to use current examples to support your arguments. I cannot
stress enough the importance of being aware of current political events. In order to further entice you to
be aware of political issues, I will offer extra credit for watching Sunday morning news programs.
Details on this excellent opportunity will come at a later date.

To the Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

Hello, my name is Zach Crandall and your child will be a student in my AP Government &
Politics class this year. I am looking forward to an exciting and rewarding school year. One of
my goals is to keep the lines of communication open between student, parents/guardians, and

I am asking that students return this form filled out with both their signature and your signature
to ensure that you and your student have reviewed the syllabus and are aware of my expectations
and procedures for AP Government & Politics. I am also requesting your contact information so
that I can get in touch with you if the need should ever arise.

Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding any questions or concerns. Thank you very

Zach Crandall
(847) 718-4301

Student Name ________________________________________________ Date ____________

Student Signature _____________________________________________ Date ____________

Parent/Guardian’s Home Phone Number ____________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Work Number __________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Email _________________________________________________________

Preferred method of contact (check one): _____ Home Phone _____ Work Phone _____ Email

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________ Date ____________

Do you have Internet access at home? _______ Yes                   ________ No
Daily Schedule for Semester 1:

Unit 1: Constitutional Underpinnings
 Day                 Subject                             Specific Topic                  Homework (due the
                                                                                         following day unless
                                                                                           otherwise stated)
  1      Intro. to AP United States Govt.   -Class Expectations
  2      Intro. to AP United States Govt.   -AP Govt. Pre-Test (How Politically         Read Chapter 1 (pgs. 2-
                                            Savvy are You?)                             15)
                                            -Discuss New Jersey v. T.L.O.
  3      Democracy in the US:               -Who Governs?                               -Read Chapter 1 (15-
         Constitutional Underpinnings       -To What Ends?                              23)
                                            -Theories of American Democracy:            -Read US Constitution
                                            pluralist, elite, hyperpluralist (read      (pg. 47-57) and answer
                                            handout about each theory)                  questions – Due DAY 8
                                            -Begin: Origins of Amer. Republic
  4      The Living Constitution            Chapter 1 Reading Quiz                      -Read Chapter 2 (26-
                                            -Finish: Origins of Amer. Republic          37)
                                            -Principles of the Constitution: Articles
                                            I, II (Sep. of Powers, Checks/Balances)
                                            -Feds. vs. Anti-Feds. Chart
  5      The Living Constitution            -Continue Principles of the                 Read Federalist #51
                                            Constitution: III, IV (Limited Govt.,       and answer questions
                                            Judicial Review)
  6      The Living Constitution            -Continue Principles of the                 Read Chapter 2 (37-45)
                                            Constitution: V, VI (Informal/Formal
                                            Changes to the Constitution)
                                            -Bill of Rights
                                            -Discuss Federalist #51
  7      Origins of American Federalism     Chapter 2 Reading Quiz                      Read Chapter 3 (58-72)
                                            -Discuss US Constitution questions
                                            -Read + Discuss Federalist #10
  8      American Federalism / AP Free      -Structure of American Federalism           -Read Chapter 3 (73-
         Response Techniques                -Defining Federalism                        80)
                                            -Why Federalism?                            -Unit 1 Free Response
                                            -AP Free Response teaching (use             (take home) due day 11
                                            sample FRQs)
  9      American Federalism                -State’s Rights vs. Nationalism List of     Read Chapter 3 (80-85)
                                            -Role of Federal Courts
                                            -Advantages/Disadvantages of
                                            -Constitutional Structures
                                            -Federal Mandates
  10     Federalism and Federal Grants      Chapter 3 Reading Quiz                      Read McCulloch v.
                                            -Politics of Federalism                     Maryland & outline
                                            -Watch ABC News clip about
  11    Finish Federalism                  Unit 1 Free Response due                Study for multiple
                                           -Politics of American Federalism        choice test
                                           -Discuss McCulloch v. Maryland
                                           -Federalism Chart
  12    Unit 1 Exam                        Multiple Choice Test (Chap. 1, 2, 3)    Read Chapter 4 (88-99)

Unit 2: Political Beliefs/Political Behaviors/Mass Media

  13    Political Culture                  -Watch ABCNEWS God and Country          Read Chapter 4 (99-
                                           -Political Culture & System             109)
                                           -Political & Economic Changes
        Political Culture                  Chapter 4 Reading Quiz                  Read Chapter 5 (112-
                                           -Ideology and the American People       121)
                                           -Discuss Political Spectrum
                                           -Public Policy: Liberals vs.
                                           Conservatives Chart
                                           -Political Ideology Quiz on Make it
  14    American Political Landscape       -Mistrust of Government                 Read Chapter 5 (121-
                                           -Land of Diversity                      140)
                                           -Sectional Differences
                                           -Where We Live
                                           -Presidential Election 2004
                                           Demographics questions
  15    American Political Landscape       Chapter 5 Reading Quiz                  Read Chapter 8 (210-
                                           -Who We Are                             221)
                                           -Race and Ethnicity
                                           -Family Structure
                                           -Occupation, Age, Education
                                           -Unity in a Land of Diversity
                                           -Watch Faultlines: The Search for
                                           Political and Religious Links—USA
                                           - Faith at the Ballot Box chart
                                           -Trends in Political Values and Core
                                           Attitudes (1987-2007)
                                           -Jerry Falwell obituary from Newsweek
  16    Public Opinion                     -What is Public Opinion?                Read Chapter 8 (221-
                                           -Political Socialization Chart          240)
                                           -The Impacts of Public Opinion          Sampling Public
                                           - Opinion on Global Warming chart       Opinion activity
                                           of scientific polls)
                                           -Read NYT article “Analyzing Iraq
                                           - Formulating a Candidate’s Message
  17    Public Opinion / Voter Turnout     -Public Opinion & Policy                Read “To Vote or Not
                                           -Political Participation                to Vote” and answer
                                           -Chart: Voter Turnout (discuss)         questions
                                           -Chart: Which Quality Mattered?
                                           -Show map of voter turnout for 2004       Engaging Youth:
                                           election                                  Combating the Apathy
                                           -Voter Apathy: Political Cartoons         of Young Americans
                                           -Unraveling a Voter’s DNA activity        Toward Politics &
                                                                                     answer questions
  18    Voter Behavior                     Chapter 8 Reading Quiz                    Read Chapter 10 (280-
                                           -Discuss Engaging Youth…                  291)
                                           -Effects on Voter Behavior
                                           -Voting Choices
                                           - Faith at the Ballot Box chart
  19    Media                              -Influence of the Media on Politics       -Read Chapter 10 (291-
                                           -Changing Role of News Media              304)
                                           -Media Competitiveness                    -Who’s Got the Bias?
                                           -Read “The New Digital Divide”            assignment
                                           -Who Owns the Media charts                -Media Assignment due
                                           -Watch Q & A or America in Black and      in 5 weeks
  20    Media                              Chapter 10 Reading Quiz                   -Read Spin Cycle: How
                                           -Media Influences (Public Opinion, its    the White House and
                                           role & limits)                            the Media Manipulate
                                           -Media Bias?                              the News & outline
                                           -Watch Free Speech for Sale (57 min.)     - Watch ABC News
                                                                                     America in Black &
  21    Media                              -Continue film                            Study for Unit 2 Exam
                                           -Discuss Spin Cycle
                                           -Government & the news
                                           -Media and Elections
                                           -Media’s Impact
                                           -Watch ABC News Q & A and answer
  22    Unit 2 Exam (mult. choice)         Multiple Choice Test (Chap. 4, 5, 8,
  23    Unit 2 Exam (FRQ)                  Elite Eight Free Response Activity
  24    Unit 2 Exam (FRQ)                  Elite Eight Free Response Activity        Read Chapter 6 (142-
                                           (continued)                               154)

Unit 3: Political Parties and Interest Groups

  25    Interest Groups: Reasons for       -What are interest groups?                Read Chapter 6 (154-
        Growth                             -Types of interest groups                 162)
                                           -Read The Federalist #10
  26    Interest Groups                    -Tactics of Interests Groups              Read Chapter 6 (162-
                                           -Characteristics and Power of Interest    174)
                                           -The Influence of Lobbyists
                                           -Have students use the following to
                                           research the development and
                                           importance of lobbyists:
27   Interest Groups (Current Events   -Watch Moyers on America: Capitol        Watch ABC News God
     Application)                      Crimes (120 min.), begin with Context    and Country and
                                       -Use website that accompanies movie-     answer questions
                                       read Abramoff emails
                                       -Paying for the Party Chart
                                       -Public Opinion + American Political
                                       System Chart
                                       - Who’s Paying for the Parties Chart
28   Interest Groups (Current Events   -Watch Moyers on America: Capitol        Read “Showdown at
     Application)                      Crimes                                   Gucci Gulch:
                                       -Impact of interest groups               Lawmakers, Lobbyists,
                                                                                and the Unlikely
                                                                                Triumph of Tax
29   Finish Interest Groups            Chapter 6 Reading Quiz                   Read Chapter 7 (176-
     Begin Political Parties           -Discuss “Showdown at Gucci…”            190)
                                       -Functions of political parties          -Read New York Times
                                       -The rise of political parties           article “Nader is Left
                                       -Watch Faultlines: The Search for        with Fewer Votes…”
                                       Political and Religious Links (USA)      and National Journal
                                       (34 min.)                                “The Nader
                                                                                -Federalists vs. Anti-
                                                                                Federalists Paper
30   Political Parties                 -Discuss Nader articles                  Read Chapter 7 (190-
                                       -What do political parties do?           207)
                                       -Brief History of Parties
                                       -Party Alignment Since 1932 Chart
                                       (see page 66 in Practical Curriculum
                                       Guide w/ George Wash. on cover)
                                       -Divided government
                                       -Show chart of Party Platforms, 2000
                                       from Edwards, pg. 248
                                       -Show chart of Minor Parties in the
                                       -Show chart of Portrait of the
31   Political Parties                 Chapter 7 Reading Quiz                   Read Chapter 9 (242-
                                       -American political parties today        254)
                                       -Financing the parties
                                       -Discuss: Are political parties dying?
                                       -Watch Air Wars
32   Campaigns & Elections             -Elections and Rules of the Game         Read Chapter 9 (254-
                                       -Running for Congress                    263)
                                       -The Redistricting Game:
33   Campaigns & Elections             -Running for President                   Read Chapter 9
                                       -Read NYT article, “Romney Wins          (263-277)
                                       Iowa Straw Poll by a Sizable Margin”     Read New York Times
                                       -Show 2000 Electoral College map         article, “Even with
                                       -Watch Primaries: Defining the Battle    Campaign Finance
                                           in New Hampshire (23 min.)               Law, Money Talks
                                           -(optional) Watch The War Room (97       Louder Than Ever”
                                           -(optional) Watch Making the
                                           Message: The Fight for the Presidency
                                           (88 min.)
  34    Campaign Finance                   Chapter 9 Reading Quiz                   -Read NYT – States
                                           -Major differences between               Seek Change in
                                           Congressional & Presidential elections   Presidential Election
                                           -Money in elections                      Process
                                           -Campaign Finance Reform                 -Read “Reforming the
                                                                                    Electoral System”
                                                                                    -Watch ABC News Air
                                                                                    Wars and answer
  35    Campaign Reform                    -Discussion: How can we reform the       Study for Unit 3
                                           US electoral system?                     Multiple Choice Test
  36    Unit 3 Exam (mult. choice)         Multiple Choice Test (Chap. 6, 7, 9)     Study for Unit 3 Free
                                                                                    Response Test
  37    Unit 3 Exam (FRQ)                  Free Response Questions                  Read Chapter 11 (308-

Unit 4: The President, Congress, Judiciary, and Bureaucracy (Institutions)

  38    Congress                           -Congressional Elections                 -Read Chapter 11 (314-
                                           -The 2006 Election                       328)
                                                                                    -Read The Great
                                                                                    Election Grab (in
  39    Congress                           -Structure of Congress                   -Read Chapter 11 (328-
                                           -Powers of Congress                      336)
                                           -Leadership in Congress                  -Read Shock and Awe in
                                                                                    the Senate (about the
                                                                                    filibuster, in binder)
  40    Congress                           -The job of the legislator               -Read Home Style:
                                           -Have students use Washington Post       House Members in
                                           website to research voting patterns of   Their Districts
                                           Congressmen                              -Read Washington by
                                           -Discuss Home Style                      Meg Greenfield
                                           -Watch A Day in the Life of a            -Read The Enforcer (in
                                           Representative (28 min.)                 binder)
  41    Congress                           -Watch A Day in the Life of a Senator    Read Chapter 11 (336-
                                           (29 min.)                                341)
  42    Congress                           Chapter 11 Reading Quiz                  -Read Chapter 12
                                           -How a Bill Becomes a Law                (344-357)
                                           ACTS OF LEGISLATION                      -Watch ABC News
                                           ACTIVITY in AP US Gov 1 (red             Price of Victory and
                                           book)                                    answer questions
                                           -Committee System
                                           -Show chart of How a bill becomes a
                                           -Watch And That’s How a Bill
                                       Becomes a Law (23 min.)
                                       -National Budget Simulation:
43   Presidency                        -Structure & Powers of Presidency      Read Chapter 12 (357-
                                       -Controversies in Presidential Power   365)
                                       (The War Power)
                                       -Chart: Presidential Approval
44   Presidency                        -Evolution of the Presidency           Read Chapter 12 (365-
                                       -Managing the Presidency               375)
45   Presidency                        -Watch The White House at War (51      Read Scenes from a
                                       min.)                                  Marriage by Marjorie
46   Presidency                        -The Cabinet                           Read Executive Power
                                       -The President’s Job                   on Steroids and The
                                                                              Waning of the Imperial
                                                                              Presidency (in binder)
                                                                              Read Imperial
47   Presidency                        Chapter 12 Reading Quiz                Read The Presidential
                                       -Congress vs. President                Difference
                                       -Judging Presidents
                                       -Show Chart of Past Presidential
48   Presidency                        -Discuss The Presidential Difference
                                       -Discussion: What qualities make a
                                       good president?
49   Unit 4 Exam #1                    Congress/Presidency Multiple           Read Chapter 14 (406-
                                       Choice Test (30 questions) & Free      413)

50   Judiciary                         -Judicial Terminology                  Read Chapter 14 (414-
                                       -Scope of Judicial Power               423)
                                       -Federal Judicial System
                                       -Types of Federal Courts
51   Judiciary                         -Politics of Appointing Judges         Read Chapter 14 (423-
                                       -Limits on Judicial Action             433)
52   Judiciary                         Chapter 14 Reading Quiz
                                       -The Supreme Court
                                       -Judicial Power in Democracy
53   Judiciary: Interpreting the law   -Compare A Matter of Interpretation:   Begin US Supreme
                                       Federal Courts and the Law by          Court Landmark Cases
                                       Antonin Scalia and Active Liberty:     Project
                                       Interpreting Our Democratic
                                       Constitution by Stephen Breyer
54   Supreme Court Cases               US Supreme Court Landmark Cases
55   Supreme Court Cases               US Supreme Court Landmark Cases        Project due tomorrow
56   Supreme Court Cases               -Present cases to the class
57   Judiciary Free Response           Judiciary Free Response                Read Chapter 13 (378-
                                       -Discuss cases                         389)
  58     Bureaucracy                       -Understanding the Federal                Read Chapter 13 (389-
                                           Administrative System                     395)
                                           -What is it? / Who are they?              Read US Food Safety
                                           -Chart of Homeland Security               System: A Good Excuse
                                                                                     for a Bellyache
  59     Bureaucracy                       -Growth of the Bureaucracy                Read Chapter 13 (395-
                                           -Public Perception of Bureaucracy         403)
                                           -Working for Government
  60     Bureaucracy                       Chapter 13 Reading Quiz                   Read Government by
                                           -The Job of the Federal Administrative    Proxy: A Faithful
                                           System                                    Overview
                                           -Making Bureaucracy Accountable
                                           -Controlling the Bureaucracy
  61     Bureaucracy                       -Discuss Government by Proxy: A           Study for multiple
                                           Faithful Overview                         choice test
                                           -Discussion: Is the federal bureaucracy
                                           beneficial to American democracy?
  62     Unit 4 exam (mult. choice)        Multiple Choice Test (Chap. 11, 12,       Study for free response
                                           13, 14)                                   test
  63     Unit 4 exam (FRQ)                 Free Response (Institutions)              Read Chapter 17 (486-

Unit 5: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

  64     Civil Rights                      -Struggle for Equal Rights                Read Chapter 17 (498-
                                           -Show table: Major Civil Rights           505)
                                           -Show table: Changing Face of
                                           American Politics, Racial and Ethnic
  65     Civil Rights                      -Equal Protection under the law           Read Chapter 17 (505-
                                           -Barriers to voting                       511)
                                           -Voting rights
                                           -Education rights
  66     Civil Rights                      Chapter 17 Reading Quiz                   Read Supreme Court
                                           -Rights of Association,                   Case Grutter v.
                                           Accommodations, Jobs, and Homes           Bollinger (2003)
                                           -Affirmative Action
                                           -Equal Rights Today
  67     Civil Rights                      -Discuss Grutter v. Bollinger             Read Chapter 15 (438-
                                           -Discussion: Is Affirmative Action        447)
                                           democratic?                               Write 1 page reflection
                                                                                     paper on Affirmative
  68     First Amendment Freedoms          -Rights in the Constitution               Read Chapter 15 (447-
                                           -Bill of Rights and the States            456)
                                           -1st Amendment: Freedom of Religion
  69     First Amendment Freedoms          -Freedom of Speech & Press                Read Chapter 15 (456-
                                           -Nonprotected and Protected Speech        460)
                                           -Discussion: Should there be any
                                           restrictions on freedom of speech?
  70     First Amendment Freedoms          Chapter 15 Reading Quiz                   Read Chapter 16 (462-
                                       -Other Media & Communications              473)
                                       -Freedom of Assembly
  71    Rights to Life, Liberty, and   -Citizenship Rights                        Read Chapter 16 (474-
        Property                       -Property Rights                           484)
                                       -Due Process Rights
                                       -Privacy Rights
  72    Rights to Life, Liberty, and   Chapter 16 Reading Quiz                    Read Patriot Act
        Property                       -Rights of the accused                     articles & answer
                                       -Watch Gideon v. Wainwright                questions
                                       -Discussion: How just is our system of
  73    Civil Liberties                -Discuss Patriot Act articles              1 page reflection on the
                                       -Discussion: Should the US                 Patriot Act
                                       government ever suspend the
                                       Constitutional rights of Americans?
  74    Unit 5 Exam (FRQ)              Unit 5 Group Free Response                 Read Chapter 18 (516-
                                       Questions                                  532)

Unit 6: Formation of Public Policy

  75    Economic Policy                -Making Public Policy                      Read Chapter 18 (532-
                                       -Economic Policy                           545)
                                       -Fiscal Policy
                                       -Monetary Policy
  76    Economic Policy                Chapter 18 Reading Quiz                    Read Chapter 19 (548-
                                       -Promoting the Economy                     563)
                                       -Role of the Government
  77    Social Policy                  -Expansion of Social Policies              Read Chapter 19 (563-
                                       -Role of Government in Social Policy       573)
                                       -Types of Social Policy
  78    Social Policy                  Chapter 19 Reading Quiz                    Read Chapter 20 (576-
                                       -Social Policy challenges for the future   594)
                                       -Health Care
                                       -Crime Control
  79    Foreign/Defense Policy         -Understanding Foreign and Defense         Read Chapter 20 (594-
                                       Policy                                     607)
                                       -Vital Interests in the 21st Century
                                       -The Foreign and Defense Policy
                                       Administrative System
  80    Foreign/Defense Policy         Chapter 20 Reading Quiz                    Study for multiple
                                       -Participants in Foreign and Defense       choice test
                                       -Foreign and Defense Policy Options
                                       -Special Problems in Defense Policy
                                       -Prospects for the Future
  81    Unit 5 & 6 Exam (multiple      Multiple Choice Test (Chap. 15, 16,        Study for Free
        choice)                        17, 18, 19, 20)                            Response
  82    Unit 6 Exam (FRQ)              Free Response (Public Policy)
Reviews and Final Exam

82-84   Review for Final Exam
 85     Final Exam: 60 Multiple Choice,
        3 Free Response Questions

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