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					Version 8.27 (15 Oct-2010)
Update to filter client actions on live/ending soonest/reports and header views

Version 8.26 (10 Aug-2010)
Updates to demotion of faults, post a new visit automatically

Version 8.25 (13 Apr-2010)
More live categories on the red (header) bar.
Update find fault to allow users to return faults based on the clear times instead of the
entered date/observed date.
Update find fault to allow users to return all faults that have been visited by an engineer

Version 8.24 (15 Jan-2010)

Uptime report (various updates)
Chargeable works updates (various updates)

Version 8.23 (12-Nov-2009)

Lock code locking against categories, e.g. RTA damage = P1 urgent. Override for

Update site additional details screen allowing users to upload documents straight into the
site folder, also users may put documents into a template/shared folder. Sites->more to
enter site additional site details.

Version 8.22 (27-Oct-2009)
Update Manager Permissions – Administrator permissions, see Walkthrough: Managing
User Logins.
Update find faults – return the last visit comments

Version 8.21 (25-Oct-2009)
Update Manager Permissions – Users must have manager‟s permissions to add „base‟
Update Manager Permissions – Users must have manager‟s permissions to update fault

Version 8.20 (19-Oct-2009)

Update Chargeable Works – Put fault details on screen
Update Network availability report – see functional specification
Put last visit details (eng, comments) against FaultHeader record when updating visit
Update find faults – bug fix - return only the current „assignedto‟ staff not all, clear
Update find faults – exclude void fault option
Update find faults – display number of returned records
Update find faults – Allow users to specify the no. of records they wish to return per page
Update find faults – return the last visit comments
Text/Email settings – allow users to define default recipient against district/area

Version 8.19 (22-Jul-2009)
Update to charge codes 13digit values
Split Client Action status – to Client Action Assigned/Unassigned

Version 8.18 (2-Jul-2009)
Insert fault module – category update
Fault header 4th rebate column
Override visit settings
Login Updates
Update rebate times (manage responses in minutes)

Version 8.17 (15-jun-2009)
Update visit screens - to display the site details if any exist. See Version 8.10 (12-June-
2009) for more details.
Update site screen - to remove bug, when last controller date is null and user updates
data, system puts in default date in field (1900) instead of keeping it null.
Update Fault all screens - with Update Message column. As the users cannot edit
the comments (once the fault has been initially entered), this is used when an
operator wishes to add further information against a fault. By using this method, it
alerts the engineer that an update has occurred and hence they can look at the visit
screen for the new information
Update live fault – allow contractors to check a box to return all the temp clear faults
Update – User logins
New report - to return basic fault information

Version 8.16 (2-apr-2009)
Update to chargeable works screen, units, navigation and misc entry
Update to visit screen, not displaying comments correctly
Update header – remove client action faults from figures
Update text services – internal functionality
Update Add faults screen – override entereddate with correct pwd
Update Network Availability report – see Report – How it works on the top of the report

Version 8.15 (25-mar-2009)
Update header -> Allow users to view top 3 categories and to drill down to view specific
fault details.
Update to automatically stop and start the rebate clock (using the client action, reject and
temp clear status).
New screen chargeable works -> Allow users to enter details linked from the fault header.
(See functional spec for more details)

Version 8.14 (15-Dec-2008)
Update clear code report -> Allow users to select 2nd and 3rd fault codes from a list.
Also to allow the user to export the data to a text file and excel.
Update clear code report -> Allow user to export the results into a text file and excel.

Version 8.13 (14-Oct-2008)
Update add faults -> Allow users to select organization from a list, instead of typing (DB
Update new table org).
Update Visit page (bug on email fault details).
Update Visit page when the user enters an Update Message the system will not update the
status of the fault.

Version 8.12 (5-Oct-2008)
Update live faults -> allow users to check the Client Action box to display just the client
action list.
Update visit -> Add new blank status in the status drop down to stop the user entering the
1st on the list by mistake.
Update visit -> Allow users to text users directly by just clicking a button.
Update site -> more-> Allow users to add email addresses to sites.
Update Add Fault -> if email address is set (above). Automatically send fault details
to email address.
Update visit -> if email address is set; when a full clear is entered send clearance
details to email address.

Version 8.11.1 (5-Aug-2008)
Update visits -> Allow the users to stop and start the rebate clock if a 3rd party action is
selected. (db update new tables RebateHowLong, RebateStroredTimes).
Update Find Faults screen to allow the users to select faults that have had the selected
status against them (i.e. the system return faults that have been rejected within the date
range not returning just the current status).
Update SiteDetails report to include last street furniture date.

Version 8.11 (2-July-2008)
Update find faults screen -> Allow the users to search for NULL status. I.e. find all faults
that have never been assigned or an action against them.
Update faults ending soonest screen to allow the users have the option to only display the
selected categories. E.g. only display the first 3 highest priority categories.
Update not confirmed faults report -> Allow users to specify if a fault is a real fault (db
update faultheader).
Update all reports to include a real fault check box -> Allow users to report on only real

Version 8.10 (12-June-2008)
Update site screen -> more information link to allow the user to add site details in a
notepad format. These can be general comments that users/planners may find
helpful when new work has been commissioned on the site (e.g. always vandalized –
maybe cctv required, poles rusty, etc). (db update site).
Update add faults screen to display any site notes when the site has been retrieved.
This can be useful to prompt users about certain specific issues relation to the site.

Update find faults to include wildcard characters % (many) or (_) single so that the
user can return faults against a number of sites within the range.

Version 8.9 (10-May-2008)
Update home->rejectedfaults to include all faults that have been rejected option instead of
the returning the faults that are currently in the reject status.
New Report - Rebate Advanced Top 8 categories – same as Rebate advanced but using
the all categories instead of the top 3 categories.
Update site summary report to include OTU.

Version 8.8 (04-March-2008)
Updated Detailed Site Information Report (order by dates, remove the entryid and add a
fault link

Version 8.7 (8-Feb-2008)
Updated Detailed Site Information Report new status column
Updated out of hour report to allow the filter on categories
Updated Find Fault to allow the contractors to view all clients faults together
Updated Add Fault to allow add fault permissions (on/off)
Updated rebate calculations to include an end of next day calculation

Version 8.6 (15-January-2008)
Updated Inventory to filter parts against clients
Update login to allow clients to view individual contractors by using just a single login
See multiplecontractors.doc for functional specification.
Update add faults to include 2nd fault code option with auto email to the specified

Version 8.5 (15-December-2007)
Updated advanced rebate report to inform users on how the report works
Update count faults by visit report to include the number of „in attendance‟ visits
Update visit timestamp to retrieve the system clock value each time an entry is inserted
into the database

Version 8.4 (30-November-2007)
Update to live faults ending soonest: Allow the user to keep the selection rather than
revert back to the attendance status on each refresh
Update to Out of hours faults report to include date range (also fix page navigation bug)
Update Inventory screen to allow the user to update the sites main part
New Report - Rebate Advanced with obs date vs departed date for the full clear and obs
date vs arrived date for the attendance and the temp clears – same as Rebate advanced but
using the observed date and the departed date instead of the entered date and the assigned
time stamp
Version 8.31 (2-November-2007)
Update clear code analysis report: To allow the user to select fault codes by categories.
E.g. to return all lamp faults select „L‟ from the drop down list. This will also return the
percentage of the selected category faults. E.g. 16% of all faults are lamp faults.
The report can also return the number of faults (by category) that have been cleared
within a selected number of hours. E.g. 98% of lamp faults are cleared within 24 hours.

Version 8.3 (4-October-2007)
New report:

Live faults ending soonest: Similar to the live faults screen but the users can view faults
by faults going into rebate the soonest or by fault order as before. This report also
includes easier navigation. This will replace the live faults screen in the coming versions
(once all users are comfortable with this new screen).

Update find faults: fixed bug that occurred when users tried to search from a larger page
than the new search result returned.
Update visit screen/pda screen: include charge/invoiced check box to update a
charge/invoice flag against individual faults
Update visit screen/pda screen: include an outstanding list of faults against the site which
is displayed after the visit information has been entered
Update visit screen/pda screen: include email facility

Version 8.21 (28-September-2007)
New report:
Engineer comments: returns visit comments to help speed up the identification of
chargeable faults

Version 8.2 (24-September-2007)
New reports:
Out of hour‟s faults: returns faults that have been entered between out of hour‟s times
Engineer performance report: number per category, repair times, clearance code analysis
Fault Invoiced: Allow users to view and update a charge/invoice flag against faults

Update Inspection details – add missed inspection functionality
Update findfaults – add a charge/invoiced column into the table
Update Network availability/down time to include Mean time between faults MTBF

Version 8.12 (26-July-2007)
Fixed Bug contractor side displaying fully cleared faults on the pda screen. Only occurs
on multiple client site systems.

Version 8.1(26-July-2007)
New reports:
Fault count by fault code: lists numbers of fault + details against each fault code
Fault code analysis: allows the user to return faults against many fault codes
Clearance code analysis: allow the user to return faults against many clearance codes
Fixed Bug (in version 7.5) clear button in the add faults screen not working on client side

Version 8.0 (10-June-2007)
Enhanced email and text messaging facilities
Enhanced rebate calculations for mixed contracts (24/7 and contract hours)
New entered by search criteria on find faults screen

Version 7.9 (16-May-2007)
Update outstanding fault report to filter out void faults

Version 7.8 (10-May-2007)
Update rebate advanced report to allow easier switching of clients
Update uptime/downtime report to include more information (MTTR)
New staff screen (just to add staff)

Version 7.7 (4-May-2007)
Update rebate advanced report with minor amendments
Update pda visit screen to enable full clear rebate times to be modified when a temp clear
has been entered

Version 7.6 (1-May-2007)
New report „down time‟ to report the number of hours all of the signals where down
Calculated by entereddate Vs last full clear (timestamp) between periods stated. Faults
must have full clear status against them

Version 7.5(26-Apr-2007)
Update rebate advanced report with minor amendments
Speed enhancements for rebate advanced report
Update add fault to allow the contractor to add faults against many different clients

Version 7.4 (25-Apr-2007)
Update rebate advanced report with minor amendments

Version 7.3 (17-Feb-2007)

Update database forms to allow the easier view and insertion of data
Remove delete option of data

Version 7.2 (12-Nov-2006)

New Fault details many visits report
New performance report for Cambridge and Peterborough
Updated outstanding fault report to remove system fault number
Update fault details report to use the entereddate instead of the observered date
Update rebate advanced report with minor amendments
Remove diff columns on reports

Version 7.0 - 7.1 (15-Aug-2006)

Update rebate advanced report with minor amendments

Version 6.9 (1-Jun-2006)

Update fault and visit functionality to include a fault and clearance code when users enter
details. This is optional and can be turn on and off to meet the clients requirements.

Update rebate advanced report with minor amendments

Version 6.8 (10-Mar-2006)

Update visit functionality for Cambridge and Peterborough if the user enters a category 6
the full clear rebate times change

Update add fault functionality to enable the user to use a mixed contract. i.e. 24/7 and
contract times depending on the category

Update rebate advanced report with minor amendments

Version 6.7 (06-Jan-2006)
Update inspection to enable the contractors to drop down a list of engineers (within the
table) when completing an inspection visit (see Walkthrough: how to use inspections)
from the bottom of the home page

Version 6.6 (10-Oct-2005)

Update findfaults – add an org column into the table
Update next inspection report (renamed to detailed site information) – to include a ref no
(search) facility.
Update parts - to include notes
Update add fault - to ignore the void status (in outstanding list) when adding a fault

Version 6.5 (06-Sep-2005)

Update inspections – initial value of inspection date is blank
Update inspections – When editing an inspection, allow the users to drop down a list of
                      engineers to select from (help validation no typing).

Version 6.4 (06-Jun-2005)
Update all reports that have a default date range from 365 days to 30 days
Update next inspection date report to include fault info. as well as inspection info
Update Performance report (Kent only) to include attendance and temp percentage times

Version 6.0 – 6.3 (06-Jan-2005)
Update rebate calculations – to remove duplicate entries
Update email to route via another server
New site field “Last Street Furniture Change Date”
Update Performance report to allow order selection, put landmark field back in (Area9
Update Find Faults to allow the users to enter a site no: press enter to retrieve the site data

Version 5.6 - 5.9 (06-Jan-2005)

Updated front page to allow users to press the enter to login rather than clicking the
Update Add Fault to calculate the rebate times correctly
Update Kent Rebate reports
Update Inspections edit bug
Removed Find Faults Town not found message on load

Version 5.5 (06-Dec-2004)

Herts have been transferred to new servers. will be redirected to and
On all reports loading data initially has been removed to allow users to enter options
before running the report.

Increased the refresh rates to 180 seconds on faults and live faults screens.
Increased items on pages to 30 on he following reports - Outstanding faults, response
times, rebate information, site an inspection information.

Updated fault count by site to include a drop down list. The users can specify the
minimum, number of faults that the report should return. e.g. return only sites that have
over 30 faults within the current year. Also removed notes and landmarks details. Also
change default order to faults and placed the numbers of faults onto the LHS

Changed visit assigned column to timestamp on the following visit screen
Users can view Rejected faults via the links from the home page
Displaying archived sites when using the location search facility in the site screen
When updating a site an error was displayed if the site location had a ' in the text

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