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19.72.015 Real estate signs. A Restrictions. It is unlawful for any person, firm
or corporation to erect or maintain or permit to be erected or maintained, on any
real property, any sign advertising that the property is for sale or for lease, except
in accordance with the provisions of this Section. An owner of real property, or
his agent, may display or have displayed on the owner's property, one sign
(doublesided), not larger than three square feet advertising:
               1.     That the property is for sale, lease or exchange by the owner
or his agent;
               2.     The owner’s or agent's name; and
               3.     The owner's or agent's address and telephone number.
        All contiguous parcels of real property under the same ownership shall be
deemed a single parcel for purposes of this Section, and only one such real
estate sign shall be permitted thereon.
        B.     Removal. A real estate sign shall be removed immediately upon
the sale, lease or exchange or the property, and no sign shall be maintained
indicating that the property has been sold or leased.
        C.     Open House Signs. Multiple off-site open house directional signs
shall be placed only upon the property for sale or lease or upon the private
properties of others, with their permission. Open house signs shall not be placed
upon City property.
        D.     Vacant Lot Signs. Real estate signs erected upon vacant property
shall be attached to posts driven into the ground so that the top of the sign shall
not be over three feet above the surface of the ground, and shall be set back at
least ten feet from the front property line.
        E.     Illumination. No real estate sign shall be illuminated. (Ord. 93-2 § 1
(part), 1993.)

For more information, call the city clerk: 415-435-3838

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