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					the treatments
                                                               White fillings
                                                               You will need one appointment. Your tooth will be prepared in
                                                               the same way as an ordinary silver filling.             See our
 Tooth Bleaching
                                                               ‘White Fillings’ leaflet for a detailed treatment plan.
 You will need several appointments and you may
 need to continue with the procedure at home. Healthy          Inlays/Onlays
 teeth may be bleached either on the outside or inside.        You will need at least two appointments.An inlay is prepared
 Naturally yellow or darker teeth can be lightened with        the same way as a filling, then an impression is made and a
 Hydrogen Peroxide when administered by a dentist.             temporary filling will be placed into the hole. Finally the
 Home bleaching relies on wearing a lab made custom-           finished inlay/onlay is glued into place and any small
 fitted tray which is usually worn at night for at least       adjustments needed will be made.
     4-8 hours for 2-4 weeks. Most patients achieve a
 change within this period.                                    Veneers
                                                               You will need at least two appointments. For porcelain veneers,
 1. A tooth which is dark inside may have been                 an impression is made and the tooth colour recorded. This is then
    caused by diseased roots. The bleach is placed into        sent to a technician. At the second visit your veneer will be fitted.
    the root canal temporarily before or after a root          See our ‘Veneers’ leaflet for a detailed treatment plan.
    canal filling.
  2. To bleach the outside, you may need to use a weak         You will need at least two appointments. The tooth will be
     bleach jelly at home. You will have to use a tray that    prepared and impressions will be taken, these are then sent to a
 has been made to fit closely around your teeth to             technician and a temporary crown is fitted. At the     second
 protect your gums. To make this, your dentist will            visit your new crown will be fitted.
 take an impression of your teeth and send it to a             See our ‘Crowns’ leaflet for a detailed treatment plan.
                                                               Bridges and Dentures
                                                               You will need several appointments. Impressions will be taken
 3. Your dentist will check the fit of your trays and
                                                               of your mouth and a temporary bridge or crown may be fitted.
    show you how to place the jelly into them.
                                                               Dentures are custom-made so a trial denture is fitted in order to
  4. Alternatively, a stronger bleach can be used by your      assess any changes that may be needed. The final denture/ bridge
     dentist in one visit. Your gums will be protected and     will then be fitted. You may need a further visit so that your den-
 the bleach will be painted onto the teeth. Then               tist can assess how you are getting on with your          denture.
     it will be heated with a special light for an hour. The                                                   See our ‘Bridges
     change in colour is immediate and the treatment is        & Dentures’ leaflet for a detailed treatment plan.
     more expensive than the method using trays. This is       Implants
     only available at selected practices.                     You may be referred to a specialist. There are several stages to
 Your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold for a few
                                                                                                                                       a guide to options, benefits and treat-
 days after bleaching.

 Scaling and Polishing
 You will need one appointment every 6 months unless
 your dentist or hygienist advises you to visit more regu-
 larly. Ask your dentist for details.

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cosmetic dentistry
            explained                          Options
                                               1. Scaling and Polishing regularly
                                                                                                 onlay sits on the tooth to build up its
                                                                                                                                              had teeth removed. Dentures can be
                                                                                                                                              made from either plastic or metal. See
                                               by your dentist or hygienist helps             5. Veneers are able to improve the           our ‘Bridges & Dentures’ leaflet for a
                                               keep your teeth and gums healthy                  appearance of front teeth.                   treatment plan.
                                                  and your smile whiter. Scaling                 A thin wafer of porcelain is placed        9. Implants can be used to replace
                                                  removes the hard tartar which cannot           over a discoloured or chipped tooth          missing teeth and may be suitable
                                               be removed by brushing. Stains from               (rather like a false finger nail being       for people who cannot use
                                                  coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine are        glued onto the nail).                        removable dentures. They are
                                                  removed with the polishing. Some                                                            titanium rods which are surgically
                                                  surgeries will provide Sodium               6. Crowns are fitted when a tooth is            placed into the jawbone and used
                                                  Bicarbonate-based jet polishing on a           badly broken or a root canal filling         as anchors for dentures or crowns.
                                                  private basis which is used for                is in place. They are available as:          Implants improve appearance and
                                                  extremely stained or smokers teeth.            porcelain (white or tooth-coloured,          function of your dentition. However,
                                                                                                 for front teeth),                            they are not suitable for everyone and
                                               2. Tooth Bleaching improves the                   porcelain bonded to precious metal        your dentist can advise you about the
                                               appearance of your teeth without                  (which is stronger and better for            procedures connected with implants.
                                               removing any of the tooth’s natural               back teeth).
                                                  surface. It is not a replacement for           Silver metal or gold crowns are suit-     10.Teeth straightening is usually
People are more aware of how their teeth          scaling and polishing as bleaching is       able                for back teeth, where    done during the teenage years, while
                                                  purely cosmetic. However, it is a           they need to be strong enough to with-          teeth are still growing. Adults can
look and turn to their dentist to improve         better option than crowns or veneers        stand biting                 pressure, and      have treatment but it takes longer
their appearance, using treatments including   for lightening healthy teeth. See the          where appearance is                   not as    and is more expensive. Discuss the
                                                  back of this leaflet for a treatment        important. The latest crowns                    options with your dentist.
veneers, crowns and bridges, bleaching and     plan.                                          are made from castable glass which
tooth-coloured fillings.                          (NB: We are waiting for clarification          gives them a natural appearance. They
                                               from       EU Regulations before we can        are stronger than pure porcelain. See
                                               offer this                   service.)            our ‘Crowns’ leaflet for a treatment
Benefits                                                                                      plan.
• Discoloured teeth can be whitened            3. White fillings are a cosmetic
                                                  alternative to silver ‘amalgam’ fillings,   7. Bridges are made by crowning teeth
• Broken teeth can be restored                    giving a more natural smile. White             either side of the gap and attaching a
                                                  fillings bond better and can be used to        false tooth in the middle supported by
• Misshapen teeth or gaps can be improved         reshape or rebuild broken or worn           the newly crowned teeth.
                                                  teeth. Teeth need less preparation for a       An adhesive bridge is a false tooth
• Fillings no longer need to be silver,        white filling and therefore leave more            with metal wings. These ‘wings’ are
  a more natural smile can be achieved            of the natural tooth intact. See our           glued to the teeth either side. Your
                                                                                                                                           Teeth after being fitted with veneers.
                                                  ‘White Fillings’ leaflet for a treatment       dentist will advise which is best for
• Missing teeth can be replicated and          plan.                                             you. See our ‘Bridges & Dentures’
  replaced                                                                                    leaflet for a treatment plan.
                                               4. Inlays and onlays are used when a
                                                  cavity is large but the surrounding         8. Dentures can be partial or full.
Your dentist will be happy to explain any of      tooth is healthy. Instead of reducing the   Partial dentures can replace a few
                                               healthy tooth to fit a crown, inlays are       missing teeth. Dentures can be fitted
the following procedures to you or see our        made from porcelain, gold or resin. An         straight after teeth have been taken
range of leaflets.                                inlay sits in a hole in the tooth and an       out so that no-one knows you have