Preparation of Papers in a Two Column Model Paper Format by zhangyun


									      Proceedings of ISAF 2002: Preparation of Papers in a Two
         Column Model Paper Format for IEEE Publications
                                             A.B. Author1, Q.J. Author2
                                 The National Institute of Standards and Technology,
                             100 Bureau Drive Stop 8552, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 USA
                                            Tokyo Institute of Technology
                                    Graduate School of Science and Engineering
                                   Department of Metallurgy and Ceramics Science
                                2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku,Tokyo 152-8552,Japan

Abstract — Instructions are given to authors for preparing    must be prepared single-spaced, using black plastic
their manuscripts. Manuscripts will be reproduced             typewriter ribbon or a laser printer. Do not use a dot
without reduction (100%). To insure that papers will be       matrix printer.
reproduced clearly and in proper size and form, authors       Take care not to smear the copy. Clean corrections made
should observe the following instructions.                    by any method are acceptable, but corrections made by
                                                              mortising are preferred. New lines or paragraphs may be
                IMPORTANT INFORMATION                         carefully pasted over old lines or paragraphs, if the length
                                                              is the same. (Use paper cement or glue.)
   Please follow these special instructions carefully. The
number of pages is strictly limited to 4 for contributed      Hand Lettering
papers and 6 for invited and plenary papers. Papers must
be submitted at the meeting, by Wednesday May 29,                Use black ink whenever it is necessary to letter
12:00pm, to the ISAF Publications Room. Papers will           mathematical symbols or other copy by hand.
be reviewed by the session chairs at the meeting. Please
submit an original camera-ready paper and two additional                                 TITLE
copies. Authors are also asked to provide the paper on a
3.5” diskette in Microsoft Word format. Include a                Center the title on the page so as to run across the
separate sheet with full contact information for the          upper portions of both columns. The title of the paper is
corresponding author (name, address, phone and fax            typed in upper and lower case letters. Use Times or
numbers, email address, and the session and paper             Times Roman typeface 18 point, plain text (not bold).
numbers), and the name of the Microsoft Word file.            Follow the title by a single 18-point line.
Authors must also submit a completed IEEE copyright
form (see below).                                                            AUTHORS AND AFFILIATION

                      MANUSCRIPTS                                The name of the author and affiliation should follow
                                                              on separate lines in upper and lower case letters. Use the
    Manuscripts should be typed or produced with a word       Times or Times Roman 10 point typeface.
processor in two columns to a page. Note that use of U.S.
letter, 8 1/2”  11” paper is strongly preferred, to                               MAJOR HEADING
facilitate handling of manuscripts. Columns should be
3.25” wide, separated by 0.15”. Use one side of a page           Major headings are centered in the column. Use
only. The following margins are required:                     capitals and small capitals if available. Use the Times or
                                                              Times Roman 10 point typeface, plain text (not bold).
   Top (1st Page):         1.25”
   Top (Other pages):      0.8”                               Subheadings
   Bottom:       0.5”      (or 31 mm for A4)
   Left: 0.8”                                                     Subheadings are set in italic or underlined and placed
   Right:        1.05”     (or 20 mm for A4)                  flush on the left-hand margin of the column on a separate
Approximately 1000 words (elite type) will fit on a page.
    Never place clear or "magic" tape over any text or           Subsubheading: Subsubheadings are italicized or
illustration. Tape may be used on the back of figures or      underlined, indented, and run in at the beginning of the
illustrations to fasten them to the manuscript. Manuscripts   paragraph.
    Abstract: A brief abstract (one column wide) should         across two columns at the top or bottom of the page.
be included as the first paragraph of the paper.                Center table captions above the tables. Tables should be
                                                                identified by Roman numerals (Table I, Table II, etc.).
                        MAIN TEXT
    For the main text, use the Times or Times Roman 10
point typeface. Text should be single-spaced and                     List and number all bibliographical references at the
justified. Indent the first line of each paragraph by 0.2” to   end of the paper. When referring to them in the text, type
the right.                                                      the corresponding reference number in square brackets
                   EQUATION NUMBERS
                                                                [1] A. B. Author, Title of Book. New York: IEEE Press,
    When numbering equations, enclose numbers in                    1993, ch. 6, pp. 23-35.
parentheses and place flush with the right-hand margin of       [2] J. Q. Author, "Title of the paper," Journal, vol. 10,
the column.                                                         pp. 1-20, June 1993.
                                                                [3] C. D. Smith and E. F. Jones, "Title of paper,"
                      PAGE NUMBERS                                  presented at the EKE Conference on..., City, State,
                                                                    June 6-7, 1993.
    Number manuscript pages lightly in blue pencil on the       [4] G. H. Author, "Title of paper," in Proceedings of the
bottom of each page. Do not type page numbers on the                Conference..., 1993, pp. 1~20.
bottom of each page: your manuscript will be repaginated
for the publication. You may put page numbers on the                                   COPYRIGHT
reverse side.
                                                                    A completed IEEE copyright form must be signed and
                SYMBOLS AND ACRONYMS                            submitted with your manuscript. Your paper will not be
                                                                published without it. Retain a copy of the completed form
    Use only IEEE standard symbols and unit                     for your records. The copyright form is available from the
abbreviations. The use of the International System of           IEEE website
Units (SI units) is advocated. Define any acronyms the
first time they appear.                                         ink.htm
                                                                    Note that there are no spaces or returns in the IEEE
                      ILLUSTRATIONS                             URL; it is a continuous address.

   Illustrations (drawings, photographs, tables) should                         ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS
generally fit to one column (3.25” or 82mm). However, if
they cannot be reduced to one column, place them across            Answers to any questions pertaining to when and
two columns at the top or bottom of the page.                   where to submit your paper can be found in the program
                                                                book or on the website of the conference:
Drawings and Photographs
    Line drawings and black and white photographs must
be placed as close to their mention as possible. Lettering          Other questions may directed to the publications
should not be smaller than typewritten material.                committee: Dr. Grady White, National Institute of
Prescreened prints of photographs may be used. Use an           Standards and Technology (, or
80 or 100 line screen.                                          Dr. Takaaki Tsurumi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    All lines should be black on white paper. On graphs,        (
show only the coordinate axes, or at most the major grid
lines, to preclude a dense, hard-to-read effect

Figure Captions

   Figure captions must be placed right below the figure
being described. Figures should be identified sequentially
by Arabic numerals (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.).


   A table 6 1/2 to 9 1/2 inches wide should not be
reduced to one column — it becomes illegible. Place it

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