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Bella Casa Rental Agreement


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Bella Casa Rental Listing Agreement

Please read, sign and fax package to 315-765-0509

To: Tiffany Accattato

Property Owner: __________________

Phone Number: _________________

Today’s Date: ___________________

Number of Pages: _________

Re: Rental Listing Agreement

Payment Method: ________________


Step One: Submit appropriate listing package, listing property information and a’la
carte services at www.rediscovercny.com
Step Two: Upload photos from our website at www.rediscovercny.com or e-mail
them to bellacasa@rediscovercny.com. Follow the directions on the website. You
must submit at least six photos within 5 days of listing submission. One exterior
must be submitted before property is listed on the website.
Step Three: Send payment


Landlord(s) Initial __________ __________                       Bella Casa, HMS Initial __________

Agreement to Provide Marketing Services
This agreement is made on ___________________day of ____, 20__, by and

between Bella Casa Home Marketing Specialists______________________________
        (hereinafter referred to as (“BCHMS”)

and ________________________________________________________________
    (hereinafter referred to as the (“Landlord”)

Whereas BCHMS is experienced in the area(s) of

Your listings will be placed on the internet and be exposed to millions of prospects
via a variety of websites, search engines and indexing services. They will be available
on sites such as Google, Yahoo, Zillow and Bella Casa’s Listing Website. We market
Bella Casa and your listings in creative ways and places where your prospects and
other agents will be looking and attract them in innovative ways.


Whereas the consumer is desirous of

Unparalleled internet and creative marketing systems to attract local, national and
international buyers.

The parties agree that BCHMS shall receive as compensation from the above
described services, please see the attached invoice as stated paid in full.

Additionally, to make your listing more appealing to Realtors, BCHMS recommends
that the Landlord offer compensation to Real Estate Agents if they bring you a
Qualified and Approved Tenant (please choose one)
½ Months Rent __ Full Months Rent __ or Other Amount $_________

This agreement remains active until the property is rented or until termination.

Landlords may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying BCHMS in writing,
via e-mail, fax or postal mail, however, the invoice paid in full amount is
non-refundable. Once a termination request is made by consumer and received by
us the listing will be cancelled within five (5) business days. The listing must be
cancelled if the customer decides to re-list with a Brokerage Agency.

Listing Changes
Change requests must be submitted online at www.rediscovercny.com through our
e-mail address at Bellacasa@rediscovercny.com. Changes will be completed within
24 hours of submission. The customer is responsible for reviewing the published
listing and must notify BCHMS of any and all errors or omissions within 24 hours.
Once the property is rented, BCHMS listing website reserves the right to advertise
the rental listing as “sold” for a period of time.

Landlord(s) Initial __________ __________                         Bella Casa, HMS Initial __________

Bonus Sites
All Real Estate internet portals and indexes transfer to several 3rd party websites and
we cooperate with all of them, however, we have no control over these sites and as
such cannot guarantee their reliability. Your Listing Fee to BCHMS, is for publishing
to www.rediscovercny.com only. Third party bonus sites are purely a bonus subject
to change without prior notice.

Limited Consultation
Bella Casa’s website provides FSBO and FRBO marketing and advertising services
only. We do not provide any other service to Landlords. We recommend that
Landlords hire legal representation when selling real estate. We do have Licensed
Realtors on staff and only work with other Licensed Brokers Nationwide on a referral

Under this agreement BCHMS For-Sale-By-Owner and For-Rent-By-Owner, BCHMS
staff does not represent you as your agent and as such cannot provide you with any
services that could be considered as being your representative, Realtor® or Agent.
There is no broker or agency contract or relationship between BCHMS and the
Landlord of this service.

Our accepted methods of payment are through our paypal account, personal check,
cash, or money order. Payment must be received prior to the listing being published.

Please make checks payable to Bella Casa, Home Marketing Specialists
and mail to:

Tiffany Accattato
1 Upperwoods Circle
New Hartford, NY 13413

I/We acknowledge that I/We have read and understood the above information and
agree to the terms by signing below:

________________________                    ________________________      _________
Signature                                   Print Name                    Date

___________________________                 __________________________    _________
Signature                                    Print Name                    Date

___________________________                 ______________________________________
                                             E-mail Address

Property Address

Please provide a minimum of two phone numbers for one contact for the convenience of

________________________ _____________________ ___________________

Landlord(s) Initial __________ __________                                Bella Casa, HMS Initial __________

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