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      Optoma GT100 Mini Projector
                                     If the gods of tech had wanted us to watch
More Info                            lavish movies and graphically gobsmacking
                                     games on virtual 75” screens they’d have
Product Features                     invented a portable projector to do so. Hold
LED lamp technology for long life    on, they have, and it’s called the Optoma
and portable use                     GT100.
Up to 75” image size
Easy to use, stylish and compact     Capable of hurling images from consoles, set
Connects to almost any device with   top boxes, DVD players, laptops and more onto
AV Out                               any flat surface, across an area of up to 75”,
Built in 1.5 Watt speaker            the compact Optoma is perfect for gamers
                                     accused of hogging the telly, families wanting
                                     to check out their photos big-styley, students
                                     who’ve had the bailiffs in, execs looking to
                                     impress, and anyone who wants to check out
                                     the bigger picture wherever they may roam.
                Marshall Headphones
                                   The best way to tell if you’re close enough to
More Info                          the stage at any good gig is if you can read the
Features:                          Marshall logo on the speaker stacks. Now,
Super soft ear cushion             thanks to these Marshall Headphones, you can
Fully collapsible construction     get closer to the sound than ever before.
1m extension cable
Compatible with any 3.5 or 6.3mm Remaining true to their roots, Marshall have
music player                     made the exterior of the headband from the
6.3mm adapter included           same vinyl used in their amplifiers and even
                                 featured their signature Marshall texture on
                                 the cans themselves. The fully collapsible
                                 design makes these ideal for listening on the
                                 move and the super soft ear cushion gives a fit
                                 so comfortable that you’ll be wearing them
                                 long after the lights have gone up.
                                  Digitising photos, documents, magazine pages
                                  and other papery items just got a whole lot
                                  easier thanks to the incredibly versatile
                                  DocuScan. Sleek and compact, this all-in-one
                                  full colour scanner makes digitising paperwork,
                                  pics and articles about Mrs Mangel (bored,
It can even scan business cards   us?) a complete doddle. You don’t even need a
                                  Thanks to an adjustable tray feeder you can
                                  scan all sizes up to A4, so standard documents,
                                  ancient concert tickets, school reports,
                                  swimming certificates, photos of granny on the
                                  pier, old Polaroids from the pub and crumpled
                                  love letters to Kim Wilde will be zapped into
                                  digital files before you can say ‘Paperwork?
                                  What paperwork?’ So what are you waiting
                                  for? Like the tagline says: scan, save, share.
                    NanoWatch Strap
                                       Your wrist deserves to be adorned with more
                                       than a mere watch – and if you’re lucky
                                       enough to own a new style iPod Nano it soon
                                       will be because the ingenious NanoWatch lets
                                       you wear your Nano like a wristwatch.
Simply clip your Nano onto the strap
                                       Simply pop your player on this funky soft
                                       rubber strap via its built-in clip and you’re
                                       ready to rock…or roll, or listen to the radio,
                                       gawp at album artwork, fiddle with Nike ID and
                                       much more. Even if you’ve got some blinged
                                       up P. Diddy of a wristwatch we doubt it does
                                       half as much as a fully loaded Nano. Activate
                                       your watch function and onlookers will be
                                       none the wiser.
  Tao Digital Photo Keychain
            Pocket-size picture show
                     Photo-bearing key fobs are great for keeping
                     snaps of your nearest and dearest, er, near and
                     dear. But gawping at the same photo every
                     time you pull out your keys can be mighty
                     tedious. Enter the Tao Digital Photo Keychain.

                     This ultra slim USB-friendly gizmo lets you drag
                     and drop photos straight from your PC or Mac,
1.5" LCD screen
                     displaying them on its 1.5” LCD screen. It’s a
                     fantastic pressie for loved ones. Think of it as a
                     post millennial version of the mix tape, only
                     this time you’re loading up precious pictures,
                     not cruddy Kajagoogoo tracks.

                                                Fantastic keychain!
                               Pogoplug Pro
             Wirelessly access and share – from anywhere!
1. Plug your Pogoplug Pro into a wall socket   The trouble with all the content on your hard
or power strip                                 drive is that it’s on…erm, your hard drive. So
2. Connect wirelessly your Pogoplug to your    imagine how cool it would be if you could
router                                         access all those lovely documents, photos and
3. Connect any external hard drive or          movies from anywhere in the world. Imagine
memory stick to the USB port in your           no more because the idiot-proof Pogoplug Pro
Pogoplug Pro                                   is here.
4. From your computer, go to and type in your unique        This highly acclaimed gizmo connects any USB
Pogoplug registration code                     hard drive to the internet, giving you (and
5. That's it! Your drive is now online and     anyone else you choose) full web access to its
ready to use                                   contents from wherever you may roam. Once
                                               connected you can peruse and download your
                                               files from any computer in the world. Just log
                                               on and get gawping. Easy