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                                                                  Absentee Bidder Form
  Dear Absentee Bidder,
  We will promptly refund your money (along with any shipping charges) if any errors were made in our verbal or printed
  descriptions. Thank you.
  1. Make sure you know exactly what you are bidding on! If you have ANY questions, call or email us. We must receive
  bids at least three days prior to the auction when using this form.
  2. Detach and use this form, (or use any similar form) and mail, fax or email us your bids. There is no need for a deposit –
  we will trust you to pay promptly if you win bids.
  3. Expect an invoice within the first five days following the auction if you are the winning bidder. Payment is due within
  10 days of receiving invoice.
     Note: If you prefer, bids may be submitted through our web site. See instructions for on-line bidding at
                                    Jones and Horan uses these bid increments:
       $10 - $199               $10 increments              $500 - $999   $50 increments
       $200 - $499              $25 increments              $1000 - above Auctioneer’s Discretion
  Please note: Bids submitted not using the above increments would be enacted using the next lower increment.
  Example: If you bid $215, we will enact the bid as if it were a $200 bid
    Name and Address:                                      E-mail address:

    Telephone:                                     NAWCC#:

    Lot #     Description:                         Bid        Lot #       Description:                           Bid
                                                   Price:                                                        Price:

                  No Buyer’s Premium     No Sales Tax   Cash or Check - No Credit Cards
       453 Mast Road, Goffstown, NH 03045 Tel (603) 623-5314 or (800) 622-8120 Fax (603) 626-5974

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