Printer Types by zhangyun


									              Printer Types
• Ball Printer-Impact type- Uses a round ball
  with raised characters.
• Chain Printer- Impact Type- Uses a
  character slug attached to a chain
• Daisy Wheel Printer- Impact Type- Uses a
  round wheel with characters.
              Printer Types
• Dot Matrix Printers- Impact type- Uses a
  series of pins to strike a ribbon. Normally 9
  pin or 24 pin.The most versatile of the
  impact printers
• Line Dot Matrix Printer- Impact type- One
  line at a time
  Printer Types- The New Breed
• Ink Jet Printer- Non Impact- tiny ink
  droplets sprayed onto the paper
• Laser Printer- Non Impact-Uses laser beam
  to form image- Similar to photo-copier
• Laser Beam Printer- Non Impact- Same as
  laser printer
• LED Printer- Non Impact- Uses LED
  instead of Laser
•   Auto Print
•   CMY
•   Coated Paper Stock
•   Digital Printer
•   Dot Matrix
•   DPI
•   Dye Sublimation
•   Flash Memory
•   Ink Jet
•   JPEG

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