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                                                            TUESDAY 16TH - WEDNESDAY 17TH MARCH 2004
                                                            THE HILTON, AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS

                            Join us at our 2nd Annual Conference on                     PR
                                                                                              & N
                                                                                           UP FU EW
                                                                                          OG DA LLY
                                                                                            RA TE
                                                                                              M D
                            Liquidity and Cash                                                   E

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                            Cutting-edge case studies including:
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Two Pre-Conference
                            2 Streams on:
1-Day Courses      PLUS     • Centralisation from A-Z with a focus on Risk
• Winning Mid-Market        • Cash Flow Management
  Corporate Business
• Solving IAS39 & FAS133     Check with your relationship
  Implementation Issues      bankers for major discounts
Monday 15th March 2004
Day 1 Tuesday 16th March 2004

08:45     Registration, refreshments and exhibition opens               Stream A - Centralisation from A to Z
                                                                                                                                                    Stream B - Cash Flow Management
09:20     Welcome to the Day and Themes of the                          with a Day Two Focus on Risk
                                                                      Chaired by: Sebastian di Paola, Partner, Corporate Treasury                 Chaired by: Julian Wakeham, Partner, Capco, UK
          Chairman: Julian Wakeham, Partner, Capco, UK                Solutions Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Belgium                            From getting your cash flow forecasting correct to understanding the
                                                                      Centralisation is the mantra of many treasurers as they find ways to        importance of your working capital, this stream will help you manage
09:30     Keynote: Growing Your Company to the Next
                                                                      streamline costs and make all the processes within treasury more            your cash flow more efficiently.
          Level                                                       efficient. If centralisation is the way you want to move forward, these
          How do treasurers and finance directors contribute to       sessions will help identify which areas of treasury to centralise and to
          value in the company? From taking ownership of              build structures that support a fully centralised operation.
          working capital to optimising cash flow management,
          managing the risks and structuring the capital of the       11:40       Centralising Group Liquidity on a Multi-                        11:40      Creating the Right Level of Working Capital
          company to grow the business, the treasury                              Bank Platform
          professional can pull all the components of growth                      Developing a simple but effective cross border/cross                       Working capital is a fluid definition but everyone agrees
          together, all this in an environment of increasing                      currency liquidity management concept. Increasing                          about the importance of getting it right. As Basle II
          corporate governance and controls.                           Case
                                                                                  focus of local management on the concentration of                          squeezes bank lending further, unlocking cash tied up in
          Hans van der Noordaa, Managing Director,                     Study      Provimi's world-wide held liquidity. How to integrate                      the working capital cycle is ever more important. You
          Corporate Communications and Strategy, ING Group,                       liquidity management with other treasury functions like          Case      need to ensure your liquidity structures, your financing
          The Netherlands                                                         intercompany payments, intercompany loans portfolios,            Study     and investing, are optimal to ensure your company has
                                                                                  funding and investment processes?                                          room to grow.
                                                                                  • Why centralize?                                                          • What is working capital to your organisation?
10:00     Guest Speaker: Everything You Need to                                   • Constraints and aspects to be considered
          Know About EU Enlargement in half an hour                                                                                                          • Who controls working capital?
                                                                                  • Integration issues and ongoing aspects                                   • How can I set in place a programme to unlock cash?
          Ten countries will join the EU in 2005. Will these new                  John Hamilton of Silvertonhill, Group Treasurer,                           • What are the benefits and drawbacks?
          countries repeat the growth performance of some of the                  Provimi Holding BV, The Netherlands                                        Paul Johns, Director, Treasury & Tax, Impress Group
          lesser-rated economies when the EU became a reality in                  Bertie Sanders, Senior Consultant Global Cash                              B.V., The Netherlands
          1992? This session examines some of the motors for                      Management, Bank Mendes Gans, The Netherlands
          growth and contains an analysis of how the new EU                                                                                       12:20      Targeting the Financial Supply Chain
                                                                      12:20       Where to Locate Centralised Treasury
          members fit into the EU both politically and                                                                                                       Only by strongly monitoring the financial supply chain
                                                                                  Structures in Europe
          economically. How will politics and economics combine                                                                                              and incentivising those involved can a company improve
          to produce a timetable for Euro adoption by the central                 Where do you locate centralised treasury in Europe? Which
                                                                                                                                                             performance in key performance areas like days sales
          European countries? Who will join and who won’t?                        countries offer favourable tax and other incentives? Ernst       Case      outstanding (DSO).
                                                                                  and Young offer an insight into the various jurisdictions and    Study
          • Seeing them differently                                                                                                                          • Performance management
                                                                                  as to whether or not it really is worth relocating.
          • Specifics to these economies - what you need to                                                                                                  • Drivers and influences
                                                                                  • An overview of popular treasury locations
             remember                                                             • New coordination centres                                                 • Finding efficiencies in supply chain management
          • Meeting the Maastricht criteria - joining the Euro                    • Legal and tax outlook                                                    • Automation and outsourcing
          Charles Robertson, Director, Emerging Markets                           • Withholding tax treatment                                                Corporate speaker to be announced
          Economist, ING Financial Markets, UK                                    • Outsourcing issues
                                                                                  Sonja Sidler, Senior Manager, International Tax                 13:00      Lunch
10:30     Governmental Madness or Financial                                       Services, Ernst & Young Zurich, Switzerland
          Logistics?                                                                                                                              14:15      The European Payments Landscape
                                                                      13:00       Lunch                                                                      The European cross-border payments directive which
          How much of a government treasury can you outsource?
          The lesson from the Dutch Ministry of Finance, whose                                                                                               took effect last year was aimed at creating a single
          treasury operations are run like a corporate treasury, is
                                                                      14:15       What Can a Payment Factory do for My                                       market for the European payments area, but what has it
Study                                                                             Company? Multi-bank versus Single-Bank                                     meant in practice? Achieving low-cost, crossborder
          ‘decentralise your information but centralise your                      European Payment Factories                                                 payments via straight through processing doesn’t seem
          money’. This case study is an example of a treasury
                                                                                  In an ideal world, corporates considering setting up a                     an awful lot closer for most companies. Are there other
          operations strategy based on outsourcing key components      Case
                                                                       Study      regional or global Payments Factory would select a                         initiatives in STP that will further help?
          of the cash management cycle to improve management                                                                                                 • The European Payments Area an overview
                                                                                  single banking partner which would deliver all the
          information and save costs.                                             required technology services and in-country capabilities                   • Latest initiatives and changes
          Ronald Baarends, Head of Cash Management                                with one, single point of access. The reality for most                     • Swift, MA-CUG
          Division, Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands                          however, is that a multi-banked environment is here to                     Philippe Lambrecht, General Manager, KBC Bank
          Ruud Nijs, Product Manager Corporate Banking,                           stay for the foreseeable future.                                           N.V., International Cash Management, Belgium
          Rabobank, The Netherlands                                               Tony De Caux, Chief Executive, BRC Consulting, UK
                                                                                  plus corporate speaker from Belgium to be announced             15:15      Refreshment and Exhibition Break
11:10     Refreshment and Exhibition Break
                                                                      15:15       Refreshment and Exhibition Break                                           AFTERNOON INTENSIVE AND INTERACTIVE
                                                                                  AFTERNOON INTENSIVE AND INTERACTIVE
                                                                                  WORKSHOP                                                        15:45      Cash Flow Forecasting Workshop
                                                                      15:45       Pooling Demystified                                                        Cash flow forecasting forms the backbone of working
 11:40      Conference divides into streams and                                                                                                              capital management. It impacts on every aspect of
            focused workshops. Choose one                                         Do you need and can you afford cross-border notional                       treasury and the entire company. Getting it right is
                                                                                  pooling or is cash concentration the optimal solution for                  critical. This session will examine various methods with
            stream or pick and mix sessions that                                  your company? Demand for cash pooling facilities is still
                                                                       Panel                                                                                 a hands on approach to help you build a cash flow
            meet your company needs                                               strong in Europe and this session will look at a number                    forecasting strategy of how, when, drilling it down
                                                                                  of solutions and exactly what you might get for your                       through your organisation and managing the variance to
                                                                                  money. We also have on hand a tax expert to guide you
      A     Centralisation from A to Z                                            through the intricacies.
                                                                                                                                                             significantly improve your cash flow.
                                                                                                                                                             • CFF principles and practice
                                                                                  Moderator: Philippe Vyncke, Partner,
                                                                                                                                                             • Designing an approach to CFF
                                                                                  PricewaterhouseCoopers, Belgium
 or                                                                                                                                                          • Relationship to working capital management
                                                                                                                                                             • Case study
                                                                                  Steven A.H. Claassens, Group Cash Manager &
                                                                                                                                                             Stephen Harper, European Treasurer, Flextronics
      B     Cash Flow Management                                                  Treasury Analyst, Hunter Douglas, The Netherlands
                                                                                  Michel Verholen, Manager, International Treasury, Greif,                   Europe, UK*
                                                                                                                                                             Seamus de Souza, Senior Manager,
                                                                                  Ivo Mollee, Assistant Treasurer, Wessanen,                                 PricewaterhouseCoopers, UK
                                                                                  The Netherlands
 Lunch sponsored by

                                                                      17:30- Conference adjourns to cocktail                                      17:30- Conference adjourns to cocktail
                                                                      19:00 party                                                                 19:00 party
                                                                                                                                                                                                    *to be confirmed
Day 2 Wednesday 17th March 2004

   Stream A - Centralisation from A to Z                                         Stream B - Cash Flow Management                                      Keep ahead of all the latest developments
                                                                                                                                                            by attending the exhibition

09:00   Registration, refreshments and exhibition opens                 09:00     Registration, refreshments and exhibition opens
09:25   Chair’s Introduction to Day Two                                 09:25     Chair’s Introduction to Day Two
        Sebastian di Paola, Partner, Corporate Treasury                           Julian Wakeham, Partner, Capco, UK
        Solutions Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Belgium

09:30   Integrating Cash and Treasury Management                                  FOCUS ON FUND RAISING
        "Cash is king" is the credo of treasurers nowadays.                       Bank credit has become more difficult and can be closely
        Multinational Akzo Nobel uses its in-house bank to                        tied to the share of wallet you give your bank in cash
Study   concentrate cash and at the same time regulates the                       management and treasury business. With Basle II looking,
        payments and the working capital financing of its                         the credit issue is ever more important as banks will further
        subsidiaries.                                                             tighten lending in response to risk ratios. Lower rated credit
        Didier Baron van Voorst tot Voorst, Corporate                             and smaller companies are likely to suffer most.
        Treasurer, Akzo Nobel, The Netherlands
                                                                        09:30     Understanding the Correct Capital Structure
10:10   Systems for the Centralised Treasury: Buy or                              for your Company
        Rent Strategies                                                           Having set up an optimal working capital management
        The costs of installing a full treasury system along with                 programme to unlock funds, your free cash flow is no
        FX platforms, risk modules, ERP and all the other                         good if you don’t use it. Capital structure should be a
        technology you are told is essential to running an               Case     long-term strategic view to create value for your
Case    efficient treasury are prohibitive for many mid market           Study    company.
Study   companies or those who may want to invest their cash                      • Do you have the right capital structure to achieve
        in acquisitions to grow. But can treasury be run on                          your goals?
        spreadsheets? Are there alternatives?                                     • Capital structure as a powerful tool
        • What to look for in systems that match your needs?                      • How to change capital structure
        Bas Meijer, Corporate Treasurer,                                          • Understanding WACC
        Connexxion, The Netherlands                                               Speaker to be announced
        Bas Rebel, Manager, Zanders & Partners,
        The Netherlands

11:00   Refreshments and Exhibition Break                               10:10     The Increasing Importance of Credit in
                                                                                  International Debt Funding Markets
        FOCUS ON RISK                                                             • Pressures arising from Basle II
        Managing your cash cross border encompasses a variety of                  • The increasing disintermediation of lending
        risk from credit to currency, from political to tax and from              • The funding opportunities that may open up to
        operational to cultural. Getting the approach right is key as                European corporates
        is understanding how to mitigate the risks.                               Charles Marling, Senior Director, Head of European
                                                                                  Corporate Marketing, European Capital Markets Dept,
                                                                                  Fitch Ratings
11:30   Enterprise Risk Management: an Integrated
        and Quantified Approach
        There is a growing awareness of risk facing companies.          11:00     Refreshments and Exhibition Break
        There is also an acknowledgement of both financial and
        operational (non-financial) risks, but so far these are         11:30     Cash and Treasury Management in a Post-
Case    dealt with separately. An integrated approach is needed,                  Acquisition Environment
Study   and quantification helps in the decision-making process.                  So many mergers and acquisitions have failed to deliver
        • Objectives of risk management                                  Case
                                                                                  value to a company and moreover to the shareholders/
        • Identification of risk factors                                 Study    owners. Moreover, raising capital for growth can be
        • Modelling various risks                                                 sticky if working capital is tight and bank lending is
        • Influence on financial results                                          scarce. This session looks at the strategic value and the
        • Risk management policies                                                financing of Goodrich’s most recent acquisition.
        Frans Van Westen, Partner,                                                Jeannot Jonas, Branch Manager & European Treasury
        First Dutch Capital, The Netherlands                                      Manager, Goodrich Corporation, Luxembourg

12:30   Lunch
                                                                        12:30     Lunch
                                                                                  INTENSIVE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP
13:45   Interest Rate and Currency Hedging Workshop
        This essential workshop begins with a view on the               13:45     Funds Workshop Incorporating
        global currency and interest rate developments for the                    Securitisation, Factoring, Leasing
        next 12 months presented by an economist from the US.                     In an increasingly difficult borrowing market, leasing,
        This essential session gives you the six to 12 month            Panel     factoring and securitisation represent an inviting
        view.                                                                     alternative. If you can’t tap the markets or your banks,
        Maria Fiorini Ramirez, President & Chief Executive                        these are three financing solutions for corporates to pay
        Officer, MFR Research Inc                                                 attention to and are being offered by non-bank finance
                                                                                  providers who may be outside the Basle II restrictions.
15:00   Refreshment and Exhibition Break                                          Moderator: Julian Wakeham, Partner, Capco, UK
                                                                                  Panellists: Toon Sanders, Director of Marketing,
15:40   Workshop Continues                                                        De Lage Landen,The Netherlands
        The second part of this workshop presents a corporate                     Derek Strocher, Treasurer, Brake Brothers, UK
        viewpoint on different hedging strategies based on                        Declan Lynch, Executive Vice President, JMH
        market views. How do companies see the coming 12                          Demica, Ireland
        months and how have they reacted? This interactive
        workshop allows audience participation.
        Paul Poirters, Treasurer, Heinz Northern Europe                 15:00     Refreshment and Exhibition Break
                                                                        15:40     Fund Raising Workshop Continues
17:00   Conference closes                                               17:00     Conference closes

                                                                                                                                                   Sponsor and Exhibition Space
                                                                                                                                                   are Now SOLD OUT
                                                                                                                                                   But respond to your customer demands by
 Go online at to check the speaker updates                                                                                   buying group delegate places.
Choose from two Pre-Conference 1-Day Courses
Monday 15th March 2004
Winning Mid-Market Corporate Business                                                         Solving IAS39 & FAS133
Understanding the CFO and Treasurer Mindset                                                   Implementation Issues
Moderator and Lead Tutor: Tony De Caux, Chief Executive,                                      Moderator and Lead Tutor: Sebastian di Paola, Partner, Corporate
BRC Consulting, UK                                                                            Treasury Solutions Group, Brussels, Belgium

This new and innovative course has been specifically designed to guide bankers and            New and Revised Accounting Standards for Financial Instruments – A Practical
executives from other organisations who are selling European Cash and treasury products       Approach to Implementation
and services to corporate customers, on how to identify and assess the needs of these         With the majority of publicly-listed companies now well into the planning or implementation of
businesses. Participants will be divided into teams and will spend this intensive and         new accounting standards such as IAS 39 and FAS 133, this highly practical workshop is intended
practical training course exploring each area of the sales planning process. Using a          for companies who are implementing or planning their implementation of the new standards in
realistic, hypothetical corporate case study each team will meet with the corporate, then     order to achieve compliance by 2005. The course examines the issues of defining and putting in
create and present an RFP. Tony De Caux will personally evaluate each proposal                place revised policies, treasury processes and systems implementation of IAS 39 and FAS 133.
highlighting its strengths and weaknesses and go on to explain the key areas of importance    Including the practical implications of proposed revisions to IAS 39. The course includes the latest
to the corporate in selecting a partner to meet their business needs.                         developments on macro hedging, guidance on dealing with the uncertainty of possible
                                                                                              amendments, and current issues such as basis adjustment and hedging of firm commitments.
                                                                                              PricewaterhouseCoopers present practical case studies and expert guidance on the challenges,
                                                                                              pitfalls and an insight into the future of the standard.

09:15    Registration and refreshments         15:00     Presentation of proposals to         09:15      Registration and refreshments                         maintenance
                                                         Finance Director of Zyx                                                                             • Structural considerations and
10:00    Bank Selection Process from                     Manufacturing                        10:00      Welcome and opening remarks                           alternatives
         Corporate Standpoint                                                                                                                                • Complex hedging reserve (OCI)
                                               15:30     Refreshment break                    10:15      SECTION ONE: Refresh of                               release issues, including basic
10:30    Case Study Company – Zyx                                                                        Concepts of IAS 39 and FAS 133                        adjustment and hedging of firm
         Manufacturing                         15:45     Feedback on Presentations                       • Background and context                              commitments
                                                                                                         • Scope and definitions                             • Hedging with options and
         Teams will get time to study
                                               16:15     Good Points / Weak Points                       • Embedded derivatives                                structured products
         some background material and
         plan a brief call on the company.               • Tips for successful                           • Hedge accounting,
                                                                                                           documentation and                      13:15      Working lunch
                                                           presentation of proposals
11:00    Initial Call on Company                         • Who to bring to meeting                         effectiveness testing
                                                                                                         • Hedge discontinuance events            14:15      SECTION FOUR: Focus on IR
         Each team will be given a                       • Preparation                                                                                       Risk Management
                                                                                                           and their implications
         chance for a short meeting with                 • Style
                                                                                                         • DIG and IGC overview                              • Cash flow versus fair value
         a senior member of the finance                  • Handling objections and                       • Latest from IASB                                     hedges
         area.                                             roadblocks                                    • Q&As and amendments to the                        • Developing an effective
                                                                                                           standards                                            strategy
11:30    Refreshment break                     17:00     How Companies Evaluate                                                                              • The short cut method for IRSs
                                                         Bank Proposals and                   11:30      Refreshment break                                   • Portfolio hedges / stack-up
11:45    Feedback on Calls                               Presentations                                                                                          derivatives
                                                         • What’s important to them           11:45      SECTION TWO: Project                                • The latest in macro hedging
12:00    Customer Proposals and                          • Scoring techniques used                       Organisation and                                    • Use of intercompany / intra-
         Responding to Customer RFPs                     • Beauty parade and                             Implementation Methodology                             desk IR derivatives
                                                           presentation approaches                       • Inventory of strategies                           • Sources of ineffectiveness in IR
         • Things you should not do/
                                                         • What you do if you win the                    • Cost/benefit analysis on the                         hedges
           things you should do
         • Studying the RFP document –                     business                                        need for hedge accounting
                                                         • What you do if you lose the                   • Dealing with the uncertainty of        15:30      Refreshment break
           what you should look for
                                                           business                                        possible amendment issues
                                                                                                         • Dealing with non-compliant             15:45      SECTION FIVE: Other Topics
13:00    Working Lunch
                                               17:30     End of course and completion of                   hedging structures                                • Implications for commodity risk
                                                         evaluation                                      • Assessing earnings and B/S                          management
13:30    Producing the RFP response/                                                                       volatility                                        • Available functionality from
         Proposal for the Case Study                                                                     • Process and systems change                          TMS vendors
         Company                                                                                                                                             • Systems implementation
                                                                                              12:30      SECTION THREE: Focus on FX                          • Transition, first-time application
                                                                                                         Risk Management                                       and disclosure issues, including
                                                                                                         • Treasury centre issues                              FRS1
                                                                                                         • Effectiveness testing and
                                                                                                            forecast accuracy                     17:30      End of course and presentation of
                                                                                                         • Forecast collection and                           certificates of attendance

              Moderator and Lead Tutor:                                                                     Moderator and Lead Tutor:
              TONY DE CAUX, Chief Executive, BRC Consulting Services, UK                                    SEBASTIAN DI PAOLA, Partner, Corporate Treasury Solutions Group,
              Tony specialises in international banking, cash management, electronic                        Brussels, Belgium
              banking and treasury technology. He has worked with many multi-national                       Sebastian di Paola is the lead tutor for the IAS 39 series of workshops. He is
              companies, putting in place efficient cash and liquidity management                           a Partner in the Corporate Treasury Solutions Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers in
structures in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. He was previously with Bank of          Brussels, where he is responsible for a multi-disciplinary team of treasury specialists.
America, where he was Vice President and Regional Manager of their Global Treasury            Sebastian’s clients include many of the world’s leading multinational corporations and he
Services Division - Europe, Middle East and Africa. Prior to Bank of America he held a        has, over the last three years, focused increasingly on helping major companies across
similar position with HSBC where he introduced electronic banking into Europe in the early    Europe to understand and implement the process change required to comply with FAS 133
1980’s. He started his career with Lloyds Bank Ltd. He is author of many articles and books   and IAS 39. He is a regular conference speaker on this topic and has published several
on cash management, including the textbook for the Association of Corporate Treasurers        articles on the practical treasury and systems implications of the new standards.
International Cash Management Certificate.                                           “                                                                                                    “
“       One of the few people I know that is able to draw
        and keep your attention from 9am to 6pm and longer
                                                                                              “        Excellent presenter and extremely knowledgeable.
                                                                                                       Knows how to handle complex question
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Clear cash management overview, for each currency, Real-time information and Localized,                   • Financial risk management, earnings volatility management, and IAS 39 implementation
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understand and manage the risks associated with doing business abroad. We can advise you on
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Liquidity and Cash Flow Management for European Companies
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    eMail     Direct mail      Word of mouth        Advertisement      Association     Sponsor       Internet
                                                                                                                                                                       Under €100 million                                  €1-€9.9 billion
     Other? Please specify: ____________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                       €100-€499 million                                   over €10 billion
Were you invited by a sponsor/exhibitor, if so which one?: ________________________________________________________                                                    €500-€999 million
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Members of the corporate treasury or                                                                                                  Financial institutions, system suppliers,
finance team in corporations:                                               Early Registration          Full Registration             consultants, lawyers and accountants:                                        Early Registration          Full Registration
2-Day Conference                                                                  €995*                       €1,195*                 2-Day Conference                                                                  €1,295*                      €1,495*
1-Day Course (select Course below)                                                €795*                         €895*                 1-Day Course (select Course below)                                                 €795*                         €895*
2-Day Conference PLUS 1-Day Course (select Course below)                         €1,695*                      €1,995*                 2-Day Conference PLUS 1-Day Course (select Course below)                          €1,995*                      €2,295*

I wish to attend the following Course (please select):                            Winning Mid-Market Corporate Business                          Solving IAS39 and FAS133 Implementation Issues**

*Prices are EXCLUSIVE of Netherlands VAT. Delegates attending from the Netherlands may elect not to pay VAT by quoting their corporation’s VAT Number: No_________________________________________________________________________
Other delegates should add Netherlands VAT of 19% to the quoted prices. This VAT is fully recoverable by corporations sending their delegates. **EuroFinance regrets that accounting and financial consultants will not be permitted to attend this course and accordingly
reserves the right of admissions on this basis.

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Refreshments, lunch, full documentation and conference materials where available          Receipt of this signed booking form (inclusive or exclusive of payment) constitutes       If any of the details on the mailing label are incorrect, please return the brochure to
(they do not include hotel accommodation). All fees are inclusive of published            formal agreement to attend this conference and cancellation terms apply. Full             us so that we can update our records and ensure future mailings are correct.
discounts. Bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the payer.                     refunds, less 15% are available on all cancellations received in writing (letter, email
EuroFinance Conferences Limited reserves the right to alter the programme                 or fax) 28 days before the conference start date. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS AFTER             DATA PROTECTION:
content, speakers or course at any time due to circumstances beyond their                 THIS DATE, AND PAYMENT WILL BE REQUIRED IN FULL. Substitutions are available.             The information you provide will be safeguarded by EuroFinance who may use it to
control.                                                                                  All confirmation details will be sent upon receipt of the booking form.                   keep you informed of relevant products and services. If you do not want to receive
VENUE: The Amsterdam Hilton, Amsterdam, The Netherlands                                   DRESS: Business                                                                           this information, please tick here
HOTEL ACCOMMODATION:                                                                                                                                                                We occasionally allow reputable companies outside EuroFinance to contact you with
For preferential rates at the conference hotel please contact the hotel directly on                                                                                                 details of products that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to share your
00 31 20 710 6000 stating you are a EuroFinance delegate. Please note the                                                                                                           details, please tick here
preferential rate is based on availability.

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ONLINE:                                                              EMAIL:                                                          PHONE: Call the registration hotline on                                 FAX: Complete, detach and fax the form to*                                                                          +44 (0)20 7330 1010                                                     +44 (0)20 7330 1080

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