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					       Joe Aterburn, Cabela’s Incorporated              NEWS RELEASE
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   The Nebraska retailer opens a new distribution channel for park model
     cabins in the heartland of America, providing hunting and fishing
  enthusiasts with one of the most versatile cabin products on the market

       SIDNEY, Neb., April 25, 2006 ― Cabela’s Incorporated, a leading retailer
of hunting, fishing and outdoor products, has broadened its product line to
include fully furnished park model cabins, which can often be set up in remote
locations without building permits.
       “The interest in recreational property for hunting and fishing is growing,
and with it the need for cabin options,” said Curt Dinges, Cabela’s product
manager. “Park model cabins are an affordable, versatile solution.”
       Dinges said the company has already received considerable interest in the
park model units, which it started carrying in February. The units, which are
manufactured to Cabela’s specifications by Elkhart, Ind.-based Forest River, are
featured in the company’s spring catalog.
       Unlike traditional site built cabins or cabin kits, park model cabins sit on a
chassis and can be rolled onto a campsite and used as a weekend vacation
cabin or seasonal retreat. Technically classified as recreational vehicles, park
models usually do not require building permits and can be set up on leased
campsites or on private property, subject to local zoning requirements. Cabela’s
400-square foot park model cabins retail for just under $40,000, and come
furnished with kitchen appliances, including a stove, refrigerator and microwave
oven. Double bunk beds or a single queen bed are also available as options.
          Cabela’s move into the park model business is significant from a
marketing standpoint. While 30 percent of park model owners describe
themselves as fishing or outdoor enthusiasts, park models have never previously
been marketed directly to hunting and fishing enthusiasts by a major retailer like
Cabela’s, according to William Garpow, executive director of the Recreational
Park Trailer Industry Association (RPTIA).
          “Cabela’s is truly plowing new ground in the park model business,” said
Garpow, whose association represents more than 40 park model manufacturers
across the country. “While park models are ideally suited for hunters and
fishermen, the product is relatively unknown in America’s heartland. In this
respect, we think Cabela’s decision to carry park model cabins will not only help
their customers, but help the park model industry as well, particularly in states
like Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri where we have never had a significant
presence before.”
          Indeed, most of the nation’s park models are located in campgrounds and
RV parks in the Northeast, in states bordering the Great Lakes and in the
Sunbelt, or in coastal areas where the units are used as weekend retreats or
seasonal vacation dwellings. Park models, however, are ideally suited for
outdoor recreation enthusiasts because of their transportable nature.
          Cabela’s Incorporated is the world’s largest direct marketer and a leading
specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise.
The company currently has 14 retail locations nationwide. The newest, a
185,000-square-foot store in Rogers, Minn., opened Oct. 14, 2005. Cabela's also
has announced plans to open stores in La Vista, Neb.; Gonzales, La.; Glendale,
Ariz.; Richfield, Wis.; and Hazelwood, Mo.; in 2006; and Reno, Nev.; Wheat
Ridge, Colo.; East Rutherford, N.J.; East Hartford, Conn.; and Hoffman Estates,
Ill., in 2007.
          RPTIA, for its part, represents 46 recreational park trailer manufacturers
that have pledged to the association that they will adhere to the American
National Standards Institute ANSI A119.5 standard, which mandates more than
500 separate safety requirements for recreational park trailers. RPTIA assists its
members in complying with the ANSI standard by providing unannounced
inspections of the units being produced at the members’ manufacturing facilities
by accredited third party engineering firms. Members of the association who are
in compliance with the standards program have earned the right to proudly
display RPTIA’s gold, blue and green oval seal, which is typically placed adjacent
to the primary entrance to the recreational park trailer.
          To obtain photos, statistics, consumer and campground contacts or other
information regarding the growth of the recreational park trailer industry, please
contract William Garpow at (770) 251-2672 or visit the association’s website at

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