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Chapters 5_ 6_ _7 by zhangyun


									                                     Chapters 5, 6, &7
                            INPUT –OUTPUT- STORAGE ACTIVITY

Save this as your period#_your last name_Input-ouput-storage.doc and place it in Dangler’s Inbox
when completed. .

Identify the following items. Do not cut and paste your explanations. Then find a picture of each
item online to copy and paste into this document. (Try to find unusual/expensive/most desirable
examples – surprise me)
      ITEM NAME                        TYPE          Picture found from the internet
      (Tell what it is and two facts   Input,
      about it)                        Output or
          1. External Hard Drive
          2. LCD Monitor
          3. Ergonomic Keyboard
          4. Tape
          5. Bar Code Reader
          6. USB Flash Drive
          7. Digital Camera
          8. Joystick
          9. Label and Postage
          10. Dance Pads
          11. Web Cam
          12. Biometric input
          13. Interactive
          14. Data projectors
          15. Headphones
          16. Mouse
          17. CD-ROMs
          18. Braille Printer
          19. Flash memory cards
          20. Light pen
          21. Microphone
          22. Point of Sale Terminal
          23. Microfilm
          24. Optical discs
          25. Fax machine

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